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   •••••ISSUE # 31•••••    •••••UFOS & ALIENS•••••       ABOUT UFOS / ALIENS              By Billy Booth ••••• UFO CASEBOOK MAGAZINE-#513 ••••• UFO Casebook - UFO Hoaxes and Disinformation •••••   A Conversation with Jo Ann Richards Regarding Captain Mark Richards U.S. Space Command, author of THE DULCE BATTLE REPORT, (see link at bottom)   This was filmed on location at Conspiracy Con in June 2012 when I ran into Jo Ann Richards who was working behind a booth in the vendor area of the conference. I had been meaning to interview her for a while but never had the chance. I also wanted of course to interview her husband, Mark Richards, as I knew his story from before I got involved in Project Camelot. Mark Richards was an officer involved in the Dulce Battle as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he did not commit. This is a classic case of the government framing someone who they feel may be turning against them from within the military. Some might see parallels in the recent Brockbrader case as well as the case against Michael Riconosuitto who is to this day also in prison in California. You could say all three are guilty of one thing "knowing too much". This the powers that be cannot have and especially if they sense the individual may decide to go rogue. This is hopefully just the beginning of an investigation into the story of Mark Richards. If things go as planned I will secure an interview with him at the very least via audio sometime very soon. The Report:   Government scientists (the secret government) purportedly labored alongside an alien force to work out the sundry ways the general population could be brought under an ultimate totalitarian control that would leave humanity as little more than farm animals to be used for breeding.  All of which began with a 1947 treaty signed by President Harry Truman, that set in motion a plan where the ELITE obtained alien technological secrets in exchange for permitting the aliens to abduct human subjects for their diabolical research. In time, the elite would be allowed to survive to become the overlords of the human sheep, under ultimate control of the aliens - like the dogs that watch the sheep on a human farm...   Much more at above link.   THE DULCE BATTLE REPORT  ••••• DAILY UFO REPORTS ••••• Video - UFO Sighting at US - Mexico Border ••••• CHILD ABDUCTED BY ALIENS DRAWS SKETCH OF HIS CAPTORS ••••• UFO Sighting on Video - West Glacier, Montana ••••• Confirmed UFO over Nambucca Heads ••••• Two UFOs Caught on Video over Atlanta, Georgia ••••• Extraterrestrial Theory: Why Advanced Technologies Were Depicted in Ancient Civilizations? ••••• UNDERWATER MYSTERY ••••• Extraterrestrial Life Investigation Equipment Heats Up in Canadian Arctic ••••• STEPHAN HAWKINGS ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE AND EUROPA. ••••• Crop Circles: New 2012 UK crop circles: Woodborough Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - 9 June 2012 ••••• Ancient Civilization Illustrates Advanced Civilization ••••• FROM WHITLEY STRIEBER : UNKNOWN COUNTRY OUT THERE NEWS ••••• •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• WELSH LEGENDS: GHOSTS, HAUNTED HOUSES & CASTLES ••••• Spotting Signs from Loved Ones Who Have Died ••••• Ghost Videos: Famous Celebrity: John Lennon’s Ghost ••••• CAN GHOSTS TOUCH YOU? ••••• MORE SPOOKY ABANDONED AMUSEMENT PARKS. (these ain't Disneyland folks!) ••••• What do you see? | The Morse Mill Hotel ••••• Terror STRIKES Five Times in: Ghost Stories From Beyond THE GRAVE    By Emily Hill ••••• DOES THE GHOST OF FRANCIS BACON HAUNT THE GATEHOUSE PUB? ••••• THE ANDREW SPARKS MURDERS ••••• AMERICA'S INTRODUCTION TO ZOMBIES ••••• West Virginia's Haunted Amusement Park ••••• A LEGACY OF BRUTALITY HAUNTS DERBY GAOL PRISON ••••• Shadowy Puddle Entity - Your True Tales - June 2012 ••••• Top 10 Most Haunted Churches in Illinois ••••• Where the Dead Go To Drink: The Best Haunted Bars, Clubs and Pubs ••••• •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• BIGFOOT, REAL OR MYTH? ••••• Bigfoot Evidence: Albert Ostman: 'I was kidnapped by a Sasquatch' ••••• ANCIENT ALIENS-BIGFOOT: full episode ••••• WHY ARE BIGFOOT'S SOLES WHITE? ••••• IS BIGFOOT AN ALIEN? ••••• JERRAWERRA, THE SHORT HAIRY MAN OF THE WOODS. ••••• THE "SYKESVILLE MONSTER"...BIGFOOT, OR SOMETHING ELSE? ••••• BRUNO FACCHINIS HUMANOID ENCOUNTER ••••• ••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• THE HAGLEY WOODS MYSTERY ••••• Lost Age of Supermen - Paranormal News -- ••••• The Paranormal Corner ••••• DALBY SPOOK CASE-GEF THE TALKING MONGOOSE ••••• Black-Eyed Girl in Denmark ••••• A MYSTERIOUS EXISTENCE ••••• Tales of the Ouija - Volume 13 ••••• Huge Tropical Methane Lake on Saturn Moon Titan ••••• Traces of ancient impact on Earth found ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-6/8/12 UFOS OVER COLORADO & UK 2010 to 2020, THE DOOM DECADE ••••• "ESOTERICA"-6/12/12 AUNT RACHEL'S CURSE; SHIRLEY MACLAINE SAYS "DOWNTOWN ABBEY" SET HAUNTED....AGAIN; MORE AMELIA EARHART CLUES. ••••• Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl ••••• WHAT WAS "THE BLOOP"? •••••            "JUST THE FACTS" ...THE DINGO GOT MY BABY! 1983 UFO LANDING: ALCATRAZ ESCAPE MYSTERY ••••• JUST THE FACTS SCIENTISTS 95% SURE BIGFOOT EXISTS; PORCUPINE, ALLIGATOR & RAT ATTACKS; ALIEN DEATH RAYS. ••••• JUST THE FACTS? CROP CIRCLES ACCELERATING? "BLACK DEATH" PLAGUE... DID HUMANS EVOLVE FROM SHARKS? ••••• WHO OR WHAT ARE THE "WATCHERS"? ••••• "LEAKED" NASA VIDEO OF HOLLOW EARTH??? ••••• REALITY TELEVISION PROGRAM IS ALL SET TO HIT ON INTERNET PARANORMAL TELEVISION NETWORK ••••• ABSINTHE, THE LEGEND OF THE GREEN FAIRY. ••••• REAL "FAIRY" CAUGHT ON SECURITY CAMERA VIDEO??? ••••• SALEM WITCH TRIALS ••••• Silent Lucidity: Active Dream States and the Otherworldly ••••• World's Largest Telescope Project Gets Green Light ••••• NuStar Space Probe Launched From Aircraft | Video | ••••• THE UNFINISHED RACE-WITHOUT A TRACE ••••• ••JUST PLAIN WIERD NEWS•• MORE ABOUT THE "VAMPIRE SKELETONS" FOUND IN BULGARIA ••••• BIRD WITH 2 HEADS & 3 BEAKS FOUND IN WOMAN'S BACKYARD ••••• ACTOR JAMES WOODS & THE 9/11 TRIAL RUN HE TRIED TO REPORT. ••••• ****SITES TO CHECK OUT**** UFO OPENLINE PAGE      ••••• UFO OPENLINE FRIENDS Group       ••••• PHENOMENON PAGE      ••••• PARANORMAL DENMARK      ••••• PARANORMAL HONESTY      ••••• HALLOWEEN 365      ••••• JUST CURIOUS PARANORMAL STUDIES      ••••• PARANORMAL STALKER ••••• QUEST PARANORMAL      ••••• AREA 51- ALIEN INVESTIGATION CENTER      ••••• UFO CASEBOOK      ••••• THE MYSTERY CASEBOOK: ••••• PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS      ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.      ••••• PARA HAMPTON ROADS      ••••• PARANORMAL UNITY IN THE UNEXPLAINED WORLD ••••• THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP ••••• NATIONAL PARANORMAL SOCIETY ••••• PARANORMAL GHOST SOCIETY ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ALIENS ••••• THE PARANORMAL CORNER ••••• NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE INFO & RESEARCH ••••• SEIZE THE MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHY ••••• MIGHTY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS      ••••• GHOSTS, HAUNTS, ESOTERICA AND ALL THINGS PARANORMAL ••••• MOST HAUNTED HISTORY SO FAR ••••• IF YOU ENJOY HORROR FILMS FROM THE CLASSICS TO TODAY, CHECK OUT OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT "HELL'S CLOSET, WHERE THE DAMNED AND DEMENTED HANG"      ••••• IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DIRTY JOKES & NAUGHTY LANGUAGE... 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