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PARANORMAL EDITION, Issue 2, 1/25/08

Paranormal Edition, Issue 2 1/25/08
"Stories of the Extraordinary"
YouTube - Alien Skulls - Giant Skeletons and Megaliths
Tom Cruise, the video we were
never supposed to see:

You be the judge on this one!

YouTube - Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

As always, the continuing saga of
During another experience I was allowed to fly the ship again just a few miles north this time. First stop we made was over a farm in the country they took a little old lady for reasons I still don’t know then took her home a short time later. All the while I kept the ship hovering over her farm house. Then we went to a nearby town again I had the ship hover over a house this time it was a young women approximately twenty three years old. They had me keep the ship hovering over her place during her experience. But something made me get up from the flight controls to go find her and see what was happening to her. Pilots can change during a flight especially if the ship is hovering. So I went into the room with the lab and I saw her laying there naked on the metal table terrified. She wasn’t allowed to speak they can control that when they wish. But I could see in her eye’s she was pleading with me to stop them and help her. So I became angry at what they were about to do to her. Which was they were about to impregnate her so I decided to stop them. In order to do that I smashed some of their equipment a round metal ball that broke like glass when I smashed it on the floor. It had a clear liquid that was similar to a gel that flowed like water though. Then I grabbed hold of these long cylinders that looked like the really big propane cylinders used at garage’s and construction sites. First I ripped the top off of them then I tipped them over so their contents would spill onto the floor. Inside of the cylinders were containers of I don’t know what but had vials in them with liquid in them. Also they had round pick colored things in them. That I took to be a kind of stopper for to keep the contents in. Well the first grey that was in the room when I entered must of called for help. Because about six more came in and dragged me out of the room. But as I was being dragged out, I saw the greys replacing the cylinders I had smashed. So they had backups and lots of them it appeared they expected trouble. Later after they were done they took her home and then they took me home. After a couple of days I remembered what happened and I remembered the name of the town and I even remembered the young woman’s name. I tried to find it in the phone book but I couldn’t so it must have been unlisted. So when I had free time I got in my car and drove a couple of hours to get there I was going try to find the old woman’s farm house and the young woman’s house. I must say it was strange to drive to a town I had never been to before and know my way around it as if I had been there before. Sure enough I found the young woman’s house right where I knew it would be but no one was home. The garage door was open and the car was gone. I then proceeded just outside of this town again knowing where I was going in a place I had never been to before and right where I knew it would be there was the old ladies farm house. I didn’t see any cars around so I thought no one was home so I didn’t go to the door. That’s when I turned my car around and drove back to my home. It was a strange experience driving to a place I had never been before except inside a ufo.

Then during another one of my experiences I was driving down a back road at night on the way, to someplace it was dark out early so it must have been autumn or winter. When I got home later that night and for weeks later I kept having this re-occurring dream. I was going down the same back road highway 57 the locals call it. In the dream my car stops I pull over to the side of the road. Then 3 greys come up in front of the car and make me get out. Then they drag me into a field and around the bottom of a hill then up a ramp and into the waiting ufo. Inside they did experiments on me supposedly to see if I was still healthy. Then they took me back down the ramp and to my car. Once I realized where in my dream it took place on that road. I returned to it months later in summer when the traffic and weather were much better. So I would have enough time and light to pull over on the side of the road in the same spot and see if I saw the same hill and a pond around the other side of the hill. The pond was important as you couldn't see it from the road while driving past. You must be stopped at the exact spot my car died the night I was taken to see the pond from the road and I saw it. Both the night I was taken and the night I returned to see if a pond was even there. Which I didn't believe there was a pond there because I'd never seen one and, had traveled that road many times. I knew if the pond wasn't there when I stopped there on purpose my dream was just a bad dream and could be dismissed. However upon investigating my own experience I found the pond was indeed where it was in my dream. Around the other side of the hill. Needless to say I was upset at being right as I had wanted it to just be my imagination and be just a bad dream but. It wasn't just a bad dream it was a real memory coming back in the form of a dream. So then I had to learn to live with it which meant more nightmares of months and eventually I got over it and moved on.

During another experience I found myself on the cold metal table again but somehow I got up and I started smashing some of their equipment. One piece looked like a metal ball that broke like glass when I smashed it on the floor. That’s when six grey beings came in and grabbed me the next thing I knew I was back in my home.

This picture was taken of me in March 1967 I was one year 11 months old, above me to the left above my then house you can see. A small group of white lights in triangle formation this is a black and white photo because, my family didn't have a camera that took color film until. I think it was 1968 when the first colored photo's of me started showing up as I looked back through old photo albums - Alberta- Man spots fireball

One uneventful December afternoon, while returning home on the Pacific Coast Highway,I had an encounter with a aerial vehicle of unknown origin. I now believe that we possess the capability to construct and operate craft way beyond known technology. It is my contention that anti-gravity craft exist.You may,or may not believe it. I know what I witnessed. They exist,somewhere,and man made them.This is my story.

DR. DOUGLAS STOKES announces the publication of his new book, THE CONSCIOUS MIND AND THE MATERIAL WORLD in the 23rd installment of the PF Lyceum Blog series. To read the newest blog go to:
THE 2008 EILEEN J. GARRETT LIBRARY FELLOW WIM KRAMER from Holland will be joining the Foundation staff at the Foundation’s library in Greenport, New York at the end of February. Mr. Kramer’s going to be spending his week-long residency continuing his research into the history of parapsychology in Holland. His current focus is on the life and work of the late Professor W. H. C. Tenhaeff who was active in parapsychology for sixty years. Upon his death, Tenhaeff's staff destroyed his files, making the job of a biographer extremely difficult. Kramer has shown great ingenuity in reconstructing Tenhaeff’s life history and now the Foundation’s library and archives will be at his disposal! For more information on the Library Fellowship and Mr. Kramer and his work go to:
CHRISTIAN GADEN JENSEN, a graduate student at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, has written the award-winning Coly Prize Essay this year. To read his essay, “Parapsychology: For What It’s Worth,” go to the following page:
A NEW SURVEY is being conducted by Parapsychology Foundation Staff Members, Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone. They would like to invite everyone to take part. The study focuses on a variety of experiences folks may have had in their daily lives. Your answers, whether they are positive or negative, will contribute to understanding these experiences. To take the survey go to the following website:
DO YOU HAVE PREMONITIONS? The Psychic Explorers Club Website is hosting a premonitions registry. To learn more about submitting your premonitions go to the following page:
IRISH ARTIST AND FILMMAKER SUSAN MACWILLIAM has been named the Parapsychology Foundation’s Film Archivist. To read about Susan and her work go to the following page:

Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.

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PARANORMAL EDITION, Issue 1, 1/11/2008

Friday, January 11th, 2008 Issue # 1

"Stories of the Extraordinary"

Greetings one and all, and welcome once again
to the Extraordinary world we live in.
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Ever wonder where all the haunted places are???

Click on your state... scroll down to the city .

JUST CLICK ON YOUR STATE!!!Is your town haunted? Alabama Louisiana Ohio Alaska Maine Oklahoma Arizona Maryland Oregon Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania California Michigan Rhode Island Colorado Minnesota South Carolina Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota Delaware Missouri Tennessee Florida Montana Texas Georgia Nebraska Utah Hawaii Nevada ` Vermont Idaho New Hampshire Virginia Illinois New Jersey Washington Indiana New Mexico West Virginia Iowa New York Wisconsin Kansas North Carolina Wyoming Kentucky North Dakota District of Columbia

Here's something many of us are interested in....
Near-Death Experiences and the AfterlifeAbsolute assurance in Jesus Christ - four views of the salvation of our God


The petroglyphs I see from the air, flying to this place, carved into the earth, but have to figure out where it fits, many different levels to this vision, also a pheonix looking ship that rises from under the earths fermament, and winged ones that are dispatched while the ship is flying, they can fly and have appears they are being born from this black ship, the craft looks not unlike a manta ray fish, very streamlined....and large but not a huge craft...

The Vision Anasazi cliff dwellers and the kivas.

This is a story of a vision I have had for many years. The location is in the 4 corners' area, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah where the vision begins. The Anasazi are a part of that vision as well as the Sun Dancers, the ancient ruins in the land of the ancients, the kivas and the mounds of the south west, long abandoned before the pueblo and the Navajo found their place in that area. This area is rich with the history of the Old Ones, the ancients of this place we call Turtle Island.
The beginning of this vision I am in my spirit owl form, and flying in a place unfamiliar to me. I come to a Kiva, this is a deep pit, well preserved, beneath the ground level, it has some walls above still standing and inside, 12 windows, on the walls, like theater windows, below ground level. As the sun goes over in the course of the day, each window is illuminated, as if a perfect spotlight is shining into it, all other windows, darkened. Each of the windows holds inside an artifact, a different one for the 12 windows and is not seen visibly until the illumination of the sun hits that part of the interior walls of the kiva.

I am sitting in one of these "windows". When the sun hits my window and I am illuminated by its light, my owl form leaves this place, and flies over the old ruins, in researching this area, later I discover it is Chico Canyon.
There is one cave dwelling which I see clearly. I have never been to these places before, in this lifetime at any rate. Keeping that in mind, the snow owl flies up and into one, it is on the end of a mesa. The dwellings, I think are about 9 levels high. It's a huge cave dwelling open on 3 sides; the shelf of the mesa is the roof of this dwelling.
Below it are 3 snake pits. The owl flies up to the dwelling where sun dancers are dancing among snakes inside the pits. They stop their dance and acknowledge the owl. When they continue their dance, the owl flies into the dwellings to the deepest part. There are hieroglyphs carved into the stone on the furthest walls, deep inside of the dwelling and at one point, a portal. This opens and the owl passes through, where it finds itself in another realm. It is the time of the red sky.
Its a dark time not unlike like dawn, a red haze permeates in the air, fires are burning everywhere, devastation throughout the land. All of civilization seemingly destroyed. People are lying dead, the dyeing are eating the dead because there is no food, no clean water, disease is everywhere. The cities have all fallen. The landscape has changed profoundly, new mountain ranges where there were once flat lands. New waters polluted rivers flowing through them.
There are "guardians" watching down on the earth, winged giants, lion like, with hooves, no fur, no feathers, leather like skin. It's a dark time, very dark. The owl flies on past the guardians, seemingly unnoticed by the Watchers. They don't interfere with what's happening, they simply observe. Then the owl gets to another portal with 2 huge doors and a sigil above them. The same sigil making up the pulls on the doors. At this point the owl changes into my human form and I reach to open the door.

When I touch the door handle, the sigil brands to my hand. Passing through there, I find a long hallway, on the right are torches lighting the hall. It is a very cold place. On the left are doors, many of them. Each door has a different symbol or sigil on it. Some of them appearing to be from another place and they are unfamiliar to me. I walk down the hall and it feels like I'm walking down but up. When I reach the final door which is on the left, I am told by a very deep voice that it is not time to go further and I have to go back, so I do. When I come back out of that place, the red sky has cleared, the fires are all burned out and only ash remains. Only rubble remains of what I knew.
At this point it lets out into the mountains, people are living in caves that have been dug into the mountain. Fires burning in front of the openings of these cave dwellings, smoke, like ribbons, spiraling up touching the sky. This is when the owl flies away. It is my belief that this is when I will leave the earth and where this vision ends. This vision came to me many times, in spurts, and each time it went further, up to the point that the owl flies away.

Rev. Kathy P. Burrell BA. Div

And it wouldn't be a PARANORMAL EDITION
without the further space adventures of our
beloved SGatekeeper:
During another one of my experiences I was on the way home from a friends place about 10 pm at night. She lived in the country on what use to be a rich persons estate in the 30’s. Now its just a big house with apts. Also cottage’s lived in year around on site and another building used as a second house originally but now a meeting place. It had a very long private driveway that looked like a small road with lots of tree’s on either side. Most of the property was wooded except where the dwellings were and the barn. As I went home down her driveway I approached the barn on the way out. It was then my car and everything else seemed to stop. It was like being pulled outside of time That’s when I saw it a small 15 foot wide disc shape craft approaching for a landing. It had three blue lights on the bottom when it landed in an open area near my car between some pine tree’s and oak’s. That’s when three reptile looking beings wearing silver suits got out, went to the side of the craft and opened the hatch. It appeared they were having engine trouble but I wasn't going out of my car to find out. I saw them look at my car and knew they were aware of my presence. I saw their faces they were 3 feet tall and there were 3 of them. Their faces were brown skinned with ridge’s on there faces above their eyes and also on their cheeks. They had big eyes and the shape of the head was the same as the stereotypical grey that everyone talks about. That’s when a huge disc shaped craft showed up it must have been a thousand feet wide. It blocked out the stars, in the night sky. Then a 6ft tall human looking one appeared in a blue jumpsuit type uniform. He watched the reptiles who seemed terrified at the appearance of the huge disc above. They finished their work as quickly as they could, while the human looking one watched from the barn. I couldn't help but feel the human looking one was their to protect me from the reptiles. Hate seemed to radiate from the human looking one towards the reptiles they felt it to I could tell just because I could feel their terror at the huge ship above. Also human looking one seemed to radiate peace towards me I think it is what kept me from freaking out and trying to attack all of them reptiles and human looking alike. The reptiles finished their repairs and flew off and up under the huge ship as they didn't have any choice. Given where it was parked above us all. Then they flew out from under it and vanished beyond my view because it was blocked by all the tree’s. The reptiles no sooner left then the human looking one vanished then its ship. Went up into the air and vanished at high speed that’s when time seemed to return to normal. So I restarted my car drove the rest of the way home and phoned my friend. I told her about what had just happened and she said she would ask the neighbors if they had seen a light. Then next day I talked with my friend again and she said the neighbors had in fact seen a light about the time I had my experience. I think I was pulled out of what we think of as normal time, because my drive home didn't take longer then normal in spite of seeing the reptiles and the human ones and their ships. That is the part I personally found interesting they can take you and return you and no one is going to know because there isn't even “missing time”.
There was a Saturday afternoon my friend and I were going to a park out in the country. We had to go through an area with lots of hills it was a nice day sunshine but lots of clouds too. As I drove a long off on the horizon I could see a long and huge cigar shape moving from left to right slowly. Every time we got to the top of another hill I could see it again. So I told my friend about it and asked if she could see it. She said she could not see it and she looked really hard. Perhaps my vision was better as I was only in my 20’s then and she was in her mid 50’s. But she believed me because she had been with me the night I had seen and taken my first ufo photo’s. She had seen it that night along with two others. But this day she couldn't see it and was disappointed at not seeing something so huge. Eventually it did pass out of sight to the east as I was driving in a generally northern direction. So we continued to the park had our day there and went home.
This is something I found very interesting...
The Lost Light- Part -1-of -5- by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Also worth a look I think:
The Georgia Guidestones

Also Google: George Green; Billy Meier

Speaking of "Haunted Houses".......

This is an interesting 'ghost" story. My friend, Shirley, is psychic, has had many experiences and has decided to write about them....,....she's 79 so she's going to have to get busy to get them all down on paper! This one took place back in 76, about the time we met at a local Psychic Science institute. we've been friends ever since.....
My most unusual psychic experience ever, was the de-haunting of a house in Columbus, Ohio early in the fall of 1976. It was not only a challenge but it unfolded like a mystery book, with a happy ending. Haunted houses are usually known as scary, dark old houses with cobwebs flowing from everywhere, and cold spots and strange noises in the basement and attic. This house was modern and only 15 years old. It was empty other than carpeting, blinds and a few drapes. The basement was cluttered with dusty odds and ends of building material. On first examination of the house nothing looked out of place other than a chill and sadness that ran through me as I climbed down the basement stairs. Mary, a very dear friend of mine and former tennis partner, was therealtor trying to sell the house. She wasn't psychic but she wastremendously interested and quite knowledgeable on the subject. Mary came to me and explained that she and her whole realty company plus others from around town, were having a hard time selling a house. She asked me if I would look it over and find out if there was a reason unknown to them. The house had 3 owners before the present one, with the 3 owners having had a family tragedy that made them move. One wife went crazy, and another committed suicide in the house. I could feel no connection with the tragedies still with the house. There were times when people interested in the house would walk out asfast as they walked in. Anyone showing serious signs of interest, strangethings would happen and scare them off. One realtor claimed that she had papers spread out on the newly remodeled kitchen counter for the buyer to sign on the dotted line. A glass of water on the counter slowly moved to the edge and then flew to the opposite wall, smashed, spraying them with water. Goodbye sale! Also reported were forces that pushed people against walls, caused them to bump their heads, especially when going down the basement stairs, lights went on and off, they would trip over nothing, etc. Realtors from other offices would try to sell it and the same things would happen. It got to the point that few of them would go near the house again. Almost two years had passed and it remained empty and unsold. It became known as Mary¹s haunted house. Mary was a very successful and popular realtor, and this was becoming an outright embarrassment to her because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the house. It was an attractive upscale solidly constructed 4 bedroom home with a peaceful beautiful wooded view. When weird thing are happening, who do you call for help? A weirdpsychic friend of course. This is when I entered onto the scene of a trulyhaunted house. My first visit I knew I was in for a tough time but that it would be interesting. I called my daughter Sheree and her friend Dee Dee. Both were capable psychics, and they jumped at the chance to work with ghosts in a real haunted house. We finally found a time when we three could join Mary at the house, and our adventure began. It was a Sunday on a pleasant sunny afternoon. Once inside we separated and began moving through the house room by room, each trying to pick up whatever impressions we could gather through our own personal methods. Every psychic works differently according to his own preference. Occasionally two of us would meet in the same room and share impressions. The general consensus was that on some other level than the physical world, the west side of the house was occupied by a number of young spirits, full of energy and life, and giving that part of the house the feeling of 'carnival'. Psychically we could hear them shout, "It's party time!" followed by peals of giggling and laughter. Walking at separate times into a room that had been the billiards room, out of the corner of our eyes we would see the blinds suddenly move, like flapping in the wind. While feeling startled, along with the sense of embarrassment which goes with being the victim of a practical joke, we felt the sense of laughter. The windows were tightly closed so no breeze moved the blinds. Our next two visits were at night, without Mary, who was pretty scared by this time. Two of us saw one ghost the first night. He was fat, short,very blond, and German. And very, very nice so we didn't bother him as weknew he wasn't the problem. He was a spirit minding his own business, which was supervising the ornery giggling young revilers. We are really talking about spirits--not ghosts. A ghost is just a nameHollywood and others gave spirits to scare people. The non troublesomespirits are very common‹we all have spirits that visit our homes for variousreasons. Mine is like Grand Central Station sometimes because the spiritworld likes my peaceful house and come there to rest and have fun. It isno different than when they were alive, searching for peace and quiet and a good time. They claim that they are alive, and we are the ones who are dead.Because this was a de-ghosting I will call them ghosts. No one ever calls itde-spiriting! People usually associate a ghost with dark basements or attics, but thatis not true. Believe me, they have no desire to be in a dark basement orattic any more than you do. However I seemed drawn to the basement stairs and each time I went down I felt a rushing sensation of falling, tumbling down the sharp-edged stair steps, to finally land in a crumpled heap at the bottom. I experimented with this numerous times and it was strongest after dark. When I began to feel pain I abandoned the stairs experiment. I was convinced that something bad had happened and when the story finally unfolded I found it did. The carpeted stairs leading to the second floor were no problem. By the forth visit we knew the haunting was on the second floor in oneroom. It had been added onto the house over the attached garage and adjoined the living room by carpeted stairs. The second owner had added the room for a bedroom. Our ghost had taken up residency in that room, with it's nice big window facing North over looking the woods. This ended my fun with our playful ghosts on the first floor. It was down to serious business now.Sheree had the first contact with our ghost. This is her experience in herwords. "Dee Dee and I joined together and went upstairs and as I stood in the small bathroom at the head of the stairs I found myself drawn to the mirror, leaning over the vanity to closely examine my face, as if searching to see whether any lines or wrinkles had appeared. I saw myself as short and petite, with dark brown hair pulled back from pale features. My hands, which tentatively fingered my complexion, were small with refined tapering fingers. I also noticed that my waist seemed unusually small. The dress I was wearing was of dark, heavy cloth, tightly waisted, with full skirt and petticoats to the floor. I then walked into the northeast room and felt compelled toward the large window facing north, and began searching the surrounding woods for signs of something, scanning the scenery, feeling hopeful that I would soon find what I was waiting for. I felt strongly committed to standing there at the window, patiently waiting for as long as necessary". Sheree was 20, blonde, and of average size. She watched as the ghostsuperimposed over her image in the mirror, and then led her to the northwindow. The window was a very important part of the haunting. Mary was with us part of the time but she was becoming increasingly too frightened to be there with us during night visits, so gave me a key. What finished Mary was the night we drove up the winding driveway on a chilly night and approaching the house we saw vapor fog on the window at the height of a persons mouth while standing at the window. We saw this vapor many times from inside as time went on. In contrast to the sense of merriment on the west side of the house, theeast side felt cold and forbidding. We wandered about the room and thensettled ourselves comfortably laying on our coats on the floor. As werelaxed and opened up psychically we came to realize that there was a strong hostle presence in the room. Dee Dee began to see the room furnished and a tiny little bit of communication began. Then the ghost disappeared. It took several visits before the ghost trusted us and began to be friendly and to communicate with us. The 3 of us used different approaches to do the communicating but it all came down to the same story in the end. Sheree was young and sort of a beginner in developing her psychicknowledge and feeling confident, so this was a good chance to test herabilities. She ended up being the one who helped the ghost. Dee Dee was a very good psychic and her input was extremely helpful. I was theexperienced one and could communicate with a spirit in just about any way I wanted. My problem was that I preferred to be with the merriment on the west side. The 3 of us worked well together and we enjoyed the ghosts. We never ever felt in harms way emotionally or physically. On one visit Dee Dee told me that the ghost was asking for flowers, so Ipicked some from my garden and put them in a Styrofoam cup. On arrival of the next visit I put them on the floor beneath the window. Dee Dee told me to move them to the bookcase because the ghost liked to stand at the window.At that time I saw no bookcase so Dee Dee had to direct me to it--I put thecup on the floor at that point and from then on our ghost really opened upto us. The surprising thing was that the flowers stayed fresh and full ofwater for over a week. We didn't add fresh water to the cup and it isdoubtful anyone else had been there or would have done it. The water wasn't turned on in the upstairs bathroom. Being friendly and communicating, we no longer referred to her as aghost. She was a spirit. Her name was Sarah Martin, having been born inColumbus Ohio in the year 1892.. She said she was now 24 years old andobviously didn't realize she was dead. We tried to explain to her that shewas dead and began by asking her to describe what she thought had happened to her. Sarah said she was aware that something had changed. but couldn't fathom exactly what it was. Having been raised Catholic, she was taught in great detail what she would experience after death, whether in purgatory, heaven, or hell. However, she found that her experience was quite different from any of the descriptions in her lessons. Sarah had felt confused for a long time, but seemed unable to figure out what to do about her situation.We continued to talk with her and tried to explain our understanding of what may have happened to her, but she finally became impatient with us and refused to deal with us any more. We thanked her for her hospitality and left, promising to return. The process for receiving information psychically is somewhat differentfor each psychic, and it is quite difficult to describe. I am fortunate tobe able to astral travel so I was communicating with her on her level ofconsciousness. It was like being with her in person. Sheree and Dee Dee did it through mind communication and sight. Here is Sara Martin's story. When Sarah was a young woman she fell in love--a romance that went on into her early 20's. Sarah's father was a physician and they were upper class. The young man wasn't so her parents didn't approve of him. Sarah and the young man had to meet secretly in a grove of trees in the country (which is now Upper Arlington and where the haunted house now stands). Sarah became pregnant and before her parents were aware of this, Sarah lost the baby. She was to meet her young lover at their secret place, at their favorite oak tree near a creek. Carrying a candle while trying not to be seen by her parents, she was in a hurry going down to the basement.. She wanted some food for a romantic picnic supper, and fell down the stone steps into a heap. Through sheer determination she made it to the oak tree and after collapsing onto the grass she miscarried. Together they buried the tiny child's body beneath the oak tree, marking it's little grave with stones from the creek bed. Taking Sarah into his arms, the young man vowed that he would find a way to support her, to take her away to be his wife. He had no way to take care of her yet; he would have to go away somewhere to learn a trade, some place with better opportunities and with no prejudice against his family.After a tearful goodbye, and one last promise that he would return for her,the young man disappeared into the night. Sarah returned to her father's home, where she spent the next severalyears waiting for her lover to come back for her. She often returned totheir special places along the creek, relieving in her memory the joyfultimes they shared. Her father became angry at Sarah's stubborn refusal to consider any of the suitors he arranged for her, but eventually gave up and left Sarah to her quiet brooding. When she was 24, Sarah took to her bed with an illness. She couldn't tellus much what happened next but could remember finding herself in the woods by the stream, floating along not knowing how she had gotten there, but the old familiar places felt peaceful and comforting. Presumably at some point Sarah died. Due to her confused state during the prolonged illness, unfulfilled expectations about what death could be like, and stubborn determination to be waiting for her lovers return, Sarah did not "move on" when she died. She remained attached to the earth plane. In spirit form, she continued to wander about the woods and nearby area, waiting and looking for her lover. In the early 1960's a house was built in her comfort territory. Shewatched it being built with curiosity, and resented it being near her oaktree. She didn't like the many workmen and strangers coming and going while building the house. Different people moved in and out and eventually the present owner, Jeff, bought it. After he got completely moved in Sarah got curious and made short excursions into the house. She liked him. The more Sarah got to know Jeff, the more she liked him. Gradually she spent more of her time with him, enjoying the cheerful fires he built in the den (billiards room) and watching him perform his gourmet arts in the kitchen. She enjoyed the warmth of his company, and eventually began to feel quite possessive of him. He was single and Sarah became quite upset when guests came to the house, so she would retreat upstairs to the corner room and look out her north window at her oak tree. The most upsetting guests were young single women, whose visits Sarah found to be nearly intolerable. So intense was her jealousy and hatred, that the women guests could feel the negative energy in the house. They would complain of feeling there was "something" inthe house that upset them. Jeff of course, didn't sense anything unusualbecause Sarah's energy was only directed toward the women. Sarah became so efficient at it that she contributed to the break up of every relationship Jeff tried to form. Sarah decided to permanently move in that winter, so she could watch out the window for her lover to return, and see her oak tree, woods, and creek. And also to be near Jeff who was looking and acting more and more like her lover. Sarah was completely happy. After a few years Jeff found the woman of his dreams. She was stronger and more forceful than the other girlfriends and she moved in. She wasn't frightened off by Sarah. For the first time Sarah's efforts were not working and she was enraged, causing her fury to cause physical phenomena even in Jeff's presence. The girl friend was impatient to get married and wanted to move where she could have a horse stable. So Jeff decided to sell the house and move. Sarah of course didn't want Jeff to move so did her work on all the buyers that came along. After a year a house with stables came available so Jeff decided to move out with the house still not sold. By now Sarah felt that it was her home, with the view of her oak tree, and she didn't want anyone to move it. Sarah was also hoping Jeff might move back some day so it had to stay empty. As Jeff's belongings were moved out by the moving men, Sarah retreated upstairs to the northeast room and sulked. There she stayed, feeling lonely, confused, and abandoned by both of the men she loved. Her only amusement was an occasionalprospective buyer to frighten away, but even those visits becameincreasingly rare. The house had been on the market for almost two yearswhen we met Sarah. Once her story was out we knew how to help Sarah.. I give Sheree the credit for helping her. Here is Sheree's incredible story in her words. "My enthusiasm for our discoveries remained high throughout the week, and I thought a great deal about Sarah and her predicament. I put my studies aside and decided it was time for a try at an out-of-body experience of astral travel. I was thoroughly knowledgeable about it from my mother, but had never done it other than mental travel so wasn't prepared for what happened. Laying on my bed, I went through my relaxation and concentration routine, and concentrated on visiting Sarah. I then suddenly found myself walking up a wooden staircase. I don't have any explanation for what this out-of-body experience means of why it happened this particular way, but I will relate as much of the experience as I can remember. I am walking up some stairs, and I come to realize that I am a man, ayoung man in perhaps his late twenties. Dressed in a fine suit and vest, Iam wearing white kid gloves and carrying a cane with an ornate metal top. I walk up the stairs, feeling straight, tall and proud. When I knock on the, door at the top, a petite young woman with dark hair opens the door and happily invites me into the room. She says she is "ever so glad" to see me, but I sense a deep sadness underneath. In a sudden flash of understanding I know she is my sister. As I walk into the room I notice the tasteful d├ęcor--the graceful curves and glowing polish of the delicate furnishings.She takes my arm and guides me to a chair by the glowing fireplace. We sit by the fire, sipping tea, and begin to reminisce about the past. Recalling the days of our youth, we laugh about funny things that happened while we were growing up together. The sad mood I had sensed in her begins to lift, and I feel relieved to see her feeling happier. I know that Sarah has been in the house for a very long time, and I believe that I should try to get her to go out for awhile. After much earnest pleading, I convince her that we should go for a walk through the woods outside the house. She puts out the fire, puts on a shawl, and we walk while I describe to Sarah one of my fondest memories of her from our youth. We had gone to a grand ball, and I watched her dance, young, beautiful, full of life and joy. Listening to me talk, Sarah seems to recapture the feeling of that night, and begins glidingand swaying along the path, as if she were waltzing. She even begins tolook younger, to regain the youthful beauty she expressed at the ball. Ifeel overjoyed that we have broken the awful spell which had confined her for so many years. Capitalizing on her open mood, I talk with Sarah about her need to move on to a more rewarding experience, and the opportunity she has at any time to choose to growth and learning. Not fully understanding myself what I mean, I explain that all she must do is "go toward the light".This seems to make sense to Sarah and her face takes on a faraway look.Suddenly she is gone, and I feel a sense of joy and peace. The experiencefades and I find myself back in my own physical body." Later that week Sheree was too overloaded with school work to visit thehaunted house, but Dee Dee and I went. When we arrived, neither of us could feel any sense of Sarah, and the house felt completely empty of any beings other than ourselves. Encouraged by my report, Mary right away took a client to the house and it was instantly sold. I wished Mary (or Jeff) would have offered the girls a reward from the big sale, but didn't and it wasn't for me to suggest. I'm sure the girls would have refused it anyway. It wasn't anything to them but a tremendous experience to actually besuccessful in de-haunting an actual haunted house. And for me--I was exhausted! I lost my friend Mary from a car accident in 1997 and I miss her verymuch.
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Mysterious Object
Near a cabin in Winthrop, WA, a 12-year old girl caught a mysterious object on camera that some are saying looks like the Virgin Mary. For a larger image, and further details visit

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