Friday, July 20, 2012


         ***ISSUE # 36***      •••UFOS & ALIENS••• DISNEY SHORT FILM "LIFTED" ••••• UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 518, Issue date, 07-16-12 ••••• DAILY UFO REPORTS FOR JULY (July 1 to July 19) ••••• Alien "stick-like" figure caught on camera?? ••••• UFO footage baffles experts ••••• Strange Photographs from Connecticut "What fell into Bantam Lake, Part 2" ••••• UFO Descends near LP Field in Nashville, TN ••••• Unknown, Green-Colored Object Seen over Oklahoma City, OK ••••• UFO Probe over Washington D.C Caught on Video ••••• Reader Reports Black Triangular Craft over Dublin, Ireland in 2001 ••••• Top University Offers Free Degree on Alien Life ••••• Humans against Aliens - An Abductee and UFO Enthusiast Argue our Outcome ••••• Four Unknown Lights Observed over Pacific Ocean in California ••••• Rod-like Object Caught on Video over Boston, Massachusetts ••••• The Ancient Abydos Helicopter ••••• ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS DEPICTED IN 8,000 YEAR OLD CAVE PAINTINGS? ••••• Unexplained Ancient Artifacts and Art ••••• UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History ••••• UFO OVER AUSTRALIA ••••• UFO OVER TIJUANA AGAIN. ••••• UFO ALONG DELAWARE SHORE? ••••• TEARDROP SHAPED OBJECT OVER TENNESSEE ••••• CUBE SHAPED UFO IN VIDEO ••••• More People in Central Pennsylvania Reporting Unexplained Lights ••••• Strange Lights in Bolivia Caught on Video ••••• Silver, Disc-shaped Object Seen over Houston, Texas ••••• Mod Documents Reveal Filmworthy Alien Abduction ••••• LAPD POLICE COPTER SURVEYS UFOS ••••• Documents Suggest FEMA Camps Readied For Massive Alien Invasion? ••••• FROM WHITLEY STREIBER: "THE RETURN OF THE VISITORS" ••••• THE A-70 ABDUCTION: SCOTLAND 1992 ••••• UNEXPLAINED UFO EVENTS IN SCOTLAND ••••• THE UFO / ALIEN HIGH WIRE CIRCUS ACT ••••• 1947, THE YEAR OF "THE CRASH" Part One ••••• 1947; THE YEAR OF "THE CRASH"             Part Two ••••• Extraterrestrial Site Visit Carried Out by the National Space Agency (Angkasa) Early in 2012 ••••• THE RURAL ABDUCTION PHENOMENON ••••• How Religious Beliefs React to the Discovery of Alien Life   (do you think it would? -DAVID) ••••• CIA Responds to Ex-Official’s “Roswell Happened” Claim: Not True ••••• ALIEN / HUMAN CONTACT THRU THE YEARS ••••• 1941-Cape Girardeau, Missouri Crash ••••• 1896-Attempted Alien Abduction-Lodi, California ••••• 1939-Cordell Hull Saw Alien Bodies ••••• 1955-The Kelly, Kentucky Alien Invasion ••••• 1959-The Papua, New Guinea UFOs ••••• 1975 - Very Close Encounter in Wells, Maine ••••• 1973 - Encounter at Lemon Grove, California ••••• 1999 - Close Encounter in Madison, Virginia ••••• DO WE DESIRE ALIEN CONTACT? ••••• Is Contact Reproducible? ••••• Year-long Stay on ET Base - Part Three ••••• UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact -(full length documentary) ••••• ATTACK! SHAPESHIFTING ALIEN? ASWANG? OR BUFFOONERY? ••••• TRIANGLE UFO OVER GATESVILLE, TEXAS ••••• UFO CAUGHT ON FILM IN FLIGHT FROM FLORIDA TO ATLANTA •••••   •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• Definitions - Ghosts, Spirits and Poltergeists ••••• How To Get Rid Of A Poltergeist And D.I.Y Exorcism ••••• Spirits, Ghosts and Angels ••••• GHOST CONFERENCE TO BE HELD IN TEXAS ••••• Haunted Castles of Britain ••••• The Paranormal Corner: Residual Energy - Genius Loci - The Spirit of a Place ••••• Ghost Hunter to Probe Bermuda's Most Haunted House ••••• SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH GHOSTS ••••• SPOOKY TALES FROM THE HILLS ••••• Who knew Andy Murray came from a haunted town? ••••• VOICES FROM THE GRAVE-video ••••• AN INSANE PLACE TO RENEW WEDDING VOWS ••••• CAN FURNITURE BE HAUNTED? ••••• MENACING SPIRIT ••••• A GHOST WHO CAN SPELL ••••• The Psi Session: Modern Seance or Psychology of Spirit? ••••• ADVENTURE AT THE SAGAMORE RESORT ••••• ROBERT THE HAUNTED DOLL- "NOT" A PLAYTHING! ••••• Amy Winehouse Contacted By 'Spiritualists' ••••• ghosthunter captures unexplained paranormal attack on camera ••••• BUSTED: GHOSTS ON CAMERA ••••• HAUNTED KARAK HIGHWAY: URBAN LEGEND OR??? ••••• Ghost Sightings Stories ••••• Ghosts: St. Augustine Ghost Picture (is that a man sitting in a chair?) ••••• Angels & Stories: Shanksville Angel Story ••••• Ghosts: Church Window Ghost ••••• Ghosts: Scotland Ghost Picture ••••• Ghosts: Sports Card Ghost? •••••    •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• READER SUBMISSIONS; 2nd SIGHTING, HUGE V-SHAPED FLYING CRYPTID NEAR SPRING, TEXAS ••••• HAUNTED HIGHWAY: THE ORIGINAL "OZARK HOWLER" REPORTS •••••           SHAPESHIFTERS ••••• •••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE••• "WALKING DEAD" Season 3 preview Returns Oct 14 ••••• Mona Lisa's Skeleton Found? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?"  7/14/12 JURASSIC GERM RESURRECTED; PNG CANNIBAL CULT ARRESTED; MOD UFO FILE HIGHLIGHTS. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" HUGE VORTEX ON SATURN MOON; ALIEN ABDUCTION IN NEW JERSEY; AIDS VACCINE FOUND? ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" LEGEND OF LECHUZA; BIGFOOT KILLER INTERVIEWED; MOMO THE MISSOURI MONSTER - 40 YEARS LATER. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" IMMORTALITY ONLY 20 YEARS AWAY? ORBS ABOVE MY BED; EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD REVERSAL. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS?" OAHU INVADED BY PURPLE CREATURES; NEW "STARCHILD" BONE TEST; UFO'S OVER UNITED KINGDOM •••••              "ESOTERICA" READERS PARANORMAL THEORIES, THOUGHTS, RECOLLECTIONS & EXPERIENCES ••••• READER'S SUBMISSIONS; LARGE LONG FACED BIRD; HUGE LYNX LIKE CREATURE; THE PENTAGON UNDERGROUND ••••• OUT THERE NEWS: Stories From The Edge ••••• THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF PARANORMAL TV ••••• YOUR SIXTH SENSE ••••• Sunspot 1520 Fires a Flare ••••• Photo Manipulation in the Paranormal ••••• Friday the 13th Numerology ••••• VIDEO SHOWS HOW FACE FORMS IN WOMB. (fascinating! -David) ••••• Incoming! CME On Its Way Toward Earth!  ( we'll have Auroras as far south as Alabama ) ••••• WHAT DID NEANDERTHALS REALLY LOOK LIKE? -video ••••• Rock containing 'most complete early human skull ever' discovered ... after it lay on the shelf of a laboratory for three years!! ••••• More than 500 penguins show up dead on Brazil beaches!! ••••• Occult Mystery on Iona: The strange case of Netta Fornaro ••••• Can You Teach Yourself Synesthesia? ••••• THE UK's TOP 10 UNSOLVED MYSTERIES ••••• 7 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams- REM Sleep & Lucid Dreams; Nightmares & Violent Dreams ••••• Here's what paralyzes you during sleep ••••• DISTANT HEALING OF SURGICAL WOUNDS ••••• THE SWEATING CROSS OF MADRAS ••••• PHOTOS;  DARK PLASMA BIO-FORM HYPOTHESIS ••••• JUST HOW CRAZY IS SCIENTOLOGY?  "VERY!" ••••• SAVANTS: WHAT THEY CAN TEACH US. ••••• Simulation: A Disk Galaxy Forms "Astronomy photo of the day" ••••• A "HOLE" IN MARS: ASTRONOMY PHOTO OF THE DAY. ••••• UNKNOWN MYSTERY CREATURES WASH ASHORE IN HAWAII ••••• Supernatural Powers? Tales of 10 Historical Predictions ••••• PIANO NOTES MADE VISIBLE.  (look like crop circles don't they?) ••••• WHAT ARE "FLYING RODS"? (see video in last link-DAVID) ••••• THE SPIRIT CAVE MUMMY •••••       •••JUST FOR FUN••• ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MAP: Type in your zip code to see if you will survive! ••••• THE AMAZING SIDEWALK ART OF JULIAN BEAVER. ••••• ZOMBIE BEDDING Most of us love a good scare–that eerie, disturbing feeling we often seek out in movie theaters for 2 hours on a Friday night. But what if you want that horrific imagery to be there every day of your life? The Horror Zombie Bedding collection ($35) from Etsy seller Melissa Christie accomplishes that…in a big way. With gory hands and arms grasping for your bare feet all night, you’ll be sure to get at least 2-3 hours of quality sleep. And for you single guys who think you’re hot stuff with the ladies, if you can still score when your date sees the bloody pillow case set… man, we bow down to your game. ••••••••••••••••••••• ****SITES TO CHECK OUT**** UFO OPENLINE PAGE      ••••• UFO OPENLINE FRIENDS Group       ••••• PHENOMENON PAGE      •••••  "SCI-FI MOVIES FROM WAY BACK TO TODAY" ••••• PARANORMAL DENMARK      ••••• PARANORMAL HONESTY      ••••• HALLOWEEN 365      ••••• JUST CURIOUS PARANORMAL STUDIES      ••••• PARANORMAL STALKER ••••• QUEST PARANORMAL      ••••• AREA 51- ALIEN INVESTIGATION CENTER      ••••• UFO CASEBOOK      ••••• THE MYSTERY CASEBOOK: ••••• PHANTOMS AND MONSTERS      ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT RESCUE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.      ••••• PARA HAMPTON ROADS      ••••• PARANORMAL UNITY IN THE UNEXPLAINED WORLD ••••• THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP ••••• NATIONAL PARANORMAL SOCIETY ••••• PARANORMAL GHOST SOCIETY ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ALIENS ••••• THE PARANORMAL CORNER ••••• NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE INFO & RESEARCH ••••• SEIZE THE MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHY ••••• MIGHTY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS      ••••• The Night Team (TNT) Paranormal Project The Night Team Paranormal Project - Home ••••• GHOSTS, HAUNTS, ESOTERICA AND ALL THINGS PARANORMAL ••••• MOST HAUNTED HISTORY SO FAR ••••• IF YOU ENJOY HORROR FILMS FROM THE CLASSICS TO TODAY, CHECK OUT OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT "HELL'S CLOSET, WHERE THE DAMNED AND DEMENTED HANG"      ••••• IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DIRTY JOKES & NAUGHTY LANGUAGE... THEN "DON'T" CHECK OUT THIS PAGE SERIOUSLY DUDE WTF? ••••••••••••••••••• :::::::::::::::::::::::::::   I would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who helped make this Edition of the Newsletter possible, and as always, My Special Princess Angel Brandi.       ******************** If you have an encounter you would like to share, or something you would like to know more about, drop me a line at:                ********** Until next time: DAVID GARRISON

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