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NASA SATELLITE SHOWS UFO ORBITING IN SPACE ••••• STUNNING UFO FOOTAGE CAPTURED IN FLORIDA •••••   •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• Your True paranormal and ghost stories for 2012, from January to July. ••••• Most Authentic ghost footage of all time??? ••••• Real ghost caught on tape - Evergreen Chapel Apparition ••••• IS THE SITE OF DECADES OLD MURDER HAUNTED? ••••• VIRGIN MARY APPARITION SEEN IN EGYPT ••••• IS THE SPORTS LEGEND MUSEUM HAUNTED? ••••• ESOTERICA GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL HAUNTED; FEMALE GHOST TERRORIZES MOTORISTS. ••••• A SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER-video ••••• GETTYSBURG GHOST POST ••••• PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS SEEK THEATRE GHOST ••••• GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER WITH DECEASED WRESTLER ••••• RESIDUAL HAUNTINGS ••••• ECTOPLASMIC MISTS & FOGS ••••• INTELLIGENT & HUMAN HAUNTINGS ••••• GHOSTS, SPIRITS & HAUNTINGS ••••• Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera: Real or Fake? ••••• Lost in the Smokies: Mystery Surrounds Disappearances Over The Past 40 Years ••••• "VANISHED" UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCES. ••••• NIGERIAN PERSPECTIVE ON THE EXISTENCE OF GHOSTS ••••• THE "HAT MAN"; ANOTHER TYPE OF SHADOW PERSON. ••••• SELLING A HAUNTED HOUSE. ••••• ANGRY SCREAM FROM NOWHERE (click "next story" for more ghostly tales of terror) ••••• INCIDENT AT GHOST LAKE (click "next story" for more ghastly ghost stories) ••••• POLTERGEIST & EVIL ENTITY (click "next story" for more fearsome frights) ••••• THE OLD HAUNTED DOLL (click "next story" for more haunted horrors) ••••• THE POSSESSED DOLL (click "next story" for more scares) ••••• THE LITTLE BARE-FOOTED GHOST (click "next story" for more ghostly goings on) ••••• ATTACKED BY HOODED BEINGS (click "next story" for more of the things that go bump in the night) ••••• THE TRUE STORY BEHIND THE 1983 MOVIE "THE ENTITY" "The Entity" is one of the most horrifying movies I have ever seen. This movie, staring Barbara Hershey was filmed in the 1980s and it surely scared millions of people around the world. Based on a true story, this film is definitely one of the scariest of all time. What makes this film one of the best of it's kind is that it is based on a true story, a story that is as chilling and terrifying as the movie itself. An evil entity takes control of a young woman's life to the point of physically and sexually abused her. It is been said that her case is one of the most studied and talked among the paranormal community. If you like are looking for a good scare, you have to watch "The Entity", this film will definitely make you sleep with the lights one for awhile! ---THE PLOT--- The movie begins as Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) a single mother, is violently raped in her home by an unseen force. Initially convinced the attack was a nightmare, a subsequent episode of poltergeist activity causes her to flee with her children to a friend’s home. Evidently followed by the entity, Carla is nearly killed the following day when her car mysteriously loses control in traffic. Urged by her friend Cindy to see a psychiatrist, Carla meets with Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver) and tentatively agrees to undergo therapy. An attack occurs that leaves bruises and other injuries on Carla which she shows to Dr. Sneiderman who believes she has caused them to herself. We learn that Carla suffered a variety of traumas in her childhood and adolescence including sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and the violent death of her first husband. Dr. Sneiderman believes her apparent paranormal experiences are delusions resulting from her past psychological trauma. He urges her to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital for observation. She refuses. After Carla’s friend Cindy witnesses an attack, the two explore possible supernatural causes. While visiting a local bookstore, Carla happens to meet two parapsychologists who she convinces to visit her home. Initially skeptical, the scientists witness several paranormal events and agree to study the home. During their study Dr. Sneiderman arrives and confronts Carla, trying to convince her that the manifestation is in her mind, but she dismisses him. Reassured that her case is being taken seriously, Carla begins to relax. Carla’s boyfriend Jerry visits and she suffers a particularly disturbing attack which he witnesses. Hearing the commotion, Carla’s son enters the room and believes that Jerry is harming her, prompting him to attack Jerry. Later at the hospital, Jerry is so troubled by what he saw, he ends their relationship. Desperate for a solution to her problem Carla agrees to participate in a complicated study carried out by parapsychologists at a local university. A full mock-up of her home is created as a trap to lure the entity. Once inside, it would be frozen in liquid helium. Before the experiment can begin, Dr. Sneiderman arrives and unsuccessfully tries to convince Carla to leave. The entity eventually manifests as a cold wind and unexpectedly takes control of the helium tanks, attempting to kill Carla who defiantly stands up to it, stating that it can never have her. Dr. Sneiderman rushes in and saves her. As they escape the laboratory, they see the entity frozen for a brief period into a very large mass of ice. It eventually breaks free and vanishes. Carla returns to her house the next day. The front door slams by itself and a demonic voice greets her. She calmly opens the door, exits the house, and gets in a car with her family and leaves. The film ends with captions stating that Carla's attacks have decreased in both frequency and intensity, but that she still experiences paranormal activities.     ---ABOUT THE MOVIE---       -----THE TRAILER----- ----The real story behind The Entity movie.----      -----WATCH THE MOVIE----- •••••    •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• REALLY CREEPY BIGFOOT STORY ••••• HUMANOID REPORTS: FINLAND, PART THREE ••••• THE CREATURE OF THE DUMP ••••• WIERD SKELETONS FOUND ••••• FAIRIES ••••• Spectacularly Preserved Fossil Suggests Most Dinosaurs Were Feathered ••••• LOUISIANA CAJON FOLKLORE: THE LUTIN THE BAYOU'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: "CAJUN JUSTICE" BASKS IN MYSTIQUE ••••• ••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• NASA Science News for June 29, 2012 A NASA-sponsored researcher has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These gateways link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun, setting the stage for stormy space weather.  FULL STORY: VIDEO: ••••• NASA Science News for June 28, 2012 Working in tandem, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Swift satellite have caught a distant star blasting one of its own planets with a powerful stellar flare.  The eruption stripped thousands of tons of material from the planet's atmosphere. FULL STORY: ••••• Oldest known pottery is 20,000 years old and comes from China Posted: 28 Jun 2012 04:50 PM PDT One of the pottery fragments recovered from a layer dating approximately   20,000 years old in the Xianrendong cave in south China’s Jiangxi province.   This makes it the oldest known pottery in the world. (C) Science/AAAS)/AP In a fantastic discovery, a team of Chinese and US archaeologists have come   across fragments belonging to a 20,000 year-old bowl in modern day China,   confirmed as the earliest evidence of pottery. The findings push back the   invention of pottery by 10,000 years and suggest that human were more   socially advanced than previously thought. The pottery fragments were discovered in Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi   Province, and it is believed the bowl was a cauldron to cook food, or quite   possibly to brew alcohol. Previously, scientists used to believe   the invention of pottery correlates to the period about 10,000 years ago   when humans moved from being hunter-gathers to farmers. This latest discovery pushes the invention of pottery back to the last ice   age, which might provide new explanations for the creation of pottery, said   Gideon Shelach, chair of the Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies   at The Hebrew University in Israel. Hunter-gatherers were under pressure to get enough food, he told BBC News. If the invention is a good one, it spreads pretty fast. And it seems that   in that part of southern China, pottery spread among hunter-gatherers in a   large area, said lead researcher, Prof Ofer Bar-Yosef of Harvard University. In an accompanying Science article, Shelach wrote that such research   efforts are fundamental for a better understanding of socio-economic change   (25,000 to 19,000 years ago) and the development that led to the emergency   of sedentary agricultural societies. Earliest pottery used to brew alcohol? Shelach also speculates that the invention of pottery may have been sparked   by the need for a recipient for brewing alcohol  a social-driver. People were gathering together in larger groups and you needed social   activities to mitigate against increased tensions, he told BBC News. Maybe those potteries were used to brew alcohol. Pottery emerged in Europe thousands of years later It used to be thought that the beginning of pottery was associated with   agriculture and sedentary lifestyle, he added. Yet here we find it 8,000 years or more before this transition. This is a   very puzzling situation. Findings were published in the journal Science. ••••• OLYMPICS HYSTERIA: EVACUATION PLANS, UFO INVASION & 200K 'CASKET LININGS' ON STAND BY. ••••• Fabulous space photos from NASA’s Hubble telescope •••••  NASA’s Voyager spacecraft could be close to breaking free of our solar system. ••••• Realm of the Weird » Blog Archive » The Children – Episode 7 John E.L. Tenney's Realm of the Weird ••••• Realm of the Weird » Blog Archive » The Silver Coin – Episode 5 John E.L. Tenney's Realm of the Weird ••••• 5 Myths People Tend to Believe about Paranormal Research... ••••• MYSTERY OF EASTER ISLAND STATUES FINALLY SOLVED? ••••• Lost in the Smokies: Mystery Surrounds Disappearances Over The Past 40 Years ••••• ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, HELL KEEPS CRIME DOWN ••••• BEING A PARANORMAL OUTSIDER ••••• PYRAMID POWER ••••• Fairy tales have ancient origin ••••• GRAILS, SNAKES & TEST TUBES ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" GHOSTS OF MCKINLEY COUNTY; NEW MAYA 2012 "END DATE" TEXT; OBAMA "ALIEN FIGHTER" ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" STUNNING PENSACOLA UFO FOOTAGE; SMOKERS VACCINE? FAMOUS COMPOSERS TEETH STOLEN? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" THE "GOD PARTICLE" DETECTED? NEW MOKELE-MBEME EXPEDITION; MORE RED RAIN. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?"- 7/4/12 FLIGHT 93 "ANGELS; JOSEPH SMITH'S "MORMAN PRESIDENT" PROPHECY; CHINESE BIGFOOT QUEST. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" WELCOME TO "ZOMBIE WORLD" SELLING HER SOUL ON E-BAY; "KING PIG" HONORED WITH FUNERAL. ••••• THE 2 MOST DANGEROUS FORMS OF MIND CONTROL ••••• TOXIC SEAS SPURRED MASS DIE OFFS. ••••• EARTH-LIKE SATURN MOON HAS OCEANS ••••• COLORADO WILDFIRES SEEN FROM SPACE ••••• RARE "GREEN RUST" OFFERS GLIMPSE OF ANCIENT SEAS ••••• HOW MUCH DOES YOUR SOUL WEIGH? ••••• AWAKE WITHIN A DREAM ••••• SLEEP PARALYSIS: WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO COPE WITH IT. ••••• Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing ••••• Amazing Lost World: Gobekli Tepe ••••• Earliest modern human genome partially sequenced. (see link at bottom of post) The skeleton of an ancient caveman dubbed Brana 1 yielded the oldest DNA  found in a modern human.    Researchers have analyzed the DNA from  7,000-year-old bones of two cavemen  unearthed in Spain, and have managed to sequence fragments of their genomes, making them the oldest modern human specimens ever found thus far.   Ironically, the researchers found that the cavemen bear little genetic   resemblance to people living in the region today, instead sharing ancestry  with current populations of northern Europe.   The skeletons of two young adult males were discovered by chance in 2006 by  cave explorers in a cavern high in the Cantabrian mountain range, northern  Spain, at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. This made the region  particularly cold, especially during that period of time, but which  ultimately helped preserve the DNA in the bones. Judging by the ornament  that one was found with of red-deer canines embroidered onto a cloth, also   remarkably preserved, the cavemen were hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic  period, before agriculture spread to the Iberian Peninsula with Neolithic  settlers from the Middle East.    These are the oldest partial genomes from modern human prehistory, said  researcher Carles Lalueza-Fox, a paleogeneticist at the Spanish National  Research Council.    The team of scientists were able to rescue the complete mitochondrial DNA,  the genetic information housed in sub-cellular structures called  mitochondria, from  Braña1, one of the two skeletons.    Despite their geographical distance, individuals from the regions  corresponding to the current England, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Spain   shared the same mitochondrial lineage, said Lalueza-Fox in a statement.   These hunters-gatherers shared nomadic habits and had a common origin.    Previously, researchers have managed to sequence the complete genomes of  our closest extinct relatives, the Neanderthals and the Denisovans. For the  present study, the scientists recovered 1.34 percent and 0.5 percent,   respectively, of the human genomes from the bones of these two cave men.    There are many works that claim the Basques [of the Iberian Peninsula]  could be descendants from Mesolithics that became isolated in the Basque  country, Lalueza-Fox said. We found the modern Basques are genetically not   related to these two individuals.    The researchers now aim to complete the genomes of both cavemen. Such data  could help explore genes that have been modified with the arrival of the   Neolithic in the European populations, Lalueza-Fox said. Findings were presented in the journal Current Biology; via LiveScience. ••••• Scientists Believe They have Found The GOD PARTICLE ••••• How the Discovery of the Higgs Boson Could Break Physics ••••• Higgs boson: the elusive 'God Particle' explained ••••• Why We ALL Have Psychic Powers: How Thought Premonitions & Telepathy are More Common Than We Thought ••••• THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE "RAINBOY" ••••• BLACK-EYED KID BIT ME! (click "next story" for another terrifying tale) ••••• BLACK-EYED PASSENGER  (click "next story" for more frightening fare) ••••• FROM THE ARCHIVES: ODD ENCOUNTERS: LOUD FRIGHTENING SOUNDS, STRANGE WHITE LIGHT! ••••• ONE READER'S "SHADOW PERSON" ENCOUNTER.  Hi David, My experiences with shadow people began when I was approx. 5-6 years old. I am the youngest of my family, I was always a scared child, I was scared to go to sleep and actually had my sisters sing with me so I wouldn't be scared.Once they fell asleep I knew that I would start seeing these things and would actually make a trek to my parents bedroom.  Through my journey there I would see a man in a dusty suit sitting at the edge of our couch eating an apple. He would stare at me and I would watch him, the experience was so real that I can hear the crunch of the apple.  This I now know is a residual haunting my shadow experience was one night my dog was sleeping at the foot of our bed, there were religious candles burning, our dog Rusty lifted up his head and started growling, I looked in the doorway only to see this shadow figure, I called him 'The tall man.' It floated past the candles and blocked out the light and floated into the wall. Rusty was now up on all fours and started barking, I screamed and my parents came into the room and naturally they said what 'what was that'? They dismissed it as a bad dream, as parents did back in them days. There were many other experiences also, these experiences is what got me interested in the paranormal,always looking for answers to the unknown. Thank you for hearing my story ••••• ••JUST PLAIN WIERD NEWS•• The Walking Dead Escape ••••• What to Do With the Free Bonus Second We're All Getting This Weekend ••••• NOAA DENIES MERMAIDS EXIST. ••••• GENETICS CONFIRM ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL ••••• GATEWAY OF THE MIND •••••••••••••••••••• ****SITES TO CHECK OUT**** UFO OPENLINE PAGE      ••••• UFO OPENLINE FRIENDS Group       ••••• PHENOMENON PAGE      •••••  "SCI-FI MOVIES FROM WAY BACK TO TODAY" ••••• PARANORMAL DENMARK      ••••• PARANORMAL HONESTY      ••••• HALLOWEEN 365      ••••• JUST CURIOUS PARANORMAL STUDIES      ••••• PARANORMAL STALKER ••••• QUEST PARANORMAL      ••••• AREA 51- ALIEN INVESTIGATION CENTER      ••••• UFO CASEBOOK      ••••• THE MYSTERY CASEBOOK: ••••• PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS      ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.      ••••• PARA HAMPTON ROADS      ••••• PARANORMAL UNITY IN THE UNEXPLAINED WORLD ••••• THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP ••••• NATIONAL PARANORMAL SOCIETY ••••• PARANORMAL GHOST SOCIETY ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ALIENS ••••• THE PARANORMAL CORNER ••••• NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE INFO & RESEARCH ••••• SEIZE THE MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHY ••••• MIGHTY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS      ••••• The Night Team (TNT) Paranormal Project The Night Team Paranormal Project - Home ••••• GHOSTS, HAUNTS, ESOTERICA AND ALL THINGS PARANORMAL ••••• MOST HAUNTED HISTORY SO FAR ••••• IF YOU ENJOY HORROR FILMS FROM THE CLASSICS TO TODAY, CHECK OUT OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT "HELL'S CLOSET, WHERE THE DAMNED AND DEMENTED HANG"      ••••• IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DIRTY JOKES & NAUGHTY LANGUAGE... 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