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         ***ISSUE # 23, 2015***
          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

UFO NEWS - Latest Daily UFO Sightings

UFOs Declassified – Black Triangle S01E01 [2015 UFO documentary!] 

UFOs Declassified – Red Alert S01E02 

UFOs Declassified – Battle of Los Angeles S01E03 

UFOs Declassified – Shoot ‘Em Down S01E04 

Best UFO Sightings Flying Saucers Mystery Objects In The Sky March 2015 

The Best UFO Sightings During March 2015 - Video 

If You're Looking For UFOs, This Map Will Tell You Where To Go


Historic Mass UFO Sighting, "Battle Over Los Angeles" Revisited in Full UFO Documentary (watch here)

Russians Make Major UFO Disclosure Statement: Aliens Are Real

What Do Our Presidents Know About UFOs? - (Excerpt From New Book)

Spielberg May Be Making Documentary About Russian UFO Lake 

California Man Sees Humanoid and Suspects Project Blue Beam 

Mysterious Siberian Crater May Have Spaceship In It 

Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth (video)

NASA Has A Revolutionary Spaceship that Resembles A UFO 

Is This ET? Mystery Of Strange Radio Bursts From Space Continues 

Latest Theory Behind ‘Mystery Booms': It’s All In Your Head 

Dark Object Streaks Across Nebraska Highway - Video

The Extra Dimensional Skyfish Mystery [Rod-Like UFOS](DOCUMENTARY)

Japan’s Defense Minister Denies Alien Invasion, Ignores UFOs 



Australian Man Photographs Moon And Gets Photo of UFO Instead 


Strange Noises Haunt New Jersey - UFO?

More Giant UFOs near to The Sun (videos)

Video of Alleged Alien Recovered by the Military is really just a Training Exercise


Physical Alien Encounter in Shrewsbury, England Part 2

Mysterious String of UFO Lights Over PA

A Strange Visit to the Grave of an 1890s Airship Occupant 

Authors of "The Aztec UFO Incident" Book, Return To Hart Canyon To Discuss 1948 UFO Crash There. 

(Why are so many UFOS seen near volcanos?)

UFO over Colima Volcano, Mexico on March 26, 2015 

Stunning UFO Photographed Over Volcano in Mexico - Daytime Image 

Compilation of The Best UFO Sightings Over Mexican Volcano (video)

Man Is Desperate To Find Out Why UFOs Have Been Appearing Over His Home For 3 Weeks 

Donut UFO sighting over Bolton, England 

UFO sighted by student in New York. Witness Was Frightened But Glad She Had This Incredible Experience 

Confronting the Triangle UFOS

My UFO Story - (By Cassidy Nicholas)

Silent, Fast UFO Observed over Shelton, Washington

Video of UFO Taken over Worcester, Massachusetts

Australian Man Puzzled over Photo with Possible UFO

Orange Lights on Structured Craft over South Carolina

VIDEO: ‘UFO’ Caught Hovering over Leeds City Centre

MoD Accused of UFO Cover-up after Delaying Release of 'Britain's X-Files'

Object Seen Near Military Transport Plane in Louisiana

Multiple Unidentified Lights Reported over Turlock, California

Bright Yellow Lights Witnessed over Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

Two Witnesses Shaken by UFO Sighting in Texas

Unknown Object Caught on Photograph in Austin, Texas


Ghost Girl of El Paso High

Visit Hex Hollow, one of America’s urban legends! 

Top Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape 2015-(Fact or Fake?)

Mold in the Air May Be Causing Ghosts in the House 


The Ghost of Ann Walker: England's Creepiest Paranormal Legend 

The 3 Infamous Haunting Legends Of West Virginia 

Really Scary Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True

10 Haunted Tunnels With Really Creepy Backstories 

News Crew attacked by Evil Spirit while reporting on Haunted House. 

Haunted Pub For Sale But Buyers Beware at Haunted Asylum 

(From 2011)

Disturbing Discovery in Falcon Nest – (Could it prove the existence of "Pixies" or "Fairies?"

The Reality of Devils and Goblins and Fairies 

Roadside hauntings spook motorists at Newgale 

Creepy fairy or insect?
(Watch it fly away at 1 min, 43 secs)


How can you tell if a paranormal entity has latched onto you? What to look for. 

Can Blind People See Ghosts? -(video)

The Mysterious Exorcism of Robbie Mannheim 

Man Captures Video Of A Creepy  'DEMON' Inside His Apartment?

Real Vampires Participate in Research Project 


19 Creepy Photos That Nightmares Are Made From 


2 Angels Flying In The Sky In Brazil Caught On Cam [Video]

'I crossed over': Survivors of near-death experiences share 'afterlife' stories 

Mass Exorcism in Poland, Mass Demon Attack in Swaziland 

Some Strange & Mysterious Pictures That Are So Creepy, they are bound to Haunt Your Dreams (Some I've seen posted before, some others I've never seen)

Possibly The Most Awesome & Creepy Tombstones Ever


How Would You React or Treat an Alien, Cryptid, Or Unknown Creature? (video)

"Sasquatch of the Underworld"

California On Sasquatch: Jeff Meldrum Extended Interview 

An old Soviet article on "Nessie"
From 1934



Phantom Hounds of Latin America 

The Mysterious Kappa of Japan 

Exploring American Monsters: Colorado 

Lamb is born with human-like features in Russia (I can't place the face but Ewe look familiar) -[video]

                  & WEIRD***

Paranormal news for March 2015: Shadow Ghost Attack, Supernatural Dating, Starchild DNA & much, much more!

ABOUT: Psychic Phenomena-
ESP, Telepathy, Channeling, Remote Viewing & More

Aurora, Texas: Supernatural Hotspot 

The Mystery of the Lost Ark in Japan 

Baby from South Africa born with 12 on his forehead, what could it mean? 

ABOUT: Ouija Board and Divination: Automatic Writing, Dowsing, Tarot & More. 

The REAL X-Men - Stories of People With Superpowers

Gray Goo That Killed Hundreds of Sea Birds Still A Mystery 

The Unexpected Weirdness of Exploding Rocks and So Much More 

See The Gruesome Vintage Special Effects From Paris' Murder-Obsessed Horror Theater 


Daily 2 Cents: Entity at the Door -- Man Still Nagged by Wife's Ghost -- NASA Vet Claims Alien Being Rode on Space Shuttle

Daily 2 Cents: Paranormal Radio Hosts Advocate Killing Bigfoot -- British MoD Accused of UFO Cover-Up -- Missouri Lycan Sighting


Daily 2 Cents: Doppleganger Neighbors -- Hovering Grey-Purple Alien -- Sasquatch Sign Raises Questions

Daily 2 Cents: The White-Haired People -- Jerusalem Bizarre Syndrome -- 'Yellow' Phobia

        ***SCIENCE, SPACE, 
                  & HISTORY***

Best Space Photos of the Week 

A Robo-Car Just Drove Across the Country 

First (Contraband) Corned Beef Sandwich in Space 50 Years Ago

Singer Joni Mitchell brings the Mysterious Morgellons Disease Back into the Headlines


Subtle, Sinister Things Hidden in Famous Works of Art May Horrify You! 

The Cast of "IT" Still Floats,  Even 25 Years Later... 


"The Lie We Live", The Video That Could Change Your Life!
(Or at least change the way we look at the world)


21 Pictures That Will Make You Understand Your Significance. 

Drone video shows a chilling view of Auschwitz you’ll never be able to forget 


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