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     ***ISSUE # 22, 2015***  
Paranormal Enthusiasts Now Have A Place To Date Online 
(This is REALLY great! An "actual" place to meet like-minded people...for 'Singles')

        ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Open Letter To Hillary Clinton On UFO Disclosure 

Since 1917, secret plans have been in the works to organize a "False Invasion of Earth by Extraterrestrials To Create & Promote World Peace". (Sound preposterous? Wait until you watch this and see how this plan was discovered)

In this episode of "Spacing Out":
'UFO Reports from around the world; Obama says 'Aliens Control Us'

Spacing Out! Ep. 107 - Obama says aliens control us! 

Knapp's News Articles - Coast to Coast AM

UFO NEWS - Daily UFO Sighting Reports With Photos & Witness Statements. 

"Contact 2014" - UFO and Alien Documentary, Full Version 
(The Reality of this Alien Message may change the world as we know it)

Meet NIROSETI, Searching For Infrared Beacons From Aliens 

Did Aliens Save Earth From Nuclear Meltdown at Chernobyl? Eyewitnesses say they saw UFO do just that! [Video]



Not All Aliens Are Friendly
(Like this is a surprise?)-video

NASA Scientists Are Coming Around To Idea That Alien Life Might Be Very Different Than We Expect 

Were The Apollo Missions A Lie? 

 "9 Foot Tall ET Observed Inside Space Shuttle Payload Bay", Says Former Kennedy Space Center Employee. 

(This sounds like hog wash to me)
Physicist to present evidence for Martians being wiped out by a nuclear bomb at Nasa conference (Some crack-pot trying to get his name in the papers)

 Nazi's And The Secret Occult Society of the Vril. 

5 Most Incredible Nazi Super Weapons Used Alien Technology? Video]


The UFOs Keep Coming to St. Helens and Merseyside, Why??

Defense Contractor Say Aliens Spaceships Can Be Detected With New Technology 

We Should Not Be Afraid To Broadcast Our Presence and Location To Extraterrestrials 

 Starchild DNA Results Evaluated with Mixed Results

Red Orb Shape UFO Above UK

Six Glowing UFOS Above Barboursville, US

UFOs Reported Near Alcoa Power Plant - New York 


Taxi Driver Witnesses Crop Circle Appearing At Stonehenge – Video

Mysterious Spinning UFO Hovers over Colorado for over an hour

5 Possible Alien Creatures Left Behind on Earth

Tesla's Amazing UFO 
(The Man really was a genius)

1994-UFO Encounter at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe 

Black Orb UFO hovers over Calif then suddenly disappears

Strange Flashing UFO formation over Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil 


Sphere Of Light Sighting Video Over Central Coast Baffles Witnesses and Experts 

 UFO Disguised As Cloud Over Volcano, Mexico

UFO Hidden In Cloud Over New Jersey (Using clouds as cover from Mexico to Jersey)

Video Footage Supposedly Shows UFO Being Transported By Open Truck Near Area 51, Nevada. (Sorry but "NO", it's an Air Force Drone that resembles a UFO. And do you REALLY think they would transport a UFO in plain sight?)

Witness Said Apartment Shook As Helicopters Chased UFOs at Low Altitude Over New York

Object resembling 'Jupiter 2' Spaceship from TV show "Lost in Space" photographed on Mars. (Of all the images coming to us from Mars claiming to be everything from Bigfoot to a man walking around, THIS pic "actually" looks like what they say)

Unknown Object Caught in Photograph in Austin, Texas

UFO 2015 Sightings Enough to Prove Alien Existence

UFO sighting and Loud Noise Over UK Trigger Hundreds Of Calls To Police 

Unknown Objects Witnessed over Salt Lake City

Gorokan Family Sees Hovering Sphere: Takes Video

Triangle UFO Reported over Burbank, California

Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico

Triangle UFO Hovers over Stillwater, Minnesota

The Roswell Slides Saga: Some Claims vs Some Facts

Three More Witnesses Claim They Also Saw The Same UFOs 

Concerns Over Alleged Police 'UFO' Instigated By Typo?

Mystery Object at Milky Way Galaxy's Core – (Video)

Plane Towed 'Doodlebug' Hunts for Ore & Oil | 67th Anniversary of the Aztec UFO Crash

From "The Phenomenon Archives"-Full Documentary.  
Tunguska; The Russian Roswell [Video]

H-Bomb History Published Over Government Objections

Is This Mummy the Famous "Alien" in the Roswell Slides?

Gigantic Cloaked Pyramid-Shaped UFO filmed in front of the Sun over New Orleans (amazing video)

Breakdown of UFO Fleet Over Hawaii proves it to be CGI (video)



7 Signs You Have Seen A Ghost

4-Year-Old Describes Heaven Just Days Before Going There Himself. 

Eerie figure photographed near site of Black Hawk crash that killed 11 soldiers 

The Ghost Who Solved Her Own Murder
Ghost girl kneeling on floor of deserted country Victoria asylum will give you chills

Famous Witches in History

The 20 Most Eerily Convincing Paranormal Videos on YouTube 

Something evil started in
Columbus, Ohio...The Legend of "Bloody Mary" "Bloody Mary"

Did you know that Australia has some extremely Haunted places of it's own? Check out these creepy spots 

"The Fortean Slip" Video this week includes: A Ghostly Child, The Alien/Satanist Connection,
And Sasquatch In Ontario

(This story first showed up on the Internet about a year ago)
‘Hi Daddy, I Love You’ – Engineer ‘talks’ To His Dead Daughter After Developing Paranormal Devices (video)

 The Poltergeist of McMinns Dr

Horrifying New Details About Indiana Demon House (Police Chief calls it "A portal to Hell")

Forget What You Saw On Vampire Diaries. Here Are 10 Facts About Real Vampires 

Real-Life Vampires Exist, and Researchers Are Studying Them

McLean, TX: Route 66's nearly-abandoned "ghost town" frozen in time (photos)

16 Seriously Creepy Vintage Photos... (Makes you wonder just WHAT was going on?)

These Bizarre Photos From the Past Are even creepier when we have no clue what the story is behind them!

These Ghosts Of The US Civil War Are Totally Creepy. (And Possibly Real.) See for yourself 


These are "undoubtedly" the absolute creepiest places in the world! (There is a city in Brazil full of twins...once actually used for Nazi experiments)

Haunted, Abandoned Insane Asylum the Creepiest in Paranormal History! (Video)

What A Guy Discovered In The Basement Of An Old English Fort Will Give You Nightmares

7 Times Tumblr Users Proved They Were Scarier Than Any Horror Film (Like "SlenderMan" circled in red to make sure you saw him)

The Twilight Zone Movie Tragedy

A Haunting Along Route 47 

A Father Mourns The Loss of his child, hopefully his video message will inspire change

A ghost caught on security camera???

CNN Reporters Attacked By Ghosts Live On Air! Ghostly voice says "Come Here!"

The Best Ghost And Spirit Photobombs Ever Taken 

The Devil's Tree: Haunting True Story of Brutal Murder 

Life After Death? A Sign From Beyond The Grave? 

Albert Fish: The Terrifying Real-Life Boogeyman You Might Not Have Heard Of (He Ate Children) 

16 Random, Terrifying Photos That Will Give You Nightmares For A Week

16 Creepy Images That You Don't Want To View In The Dark

Creepiest Sounds Ever Recorded (Do you agree?)

10 Movie Sets That Were (Allegedly) Haunted

Policewoman claims terrifying 'black shadow ghost' attacked her leaving her covered in blood 

9 Real Possessions & Hauntings that Put Any Horror Movie to Shame 

 Top 15 Haunted Lighthouses;
(Ghosts seem to love Lighthouses...maybe it's the vastness of the ocean around them?)

The Strangest and Most Tragic Ghost Towns from Around the World

Celebrity Ghosts Haunt Hollywood & Other Well Known places. 

Real Hauntings Paranormal Documentary - Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


"Bigfoot: The Unavoidable Truth"-Movie; See the trailer here. 

Art Bell Interviews Texas Bigfoot Shooter

2009 Silver Creek Plunge Bigfoot Sighting Recalled [Video]


 5 Biggest Unsolved Creature Mysteries (video)

Creepy Sea Monster Washed Up On A Sakhalin Beach In Russia

Killer Seals Are Ripping Sharks Apart and Eating Them. 

Team Comes Across What Could Be Evidence of the Hellhound 

Car-Size Monster Salamander  Was A Triassic Terror

Shape-Shifting Frog Puts Chameleons to Shame 

               & WEIRD***

“Ghost Stalkers” star, David M. Rountree.. Total Fraud!

6 Paranormal Stories That Remain Unexplained Today And Are Absolutely Chilling 

Lost Lands, Cannibals, and the Mysterious Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller 

5 Actual Psychological Experiments That Proved Just How Dark Humanity Can Be

The Calm Before The Shift 

Parasitic Puppet Masters, Mind Manipulating Microbes, and Zombie Viruses 

  About 4 years ago, a somewhat sensational video began making the rounds of a little girl seen "flying" or "levitating" in a Russian forest. (Link to original video at bottom). Sending the Paranormal community into a whirlwind! Along with the nay-sayers crying "Fake", we were besieged with explanations ranging from "Witchcraft", to "Demons". Recently, the video was inspected yet again, and here are the results. 
(Don't let the title of the video throw you off, I think that was more for dramatic effect than anything else)

(Here is the link to the original video from 4 years ago)

"Flying Girl" seen in Russian Forest

Daily 2 Cents: Woman Killed by Family Wakes Up in Grave -- Contact From the Dead...on Facebook -- Black-Caped Intruder


Daily 2 Cents: ET Communication Tones? -- Genetic 'Adam' Lived 239,000 Years Ago -- Arcane Radio...Matt Bille / 'Lakewood Lycan'

                       & HISTORY***

Star Trek 'Tricorders' and Weird Diseases 

What Magicians Can Teach Us About The Art Of Manipulation

Monster Wall Versus Killer Tsunami Coming Soon to Japan,

Why I stay out of the ocean!

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