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         ***ISSUE # 20, 2015*** 

          ***UFOS & ALIENS*** 


UFO NEWS - Latest UFO Sightings

Famous Cases of UFO Sightings & Alien Contact. 

Disturbing Details: How Much Should Be Disclosed?

The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL FILM (This is actually happening...) "Alien Encounters"

Who Were Those Strange Tall Albino People or Should I Say What Were They?

Scientists Explain The Possible Existence Of Reptilian Humanoids 



Earth’s Alien Hybrid Race Of Fallen Angels 

Humans Have 145 ‘Alien’ Genes: Some DNA Is NOT From Our Ancestors (video)

Behind The Door


Area 51 Whistleblower Answers Questions at International UFO Congress 

E.T.I. ~ Extraterrestrial Artificial Intelligence

Alien found at Gaywood school 

Does The Government Build UFOs? [Video]

Teacher Trying to Get UFOS & Aliens Accepted By Mainstream Population 

(For The 2nd Time In One Week)
UFO Filmed On Live Colombian News Program 

Very Large Group or Fleet of UFOs Over Columbia -(Video)

California Multi-Colored UFO Incident (VIDEO) 


New Albrightsville UFO (VIDEO) 

1954, New York-Father and Son See 3 Disc Shaped UFO At Low Altitude 

Two Huge UFOs Captured Hovering Above Earth (video)

Eerie UFO Photographed Over Central Coast Australia 

VIDEO: 'UFO' spotted in skies over St Helens 

UFO sightings 2015-video

Fireball Crashes Through Australian Skies - The Hunt Is On To Locate It 

Witness Observes UFO The Size Of Football Field From 25 Feet Away - North Carolina 

 Unexplained Light Ball on California Beach (video)

UFO Lifts Off From Surface Of The Moon During Eclipse (video)

Michigan Witness Recalls UFO Encounter In A Local Field 

Former USAF Pilot Saw UFO Crash [Video]

There May Be 100 Billion Habitable Planets in Our Own Milky Way 

UFO over volcano in Costa Rica-video

More UFOs Visit Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano 

Pyramid - shaped UFO sighting over New Orleans, Louisiana (video)

Clear UFO caught on camera hovering above Phoenix

Wisconsin witness photographs two orange orb UFOs 

More witnesses to UFO caught on video in the UK come forward

Police Respond To 23 Reports Of Hostile Alien Encounters 

News Broadcast Video Caught A UFO Streaking Across the Camera Screen 

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version 

Mysterious flash in Russia caused by a UFO? (Video)

Mysterious & Enormous Blue and White Flash Over Russian Horizon 

Daily UFO Headlines 

UFO Lands In Mexico? [Video]

Flying Humanoid Recorded Over Peru 


Historical Society Says Account of Alien Abduction is “Historical Fact” 

Amazing Daytime UFO sighting over Teotihuacan, Mexico 

Beautiful UFO Photographed in Night Sky Over Ecuador 

Black Disc-Shape UFO Over Carolina

Glowing UFO sits motionless over Calif

Glowing UFO "Appears out of nowhere" over CA

Unknown Object Witnessed over Kenosha, Wisconsin

Man Claims Telepathic Communication with UFO

Triangle UFO Witnessed over Boynton Beach, Florida

UFO Captured on Photos over Carlsbad, California

Frightening Close Encounter in Australia

Friday the 13th Sighting Baffles Witness

Formation of Lights Witnessed over Baltimore, Maryland

Uproar in Mexico after UFO Sighting

Unidentified Black Object Videotaped over Enschede, Netherlands

Dark, Dome-shaped Object Seen over Oregon House

UFO follows plane over Gresham, Oregon 

Cigar-shaped UFO Witnessed over Kenosha, Wisconsin

Strange Object Caught on Video over Rainford, Saint Helens

Eyewitness Reports F-16s Chased Lights over SLC Airport

Huge, Unidentified Light Seen by Husband and Wife in Wisconsin


64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

A Collection of Real Ghost Stories to Haunt Your Dreams


The scariest Ghost pictures ever? 

The Creepy Scientific Explanation Behind Ghost Sightings 

5 "Real" (And Creepy) Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape?

Encounters With Shadow People [Video]

Shadow People Captured on Tape?

The Mysterious Phenomenon of Shadow People 


The 20 Most Eerily Convincing Paranormal Videos on YouTube 

10 Pics That Will Scare the Crap Out of You 

Ghost photographed in English Cemetery. (Video)

10 Fascinating Facts About The Real Dracula 

10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries From College Campuses 

Paranormal Footage: Real Ghosts Caught on Tape?[Video]


 5 Creepy Insane Asylums And The Horrors That Happened There 

The Lost Phantom Island of Ireland 


The Haunted Battlefield of Gettysburg


Ghosts don't come out JUST at night. 

Top 5 Most Haunted Houses In The World [Video]

New York's Haunted island where Typhoid Mary was quarantined (PHOTOS) 

'Ghost Adventures Aftershocks' returns on Travel Channel 

'Ghost Adventures Aftershocks' episode 'ZoZo Demon and Katie's Bar' 

(Why it's important to get permission before you go "Ghost Hunting")
Ghost hunters that ignore 'No Trespassing' sign at Ohio TB hospital sent to jail 

When is an Imaginary Friend not JUST Imaginary?

The 10 Scariest Kids in Horror Films Ever (We miss any?)

13 Insanely Creepy Photos That Defy All Explanation! 

"Waverly Hills", Kentucky's famous haunted hospital, will take years to become a haunted hotel 

The Scariest Videos On The Internet 

Family possessed by demons...One child 'levitated' and walked backwards over walls in front of hospital staff, Police too frightened to enter home. 

Haunted by Amityville: Eldest son of the Lutz family still haunted by his ordeal. 

7 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Leave You Terrified 

Does life go on after death?

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Read about
The Girl Who Lived 10 Lives

Absolute Creepiest Places In The United States 


Bigfoot sighting in Utah?

Sasquatch of the Underworld 

Flying Cryptid Sighting - Kanawha Falls, WV

Eerie Accounts of “Swamp Monsters” in Louisiana 

Wild Man-Beasts of England 

"Paddler", the Submarine-Monster 

There Be Dragons Here! (Scroll down to story about "Blue Ben The Dragon")

               & WEIRD***

Daily 2 Cents: Sasquatch Hunters' Camp Attacked -- Tall Ancient Skeleton Discovered -- Police Respond to Hostile Alien Reports


Daily 2 Cents: Terrifying Nine Foot Bi-Pedal Crocodile -- Alien Family Took Over Home! 

5 Documented Cases of Possible Time Travel (video)

Thousands of Geese Mysteriously Fall From the Sky Over Idaho 

Taking another look at "The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident", still unsolved since 1959

Manpupuner Rock Formation: Russia's Best Kept Secret 

19 Surreal Images (and Their Mind-Blowing Explanations) 

13 Coincidences that Will Really Creep you Out 

25 Common Superstitions And Their Origins 

UPDATED: The Waffle Rock: What the Heck is it? 

Who were the Lumberjacks of the Petrified Forest? Ancient Aliens? How WERE the trees cut with such precision?

                       & HISTORY***

The Robots Are Right Around the Corner (Should we be worried?)

This is what Spy Software looks like!  What you need to know. 

Eye-Tracking Tech Lets Artist Draw Hands-Free (video)

Astrophotographer Captures Setting Sun, Stunning Sky View

See the Spectacular Aurora Photos from St. Patrick's Day Solar Storm

Sierra Nevada Unveils Cargo Version of Private "Dream Chaser" Space Plane

(One of the Good Guys)
"The White Hat Hacker". (What he did, and how it can help us)

Was Jesus crucified? One 1,500 Year Old Bible  (The Gospel of Barnabas) says no! Major Firestorm in Religious Circles! 

Huge Human Skeleton Found at Ancient Bulgarian Fortress 

Ever wonder how chameleons can change color? Something called "nanocrystals". 

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