Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Greetings one and all, and welcome once again
to the Extraordinary world we live in.

From the Editor:

I would like to dedicate this issue to the memory of

Kent Steadman


He will be missed by us all.

Thought for the week...
Consider the size of the universe. You might have read in the popular science literature that the universe has a radius of about 10 (or 20) billion light years. The size of our observable universe is based on Hubble's Law. Hubble's law represents the expansion velocity of the universe as:
Where v is the expansion velocity of the universe at a distance r, and H0is Hubble's constant. Now, since nothing can go faster than the speed of light, we can estimate the age of the universe by looking at our formula and noticing that v increases as r increases. Or we can deduce that r cannot be large enough to bring v to a value greater than the speed of light. In other words:
Gives this as the maximum observable size of the universe. This works out to be anywhere from 10 to 20 billion light years in radius (see also "How Old is the Universe") If we run time backwards with this fixed radius, then, matter would expand until it filled this volume. A meter, then gets much closer to the size of the universe... In loose terms, then the size of the universe "ruler" at the time of the "big-bang" would be the same as a material ruler. Furthermore, the evidence we've collected over the last 30 years or so indicate that the the "big-bang" might have been a hot "big-bang". So, our initial conditions for the big-bang involve a very large, very hot "sphere" of primordial stuff. Now, if we run time forwards, we can kind of visualize the beginning of our universe as a very rapid collapse (the inverse of "Inflation"). A similar kind of event happens when a star (hot ,spherical, massive, dense...) becomes so dense and massive it collapses in on itself and forms that mysterious black hole. Here's an interesting question to explore... "Did our universe begin as a star that underwent a gravitational collapse?" I.e., do we live in a black hole?

"Interesting links for the week"
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Trace's Dog Ghost Story - Nice account demonstrating that animals live on in spirit...

Cry Baby Bridge Ghost Story - Spooky New Jersey legend comes true for Abbey!

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Fairport Harbor Lighthouse - there's more than a ghost cat here. We recorded some ghost box audio mentioning the name of one of the former lighthouse keepers!

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Hi Dave! Hope you are well. 20 years ago I had an encounter. Today I find out it was all a joke....some kind of test of wills. I was to cause social problems of some kind? I'm not really sure what the results will be. To most people I just look crazy. I don't know what to think. It was a way. But, I've been had. These aliens go around starting war everywhere they go...... They don't do the fighting. They just spread rumors. Start arguments. So on and so forth. It was all done by computer imaging mentally and actors.....with the aid of some chip. The rest is memory. No proof. How do you like that? I don't know what to make of it right now. I'm sure this is bound to lead somewhere........people need to keep their cool now more than ever. sure to save your pennies and keep some food and water jugs around. We may need them. These people are here to cause trouble. Or am I dreaming? Weird people. Really weird.
Get this. My case manager took me into see the doctor because of all the weird stories I was telling. I figured the doctor would put me in the hospital or change my meds. She said there was nothing wrong with me! She can't see any problem! All she said was something was bothering me in the back of my mind and wrote it off as some mundane thing. That's interesting. What's fascinating about my case is there is medical documentation. I got to vent! I feel better that they at least listened this time. They didn't believe me....but they put my mind at ease. I seem to be out of the trance I felt like I was in. Am I goofy? All I know is this past year has been exceptionally wild. All is quiet now.
Hope you are not in too much pain and in good spirits.

Anyway I went and figured out how to beat the damn alien game cube. Its simple. One word. Money! The game cube stopped in its tracks. All I said over and over was "I want money". Not to be greedy. They just have issues with it....tend to be more spiritual and power driven. Money is a bad word to them. They have this belief that God gives them everything they need and they are allowed to ask for nothing. I shocked them. Put an end to the game. Money. Pass it along.
Talk to you later

Hi Dave,
Praying that you are getting stronger each day.
I don't know exactly what is happening to me but I can't seem to stop crying. The memory of my very first encounter with a supernatural being has re-surfaced. Allow me to share it with you. Here is my story:

It was in Brooklyn, NY where I lived with my parents and siblings in an apartment complex. I was 9 years old so the year was 1961. I was asleep in my bed when I was awakened by my brother screaming in his room which was next to mine. I tried to get up and go to him to see what happened but I couldn't move. A voice whispered to me " shhhh-don't worry about him, he is alright". I remember thinking where are my parents and why don't they check up on him. They must hear him screaming. It was so loud. But they didn't come to see about him. The next thing I remember in a trance like sleep is being carried into my room ( I don't recall leaving my room) and being placed on the floor next to my closet. From the floor, I watched a tall and big shadowy figure walk out of my room. I fell back into a trance like sleep where I dreamt that I was in my bed looking at myself on the floor of my bedroom, curled up in a fetal position next to my closet. Then immediately after the shadow left, I awakened and I was in that exact place on the floor. I jumped up, ran to my bed and got under the covers trembling. In the morning I told my mother what happened and she said "oh-you just had a bad dream that's all. I noticed from that day on, my brother was different, and never the same. He was withdrawn and never slept with the lights off again. This is the first of my many unusual encounters with the supernatural.
It's as though it happened yesterday. I was about 13 years old when I was asleep in bed. I was awakened by a bright light shining through my window. Although I was awake, I could not move. I saw the light grow brighter, more luminous, then from my peripheral eye, and I notice a being standing to my right side at the head of the bed. I struggled to try to get up but I could not move. I was so frightened. This being which I felt was female bent over my head and began to blow on my forehead. I remember it was ice cold air as I could actually hear the sounds of the breath blowing onto my forehead. Then it stopped, the light grew dimmer and left. I jumped up and ran to my mom and told her about what happened. Again as usual, she said it was a bad dream.

As my memories continue to surface, I will let you know. Some are fragments of things jotting that normal?

Thank you for allowing me to share it with you
You know earlier today I was driving up here on the North Slope and I was thinking about a time when I was 18 years old and about to graduate from High School. A kid I used to know was over at my house and we were in the basement. We were talking about our future and Pat started to get weepy. He said he knew that someday I was going to have some kind of experience involving some kind of sighting. It was very strange! Pat was a very tough kid and took no shit from anyone. He had served time for armed robbery, that is why it is tough for me to call him a friend. We were very different but the connecting factor was that he loved music and could play an instrument by ear. We also sang in the choir a few years before. We also had a UFO experience the same night which I guess is what brought him to the conclusion that I would have another run in with something not of this world. I will tell you more about that but it is not as strange as the Monkey Man deal. I think that with a little investigation it could be substantiated pretty easy. I say that because the next day the Spokesman Review had a story about a strange UFO sighting that had been witnessed by thousands and it even buzzed the Air Base. It would have occurred in 72 or 73. Does that ring a bell???
Dear Mr. Garrison,

It's me, Christina. I saw the strangest thing on Saturday night. It was around 9 something pm, and I saw these bright white/silver long cylindrical unidentified shapes spinning in circles opposite each other extremely fast. There were 3 of them. I ran outside and grabbed my binoculars with me. I ran in my backyard and looked through them. I couldn't tell if they were UFO's or not, but they weren't searchlights, or anything of the sort. About a few minutes after looking at them through my binoculars, they had moved back around 50 feet in a split second! I have no idea if they were UFO's, but so many reports came in two days later of many sightings of strange lights, and not just seen in my state in New Jersey, but in other states, and around the world as well!
A door has been opened and there are several dimensions that can cross over .. demons come through and will possess many ppl .. and bad spirits ... the door will not be closed it has to be destroyed .. that will happen when Armageddon reaches the physical world .. it will end in 2012.
They have gotten to my sister .. she was up for 4 to 5 days ... now she's in a mental institution .. this will happen more and more different ppl in all walks of life ...
I was told about it .. from an arch angel knighted by king of kings and lord of lords who is also called the word of God .....I know what will happen ..
I know the red lights are evil ones ... they are like demons .. there will be a fight for this planet .. the doorway has opened, there will be more violence more wars and ppl going crazy for the moment while these sprits work havoc on this physical world ..
the good ships will come and save some ..
I have had many talks .. and in the Spritual world many gods have died .. I heard the call of all arch angels and all angels to prepare for war ....
What I was told some gods had contracts and covenants with those that fooled them .. they were evil and ticked the gods ...
Now the war will get bad
these spirits and demons that cross over will cause man to harm man ..
Jesus is not good ...
Also I have heard there is a false messiah and a false prophet out there ... the real messiah is here ..there are ppl that want to kill her so she hasn't made herself known yet ..I don't know if she ever will...for the wickedness is great ...
Well when i was around 12 .. me and my friend was playing outside .. we saw something come down that we thought was like a meteor...well we decided to go look and see what we could find in the field.. well we took off and headed down this path .. we had gotten almost to the second pond when my friend said she had to go home for supper .. I decided to keep going.... I only had a few recollections of what I saw .. I just saw beings that seemed as though they glowed... and a small craft that was wrecked... I was able to communicate through thought... like they read my mind... I thought I could see if they wanted help and come to my house .. I don't recall anything else .. but it was dark when I returned home .. my parents were mad at me for being gone so long .. and I told them I didn't find anything...
The next day the farmer went out and looked and saw a burnt spot in the field and didn't find anything else ...I have kept this story to my self for many years ..

From PeaceFreakLee

Subj: IM with Arty, my trusted Lyran friend since at least 2000, about these last days

4-19-2008 9:47 PM .. followed by his profile, and yes he is humanoid

PeaceFreakLee [9:47 P.M.]: Brea dear one
ARKLETAR [9:48 P.M.]: Brea and how goes the night
PeaceFreakLee [9:48 P.M.]: well here and yours friend ?
ARKLETAR [9:49 P.M.]: always a good night I see by the chat room there is a low ebb
PeaceFreakLee [9:49 P.M.]: ahh yes a bit I guess
ARKLETAR [9:49 P.M.]: I do check never know when one will come forth with some important information
PeaceFreakLee [9:50 P.M.]: Indeed true
ARKLETAR [9:50 P.M.]: so are you ready for a new day
PeaceFreakLee [9:51 P.M.]: Yes anxious in fact LOL
ARKLETAR [9:51 P.M.]: LOL understandable there
PeaceFreakLee [9:51 P.M.]: I have gained a much more positive view over the past few month's
ARKLETAR [9:52 P.M.]: my favorite sign is don't meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and go well with ketchup LOL
PeaceFreakLee [9:52 P.M.]: The time of Enlightenment is coming ; o )
ARKLETAR [9:52 P.M.]: sooner than many think yes
PeaceFreakLee [9:52 P.M.]: Amen brother
PeaceFreakLee [9:52 P.M.]: yes very good
ARKLETAR [9:53 P.M.]: I like to interact with people in public sort of tests the mind set
ARKLETAR [9:53 P.M.]: of them all
PeaceFreakLee [9:53 P.M.]: and with at least 1000 years of peace I am quite anxious to see man's progress ; )
ARKLETAR [9:54 P.M.]: well before those 1000 years the old will have to be cleansed out
PeaceFreakLee [9:54 P.M.]: ohhh yes I suppose
ARKLETAR [9:55 P.M.]: I to hope to return and see that evolutionary change
ARKLETAR [9:55 P.M.]: I am to be here only for the starting of helping
PeaceFreakLee [9:55 P.M.]: Armageddon may come first
ARKLETAR [9:55 P.M.]: don't see a war but do see planetary changes
PeaceFreakLee [9:56 P.M.]: Yes as do many
PeaceFreakLee [9:56 P.M.]: Man has corrupted this planet
ARKLETAR [9:56 P.M.]: still many old ways will come to an end so I guess in one sense that is Armageddon
PeaceFreakLee [9:57 P.M.]: Yes for some anyway
ARKLETAR [9:57 P.M.]: the war within is as real as a war without
PeaceFreakLee [9:57 P.M.]: those who hold too much power will be gone soon
ARKLETAR [9:58 P.M.]: yes the power thing is a joke so many look to wealth and what they have gained they will never be able to spend LOL
PeaceFreakLee [9:58 P.M.]: exactly
PeaceFreakLee [10:00 P.M.]: and yes the inner struggle is critical as well .. between the Light and the darkness
ARKLETAR [10:01 P.M.]: yes we are the invaders if only do to the fact we bring light to those dark areas
PeaceFreakLee [10:01 P.M.]: Yes : )
PeaceFreakLee [10:03 P.M.]: Well .. be blessed dear one
ARKLETAR [10:03 P.M.]: it is time for this one to retire Brea dear one and may your light shine brightest
PeaceFreakLee [10:04 P.M.]: and yours friend :)

arkletar's Profile - AIM Profiles
Solaria 27 light years distant in the constellation LYRA .And orbits a binary star system near the star you call Vega. The stars names are Sulet and Sulafet.
Hobbies & Interests
Temporal distortions and time travel. Dimensional side shifting and the study of the human species.
Favorite Gadgets
Crystron Emitter ship board.
Living life to it's fullest. Loving all about me equally. Never wasting time or energy on negativity
Personal Quote
We can not measure human awareness with a ruler only by the rules that they follow and live

From the chatroom: Life - UFO openline friends

Yellowiis: hi cherry
Cherry196343: hi yellow
Yellowiis: hi again
Cherry196343: how are you
Cherry196343: not too bad thanks
Yellowiis: come here often?
Cherry196343: no not really
Yellowiis: ok...seen a ufo?
Cherry196343: yes l have
Yellowiis: me to
Yellowiis: when?
Cherry196343: 1979
Yellowiis: a while back...
Cherry196343: you
Cherry196343: yep
Yellowiis: mine was a while ago also
Cherry196343: where you abducted
Yellowiis: but they are out there
Yellowiis: not me...were you?
Cherry196343: you dont have to tell me about it
Cherry196343: yes l was
Yellowiis: many people in here have been abducted
Yellowiis: lots..
Cherry196343: do they still see them
Yellowiis: many times
Yellowiis: some do
Yellowiis: do you?
Cherry196343: yes l do
Yellowiis: very often?
Cherry196343: very much so
Yellowiis:'ve been abducted for years now?
Cherry196343: yep l have
Yellowiis: over a long time frame?
Yellowiis: greys?
Cherry196343: from as long as 2 years old
Yellowiis: wow
Yellowiis: long time..
Cherry196343: yep
Yellowiis: is it the greys?
Cherry196343: higher then grey

Yellowiis: called?
Cherry196343: reptilians
Yellowiis: ah,,,those..
Yellowiis: reptilians
Yellowiis: do you go on board the ufo?
Cherry196343: and one like them but even higher up
Cherry196343: yes l do
Cherry196343: been in a room where its white everywhere and breeze in room as well
Yellowiis: what do you think their agenda is?
Yellowiis: you recall most everything?
Cherry196343: see and remember yes
Cherry196343: talk mind to mind
Yellowiis: do you know or feel when they are coming?
Cherry196343: yes
Yellowiis: yes,,pyschic
Cherry196343: l know when they are around me
Yellowiis: most do
Cherry196343: l don't like coming back from the tunnel
Yellowiis: happen very often?
Cherry196343: most nights
Yellowiis: most?
Yellowiis: why so often?
Cherry196343: l don't know
Yellowiis: are others with you...other people?
Cherry196343: they show me things in the future
Cherry196343: yes
Cherry196343: some like human
Yellowiis: what do they show you happening?
Cherry196343: l seen ufo heart shape
Cherry196343: on a planet like ours
Yellowiis: they are many different shapes
Cherry196343: with big and tall robots
Yellowiis: you have been to another planet?
Cherry196343: yes they put me in there
Cherry196343: one min talking next on this planet
Yellowiis: do you recall where the planet was...what star system?
Cherry196343: look like ours
Cherry196343: tall building
Yellowiis: yes...but where?
Yellowiis: where do you think the planet is?
Cherry196343: look like new york, busy city
Yellowiis: and what kind of people/aliens live on this planet?
Cherry196343: but all burn down
Cherry196343: there was aliens
Yellowiis: was this the future you saw?
Cherry196343: l dont know
Yellowiis: maybe it was
Cherry196343: lots of just bones
Cherry196343: of people
Cherry196343: all in the streets
Yellowiis: could be a bomb destroys new york..
.Cherry196343: the sky was yellow orange color
Yellowiis: maybe you are seeing the future
Cherry196343: there was 5 brown hooded and robes aliens
Yellowiis: where?
Cherry196343: on that planet
Cherry196343: l had to save them
Yellowiis: try to remember...was it a different planet or this one..
Cherry196343: it look very real like this one but l do hope its not
Yellowiis: me too
Cherry196343: who are the human one in black
Yellowiis: I don't know...but if you come back here in the evening...maybe

someone here can help you with that question
Cherry196343: l had to save the aliens from him
Yellowiis: who's him?
Cherry196343: the one in black
Cherry196343: l use a energy ball from myself
Yellowiis: are you in the east or west?
Cherry196343: southwest
Yellowiis: come back here about 7 or 8 oclock
Cherry196343: l also use my third eye
Yellowiis: good....cherry
Cherry196343: ok will do
Yellowiis: ok
Yellowiis: ask for help
Yellowiis: and someone will help you
Yellowiis: here
Cherry196343: ok l will do that thanks
Yellowiis: y/w
Cherry196343: bye for now
Yellowiis: bye
OnlineHost: Cherry196343 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Yellowiis has left the room.

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Life - UFO openline friends