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      •••ISSUE # 26••• A DEAR FRIEND ASKED "HAVE YOU EVER FELT THE PRESENCE OF A LOVED ONE WHO HAS PASSED?"   I KNOW I HAVE. SEVERAL TIMES I HAVE FELT MY DAUGHTER AT MY SIDE, AND COUNTLESS TIMES WHEN TAKING CARE OF MY MOTHER, I HAVE FELT MY DAD GUIDING ME.    WHAT ABOUT YOU?  I'D LIKE TO HEAR YOUR PERSONAL STORIES.  -DAVID  PHENOMENON PAGE MEMBERS RESPONSES: Sally G: I've smelt the presence of my grandmother I smelt a pot of tea and instantly knew it was her, lots of memories made over a pot of tea :) Gardens Edge: When I was like 6. My Grandmothers Brother whom I was close to and live in the Dominican Republic Had passed and visited me early in the morning around 5 maybe 6. I was too young so I couldn't be sure. But he said a few things to me. I personally thought it was actually him in the flesh... I even remember him sitting next to me and stroking my hair. I walked downstairs later and asked my mom who was in the kitchen if he was gone already... she freaked and questioned me and told me not to tell lies and the whole story... That's the clearest I remember... we have a Dog Ghost in our new house tho... I've felt him a few times and once I actually "saw" and "felt" him lick my face while meditating. I lived in NY at the time of my first experience BTW... Peace! :) Emily D: I have felt the presence of my Mother.  I had bought a ninja 250 when she was alive. I hid it from her.Shortly after she passed, my riding lesson got cancelled by a freak storm that covered a few square miles only where my lesson was to take place. Driving home, wet and sort of pissed off, I hear, from the backseat of my car "so, you thought I would not find out about the bike?" Like she was sitting in the back with me, loud and clear. I have felt her since then, but never heard her again. This was a week after her passing.  Geez I miss her. Shaunna T: After my parents died I moved into there house immeditly after. I would see a shadow person walk from the master to the den everynight around 8 like my pop would living. Residual energy? Also at night EVERY night I would muffled talking like you hear in a crowded restuant drove me bonkers! Also my keys would always be missing and I could hear my g ma cough like she did alive. Sadly I had to move thx to mortgage scam but it breaks my heart to think their spirits are there and Im not. All the vocies and shadows and losing everything stopped when I moved. O how guilty I feel having to leave :( Linda M:  I have felt both my parents both deceased. My mom came back the same day she died but at night. She was hugging me and giving me comfort. My dad came many times especially in times of added stress. I used to see a lighted mist in the house that i believe was him. Jody J: Shortly after my Dad passed, he came to me & sat on my bed & simply said "I Love You Jody" and was gone. I didn't see him. but I felt his presence & knew it was him. Janice M:   these are all real experiences , I have been communicating with those who have passed since I was little ...the loving cords we form in life remain in tact & light too all Steve P: Never seen or sensed a loved one, at least not something I have awareness of. I have however (once) seen the apparition of a woman in my room. I had heard some rustling/movement, and saw a woman. She made eye contact with me and gave me a slight grin. She then looked towards a window to the side of my bed, and in an instant she was gone. I was wide awake, I dont take drugs, and I am not prone to seeing things that arent there. But I cannot deny that I saw her. Who is she? I live in a new home (original owner) built on previously undeveloped desert land. Maybe a spirit guide? Your guess is as good as mine. Joan P: Mine have been validated with physical evidence and they started when I was young , not too much late teens, a little in my 29s, more in 30s and more so now. I don't have a single doubt our spirits survive always! Heather T: It's interesting that this questions pops up this morning. I didn't get to sleep until 4am because my Father-in-law was in the hallway again talking to his friends. I am more than happy to have them visit, but they can be loud! :) Joan P:  Has anyone experienced a persons passing as if you were them and not you? Saw , knew and felt everything ? Rhonda M:  My Dad died in 2003 and he'd left my sister and me the 'home half' section of land that his father and uncles had homesteaded in the early 40's. A cpl yrs afterwards, my stepmother was doing everything she could to try to convince us to sell it to the neighbours, saying that Dad would never have wanted to see it just sitting there, not being used. Neither of us were ready to move back up there at this stage in our lives, so we seriously started to consider it. We'd been discussing it back and forth for about a month. Then one afternoon I was talking about making arrangements to go ahead with the legal moves we needed to make with my husband. All of a sudden, clear as day, I heard my father's deep voice..."It's NOT yours to sell!!" ...and I immediately flashed back to a conversation I'd had with him SO MANY yrs ago on his front porch about when he was planning to sell the farm and retire. His words were 'It's not mine to sell, it belongs to you and your sister. This land is your birthright." Haha! I grabbed the phone, called my sister and told her it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to our kids!! We agreed on that'll NEVER be sold as long as we're breathing, thanks to Dad.  Dre B: A few years back, my papaw passed. My memaw passed six months after he did. Well, just weeks after my memaw's passing, the same beautiful, black butterfly would follow me from the porch, down the street, until it would fly away. This went on for days- at the same time of the day- following me at the same distance. During that period of time, I'd hear repeated tapping at my bedroom window every morning, very early, about the same time. Of course, I would never see anyone out there. And one early morning, after getting back into bed, after leaving the bathroom, I felt a heavy hand gently press my shoulder. I actually could feel it lifting back off. No one had came into my bedroom, nor was anyone already there with me, besides my sleeping kids. Suddenly, all that activity stopped. Now, of course, I'm not 100% certain that my grandparents were making their presences known to me, but deep in my heart, I believe so. ♥ Karen B: I have had many personal experiences since the passing of my mom, grandma, grandpa, uncles, etc. My dad's experience is funny. My mom. HATED alcohol. My dad, having immigrated here from Europe, drinks beer, whiskey, wine like I drink water! The week my mom died, my dad went to the drive-thru that carries Steele Reserve beer. They will order a case for him when he asks. So, they carried it to the back of the SVU for him, he paid & went home. He picks it up, walks toward the refrigerator and the bottom of the box gives way!! Cans are flying EVERY which way! Way more than physics would account for!! Strange? Not particularly. The following week, same thing happened. The third week, I picked up from the back of the SVU, no problem. I hand it over to my dad, bottom falls out! He stopped buying that beer, by the case!! He even told the guy he buys it from that "my dead wife won't let me have it!". 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THE "FLASHLIGHT TRICK" EXPLAINED ••••• MAN BEHIND "NEAR-DEATH-EXPERIENCE" PONDERS THE AFTERLIFE ••••• DISTRESSING NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES ••••• TRAVEL CHANNEL TO AIR FINDINGS ON HAUNTED SANTAQUIN RESTAURANT ••••• GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS, ARE THEY REAL? ••••• WINGED HUMANOID-CELESTIAL BEING OR HOAX? ••••• PULSATING WINGED BEING CAUGHT ON CAMERA ••••• ROLLING HILLS "SHADOWMAN" PICTURE ••••• RETURN TO AMITYVILLE ••••• •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• IT'S OFFICIALLY LEGAL TO KILL BIGFOOT IN TEXAS. ••••• KILLING BIGFOOT: TEXAS YES, TENNESSEE  NO.....YOUR STATE? ••••• BIGFOOT GOES "OOF", SCARES OFF HUNTER-video ••••• OREGON'S LEGEND OF SEAL ROCK SEA MONSTER ••••• THE HOOK ISLAND SEA MONSTER ••••• 10 FAMOUS "MONSTER" PICTURES AND THEIR STORY ••••• WHAT "IS" THIS STRANGE UNDERWATER CREATURE? ••••• THE TALE OF AN ANTARCTICA OCTOPUS ••••• STONE THROWING CHIMP IS BACK, AND THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL. ••••• •••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/3/12 OSAMA BIN LADEN'S BODY FOUND; IKEA'S EAST GERMAN/CUBA CONNECTION; MI6 CODEBREAKER MURDERED. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/4/12 LOST COLONY OF ROANOKE FOUND; DOG-FACED HUMANOIDS; ALASKA'S ILIAMNA LAKE MONSTER; ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/7/12 JAPAN SHUTS DOWN FINAL NUCLEAR REACTOR; HIGH HITLER; MUTILATED CALF MYSTERY ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/8/2012 MARILYN'S SECRET SOVIET FLING; "JACK THE RIPPER"-A WOMAN? 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(I'd have to call this the "Hiney Lick Maneuver)-DAVID •••••  Corey Feldman To Star In The 'Crystal Lake Memories' Horror Retrospective ••••• IF YOUR CHILD DIDN'T NEED THERAPY BEFORE, CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT "THIS" WOULD DO TO THEM? •••••      ***AUTHOR'S CORNER*** Joining us in the "Corner" this week Is noted author EMILY HILL, her book 'Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Book One' has been On the "Top Ten list/Folklore" and "Top Ten list/Mysticism" for SIX MONTHS. She shares here a portion of her new book. ENJOY! Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Book Two By Emily Hill Chapter Two The Cemetery on Which A Neighborhood Was Built ~ Seattle ~      PART TWO ...Continued from last week... “Now you’re moving too fast, lady.  Word is that not all of the bodies – I mean caskets – were moved.  Thirty days is not enough time to dig up forty square acres of graves.  Some of the dead were left behind – houses built over the caskets!” I had heard just about enough. “Uh, you can pull over here.” “I’m just saying.”   We were at 80th Street and the meter flashed at $8.71 for the ride and the gruesome history lesson. I handed over $13.00, which amounted to a $4.29 tip – nearly fifty per cent.  It didn’t seem fair.  I had been grandiose in my initial intentions.  Now, I wanted him to drop me closer to my house.  I didn’t want to walk though my neighborhood with this new impression so fresh in my mind.  I should have changed the subject, but I also had my pride to consider.  I looked at the bills – two crisp fives and three crumpled one-dollar bills, from my hand to his. The next instant I was standing on the sidewalk and he was making a U-turn on Greenwood Avenue. He was speeding back downtown for another fare.  Or, perhaps like me, he felt spooked and wanted to get out of this ghostly neighborhood.   I watched his taillights.  A feeling of abandonment overwhelmed me as I looked up and down Greenwood Avenue.  It looked charming with its small shops, closed for the night, and bakeries that served great coffee. I could almost hear the laughter and the morning’s chatter that would fill the air the next morning. I turned toward home as an icy blast of wind hit me full force, causing my eyes to tear up.  I wrapped my coat around me even more tightly and turned up the collar.  I blinked and peered up and down Greenwood Avenue.  Not a soul in sight. I realized, for the first time, that as one turns into the neighborhood from Greenwood Avenue, the land does go downhill into what – a hundred years ago – could have been a bog. I headed east along 82nd Street as the lights from Greenwood’s business district dimmed and ahead of me the neighborhood grew dark and quiet.  All the while I was thinking ‘cemetery land’. Except for light from the street lamps situated at every other block, 82nd Street was pitch black.  My high heels clipped against the sidewalk, and the sound travelled and bounced between the houses, revealing my whereabouts.  I started thinking about the stories I had heard from my neighbors over the years, like the little girl who had lived next door to me.  Her mother, Charlene, claimed that a child ghost inhabited their house and taunted her and her daughter.  Charlene had described a ghost that was dressed in a turn-of-the-century smock and pinafore.  Of course!  It made so much (more) sense now. A light drizzle began to fall. I wasn’t carrying an umbrella.  I had only five blocks to walk from Greenwood Avenue to the east end of Fremont Avenue – but they were five long city blocks. A dog barked from inside one of the houses, and a light was turned on.  I shrunk into my coat as a shadow appeared against the curtains. The curtain shifted as though someone were peering out at me.  I clutched my coat closer and scurried past that house. In the distance, I noticed a dog coming toward me, a rather mangy one, approaching from the direction of my house, now four blocks ahead.  As it grew near I spoke to it.  “Good ole dog,” I said with as reassuring a voice as possible.  I wanted the hound to know I meant no malice.  The dog turned its face up to inspect me – its one eye shining in the night. Had the other eye been lost in a neighborhood dogfight?  It limped along, and finally passed me.  I didn’t dare look back at the creature. The darkness created a shroud around me.  There was a street lamp one full block behind me and one in the distance – a block ahead.  I could hear the sound of footsteps.  At first I thought the sound was the echo from my own high heels, but I wasn’t sure.  I stopped.  Behind me, I heard three footsteps and then it sounded like someone dashed up a driveway.  I turned, but it was too dark to see anything.  The night was perfectly still except for the response of my footsteps – and theirs.  I took a few more tentative steps.  The echo, this time, came from in front of me.  I strained my eyes to see into the distance between the street lamp and me.  I could feel the rain landing softly on my head.  I could smell the musk that comes from over-soaked spongy earth. Was it the smell of turned earth?  It certainly seemed so.   I slipped out of my high heels figuring that if someone were following me, or coming toward me out of the darkness, it would be better to throw them off by not making a sound.  I continued on, walking in stocking feet.  My feet were cold and wet. Bad idea to be walking without shoes in the freezing cold, I concluded, too late.  But I also realized that if I slipped my heels back onto wet feet, I would probably ruin my shoes.  I had made my bed by getting out of the taxi too far away from my house, and now I was almost barefooted to boot! It was turning colder; a wave of arctic air hit me. I tightened my wind-whipped coat around me.  I needed a Kleenex; my eyes were tearing, and blurring my vision.  I blinked again as I stepped lightly.  I was hoping to quickly make it to the next street corner up – into the light of the street lamp.  As I stared unwavering toward the light I saw the most curious thing!  An orb of light moved across my path and maintained a steady distance, moving forward, about two feet off the ground. My first reaction was, “Fog?”  I needed to put the glow into a context with which I was familiar.  Actually, even a few wisps of eerie fog would have been more welcome than this orb – which stopped in front of me, just as it crossed my path – maybe fifty feet straight ahead.  I only had the taxi driver’s story on my mind – nothing else.   I was walking on land that had, at the turn of the 1900s, been a boggy cemetery. I shivered from the effects of more than just cold weather. I stood completely still, shaking in the cold shadows, watching to see what the orb would do.  It remained perfectly fixed and I was growing colder, wanting to be home.  I heard a skittering noise behind me, not the sound a sleek cat might make, or a lumbering raccoon. The sound was more like a rat skittering its way up a retaining wall, a frantic scratching noise.  It was that sound that drove me forward, in baby steps, toward the orb which waited for me near the lit intersection.  I heard the tinkling of wind chimes just beyond the brightly lit shape. I placed one foot in front of the other, ever closer to the sphere. The orb became diffused with each step I took.  Diffused and larger – as though it were taking shape.  It was, actually – taking shape.  I stopped again and finger-combed my wet hair back from my face.  The shape of a woman began to appear.  She was dressed in a long dress.  That’s all I could see, a milky white ‘presence’ of someone in a full-length turn-of-the-century gown.  I really didn’t have a feeling other than fascination.  She was moving across my line of vision, proceeding on as I drew closer.  She never looked at me – she stared straight ahead as she moved.  I would almost say, “floated”. Yes, that was it.  She stared straight ahead as she floated past me.  The stationary orb was no longer waiting for me to move forward. In front of me was an apparition, the spirit of a woman who had lived in this same neighborhood – my neighborhood – going about her business, just as I was going about mine – only she was on The Other Side of the Great Divide. 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