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       *****ISSUE # 37***** Good-bye, Sally Ride, May the Wind Be at Your Back! •••••••••••••••••••• IF YOU ARE LIKE I AM AND "LOVE" HALLOWEEN, THEN DROP BY MY "OTHER" ROOM. ( the Link Ninja never sleeps!) HALLOWEEN 365 •••••••••••••••••••••        •••UFOS & ALIENS••• UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 519, Issue date, 07-23-12 ••••• Disc-shaped Objects in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey ••••• Unknown Flying Object Caught on Camera in Colorado ••••• Unknown Object/Helicopter Reported over Lenexa, Kansas ••••• Unknown Object Captured over Kentucky on Video ••••• Unknown, Transparent Object Photographed over Maui, Hawaii ••••• UFO Photos & Video - The Proof is Out There •••••  UFOs or satellites over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? ••••• Video of cigar-shaped UFO filmed over Patrocínio, Minas Gerais, Brazil 19-Jul-2012 ••••• THEY'RE HEEEEEEERE! UFOS!  -video; one hour ••••• DID IKE MEET WITH ALIENS? ••••• Unknown Flying Object Seen/Photographed over New Orleans ••••• 1987 - UFO Sighted over British Village ••••• Triangle UFO Sighted over Ohio, 2010 ••••• UFO near New Hampshire Airport Caught on Video ••••• See a UFO Along the Coast? There's an App for That ••••• Former CIA Agent Asserts Roswell Incident Involved  Aliens ••••• RECENT TRIANGLE UFO REPORTS ••••• Michio Kaku about Alien invasion ••••• 2000 Report of Triangle over Illinois - Recreated on Video ••••• Two Witness Cigar-shaped UFO over Sao Paulo, Brazil ••••• Unknown Object Captured on Film Near Airplane in Liverpool, England ••••• Torpedo-shaped UFO over Michoacan, Mexico on Video ••••• Aliens May Pay Earth Visits During Their Planet’s Holidays (as long as none of them carry a book called "To Serve Man", I don't mind) ...(a little "Twilight Zone" reference) (see clip at bottom of post)      TO SERVE MAN CLIP ••••• NASA "accidentally" Confirms Moon Structures Exist? [Video] ••••• OUT THERE NEWS LATEST STORIES FROM THE EDGE ••••• FROM WHITLEY STRIEBER: This Week on Dreamland: Washington D.C. and the Dark Side :: ••••• Unknown Object in British Columbia, Canada Captured on Video ••••• Southwest London - Unknown Object on Video ••••• Photographs of Unknown Craft over Sydney, Australia ••••• Year-long Stay on ET Base - Part Four ••••• The Month that ET Came to D.C. ••••• "DRONE" UFOS MATERIALIZE IN WITNESSES BEDROOM!! ••••• WHO, OR WHAT, ARE REPTILIANS? http://www.paranormalhaze.c •••••    •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• READER SUBMISSIONS: GHOSTLY APPARITIONS ••••• WEBSTER WAGNER MANSION ••••• HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE? ••••• 15 "GHOSTLY LINKS" from "The Link Ninja". ENJOY! THE GARTMAN ROAD POLTERGEIST HELP FROM THE OTHER SIDE: THE CASE OF THE MISSING MOTHER The Brunelli-Porchietto Teleportation (1972) GHOSTS OF HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS Part 4 (scroll to end to see parts 1 thru 3) Ghosts of Gettysburg: Gettysburg Battle, Civil War, Battlefield ••••• ENCOUNTERING "NDE" HELL IS STOCKY'S PIZZA HAUNTED? -video OCCULT VIEW » » The Nostradamus Global Warming, Famine and Cannibalism Predictions FLYING IN & OUT OF WINDOWS GHOST AT THE JULIAN HOTEL? A HAUNTING AT THE LEGION? Fighting Pre-Sleep Psychic Attacks: Monsters, and other Scary, Nighttime, Bedroom Intruders Reader Report: Ghost of Vietnam soldier PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD? Doctors testify to patient's spirit return - Paranormal Review CAN DEALING WITH EVIL SPIRITS KILL YOU?             FOR POSTS LIKE THESE (and more) COME JOIN THE FUN AT: UFO-PARANORMAL OPENLINE ••••• GHOSTS AND RESTLESS SPIRITS ••••• The Best Ghost Pictures Ever Taken ••••• Birch Hill Cemetery Ghost picture ••••• GHOST INVESTIGATIONS & CHRISTIANITY; "NOT" 2 PEAS IN A POD! ••••• ALL ABOUT GHOSTS: STORIES, PICTURES & VIDEOS BEST VIDEOS OF GHOSTS ••••• DISNEYLAND GHOST?-video ••••• Who's Haunting Lakeview Cemetery? •••••   •••BIGFOOT & CRYPIDS••• RECENT BIGFOOT AUDIO RELEASED ••••• BIGFOOT FOOTPRINT CAST? ••••• BIGFOOT GROUP HAS "CLOSE ENCOUNTER" OF A DIFFERENT KIND! ••••• STRANGE CREATURES •••••           From The Archives:         THE "STICK BREAKERS" ••••• RESPONSE: BREAKING STICKS..... ON THE TRAIL OF THE GIANT SLOTH ••••• ELEMENTALS:  GNOME,  EARTH DWELLER ••••• Reader Reports: 2 Thunderbird Sightings in Arkansas •••••  ••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• A READER'S ENCOUNTER WITH A "HOODED BEING" Dear David; I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2002.  While on med's (too strong for me to begin with) I had a lot of night terrors. But quite honestly David, I haven't been on those med's since 2007 and still have nightmares just like this and sometimes worse. Anyway, I woke up one night to one of the hooded beings standing right by my side of the bed. It just so happened that at that time my daughter then a lot younger and my husband all slept in the same bed with me. Oh and our small Jack Russell.  When I saw this hooded figure I automatically believed it to be the Grim Reaper. I now realize it wasn't. But, I wasn't the only one who saw it. My husband, daughter and Jack the dog saw it also.  My husband reached across the bed over me and smacked at the figure and it vanished.  That about sums it up. I haven't seen it since. But my daughter has seen shadows on her bedroom walls of this same figure.   ••••• WHAT ARE "HOODED BEINGS?" ••••• WHAT ARE "SHADOW PEOPLE?" ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" WILD MAN OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS; MONA LISA'S REMAINS FOUND; THE ELUSIVE "GOATMAN". ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?"  7/21/12 COSMONAUT WANTS TO MEET ALIENS; ODD ANIMAL MUTILATIONS; A PIECE OF MARS IS MISSING. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" ALIEN INVASION LIKE BAMBI MEETING GODZILLA; ELECTROMAGNETIC HYPERSENSITIVITY; MAN HIT BY FLYING TURTLE. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" RUSSIAN NAVY STATES ALIENS PREFER OCEANS; THE ONE PAGE FBI FILE ON ROSWELL. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" ANGEL APPEARS ABOVE SHOOTING VIGIL; AUSSIE UFOS INCREASING; GREENLAND ICE MELT. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" GOVERNMENT MONITORS EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN; REAL HOME REMEDIES; ALIEN VISITATION / IMPLANTS. ••••• "ESOTERICA" BLEEDING MADONNA STATUES; THE OWL TREE; MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE ••••• THE "REAL" SNAKE ISLAND ••••• SWEEPING "GRAND CANYON" DISCOVERED BENEATH ANTARCTICA ••••• The Top 25 Urban Legends ••••• ARE VAMPIRES REAL? ••••• Invasion of the Black-Eyed People ••••• Spontaneous Human Invisibility ••••• The REAL X-Men ••••• THE OLD MANS RING ••••• SLEEP PARALYSIS, ALSO KNOW AS "OLD HAG SYNDROME". PEOPLE HAVE OFTEN THOUGHT THEY WERE BEING ATTACKED BY A DEMON OR EVEN ALIENS. SLEEP PARALYSIS: WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO COPE WITH IT. ••••• The Azov Sea Turned Bloody RED ••••• What Does Space Smell Like? NASA Astronauts Describe Cosmic Scent ••••• MYSTERY OF NAVAL BLIMP L-8   When the naval blimp L-8 took off from San Francisco Bay in 1942, it seemed like business as usual. But their last radio message, indicating that they were investigating an oil slick in the Pacific, sparked a very strange mystery. Almost three hours later, the L-8 drifted in from the ocean and crashed. Responders on the scene rushed to rescue the crew, only to find them all missing without a trace. Aside from the damage from the crash, the blimp was in perfect shape, but none of the crew members were ever seen again ••••• 15 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True Photo Gallery ••••• DOES THE STATUE OF LIBERTY REPRESENT LUCIFER?  YES!!!! BUT NOT "THAT" LUCIFER! VENUS; LIGHT BEARER TO EARTH ••••• Swimming 'Jellyfish' Built out of Rat Cells & Silicone ••••• THE "SLIDING STONES" OF DEATH VALLEY MYSTERY •••••      •••JUST FOR FUN•••        SEE THE OCEAN IN 3-D            AMAZING VIDEO! ••••• STAR CARS Ep 2- The Classic Batmobile ••••• ****SITES TO CHECK OUT**** UFO-PARANORMAL NEWS       ••••• "SCI-FI MOVIES FROM WAY BACK TO TODAY"      ••••• PARANORMAL DENMARK      ••••• PARANORMAL HONESTY      ••••• HALLOWEEN 365      ••••• JUST CURIOUS PARANORMAL STUDIES      ••••• PARANORMAL STALKER ••••• QUEST PARANORMAL      ••••• AREA 51- ALIEN INVESTIGATION CENTER      ••••• UFO CASEBOOK      ••••• THE MYSTERY CASEBOOK: ••••• PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS      ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.      ••••• PARA HAMPTON ROADS      ••••• PARANORMAL UNITY IN THE UNEXPLAINED WORLD ••••• NATIONAL PARANORMAL SOCIETY ••••• IF YOU ENJOY HORROR FILMS FROM THE CLASSICS TO TODAY, CHECK OUT OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT "HELL'S CLOSET, WHERE THE DAMNED AND DEMENTED HANG"      ••••• IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DIRTY JOKES & NAUGHTY LANGUAGE... THEN "DON'T" CHECK OUT THIS PAGE SERIOUSLY DUDE WTF? ••••••••••••••••••• :::::::::::::::::::::::::::   I would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who helped make this Edition of the Newsletter possible, and as always, My Special Princess Angel Brandi.       ******************** If you have an encounter you would like to share, or something you would like to know more about, drop me a line at:                ********** Until next time: DAVID GARRISON

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