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               ***ISSUE # 47***

          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Alien Races - Over 82 Species On Earth! (Full Documentary)
Real-Life Creatures from the Black Lagoon? (Not your typical "Grey" Alien)

A Fascinating Film That Gives Some Insight To The Mind of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth 

Nick Pope Says We Will Find A Universe Teeming With Alien Life-video

A Warning To Mankind From Former Defense Minister - UFO and Alien Disclosure Is Necessary-video 

Aliens & Demons (Full Documentary)

"Aliens Are Real, And They Will Look Like Us", Claims Cambridge Professor. 

Did The Founding Fathers Of The United States Believe in Extraterrestrials? Even in 1776 they thought it was feasible.  

Did Aliens Really Visit Earth in the Middle Ages? (Medieval Paintings seem to indicate they did)

Did Aliens Visit Ancient Egyptians?


Did Ancient Egyptians Get Visited By Other Worldly Beings?


Roswell's Unanswered UFO Questions

The Lazar Hamburger UFO 

UFO sighting over Bogata Cerro Monserrat, Colombia 

Student Films Two UFOs Crashing Over Russia - Authorities Baffled 

Oklahoma: News Broadcast Video Caught A UFO Streaking Across the Camera Screen 

Crazy UFO Sightings In Illinois

Unexplained UFO Sightings!! 
UFOS Tracked by NORAD Radar

Exceptionally Clear Video Of Bell Shaped UFO - Australia 

Bizarre, Funny and Strange Recap of 31 UFO Sightings Over North Wales 

Possibly The Most Incredible UFOs Ever Caught on Tape!


Biological UFO Escapes From Military Base!!


Two bright UFO lights above Woodlawn lake, San Antonio, Texas 

Mexico: Truckers Startled by UFOs in Yucatán

Group of Marines Report Sparkling UFO in Silverdale, Washington

 "Unidentified Flying Objects and mysterious happenings in Papua New Guinea" - a file emerges

Most intricate crop circle yet warns of alien invasion?

 In 1950, authorities encountered an Alien "Blob" that touched down on Earth, and inspired famous Sci-Fi movie. 

1967-UFO Encounter in Connecticut - UFO Hovers in Quarry

Early 1970's-Five-Sided UFO Seen Over Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – "Men in Black"-S02E03 


Hangar 1: The UFO Files – "UFOs Over Texas" S02E07 

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – "The Smoking Gun" S02E08 

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – "Cops vs. UFOs" S02E09 

Town Celebrates 50th Anniversary of UFO Encounter Dubbed 'The Warminster Thing.’ 


UFO Spotted Over El Paso?

Here Are 9 UFO Sightings Caught On Tape In Pennsylvania

Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder: 'A huge UFO appeared in my back garden'

 UFO Recorded Over Bogotá's Cerro Monserrate, Colombia

 UFO Sighting in Hoddesdo, Hertfordshire, England 

Strange UFO sighting over Liverpool, England 

Taxi driver films 'mad' UFO hurtling through the sky over Liverpool, England 


Strange UFO sighting over Liverpool, England 

UFO Fleet Seen Over Dublin  Causes Excitement

Glowing Entity Over Antarctica Science Station, On Live Cam

 UFO Over Morganville, New Jersey 

Slow UFO Lights Up the Sky Over Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama 

UFO Sighting Of Square Craft Over Boat, Florida

Orb Shaped UFO Caught On Tape Flying Fast Above Florida 


UFO Caught On Tape Hovering Near Building Above Boston

UFO Photographed over the Colima Volcano in Mexico 

Huge UFO Filmed Over The Most Active Volcano in North America




UFO Seen Flying Close To Passenger Plane Over Australia

Mysterious Mass Seen Floating In The Sky Over Philadelphia [Video]

Disc Shaped UFO Captured Above Florida




Truckers In Mexico Startled By The Number of UFO Sightings In The Yucatán 

1971-Arctic UFO Photographs, Taken by USS Trepang Submarine-video


Shape-Shifting Cloud-Like UFO able to go anywhere without being noticed. 






8 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries in Louisiana Will Leave You Baffled (Don't read this alone)

Here Are Three Very Different Types of Ghosts in The World 

10 Families With Extremely Terrifying and Creepy Curses 

15 Ghost Stories That Turned Out To Be Real [Video]

The True Story Behind The Amityville Horrors 

North Carolina Woman Captures Ghostly Civil War Apparition in Campfire


True Camping Tales of Terror

The haunting of Melrose Hall (a ghost story of the American Revolution) 

Top Hat Shadow Man Returns

Shadow People Encounters

Are Shadow People Real?-video

All About Shadow People, Just "Who" or "What" are they?

18 Weird & Creepy Pics That Defy Explanation. 


Most Haunted Places in New Orleans

Man takes photo of waterfall painting in his parents house. When pic is developed, it looks like a Spooky demon with a 'disgusting' face. (??)

20 Strange & Creepy Haunted Hotels You DON'T Want To Stay At!!



Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Western Illinois 

 "The Devil's Promenade" Haunting photos of an unexplained light phenomenon known as "Spook Lights"

Teens' encounter with 'vanishing' man at paranormal hotspot 

33 People Reveal Their True Terrifying Encounters With The Paranormal 

Home Alone, she hears "moaning" from upstairs, goes to investigate and then....


Is the Himalayan Yeti a real animal? (Just another name for Bigfoot?)

'Bigfoot' Startles Hunter in Washington, Follows him Home
(But he didn't get a photo??)

 "In the Shadow of the Shapeshifters", The History & Origins. 

My uncle, the Jersey Devil: One man's quest to set the record straight on a N.J. legend 

"The Greenock Catman", Not JUST a Myth! Watch the video & see for yourself. 

                  & WEIRD***

2 Paranormal Cases That Convinced Prominent Skeptics

History’s Most Outstanding Case of Levitation 

9 Insane Times “Final Destination” Happened In Real Life

Unexplained Paranormal Sightings in North Carolina

Paranormal news: Incorruptible Saints, Unexplained Levitation, Tunguska Event. 

Paranormal News:
Stonehenge Crop Circle, Murder Suspect Haunted, Vanishing Man

The Sinister Mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer

Les Diableries: 3-D Views of the Underworld

Daily 2 Cents: Kecksburg UFO Festival Conference -- Mass Encounter in Wisconsin / MIB -- More MoD X-Files Coming

Daily 2 Cents: US Navy Sailors' Secret UFO Photos -- 'Green Devils' Implanted Tracking Device -- Scratching Entity


Daily 2 Cents: KGB Found Ancient Alien Mummy -- The Edinburgh Vaults -- 'there is an alien in your closet'



First We Had White Spots On Ceres Now Black Spots on Pluto

Archaeologists unearth 18th Century Sex Toy in Ancient Latrine in Poland (Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...But a Dildo is ALWAYS a Dildo)

Company Plans to Offer "On-Demand" Meteor Showers

One Man's Quest to Save the Most Colossal Fishes on Earth

Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany 

Pluto Grows In New Horizon's 'Color' Lens-(Time-Lapse Video)

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