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            ***ISSUE # 19*** 
          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Footage Of A Burning Object In The Skies Over Brazil Hailed As The BEST EVER Video Of A UFO

Best UFO Sightings From ISS In Space To Paris France And Beyond [Video]

Best UFO Photos Ever Taken-video

Famous UFO photos from the last 30 yrs analyzed-video 

Man looks for missing cat, finds 'UFO' instead?

7 Things Most Often Mistaken for UFOs

How To Keep The Reptilians Away 

9 Secret UFO Bases Other Than Area 51. 

Deleted Emails Reveal Hillary Shared Top Secret Alien, UFO Files [Video] (Whose side is she on? Not OURS!!)

The Alien Agenda - What 'They' Don't Want You To Know-video

Top Secret CIA Programs like this were used on regular un-suspecting civilians. 
   "Operation Monarch"

An Amazing Collection Of UFOs And Extraterrestrials In Art History-video

Archive: Before Roswell...The Cape Girardeau Aliens

Mantell UFO Incident 

Stanton Friedman: The famous UFO/Alien incident 

  Reverse Engineering Alien Technology, Myth or Reality?


CIA Less Than Forthcoming With Info About UFOS & Aliens. 
(No kidding???)

Witchcraft and Aliens: Could Medieval Witches Actually Have Been Early Alien Abductees?

Retired Policeman Recalls The Day Multiple Police Officers Witnessed A Very Low Altitude UFO 

UFO Caught On Camera During Oklahoma City Morning News Broadcast [Video]

UFO Sighting With Black Object In Enschede, Netherlands [Video]

Huge black UFO filmed over Enschede, Netherlands 

ALIEN Movie Location? Explorers Absolutely STUNNED At What Was Found INSIDE Of This Glacier! (Amazing photos)

UFO Morphs over California

Two Sightings over South Legget, California

1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction

1973-The Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions

1985-Alien Abduction of Whitley Strieber

1993-Kelly Cahill Abduction

Best Documented Cases of Alien Abductions

Man in Missouri Encounters Alien with no face. 

Documented Alien Encounters 

Bright UFO sighted over San Antonio, Texas-video

NASA Cuts Live ISS Video Feed AGAIN As UFO Appears (Real Footage) 

NASA Photo Shows Beam of Light Coming From Surface of Mars-video

Green UFO/Fireball Crashing To Earth Caught on Dashcam - Switzerland 

Multi-Colored UFO Seen Over CA 

 Unidentified Craft Captured In Photo Over Oregon

 Glowing Orange UFO Seen In Skies Over Russia

Mysterious Glowing Orbs Seen Hovering Over Philadelphia

 Unidentified White UFO Passes Over Philadelphia At Tremendous Speed 

Glowing UFOS Hover In Same Spot Without Moving 

UFO Emits Bright Green Light Above Minn.  

 Black Orb-Shaped UFO Caught Hovering Above CA

Orange Glowing UFO Seen Over Oregon. 

 Huge UFO Seen Emitting Bright Lights Over San Pedro, CA

 Mysterious Disc-Shaped UFO Photographed Over CA

Glowing 'Orb' UFOS Spotted Over Ohio 

 Glowing White Cigar-Shape UFO Emits Bright Lights over AZ




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Real Ghost Stories From The People Who Lived Them

Abandoned, Haunted & Creepy places in Ohio. 

10 Dreadful Places Named For Horrifying Events-videos

There's A Ghost In This House - Dublin's Most Haunted 

13 Abandoned Building Security Guards Share Terrifyingly Creepy Stories 

A Short History of Clowns and Why They Are So Terrifying 

Haunted Ventriloquist Clown Doll Only $419.00 On eBay


The Legend of "Skinned Tom"
(A Ghost story with a moral...
"Don't cheat on your spouse")

The Urban Legend of "Blue Baby Blue"

Is the set of "Salem" TV Show haunted? 

America’s Most Terrifying Haunted Places 

The haunted island of Poveglia,
"The most evil place in the world". According to The Daily Mail: "Poveglia Island sold for £400k"
(That's $720,000) (Will cost around $29.25 million to restore buildings) This gives the details as well as the full horrible history of the island. 


YES, These Photos Of Ghosts Are For Real 

These 15 Terrifying Things In North Carolina May Haunt Your Dreams

A Woman Caught This Terrifying ‘Demonic Voice’ On Tape — What Can You Make Out Of It? 

"Sweet Hollow Road" on Long Island May Be More Haunted Than the Amityville Horror House, only 10 miles away. 

10 Eerie Paranormal Tales From Ireland 

These Horrifying Places in West Virginia May Haunt Your Dreams

Mysterious Cursed & Haunted Trees of the World 

Britain’s most haunted woman films terrifying ghost activity – claims it’s her dead brother 

Spooky video shows 'ghost of dead brother' terrorising woman's home 

Is this a ghost staring through the window of teenage girl's bedroom? -photo

Ghostly figure appears in teenager's Snapchat selfie 

"I used to be someone else", claims 10 yr old, goes on to provide complete & accurate history of the man he once was. 

 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Mental Institution That Once Housed Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott. 

'Haunted Dolls' on eBay selling for BIG bucks. (Some folks are gullible and (I'm sorry) just plain "stupid". You can't mass-produce "Haunted Dolls" (SMH)

The Creepiest GIF Images On The Internet. Can you view them all without cracking? Which one is the scariest? 

Poltergeists: Three Documented Famous Cases 

Here’s a haunting question, is heaven a real place? 


Bigfoot Sighting American Fork Canyon near Tibble Fork Reservoir 

Bigfoot Evidence: Mitchell Waite Discusses Bigfoot Society (photos)

Yeti Hair Tests Produce Puzzling Results 

Species Reanimation: Cloning the Woolly Mammoth

Loch Ness Monster: Could this amazing video taken by a tourist actually be Nessie? Watch & see 

 Found in 1937, mysterious Camp Fircom Caddy Carcase "Monster" still unexplained. 


Ireland's Hound of the Deep - Dobhar Chu 

               & WEIRD***

Who Is Robert Durst? Suspected serial killer subject of HBO Docu-Series "The Jinx"

Nicolas Cage's Pyramid Tomb in New Orleans has some locals a little miffed. He has already purchased the infamous Haunted LaLaurie Mansion & the Historic Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. 

Video of Mysterious and Bizarre Lunar Wave That Should Not Exist 


New researchers continue the search for the ancient missing city of Atlantis 

Freaky Incidents That are Completely Unexplained & Will Give You The Chills


10 Most Mysterious Photos Ever Taken [Video]

Daily 2 Cents: Small Entities With Light Sticks -- 'Salem' Set Haunted -- Sports Teams Still Staying at Ghostly Hotel


Daily 2 Cents: My 'Grey' Experiences -- Boy Recalls Past Life As 1930s Actor -- Earth Will Never Be Invaded


                       & HISTORY***

Rare phenomenon of volcanic lightning captured on camera 

New quantum camera capable of snapping photos of 'ghosts',

Disney's New Movie "Tomorrowland", About Parallel Universes-(Watch Trailer Here)

Total Solar Eclipse of 2015 Occurs This Week: How to See It


These NASA Photos of Space Station Crew Landing Are Simply Amazing


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