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         •••ISSUE # 32••• "Confirmed", Richard Lynch from 'Halloween' dies aged 76 •••••       •••UFOS & ALIENS••• BALTIC SEA UFO TURNS OUT TO BE A GIANT MUSHROOM???? ••••• UFOs / Aliens by Billy Booth ••••• UFO CASEBOOK MAGAZINE #514 ••••• STONEHENGE ANCIENT VORTEX? ••••• ‘Ancient Aliens’ Update with Giorgio Tsoukalos ••••• ALIEN INVASION WON'T HURT ECONOMY. (say what??) ••••• THE FREDERICK VALENTICH UFO INCIDENT ••••• UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 514, Issue date, 06-18-12 ••••• UFO Videos from the Cutting Room Floor, Second Edition ••••• STARCHILD SKULL IS ALIEN! •••••     FROM WHITLEY STRIEBER:                    "DREAMLAND"      And "OUT THERE NEWS" ••••• Crop Circle at Golden Ball Hill, nr Alton Barnes. Wiltshire. Reported 20th June  2012. ••••• Unknown, Cloud-like Object Caught on Video over Canada ••••• PHENOMENON Page Member JOSEPH GESWALDO said he saw "something" similar to the "Cloud-Like" UFO reported over Canada back in 2006. After a little digging, your trusty "Link Ninja" found the report.  Scroll down to "Syracuse", Feb 3, 2006 ••••• LADYDRAGON.COM - Drake disclosed and confirmed that aliens are among us ••••• Random Alien Brain Droppings: Random Brain Drop, Round Two ••••• CLOSE ENCOUNTER: UFO SLUG-LIKE CREATURE ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS IN RURAL KENTUCKY? ••••••••••••••••••••   •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• OKLAHOMA HOTEL HAUNTED? ••••• RETIRED MARSHAL RECALLS NIGHTS IN HAUNTED COURTHOUSE ••••• BABY GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA? ••••• ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: GHOSTHUNTER ••••• Ghost photos : ghost holding girl hand, real ghost photos ••••• Ghost Videos: David Pahlke's Rosewood Hotel: An attraction for ghosts ••••• Spirit Rescue International News & Updates ••••• Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum, Gordonsville, VA ••••• The Top Ten Most Haunted Cemeteries ••••• "LIGHTNING STRIKES", a new story by Emily Hill.    A man, a woman, an argument, a burial...what could be easier to explain? ••••• THE LEGEND OF HELL HOLLOW ROAD ••••••••••••••••••••    •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• BIGFOOT CORPSE?-video ••••• Tracks leave bigfoot imprint ••••• THE HUNT IS ON FOR BIGFOOT ••••• TRIBAL TALES ADD TO LORE OF BIGFOOT ••••• NEW BIGFOOT EVIDENCE? ••••• FLYING MONSTER OF GREAT SALT LAKE ••••• LAWNDALE, ILLINOIS THUNDERBIRD WITNESS COMES FORWARD ••••• MYSTERIOUS APE COMES TO THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART. ••••• HOLY SEA CREATURE BATMAN! •••••••••••••••••••• ••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• CHECK OUT THE "HOODOO" ALMANAC, WRITTEN BY DENISE ALVARADO, CAROLINA DEAN, & PHENOMENON PAGE MEMBER ALYNE PUSTANIO ••••• JUST THE FACTS-6/15/12 BALTIC SEA UFO UPDATE; BULGARIAN VAMPIRE ON DISPLAY; EBOLA CURED IN MONKEYS... HUMANS NEXT? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?"-6/16/12 HOLLOW EARTH EXPEDITION; MILITARY CRAFT OR UFO? JOHN THE BAPTIST REMAINS FOUND? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" BEJING MUSHROOM CLOUD; ALIEN CORPSE FOUND? VIRAL BIGFOOT CAMPAIGN OR TRUE STORY? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" SORRY, NO ALIEN CRAFT; THE "ROAR" IN PENNSYLVANIA; NEW YOWIE EVIDENCE. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" HYPNOTISM SHOW GOES WRONG; BIGFOOT FOOTPRINTS? LEPRECHAUN ATTACK? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" THE HUNT FOR MOTHMAN; CRYPTIDS FOR KIDS; "ROPEN" SIGHTING IN CALIF. ••••• IS MALEVOLENT SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION INCREASING? ••••• STRANGE NIGHT NOISES & "THE HAT MAN" THE HAT MAN ••••• ESOTERICA BOGUS PSYCHIC CLAIM CAUSES LAWSUIT; ANGER OVER VILLISCA MURDER HOUSE TOURS; CREEPY MAN. ••••• THE COWDEN FAMILY MURDER MYSTERY ••••• The boiling, erupting Sun ••••• Does Solar Activity Cause Changes In Humans And Affect Our Health? ••••• Mysterious Fall of Meteorites in Sinaola, Sierra Madre ••••• ANCIENT CRYSTAL SKULL DROPPED AND BROKEN!! ••••• THE VERSAILLES TIME SLIP ••••• Oak Island’s Hidden Treasure ••••• THE MYSTERIOUS "TREASURE PIT" OF OAK ISLAND. ••••• Controversial Artifacts No One Wants To Examine Thoroughly - Is There Something We Are Afraid Of Discovering? ••••• New First pictures from the Baltic Sea Mystery (Video) ••••• Scientists predict time will stop completely •••••  Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification ••••• Scientists Design Tractor Beam by Splitting Light Waves ••••• The Biggest Pyramid in the World found in Bosnia ••••• NASA says the Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered into an unprecedented region of space ••••• WHY DO WE HAVE "PERSONAL SPACE" ANY WAY? ••••• Robotic Fingertip More Sensitive than Human Touch. ••••• Cleopatra and Antony's Children Rediscovered ••••• EXTRAORDINARY TOROIDAL VORTICES. (whale & dolphin bubbles) --Super cool video-- •••••••••••••••••••    • JUST PLAIN WIERD NEWS • 2nd massive fish kill off the coast of Japan: 10 thousand sardines found dead in South Kanagawa ••••• 'Woman Gets 'Pregnant In The Mouth' After Eating Squid ••••• Mass Hysteria Confirmed in New York School •••••  Elephants Travel Miles to Say Goodbye to Their Favorite Human ••••• MAN CLAIMS "LEPRECHAUNS" BEAT HIM UP. •••••••••••••••••••• ****SITES TO CHECK OUT**** UFO OPENLINE PAGE      ••••• UFO OPENLINE FRIENDS Group       ••••• PHENOMENON PAGE      ••••• PARANORMAL DENMARK      ••••• PARANORMAL HONESTY      ••••• HALLOWEEN 365      ••••• JUST CURIOUS PARANORMAL STUDIES      ••••• PARANORMAL STALKER ••••• QUEST PARANORMAL      ••••• AREA 51- ALIEN INVESTIGATION CENTER      ••••• UFO CASEBOOK      ••••• THE MYSTERY CASEBOOK: ••••• PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS      ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.      ••••• PARA HAMPTON ROADS      ••••• PARANORMAL UNITY IN THE UNEXPLAINED WORLD ••••• THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP ••••• NATIONAL PARANORMAL SOCIETY ••••• PARANORMAL GHOST SOCIETY ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ALIENS ••••• THE PARANORMAL CORNER ••••• NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE INFO & RESEARCH ••••• SEIZE THE MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHY ••••• MIGHTY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS      ••••• GHOSTS, HAUNTS, ESOTERICA AND ALL THINGS PARANORMAL ••••• MOST HAUNTED HISTORY SO FAR ••••• IF YOU ENJOY HORROR FILMS FROM THE CLASSICS TO TODAY, CHECK OUT OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT "HELL'S CLOSET, WHERE THE DAMNED AND DEMENTED HANG"      ••••• IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DIRTY JOKES & NAUGHTY LANGUAGE... 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