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       •••ISSUE # 33••• If you love Science Fiction movies from way back "then" to today.. Drop by the brand new Facebook group I'm doing:  "SCI-FI MOVIES FROM WAY BACK TO TODAY" •••••••••••••••••••    •••UFOS AND ALIENS••• National Geographic will beam UFO Twitter message from humanity into space ••••• DAILY UFO REPORTS from UFO CASEBOOK ••••• TV series to revisit famous UFO cases ••••• National Geographic Goes Chasing UFOs ••••• Texas witness sees shadow like forms in the middle of the night: Are the Archons here? ••••• UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 515, Issue date, 06-25-12 ••••• UFOs / Aliens by Billy Booth ••••• INCIDENT INTERSTATE 83  (a report of "missing time" ••••• (I thought they said it was "just a mushroom"?) Ocean X Team Claims Electronics Go Dead While in Close Proximity To Mysterious Baltic Sea Object ••••• UFO News – Baltic Sea UFO PROVEN LEGIT ••••• 1979-Dechmont Woods Abduction of Robert Taylor ••••• ALIEN ABDUCTION CAUGHT ON SECURITY CAMERA? ••••• THE COWICHAN HOSPITAL UFO/HUMANOIDS ••••• ALIEN DEPICTED ON ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WALL DATES BACK TO 5th DYNASTY. ••••• WOULD FINDING ALIENS SHATTER RELIGIOUS BELIEFS? ••••• ALIENS UFO : IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE FOUND & PRESENTED BY SCIENTISTS.-video ••••• Do you think alien invasion is possible? Take the alien invasion quiz! ••••• WINGED RATTLESNAKE CROP CIRCLE ••••• THE "RED RAIN"  MYSTERY. SHOWERS OF ALIEN LIFE? ••••• ET PRESENCE: THE ROLE OF USA & NEW WORLD VISIONS ••••• Video - UFO over Phoenix, Arizona ••••• CAN PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS HELP US SPEAK TO ALIENS? ••••• LOW LEVEL UFO ACTIVITY IN PENN ••••• GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO AN ALIEN?  NOW'S YOUR CHANCE ••••• Video - Strange Lights Appear Above Rancher's Field ••••• Aliens Are We Ready?-documentary ••••• GET UP TO FOUR FREE EPISODES OF  ANCIENT ALIENS ON ITUNES. ••••• Alien Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas-3 minute video ••••• A New Approach to Cancer Biology from Extraterrestrial Expert? ••••• THE BAGSHOT HEATH ENCOUNTER ••••• Video of Michigan Accident Includes Unknown Flying Object ••••••••••••••••••••   •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• TV SHOWS & THE "GHOST BOX" ••••• COLONIAL PARK CEMETERY GHOST PHOTO? ••••• CONSTRUCTION "MIST GHOST" PHOTO? ••••• HATLEY CASTLE GHOST PHOTO? ••••• REAL "GNOME" PHOTO? ••••• ON CAMPUS SUICIDE INSPIRED COLLEGE HAUNTING ••••• Translucent 'Ghost Girl' Filmed in Spooky forest. ••••• What are Ghosts and Spirits? ••••• Ghost and paranormal webcams from around the world ••••• ALCATRAZ, THE HAUNTED PRISON ••••• ARE THERE GHOSTS IN THE OLD MEETING HOUSE? ••••• PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR TALKS OF HIS MOST HORRIFIC CASE ••••• Menancing Spirit ••••• Photos: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree ••••• "PARANORMAL WITNESS" RETURNS TO SYFY CHANNEL IN AUGUST. ••••• PARANORMAL WITNESS: Season One, Episode One -2008 "EMILY THE IMAGINARY FRIEND" And much more! ••••• CSI Team Gears Up to Investigate Ghost Reports at The Hippodrome ••••• Ghost Investigators Looking for Spirits in Crowley ••••• The Legend of The Haunted Railroad Crossing ••••• WHEN EERIE GHOST TRAINS RATTLED THRU THE VILLAGE ••••• 'Ghost train' hunter killed by train in North Carolina ••••• CAN CHILDREN SEE THE SUPERNATURAL, LIKE GHOSTS, THAT ADULTS CAN'T? ••••• NORTHEAST STEEPED IN MYSTERY AND GHOSTLY GOINGS ON. ••••• THE GHOSTS OF CROWLEY HALL GHOST STORIES. WHY GHOSTS MAKE NOISE. PIRATE GHOSTS-HAUNTINGS AT SEA GHOSTS AND THE SUPERNATURAL GHOSTS OF THE GREAT WHITE HORSE HOTEL THINK YOU COULD MAKE IT THRU THE NIGHT AT ONE OF THESE HAUNTED LOCATIONS? THE CHILDISH GHOST GHOSTS OF THE OLD SHEEPS INN HORROR AT TEMPLE HOUSE THE HAUNTED SHED SCARY GHOST VIDEOS-REAL OR FAKE? ANGELS, SPIRITS OR GHOSTS? A GHOSTLY TALE WHAT'S IN YOUR CLOSET? GHOSTS OR ANGELS? ••••• Ghost believed to be cause of "creepy" happenings at Texas store. ••••••••••••••••••••   •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• BIGFOOT FOOTPRINTS FOUND IN ALASKA? ••••• THE KELLY-HOPKINSVILLE "GOBLIN" ENCOUNTER ••••• WHY SO MANY CULTURES HAVE A VERSION OF BIGFOOT ••••• ALASKA'S "HAIRY MAN";   BIGFOOT MYTH OR??? ••••• NEW SIGHTING: ARE MOTHMAN AND THE CONEWAGO PHANTOM PARALLEL BEINGS? ••••• 'Fact or Faked' 2-hour season finale investigates Iceland Worm Monster ••••• HUMANOID REPORTS: FINLAND                   Part One •••••••••••••••••••• ••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• FOR GENERATIONS THERE HAVE BEEN REPORTS OF STRANGE & UNUSUAL OCCURRENCES ON MOUNT RTANJ IN SERBIA.   AIRPLANES DISAPPEARING, UFO SIGHTINGS & FLYING ORBS!;wap2 ••••• "Can you tell fact from fiction? Take the lying quiz." ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" HOMELAND SECURITY SIEZES T-REX; ANOTHER "FLESH EATING" ATTACK IN FLORIDA. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" MYSTERIOUS PREHISTORIC STRUCTURE IN WALES; END OF A SUB-SPECIES; MONSTER ALLIGATOR GAR. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" MICHAEL JACKSON'S GHOST HAUNTING NEIGHBORS? COW BURIED WITH WOMAN; ALIEN ABDUCTIONS •••••          "JUST THE FACTS?" SASQUATCH LEGEND MEETS SCIENCE; ARE SOME UFO's ALIVE?; UNKNOWN ENCOUNTER IN MICH; ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" PTEROSAUR REPORTED NEAR SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS; GHOSTLY ALIEN ENTITY; VENUS CROP CIRCLES. •••••  Last Pinta giant tortoise Lonesome George dies...RIP George! ••••• 10,000 year old ruins found in Syrian Desert ••••• FLYING RODS (OR SKY FISH) PARANORMAL OR JUST BUGS? •••••      ESOTERICA-6/24/12 PSYCHIC SEXUALLY ASSAULTS CLIENTS AT SÉANCE; GHOSTS OF FLIGHT 401; HAUNTED TEXAS COURTHOUSE. ••••• So You Want to Catch a Fairy? ••••• The Case of the Deceptive Demonologists ••••• HERE's A UNIQUE CAREER OPPORTUNITY: WORKING IN THE FIELD OF OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES ••••• ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY "THE GREEN FLASH" ••••• GIANT ARC OF LIGHT; A MYSTERY OBSERVED BEHIND A SUPER MASSIVE GALAXY 10 BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY.!/entry/giant-arc-of-light-a-mystery-observed-behind-a-supermassive,4fea920d7af68a84dccce067 ••••• Seven Minutes of Terror for Mars Rover Curiosity ••••• Outside Light Changes Shadows Inside Photos ••••• Forget Doomsday, Watch Out for Snakes ••••• Time Travelers - True Stories of Possible Time Travelers ••••• ••••• HEC: The Human Extinction Conspiracy Theory ••••• Weirdness in Every State – Part 1 of True Stories of Weirdness in Every State Weirdness in Every State – Part 2 of True Stories of Weirdness in Every State ••••• LESSER KNOWN BIZARRE & ODD LOCATIONS ••••• The Universe: No God Required ••••• Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes released into the wild ••••• Did Easter Island statues walk? Or rock and roll? ••••• STONEHENGE A MONUMENT TO UNITY NEW THEORY CLAIMS ••••• Mysterious Building -- Older Than Pyramids? ••••• THE HINTERKAIFECK MASSACRE MYSTERY ••••• "Do You Believe?"-Paranormal TV Show ••••• --Repost by request: THE STORY OF "THE BIKE IN THE TREE" ••••• FOLLOW UP ON BALTIC SEA "ANOMALY" ••••• Underwater Ruins of Ancient  Civilizations? ••••• "SLI" or "STREET LAMP INTERFERENCE:  Does this happen to you? ••••• "SLI" or "STREET LAMP INTERFERENCE. ••••• GRASS LINKED TO TEXAS CATTLE DEATHS? ••••• THE SCIENCE OF ILLUSION ••••• The Teleported Keys - A True Paranormal Experience ••••• WOMAN FOUND WITH SUPER HUMAN SIGHT THAT LETS HER SEE 99 M MORE COLORS. ••••• Could we forget how to WRITE? The typical adult has not scribbled anything by hand for six weeks ••••• Water Ice in Moon's Shackleton Crater Identified •••••  ••JUST PLAIN WIERD NEWS••     (You can't make this shit up) Octopus hitches ride on dolphin's genitals ••••• Scientists Discover Ancient Rhino-Sized, Mega Wombat Graveyard ••••• Arm Yourself -- With Facts -- Against the Zombie Apocalypse. ••••• BEHIND THE SCENES OF "THE WALKING DEAD" TV SHOW •••••     •••JUST FOR FUN••• CREATURE FEATURES ••••• Watch the everyday Slinky 'defy' the laws of physics and gravity (but try not to go loopy) •••••••••••••••••••• If you have an interesting "encounter" you'd like to share, or something you'd like to know more about, drop me a line at: Until next time..... -David Garrison-                **********

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