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Dave, a memory flashed back to when I was a child sleeping in my room, there would be on many occasions where I saw a being who would peek around the wall of my room looking at me. I would see those big black almond shaped eyes. Just staring at me, watching me.
I remember when I was grown and married. I was asleep in the bedroom, and my husband was watching TV in the living room when I noticed what looked like two or three beings in my room. I could not move or scream. They were around me and held my head to the left side and one stuck a long needle into the right side of my neck. I could feel the needle go in all the way to the other side of my neck and I remember saying in my mind "NO it's burning" but they would not stop.
When I woke up I noticed as my husband did that there was blood on the right side of my neck. I told him what happened as I told him about all the other experiences. He thought I was strange. Perhaps that is one reason he is my ex. All of my life being told I was crazy, strange, or that these are bad dreams, I could not process it.
Around that same time period, one night as I was walking toward my building, I noticed three people sitting on the bench looking up to the sky. As I got closer, I saw a craft hovering between two buildings...huge and circular with rotating lights blue, red, alternating. There was no noise at all, then it darted of with the speed of light and was gone.
Welcome Dave, you have now entered into what my life has been like. There are more to come and it really feels good to unload it.
Thank you for your ear.
I remember taking a nursing position in a psychiatric hospital to try to see if I had a psychiatric condition or diagnosis. Suprisingly, I was able to connect with the patients and I began to think that many of them had other worldly experiences that they could not deal with.
I could not understand how other people could be in the home and not know the invasion that was taking place. or why when I was a child, I heard my mother talking to them, yet she would not come to my aid. Was she in on this I thought?
I appreciate you so much for allowing me to unload. For the first time I feel like a wilted flower beginning to bloom as I face what has happened. Like a puzzle, pieces start to fit. God Bless you Dave

Angels & Ghosts: Ghost Pictures, Angel Pictures, Angel & Ghost Stories
SuzEtruscan writes:
A friend called from where I grew up and told me of a sighting she had- I never knew about it. She never knew about mine either!!
What brought us to this conversation was she asked what I was doing.
I said I just finished my little Alien Family (the puppets I made that you posted pics of in the Art Gallery)
Aliens Among Us! Set of 3 Rod Puppets Extraterrestrials - eBay (item 260261850
and she asked If I believed
I said of course.
(She had been brought up Catholic.)
I said I had had a terrifying encounter and was actually chased by a craft...
She said "GET OUTA TOWN!!!!!!"
"So was I and a friend of mine!!""
We determined that the sightings were at about the same time give or take a few months.
She and a friend were driving around on the rural roads out side of town.
Something very very bright was suddenly from out of nowhere
behind them in the air and getting closer and closer
They thought it might be a plane but as it approached it was very close and they could
see it was a silver disc shaped object.
She started speeding into town and it stayed right with them very close behind.
When they got to town it went down suddenly below the trees and
they thought it had crashed.
They thought it might be some weird plane and called the police about the accident.
The police went to the area and found nothing.
When they checked they were told nothing was there.
Afterward for quite a while she said both she and her friend had bad static on their phone lines.
They didn't go out after dark for a long time.
I asked if anyone else had reported it and she didn't know and just wanted to forget it.
Nothing like that has happened since she said.

Hi Dave,

Just a quick update. Saw my therapist today. He said from a medical standpoint the position is there are no UFOs. Ok. So I'm delusional. Cool. It could be fun to be an insane genius with an artistic bent! LOL! The heck with it. I'm going to stop being scared and have some creative fun. I got drawing supplies today. I'll keep you abreast of my progress. Hope this letter brightens your day!
Be well and God Bless
Kropserkel: Prop Culture : Conceptual Design - Engineering - Fabrication - Exe

I have had numerous UFO encounters in my life, starting when I was around 9 years old. I was born in 1962, so this would be approximately 1971. I grew up in Ohio, always lived near an Air Force Base, A NIKE Nuke Base, and Wright Patterson AFB was a mere 35 miles to the northwest. There was always something in the sky. The first one, as I recall was like a flying diamond shape, Amber in color, faceted, flying on its side. It flew across the town silently, and caused a lot of rumors to fly. It also caused all the neighborhood kids to run amok with walkie-talkies for weeks trying to hear the Aliens talking to each other.

The next event happened about 3 years later. My Mother called from the farm and asked if my Grandmother and I could see the strange object on the horizon ( to the west ) So, out to the yard we went and sure enough there was a bright object, low on the horizon, sitting still, it was much larger than a star or planet, didn't blink like an airplane or a helicopter and was silent. This object, stayed on the horizon in the same spot for an hour, never moved and then, shot straight up in the night sky like a rocket and vanished. My Mother saw this same thing from out farm 10 miles away, including her account of the clocks stopping for the hour that the object was in the sky, which I later thought might have been abduction related.
The third encounter was later that same summer as my Grandmother and I were driving home late one evening and out of the right side of the car came this low flying craft, it was long, silver gray and it reminded me of a rocket ship, with a long tube like body with shorter wings near the top. It was flying on its side, rather slow and very quiet. Whatever it was went right across the road in front of us and vanished into the trees. Our car lights actually illuminated it as it flew over the road, it wasn't a jet or a helicopter as I am familiar with them since most of my Uncles were in the Air Force.
Several years passed and my next encounter was in central California. It would prove to be quite an extraordinary event, and by far the darkest of my encounters. It was 1991 and me and a friend were out for a usual drive to the mountains to a place called Sky Harbor at Millerton Lake, 20 miles north of Fresno. We did this all the time, Sky Harbor was a great place, we would go up there for lunar eclipses on the bluffs, hikes or just to escape the city. This night however, was different. It was in October, a cool night, very clear. We drove up toward Millerton and were listening to music and talking. To get to Sky Harbor you have to climb the beginnings of the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, so on both sides of the road, which is rather curvy are open pastures where cattle roamed. You have to pass numerous turn ins where farmers had gates to their property on both sides. After passing a few of these we both kinda looked at each other and realized, at each one there had been a dark pickup truck sitting with only the parking lights on. We joked about it actually as we passed another truck. The turn off to Sky Harbor was about a half mile on the left, so we made the turn and started up the first hill, which is a rather long and steep incline. I have to admit by this time we were both kinda unnerved and had a creepy feeling that something was up, what we didn't know. We made it to the top of the hill, and as we came over the top, we saw in the distance another truck, off the highway with parking lights on. We both decided right then and there that we didn't want anything to do with whatever was going on so we turned around and headed back down the road. I remember the time as 11:35 pm, because at 1:30 am I was due to pick up my roommate from work. We decided, to just head back to Fresno and call it a night. We made the turn off Sky Harbor Road, and proceeded to go back the way we came, there were no trucks to be found at all at any of the places they had been not 15 minutes earlier. So we kinda laughed about it and drove on. What happens next, is exactly as I remember it. We came down the hill, and made a curve to the left, I was driving about 45 miles per hour because of the terrain, As soon as I was in the middle of the curve, on the left side of the road, the entire hill light up bright as daylight. The flash illuminated the car up inside and out, I looked to the left, and saw the entire hill as if it were noon with the sun up. The very next thing I remember, I was yanking the car back onto the road from the right side where it seemed I was pulling back from the berm, and the light was gone, My friend and I looked at each other and we both knew we had just had some kind of experience. We were momentarily too stunned to talk, the car was silent. I looked at the clock in the car and it was no longer 11:35 pm, but 2:30 am. In an instant, two hours had vanished. I asked her to look at her watch, and the time was correct. I was so shaken up I had to pull over at the next road. We got out of the car and stood, and looked around but there was nothing there...just silence and stars. It was then I realized that we had failed to be at my roommates work on time, and yes this was the pre-cell phone era, so there was no way to call. We drove directly to Fresno, and picked up a rather unhappy roommate, we didn't say anything to him about it because we really didn't know what to say.
Over the next several nights both she and I began to experience very strange things. We both had dreams, literally seemed to be in the same place in these dreams, yet not in the same rooms of the place we were in. We would wake up after the dreams and one of us would ring the others phone and ask, did you just dream this? Here is what the dreams consisted of. In my dream I was in a huge cylinder room, it was dark gray or blue, it was tall, like a two or three story round building, with a great big center cylinder that seemed to hold up the center , I could not see the roof, there was some sort of illumination, and it was either foggy or misty in this room. There were two types of beings in this chamber. Smaller gray ones and taller blue ones. The never spoke, but you could hear them when they wanted you to understand what they were saying. The Gray ones did what the blue ones told them to do, while the Blue ones seemed to watch like supervisors. I wasn't scared for some reason, I don't know why. I recall a floating sort of gurney that they brought to me, and the next I recall I was on this thing floating down a corridor. There were lights of sort on the corridors that illuminated things. Next I was in a different room, a bright light over my head. My next remembrance is a severe pain in my right hand, specifically my outer three fingers. I recall them sticking what appeared to be needles in the ends. I next, remember waking up in my bedroom. My right hand was numb, my fingers hurt, and i had a weird feeling in my left thigh. I called my friend immediately to tell her about the dream and she too, had a nearly similar experience, same place, same beings, although her exam was more of a reproductive type, and she said the told her "Your children are here and they are fine". These same dreams lasted about 3 days. I would later find, ( and to this day still have this ) a small round object in my right thigh, it is the size of a bb pellet and it moves, it does not hurt, but it was never there before, there is no scar nor any explanation. I now think this is a tracking device of sorts because I have had continued encounters with these beings all my life. The interesting thing about my fingers, is that I developed nerve damage to them, and had surgery three years ago, where the doctor said he was curious as to why the damage occurred, as I have never had any injury to those fingers except the needles in that dream. I kept that part to myself, but I knew it was a result of the encounter at Sky Harbor.
I have had encounters ever since with what I feel, are the same two Grays, I don't know why I think they are the same two other than a familiarity when I see them. One rather strange encounter took place years later in Cincinnati Ohio. I lived on the third floor of an apartment complex and it was winter. I woke up, my back to the window, and I felt somebody watching me. My mind says, but your on the third floor! So the room got real cold... and I turned over, sat up on one arm and looked, and there they were. Both Grays, floating outside my third floor window. I recall I said to them, "Oh, its you again" and laid back down. That is all I remember on that. But again, I have to stress that I have never been frightened by these Grays, the tall Blue one was less than friendly, because he seemed to make me feel that we were just lesser than he was. I don't know if it was a he but the energy it gave off felt that way.
I returned to Ohio in 1996 and moved to Dayton right near Wright Patterson AFB in 1999. I don't recall any encounters till the summer of 2007 when I saw three UFO's flying over Ceasers Creek Lake about 20 miles out of town. What I saw were three silver, wingless craft, they had no markings, they were more or less shaped like a pill capsule and at first I thought they were guys parachuting out of an airplane. I noticed, several people stopped pointing to them and I pulled over and did the same thing. I wished I had my camera, but I didn't. However, somebody from my town did indeed have one and this exact encounter is on you tube currently. I found it by accident researching one day, and you can see one of the craft that I saw at I have never spoken to the person who video taped this as of yet. But it is exactly the same thing I witnessed in the summer of 2007.
So there you have my experiences. They have become just part of who I am. I expect them to continue because they have been with me since I was a small boy. I have never had any regressions, or hypnosis to remember these events, because I journal, and everything has been written down over the years so that my memory wouldn't fade. Some things you just never forget.

Michael L Farquer ( )
Centerville Ohio

Alien Abduction Help at Hamilton House

I read some where that Egyptian Royalty used to bind the heads of the newborn to elongate them..signifying royalty...Just as Chinese bind feet to keep them small.
Or certain African tribes place metal rings around their necks to make their necks long.

I feel that if there are Aliens, that they are in a class all by themselves..And my feeling is that they were here long before Amebas and that they are formed from Atoms. Also
that humans by and large are toxic to them and that is why they do not mix with us,
only under laboratory is also why they probe see if we have become safe for them to return to earth. Remember how the Early Spaniards brought
diseases to the new world, well it's the same thing..I also think it is why some people
disappear and are never found much probing destroyed them. So Aliens
continue watching and waiting..for the right time...perhaps they will be our Armageddon..who knows.. I do not have a closed mind on this...And from time to time you will hear me speak of God Most high of the Universe, because I do believe that there is one supreme being that created "everything" A supernatural being who created the Messiah Jesus and every other Messiah, including us, as well..Please do not get me wrong, I am NOT discounting other peoples ideas of the Jesus, it is just that I believe in what I have found to be true for me...Some of these Jesus followers and mean as a snake, especially when you disagree with what they tell you , that you must do to be one of them..Ok, well I worship no person. That's my basic beliefs..Although I was baptized Catholic...And I do believe that we create our own heaven and hell right here on earth..Most everyone believes in an after life because they do not want to "expire"

I just wonder where Aliens live, on a space ship all of their lives? Have you encountered any Aliens yourself, personally? And do you believe in Re Incarnation, or heaven and hell? What are your theory's or beliefs ? Yours Truly, Laura.
Aliens the Truth Seek out the Truth
Hi Dave, I'm dealing with Reptilian hybrids myself, tho they appear Afro- American for the most part; huge tall people, mostly, altho the mother seems more obviously a 'being' than the kids. They seem more human-like, however, they have powers of telepathy and get this, their last name is Elder! Wouldn't that be perfect name for a Reptilian half hybrid family living in America? I already wrote the FBI on them many times, and their terrorist activities are like they enjoy causing stress and emotional pain. Maybe they feed on such, I don't know I'm moving from here weeks, months after they lived here last yr, but there will still be Reptilian hybrids in America. Also Lady of The Lake said she has one in Calf., who, when he walks shakes entire buildings. One here can do that also. Blessings Night
Andre by the Sea told me to send you my Ufo drawings of something I saw about a month ago here in Los Angeles. These are drawings I made in PhotoShop to try to give a sense of what I saw. I used a hazy sky picture that I found on the web and tried to clone out the bright stars since you don't really see bright ones here in LA. And then I cloned in some trees to make it look like the hedge as it appears on the east side of my property. Unfortunately when the pictures appear really bright, the cloning looks messier and those big blobs show up. They were not meant to be there. It took about 5 or 7 minutes from when I first saw the string of lights in the distance until the time it went directly overhead, over my garage and stretched to over the house behind me. It seemed so close like I could reach up and touch them-OK not really that close, but it was such a big span across the sky and I was dumbfounded. My son had been outside talking to me when I first noticed them, but was so non-impressed by it when it was far away, just curious, and I let him go inside the house while I stayed there transfixed by whatever was approaching. How I wish I had pointed it out to him and made him stay to see it as he doesn't believe in UFOS. He's 31 years old and it could have made a sea change in our relationship if he had only seen what I saw. But by the time it passed overhead I finally regained my senses and started to call out to him, and he simply didn't come outside in time to see it.I feel like Richard Dryfus in Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. I couldn't wait to try to make a replication of what I saw using my PhotoShop skills.Here's a pretty good representation of what I saw late on Sunday night, April 13th in Los Angeles. I was listening to the Coast to Coast Show where they were talking about using expensive night vision goggles to see ufos fighting each other in the sky. Close to the news at the bottom of the hour (nearly 11:30pm) is when this all began.

Sitting on my back patio, listening to the radio I suddenly noticed something approaching from the Northeast above the trees that border the east side of my backyard. Thought it was odd that the flock of birds, if that's what they were, were so brightly lit up. Looked more like a string of pearls. On my computer screen, this picture is lot darker than how it looks on C2C.

Then they got closer, I was mesmerized. These birds??? were so bright and glowing, and the string seemed to gracefully flap up and down, like wings, but only very slightly.They passed almost directly overhead. I was stunned and speechless. Wanted to yell or tell someone but I couldn't make my voice call out for my son or anything until they had passed overhead. They seemed so close above me-maybe no more than a football field of altitude, and I couldn't understand why I couldn't hear anything. Usually birds will make some squawking noise. The line of lights was not static so I don't think it was a craft. It had a gentle and slight undulation to it like a living organism. Not each individual oval, but rather the string of ovals as a whole, was gently waving. And the ovals were not geometrically distinct as I have drawn them, but they were more like maybe glowing fire or glowing pulsing plasma lights, not solid, and not defined as strict ovals, but rather a more organic, uneven shaped blobs.After they passed over me I finally found my voice and knew I was seeing something that wasn't birds. I yelled for my son but they totally disappeared into the moonlight before he came outside. I was slightly disoriented as I couldn't seem to follow them as they went SouthWest into the bright moonlight. It's like there was a disconnect from when I saw them overhead until when I felt that they must have disappeared into the moonlight. The picture below is what I think I should have seen, but actually the brightness of the moon just provided a swath of light across the sky in the west and I could no longer make out the flock of lights. But I was sure of what I had seen and it wasn't birds. I feel certain that bird bodies would have provided dark shadows against the bright moonlight and not just blended and disappeared into the light. These are all PhotoShop creations and not real at all, but they sure look like what I saw and will absolutely never forget. Tamar Brooks
As we enter the 21st century and a new millennium, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase - a New Age. The push for "global enlightenment" has now extended to the vast reaches of the universe, into what could be deemed as a "space" religion. However, once this nebulous veil is lifted, a definite correlation emerges between the UFO/Alien phenomenon and occultic/satanic activity.

Excerpt from


shadow or demon?
State Will Mark Its Citizens As If They Were Cattle
"Mark of the Beast" Style Biometric Markings to ultimately be required
For Driving and Employment
By: David Deschesne
Fort Fairfield Journal, April 23, 2008
In response to Governor Baldacci's directive to enact theREAL ID in Maine, the Maine Legislature rammed through LD 2309 onApril 17 to implement portions of the Federal REAL ID act as StateLaw, in spite of a law that was passed with overwhelming opposition toThose measures by the Legislature just last year.The new bill enacts legislation that would require the Secretary ofState to participate in the Systematic Alien Verification forEntitlements (SAVE) program and study such technologies as "facialRecognition" notwithstanding (in spite of) the existing lawProhibiting it. Facial recognition technology has been compared to theBiblical "Mark of the Beast" since eventually nobody will be able toDrive their car or gain employment without it - under the guise ofCracking down on illegal immigrants. Without a car or job, those whoChose not to have the ID will be unable to earn money to buy or sell,Unless they do so "illegally."The bill was discussed at a work session of the TransportationCommittee in Augusta on Thursday, April 10, 2008 in Augusta. DonnaBendiksen, a Republican candidate for the Maine House ofRepresentatives for Portland, was there to represent the opposition toThe bill."The first people to speak were legislators, department heads,Lobbyists and then the rest of us. Most of the legislators and MattDunlap, Maine's Secretary of State, had great speeches against thisBill, the SAVE Act and REAL ID," said Bendikson. "They all said LD2309 meant implementing REAL ID and cited Public Law 251 which bansThe State from implementing the steps towards REAL ID. Mr. Dunlap'sSpeech was awesome and I had to restrain myself from clapping when heFinished."Public Law 251 is codified at Maine Revised Statutes (MRS) 29-A, Sec.1411.Approximately 90 people packed the meeting room as they waited theirTurn to comment at a meeting that went into the early evening hours."Most of the lobbyists, bureaucrats and administrators wanted LD 2309To pass," said Bendiksen, "as you can imagine, we heard all of theMost common points of misinformation and lies concerning why taggingUs like cattle was necessary. Thank God those people were outnumbered5 to 1."One of the key points debated was the use of SAVE to prohibit illegalAliens from working in Maine."Maine already has tough immigration laws, if we would just enforceThem, these new measures wouldn't be necessary," said Bendiksen.Bendiksen explains the SAVE program could adversely affect MaineBusinesses by requiring them to prove their employees are "legal" byHaving an ID card facial recognition software in a system that is notGuaranteed to be 100% accurate."I don't think Maine business owners understand the ramifications thisProgram will have on their ability to hire people," said Bendiksen,"SAVE puts all the pressure on business owners to ensure employees areLegal, and if the State database is in error, the business ownersWould be fined first, then have to prove the database was at fault."Professor Ben Shneiderman, from the University of Maryland explainsHow such national databases can be prone to error; "A national IDSystem requires a complex integration of social and technical systems,Including humans to enter and verify data, plus hardware, software andNetworks to store and transmit. Such socio-technical systems areAlways vulnerable to error, breakdown, sabotage and destruction byNatural events or by people with malicious intentions."LD 2309 will require all Maine inhabitants who hold a driver's licenseOr State-issued identification card to ultimately submit to biometricFace scanning in order to drive their automobile, verify eligibilityFor welfare benefits and ultimately gain and keep employment. SinceSuch measures would prohibit the ability of Mainers to work or travelWithout the digital biometric face scan, some opponents argue this isA key step toward the Biblical "Mark of the Beast" which prohibitsThose who don't have the mark on their face, or forehead from buyingOr selling.The bill also would require the Secretary of State to participate inThe Federal SAVE program, as maintained by the United StatesCitizenship and Immigration Service.Editorialist, Tom DeWeese notes that REAL ID may have a "globalConnection" through federal programs by integrating the Department ofHomeland Security, American Association of Motor Vehicles and theInternational Civil Aviation Organization databases in an"international information sharing agreement."Despite strong public opposition, the Transportation CommitteeApproved the bill and the legislature passed it in record speed. "OurRepresentatives caved in to the Feds, who legally have no authority inour state," said Brian Caouette, State Coordinator for Restore theRepublic (RTR). "We are all now slaves and will be tagged like cattleand tracked like someone's inventory!"According to the Maine Civil Liberties Union the law turns the BMVinto immigration agents, requires licenses to expire with visas,requires the Secretary of State to study facial recognition"biometric" technology and increases license fees by $15.00.-- Rev. Skip WigmoreLight of Life MinistriesSmithfield, NC

Hey Dave. I hope you are doing well. Been busy lately. Gotta get back to you about what's been going on with the doctor. She seems perplexed that I'm pretty normal for the most part when I am not having a drug reaction. She finally asked me about the encounter and abduction in 1992. I told her what I could remember. She asked me how they got in....they picked the lock on the door silly lady! People let their imaginations run away with them I see. I'm guilty of it too. Would be easier if these people told us what they were doing but that would spoil the experiment. Anyway the medications are being kept the same. I'm working and doing art. I'm functioning like a normal person. It is kind of odd to have these "symptoms" of seeing aliens when I don't fit the normal pattern of a true schizophrenic. I thought this would finally come to a head here and it is. The medical people are starting to ask questions. Good! I'm being observed. I'll let you know of my progress as this continues. Thought you might be interested.
Take care of yourself.

From EddMoo8
orb picture that I took outside in the daytime

5 years ago I was out and ended up being implanted with a metal small piece on my back. Went home, did not know something was implanted after getting home; started seeing messages in Summer time on the mirror in the living room. Then one night two people came into the living room wearing Nasa type space Helmut's. They had a green light. This was after seeing a UFO in Santa few, New Mexico that flew over my car. Was very scary. My wife pulled out the metal piece and I did not get any more messages on a foggy mirror, and there was no fog in our area especially not in our house . Good buddy 2have
Possibly Important Research Concerning the Apocalypse, the "666", the Vatican


Vatican Assassins - jesuits,kennedy assassination, nights of malta,cia,kgb,fbi,secret service,black pope,free masonry

My newest ghost picture....Casey


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Cause of super-heated ground found
Bill Folsom
Unexplained ground heat burns boy’s feet
Bill Folsom
Colorado Springs Published 3 day(s) ago
There was no fire, but the ground was hot enough in a Colorado Springs park to burn through an eight year old boy’s shoes and cause at least second degree burns on his feet. The boy went the hospital. His Crocs style shoes that were left behind have big holes with burned edges.
Firefighters want to know what’s causing the ground to get so hot near Golden Hills Park in the Rockrimmon neighborhood. Battalion Chief, Kent Matthews says, "In my twenty-four years I haven't witnessed this kind of occurrence. So it's unique.”
After the boy was treated and sent to the hospital firefighters took surface readings that showed hard to believe temperatures. According to Chief Matthews, "The highest temperature we got at the surface of the soil with the sun shining on it was 800 degrees, which is pretty darn significant. Radiant heat from the sun will get it up around 150, 160 degrees, but not to that level."
Firefighters have taped off the area and are monitoring it until they can figure out what's causing the ground to get so hot. Tests by hazmat team members show there are no dangerous gases. Crews have cut a fire-line around the area to prevent the heat from potentially starting a wildfire.
Early assessments show the problem area is coal dust. Neighbors say the area has appeared blackened as long as they can remember. What has to be determined is if it was dumped here years ago or if there's something happening underground. Crews from the state geological are on the way to figure out an explanation.
On May 8th, 2008 around 1:30 pm approx. 13.3 miles into Mt. Rainier State Park on a roadside pull-out. Me and about 8 other people saw two bright shining objects in the overcast skies above a hill top. I was only able to get one picture, but it is a good one, before the two objects shot straight up and puff…they disappeared into the clouds. Our lives will never be the same after that afternoon. I now believe. We are not alone. --Mr. Johnny

On September 12, 1997, my son and I went to mow Dogwood Church and Cemetery after I got off my job. When we were finished, I asked my son what time it was. He said it was 8:50 pm. A few minutes later, while I was loading my mower on my trailer, my son said, "What the hell!""I asked, "What's wrong?""He pointed to the sky and said, "That star next to the full moon is moving."I looked up, and at first I couldn't tell that the star was moving. Then I noticed that it moved forward and stopped. I stopped watching it, and went back to tying my mower on my trailer. When I got in between my truck and trailer, I looked up again. It stated to move forward again. I thought I was tying down my mower with my eyes closed. I was feeling weird.As I turned to my son, I asked him, "Is it gone?"My son said, "Didn't you see it leave?"I said, "No. Where did it go?"He said, "It went straight up."I said, "Damn it! I miss it." We got in the back of my trailer and set on the rails. My son was on one side and I was on the other. We started talking about it and looking at the sky. We sat there a little while before we got out of the trailer and got into the truck to go home.I turned to my son and said it might have been a meteorite. When we got home, I walked into the house and I told my wife we saw a UFO at the cemetery. I left it at that. I didn't say any more about it the rest of the night. The next day, I got up and went to work. I told the guys at work that I saw a UFO at the cemetery. I left it at that, I didn't say any more about it the rest of the day. As days went by, I had a flashback like a TV screen coming on in my head. Later when I would talk about it, I would lose my eyesight for about four or five seconds before my vision would return. It only happened when I would talk about it. I don't lose my eyesight any more. I guess it is all the memory I am going to get. This is what I remember in my flashback. When I got in between my truck and trailer, I looked up while I was tying the mower. The star moved forward and then made a ninety degree turn before it moved a little ways. Then it made an eighty-five degree turn. It moved a little ways before it stopped and twinkled like a star. It sat there about thirty seconds before it took off faster than anything on this planet It went from a dead stop to a blur. When it first took off, it left a streak of light behind it. I started looking all over the sky. I looked over the cemetery and then I turned and looked up over the church. When I turned back, I could see the ship up over the trees sitting there momentarily and then it started to come toward me really fast. I could see little red lights on the front of it. It landed in front of me, but strangely it didn't make any noise. I just sat there about thirty seconds before I heard a click sound like somebody threw a switch. The lights hit me in the face. I threw my hands in front of my face. I tried to look at it, but the light was blinding. I heard another click, and white light came at me and overtook me. THEN I started to wake up, but before I could open my eyes, I could heard a low humming sound up above me, When I finally opened my eyes, I was standing on my feet. I felt as though I was coming out of some kind of a trance. I noticed a round light about the size of a basketball shining down on the parking lot, It was moving away from me. When I looked up, I could see the front of the ship which was turning. It stopped and sat over the trees. I kept looking at it. I got scared and lowered my head, turning it to the right. I got stiff and I was afraid to move. I said to myself, "This can't be happening." I was afraid to look back up. I wanted it to leave. I kept my head turned and waited. When it finally started to move, I noticed from the corner of my eye a light moving. The object moved to the right and flew across my eye path in front of the church. I looked up and I could see a flickering light at a distance. I kept repeating to myself, "It's a plane; it's a plane." As I was shaking my head, I realized I was losing my memory as it was happening. I don't remember it disappearing. I could only remember coming out of some kind of a trance. Later I remembered that there were two ships. The one that came down in front of me. It was not big, had a slope about it, somewhat like a triangle shape, pulled to a pointed front.The long one was saucer shaped. In the front, it had no windows or doors. Instead it had three slits in the front, and under the slits there were two rows of round bumps. On the fin was one row of bumps going around its edge. The ship was gold and long.

2008 Barbury Castle Pattern is Pi to 3.14159265358
© 2008 by Linda Moulton Howe
“The fact that the Pi decimal point is included (in the 2008 Barbury Castlebarley pattern) and there is rounding up to 10 decimal places is to me a little mind boggling!” – Michael Reed, Astrophysicist

Click here: Crop Circle at Barbury Castle, nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported 1st June 2008.
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Rubber Johnny (just plain wierd!!!)
Our very own Field Correspondent and resident Ghost Hunter RegiGse
has just returned from her most recent "Ghost Hunt" here is her report:
Hey Dave!!!

Okay sorry it took so long to get so little together lol, story of my life. Gettysburg was awesome... For anyone who is into the paranormal it is a can't miss, and as for your Civil War buffs, I assure you, this is a trip they are not going to want to miss. Dave if you ever decide to go and haven't ... allow yourself a week of time there. A week is sufficient I think, any thing less and you are robbing yourself from a experience or two.

Our first day there we did the tourist thing. Headed for the visitors information center. Where by the by, you will get NO and I do mean "nada" information on anything paranormal about Gettysburg besides in the gift shop. Seem's the Park Rangers do not care to offer out such information. Couldn't even begin to tell you why, but it did seem policy. I asked the information center which is handled by the Park Rangers, heck I must have hit them up at least a handful of times, and each time I was frowned at. You might wonder why I kept going back. Well they are Rangers they cover the park 24-7 if anyone knows a good active site there in the park they are going to... I figured at least one might cough up an experience or something good to go on. Nope, nope, nope... However if you are there for Civil War info and other aspects of park information they will hook you up. They do their job and they do it well as far as I can tell.

Okay so from the visitors center we were off on the... as I call it " The top of the bus tour." You get to ride on either the inside of the bus OR the top. So of course we were on the top. Which was cool except for one thing. The bus follows a route that has many trees. Now they put a guide on the top of the bus who's soul job seems to be to forewarn you ahead of time to duck when the trees are coming, lol ours was not so good at it, luckily I am short. The bus tour was two hours of great information and civil war history.

Enough of that though. Into the ghosts. We went on one ghost tour called "Ghostly Images" hate to state it but the tour was really lame although very inexpensive, most ghost tours start at around 20.00 a person, this was 8.00 a person, as a matter of fact all the ghost tours were very economical in priced. I was so disappointed with the one we did go on I didn't even consider giving anymore time to the others.

Now in Ghostly Images defense it was raining and it was a walking night tour. Because of this they could not take us everywhere they normally would and it changed the routine they are used too. That can throw anyone off. Even so the history that should have been included in our tour was totally lost. Our guide was mostly offering her own experiences with the paranormal Of which were probably more interesting to her then anyone else. What we did get to do though is go to the old Orphanage, which now stands as a museum and gift shop, and from there the Jenny Wade house.

We spent an hour in the basement of the Orphanage. The story goes that when the Orphanage was first opened it was a lively wonderful place, but later went under new management and as a result the care of the children suffered. In the basement they had a room hidden within the basement wall, calling it a room is being nice though, it was very much like a hidden cramped cell. Where as, the story goes the new care taker of the home would put the disobedient children in this cramped dungeon, without lighting or food and lock them away for an indefinite amount of time.

The tour and the tour guide offered very little. However the next day I went back dragging my ever loving husband Dan behind me. I talked to a wonderful women who manages the orphanage/museum. Cindy was GREAT!!! She offered all the history we wanted that we missed in the tour the night before and then allowed me to go into the basement and do some evp work and take pics. Okay so I got nothing lol. Well not exactly nothing, depends on who you ask.

I am not a big promoter of orb pics. Which most paranormal investigators now a days are not. Although there are times where one has to make exceptions and this is one of those times I am thinking, I will let you be the judge. I must have took in this one site alone 50 pics, in a twenty minute or so time frame all in the basement by myself, no one else was down there, to create a facade. Now in the majority of pics there is nothing at all, no sign of dust, or orbs just whatever the camera was focused on, good clean pics and that is all. I went down without any lighting besides that from my camera flash, and headed for the secrete hole in the wall, where I spent probably about ten minutes sitting in that cramped space. Now on the way in I was taking pics one right after another since it was my only way of lighting. Once in the pit I lost the camera flash due to battery drain so from there it was pitch black. The pics I took going into the pit were clean, nothing at all in them but good clear pics, probably about fifteen pics of nothing.

In the pit sitting in a quasi lotus position my camera batteries went on the blink. So I didn't get many pics there. I sat and talked to whomever or whatever . You know, I don't know if it is the preconceived idea that a child was locked away in this cramped space or if my experience that I am going to recant was real ... but I seriously felt like I could feel the energy of a frightened child, and I know for a fact that something cold touched my leg, when I did I put my hand on it to hold it assuming I was holding a child's hand. I went on to sing to it, all the while the cool spot on my leg. I sang for at least five of the ten minutes in there, lol. I stepped out of the pit and my camera batteries kicked back in, mind you without the camera it was pitch black allowing whatever might be down there comfort, and in the past singing seems to attract don't ask me why. The minute I stepped out and saw my flash was working I turned around and took a pic from behind where I was standing. This is what I got.
Now we are not just talking one or two dust orbs we are talking about many that in the pics I took on the way in were not there, and for the skeptics I understand, when it comes to orb pics I don't humor them. I will say this though, I took the pic behind me for a reason, I felt them there.

So you see, nothing but good clean pics, until after I climbed out of the hidden cell in the wall where the children may have been kept after misbehaving.

After my little mini investigation of the basement by myself Cindy greeted me with her friend Cathy. Cathy has the gift to channel spirits, and had spent much time in the Orphanage and suggested that we both go further back in the basement where the crawl space explaining that it was a pretty active area. So back to the basement we went crawling on our hands and knees into the crawl space.

Again more orb pics. She started talking to the children right away, letting them know she was there and to come around and see her. As we began to climb into the crawl space I took this pic.

Cathy was a incredibly kind individual and I could see where if there were spirits of lost children there, why they would find solace in her. She just had a aura about her that seemed to reach right out and hug you.

The above pic was taken as stated while we entered the crawl space area. Funny thing is as soon as I settled in I took more. Which is only a two minute time frame from when I took this pic.
As you see in these pics, in only a two to three minute difference, no orbs.

About ten minutes or so in the crawl space with Cathy she requested I take a picture in the area around her left shoulder, she thought she felt a energy there, and a few around here. Here is that pic.
Unfortunately as great and accommodating as Cindy and Cathy were, I didn't get much of anything to offer them in show for it, besides these few orb pics, and a few personal experiences. Which is no reflection off them, sometimes it just goes that way. I was really aiming for some EVP's, of which here in the Orphanage I got none. Plus realistically I didn't even really get enough at all to walk away and state I had a haunted experience there. However I did get enough for me to consider a more thorough investigation there if I lived in the area. It is definitely worth the time to stop and visit and try to capture some paranormal phenomenon, buy a few souvenirs of Gettysburg and tour their museum.

Wow do I go on, lol. Since this is getting rather lengthy I am going to email this to you as is. I have more though. We picked up two evp's in the Devil's Den area AND some really fantastic phantom sounds... I will get that to you in a day or two.

Alright Devils Den. Well most already know the History here in regard to the civil war. The Confederate troops advanced here with the goal to take Little Round Top where Union Soldiers were already occupied. Some claim that a big majority of Confederate casualties happened at this civil war site. Where many men were hit by cannonballs one, after another, and a lot of hand to hand combat took place an estimated figure of how man were lost here was to much to comprehend. Named by many " The Valley of Death," as the little creek that runs through there ran red with blood for three days after the battle.

Given the civil war history of this location alone there is not question why it would be notoriously known as a actively haunted place. However the claims of haunts and even monsters sited here start prior to when the war ever took place.

Due to its popularity it is not exactly the easiest place to find alone time at to do EVP work and the like. Even still we managed, but not without getting up at the crack of dawn and hitting the park at 0600 hours. Thus arriving at Devils Den just as the sun was rising. Me with my little Olympus digital voice recorder in one hand and my daughters pink Polaroid digital camera in the other, not to mention a steeping bad mood on the rise due to the fact that I didn't get my coffee before making the trip out creating a slight temper issue for me, for anyone like yourself who does not know me all that well... I would take my coffee by IV if it was made available, I say heplock me baby. So anyway when I started my EVP attempts I wasn't exactly pleasant.

Allow me to just state this telling a ghost to speak up because you said so doesn't have much of a positive result, and when I knew I wasn't getting what I wanted, I even went as far as to call the Confederate Soldiers sorry ass losers. At which point, frustrated and realizing how disrespectful I was being, as well as also being a bit of a crabby ass, I decided to take rest in a little crevasse in the massive rock formation of the den. This with hopes that by doing so it would give me a minute to regroup and grow up. As I was resting in the crevasse right above my head I heard footsteps. At first due to my tantrum I was having it didn't register, then it dawned on me... no one but myself and Dan were there, and Dan was at the base of Big Round Top, so no one should be above me. I scooted out to have a look and see if someone else had awoke early to get some time at the den and we just missed him or her coming in, and that was a negative. There wasn't a soul in sight (excuse the pun) besides myself, and Dan about a good 100 yards away from me. Now what is even better is when I ducked into the crevasse I still had my recorder going SOOOO I got the whole thing. Only problem with phantom noises is this... You have to take my word for the fact that this is what truly happen and I did not create the phenomenon. It is up to you to believe otherwise the thrill is lost for you, but not for me lol ::wink:: I was there I witnessed it and it was truly cool.

From the Editor....

send me an e-mail with "footsteps"

in the subject line, and I will send the
evp recording of the footsteps

directly to you.

As you can see, we never know where the next

Extraordinary Paranormal Story

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