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ENCOUNTER AFTER UFO EXPERIENCE ••••• Conspiracy Theories and UFO Myths Surrounding Area 51 ••••• FALSE FLAG-ALIEN ATTACK ••••• Anderson Cooper: “I’ve Been Abducted by Aliens!” : Dateline Zero ••••• UFO ABDUCTEE TALKS ABOUT METEOR HITTING EARTH AND THE NWO BACK IN 1988. ••••• UFO LANDING IN RUSSIA?? -video ••••• UFO Shoots Beam at Motorist in Tennessee ••••• Latest-UFO-Sightings: UFOs near a plane over London, UK 26-Apr-2012 ••••• UFO OVER OHIO-video ••••• UFO IN THE WOODS OF NORTH CAROLINA ••••• UFO OVER BOLIVIA ••••• MOST REMARKABLE UFO SIGHTINGS FOR APRIL 2012 ••••• "FACT OR FAKED?"-ALIEN ABDUCTION VIDEO ••••• Alien Abduction Common Experiences as Shared by Self-Confessed Abductees | Extraterrestrials and Aliens ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"- 4/28/12 U.S. KIDS EVACUATED WORLD WIDE TRIANGLE UFO PATTERNS OVER LONDON; CONTACTEE TRANSPORTED TO SATURN. ••••• The Undying Debate On Alien Existence ••••• George Adamski footage debunked •••••         A REPOST BY REQUEST THE ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON CASES OF ALIEN ABDUCTION ARE ABDUCTEES "TARGETED"? There is a very common belief that most abductees have been "taken" more than just one time. Reports from some of those folks recount having been taken SEVERAL times beginning at a very young age. The reason? Well, there begins the big questions. Everything from genetic testing and manipulation, to creating Hybrid children. Here are some links about "Repeated Abductions". You may not find the answers to YOUR questions, but perhaps, a better over-all glimpse into the entire Phenomenon. THE ALIEN ABDUCTION OF TRAVIS WALTON IN HIS OWN WORDS WHO IS TRAVIS WALTON AND WHAT "IS" HIS STORY? TRAVIS WALTON WEBSITE ••••• EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ALIENS & MORE "A to Z of Alien Species" ••••• TALES FROM ALIEN ABDUCTEES ••••• The Alien Implant Legacy of Podiatrist Roger Leir. ••••• FIREBALL UFO FILMED OVER BRAZIL ••••• DEMMING, NM OCCUPANT CASE •••••    •••GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• WHAT ARE GHOSTS? ••••• GHOST HUNTING & PARANORMAL TERMS AND DEFINITIONS ••••• TYPES OF HAUNTINGS EXPLAINED ••••• "BEST" INVESTIGATION EVIDENCE By "Xtreme Hauntings Live" ••••• FACELESS PHANTOM ••••• GHOST INVESTIGATORS GET PHOTO OF DEMON? (if it's in this photo, "I" don't see it) ••••• HAUNTED ROCHESTER CEMETERY ••••• HAUNTED BRISSMAN BUILDING ••••• THE EVIL WITHIN-full length video ••••• PARENT'S STORY OF AFTER-DEATH COMMUNICATION WITH DAUGHTER ••••• ANIMALS AND GHOSTS ••••• Paperback Journey Through the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead - British Museum shop online ••••• A REPOST BY REQUEST-David REINCARNATION. 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I let my dog out first, and he went off to the left about 10 feet away and peed. I heard a rustling noise to my right but didnt see anything. I looked at the dog to see if he heard it but for some reason he didn't. I immediately looked back to the noise again as it rustled a second time. The thing stood about 2 feet tall. I actually saw it lift it head up and look at me.We locked eyes for about 3 or 4 seconds before my dog ran over there. David, this thing had red eyes...They were BIG round eyes. I could see the whites of the eyes and I could see a brownish color in the middle. Here's where it gets freaky. Around the whites of the eyes was glowing red. Not as if a light/glare caught it's eyes. But it wasn't normal. It was a red glowing outline around the eyes. I could barely make out the rest of the body...but the head was, the only way I can explain it is the head looked like a Gremlin from the movie before they went bad. Round head, and ears much stouter than a cats ears but i could make them out. It almost looked as if it had 2 tone patches of fur, light and dark. He also disappeared right before my eyes. Between the time that the creature and I locked dog was onto him...he ran over & expected him to chase it. He got to the spot and looked around. I figured I was mistaken about it disappearing and it ran off behind the fence and into the woods. So I listened. I listened for it to run because there's leaves everywhere over there. My dog got to the spot and looked dumbfounded. He spun around. It was gone. I took one step forward to look up into the trees to see if it ran up the tree to escape my dog. The moon light the trees up & I could see clearly there was nothing in the tree. I don't know what to make of this, but it's been nagging at me. Here's something weird I've been thinking about...I set my alarm for 3:00a.m. to get up for work. Between 3 and 3:30 a.m. I let dog out for a pee before I leave the house at 4:00 a.m A few days of the week, as soon as he steps off the porch, he sees something and chases it. I have yet to see what he chases. This behavior has been going on for months. I hear him in the woods chasing something then he will bolt out and chase it thru my open yard. I always thought the thing got away but then he doesnt stop. He chases whatever it is back into the woods. I NEVER hear or see what it is he's chasing. Until I saw this thing the other night....I never thought about it....I have tried to see what he chases more than a few times. I assumed a rabbit, or cat etc, but I have never once seen or heard it. But he does. I dont know what to make of this. I have tried to rationalize this as to maybe the thing I saw was a racoon, or an owl. I know what I saw. I told an acquaitance about this experience and he said that because this was Indian land (Mohegan's & Pequots) there's weird things that go on. Please don't think I'm nuts David, but I'm a little freaked out only because I know what I saw. As far as I know there's no animal with glowing red eyes. And tell me how the F*** it can just disappear like that. My dog was a bit freaked too. The thing didn't have time to run away from the dog....just poof it was gone. Anyways...Not sure if you know about this subject, or have heard about anything or type of creature like I have described please let me know. I'm a little freaked out, but I am curious too. I have to be nuts, because I'm sitting here telling you that I have a creature on my property with red eyes that comes close to my house and around my yard that friggin disappears! Please get back to me and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening to me rant, sorry to bother you lol~ Kelly Well, I have an acre and a quarter. It's a huge lot that has trees and also open spaces. There's an old stone wall out back at the property line and behind that, there's 7 acres of non-access woods behind me.There's also a lake with a damn within walking distance by road or thru the woods.  Also, someplace in that woods....i have never been the kids go exploring there is an old abandoned boy scout camp. There's old abandoned boats, a huge lodge and a bathhouse. There's antiques in the lodge. No one goes back there. Some friends of mine did a ghost hunt a while back at my house & most ended up going to the boy scout camp instead when they found out about it.The name of the lake is oxoboxo lake. It's supposed to be some type of indian name, and that's the name of my street, oxoboxo cross rd. spelled same forward as back. The name of the town I live in is Oakdale. It's actually the village of Montville. At one time the Mohegan Indians owned most of the land there was some type of war between the Pequots & the Mohegans way back. They both have casinos now & own a ton of land. Most of my property is very rocky. Nice lawn but it seems to be on a rock ledge. My neighbor had to blast to put in a pool. That's about all I know off hand. I'll put in a link of the town. As you can see it's a huge indian area. Thanks for getting back to me One other thing...from the day I moved in here I hated being outside in the dark. Even during the day. I always felt like I was being watched from the woods, which is even creepier when I have to go to work in the middle of the night. I've never been comfortable here. My daughter either.When i go outside to go to work...I park my car as close as I can to my back porch so I can just jump in my car. sometimes it's almost in a panic state because  I think something is outside close. weird, I know. I'm not normally a fraidy cat, but that's a huge issue I have had with this place, and I can't wait to move because of it. Thank you for taking the time :)" ••• this is what I found about the area she's talking about.  THE MOHEGAN TRIBE, TALES OF "LITTLE PEOPLE" & "GIANTS" In response to this post from: Susie Readreams at THE PSYCHIC/MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP Susie Readreams Hi David. That's a trickster spirit known to the Algonquins as Nanabozho (pronounced Nanaboozhoo). Other names are Wabooz (pronounced WaAbooz) and Mishaaboo (in English Mich a bou). This is a shape-shifter, trickster spirit that likes to show itself as a huge rabbit; a frog; porcupine; skunk;a reptile-like creature and a coyote, (on the plains). Also can appear as a child - adult. In their religion Nanabozho was the Trickster & Co-creator of the Earth; is heroic in nature, (fought Paul Bunyan eventually killing hin with a Red Lake Walleye). As with most Algonquin concepts, his appearance represents a dual message; he brings strife along with human error & stupidity, (their words not mine). The idea, rather, reason for his appearance is to bring about spiritual transformation & growth. He shows up when there is something "not right" about the way the person is living, (often personal and/ or leud interferences in the viewer's life). He comes to point out strife in the person's life in order to restore balance to the their life and also to the land. (He is very territorial). I've been waiting for this question since Tuesday and so I dusted off my notes and reconnected myself with him. He is as old as the Miamis; the Micmacs; the Mohegans & the Mohicans themselves. He is there to restore some balance to the land and the life of the person living there. Hope this helps. ‎...he will be showing himself more & more as Treaties continue to be broken...There has been a string of political moves from local governments all the way to Federal that jeopordize several treaties from 1836, etc. from treaties to protect the waters to preventing mining on Native lands. The more this occurs; the more he will show himself to those who live on Native lands. He restores balance through strife. ••••• "UNKNOWN ENTITY" Submitted to PHANTOMS & MONSTERS By David Garrison ••••• GOT THIS MESSAGE YESTERDAY. THIS IS "WAY" OUT OF MY AREA OF EXPERIENCE TO DEAL WITH. I GAVE HER THE NAME AND WEBSITE FOR ONE GROUP THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP. ANY OTHER IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS? ok friends of the spiritual an cosmic universe I need some help last about 4;15 am My son who is 30 got up to get a snack , suddenly as he goes to turn kitchen light on three draws fly open, on one wall he saw nothing there he came to my room all shaken up I was awake cause my dogs had been growling so i got up did a walk thru living an kitchen all my pictures were tilted an my wall plagues i made where upsidedown an moved in different spots, on the walls in living room an i closed all the draws. , I was shocked as i have felt something here for a long time but it never revealed its self like this so I saged the livingroom area told it to leave in the name of jesus an kitchen..which i had done serveral times allready, cause of little things that happen, we have seen a shadow of a large man in my bathroom , our bathroom sink turns on for no reason an our fridge door you can here open an shut when no ones in there. i have bells on my fridg night my daughter saw a shadow in the mirror in the kitchen go by an when she went in there no one was there, she thought it was her brother, my son doesn't get scared easily trust me an he was shook up **IN RESPONSE: Sabina Baltrusch Davies:  Sounds like a classic poltergeist! I'd have to see pictures to know what's up though. Good luck tho.  Kathryn Wilson:   try burning dragons blood and lavender incense to calm things down, every day. contact me and I will be glad to help you. BOTH OF THESE LADIES ARE WITH THIS GROUP: (suggest you contact them right away and tell them who you are and what you need) THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM SUPPORT GROUP ALSO FROM THIS GROUP: Terri Kilpatrick:  As with any possible paranormal investigation that comes across my desk I need to ask a series of questions. Like anyone they know died recently since this started? Anyone been messing with a ouija board? History of house ect. Ages of who lives in the house. Has it happened around the aniiversay of a death, birthday, birth? Sometimes you can narrow down why this is going on. You can also have the house blessed, investigated by a paranormal team or try to sage it. But there is a right and very wrong way to sage a house too. So make sure you know how to do it right. If done wrong you will just keep it trapped inside with you. ••••• WHAT IS AN EMPATH? ••••• PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT ••••• TEST YOUR ESP ABILITIES ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-4/27/12 GREEN CLOUD OVER MOSCOW; CONGO CANNIBALISM; "THEY" CAME ON MY BOAT ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-4/30/12 YUM! GIANT CANNIBAL SHRIMP; MANIPULATIVE EXTRATERRESTRIALS; SPIRIT TOLD MAN TO DIG FOR TREASURE. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/1/12 MYSTERIOUS PELICAN, DOLPHIN DEATHS IN PERU; YELLOWSTONE "SUPER-VOLCANO" LITTLE LESS SUPER ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/2/12 U.S. TROOPS PATROL MINNESOTA NEIGHBORHOOD; DHS BACTERIA RELEASE; ICEMAN'S BLOOD CELLS ••••• "ABOUT PARANORMAL" By Stephan Wagner NOT ALL SHADOW PEOPLE ARE SCARY; HOW TO PRACTICE AUTOMATIC WRITING; and much, much more! ••••• "ESOTERICA"-4/29/12 THE LAKE MAN; THE LEGEND OF LILLITH; SPIRITS & OUIJA BOARDS ••••• RFK ASSASSINATION WITNESS CLAIMS 2ND SHOOTER ••••• LAWYER CLAIMS HE TRAVELED TO THE PAST AND HAS PHOTOS TO PROVE IT (he also claims he traveled to Mars with Obama). ••••• WHAT IS A DEMON? Part 3: Essence and Character ••••• BLACK-EYED PEOPLE IN HAWAII ••••• READER SUBMISSION: "THE CLAW" ••••• THE NAZCA LINES OF PERU ••••• CHILI, 2 YEARS OF HIGH STRANGENESS ••••• AUTOMATIC WRITING ••••• DOWSING RODS AND THE PARANORMAL ••••• THE PARANORMAL CORNER:      "MY OLD TEDDY BEAR" ••••• The Paranormal Corner: Anger Triggered Premonitions ••••• The Paranormal Corner: Psychic Abilities: Social Affinity - Empathy ••••• EXAMPLES OF PAREIDOLIA  OR MATRIXING- optical illusions •••••  A Meteoroid the Size of a Mini-van Explodes over California ••••• METEORITES FROM GIANT FIREBALL OVER CALIF FOUND ••••• SOLAR POLES TO FLIP NEXT MONTH ••••• HUBBLESITE PHOTO GALLERY ••••• THE DETAILED UNIVERSE ••••• WHEN IS THE NEXT MAJOR METEOR SHOWER? ••••• Three planets - Mars, Saturn, Venus - at nightfall late April and May 2012 ••••• Does Earth Herself Create UFOs, Ghosts, and Fairies? ••••• The Robotic Future is Fast, Cheap and Out of Control. ••••• JUST A BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION OF TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY OF FLOWERS AND NATURE-video -DAVID. (relax and enjoy) ••••• TIME LAPSE OF BABY GIRL FROM BIRTH TO AGE 12. ••••• ••JUST PLAIN WEIRD NEWS••• REAL LIFE CASES OF MASS HYSTERIA ••••• CALIFORNIA NUCLEAR PLANT KNOCKED OFF-LINE BY JELLY FISH TYPE CREATURES. ••••• More Reports of Cat Mutilations ••••• If only people would check with Snopes "first"!  An e-mail making the rounds purports to have photos of Obama's "ACTUAL" birth certificate, even claiming "SNOPES SAYS ITS TRUE", but with no link to Snopes!  Sorry folks, I want him out as much as everyone else does, but I can't go along with making up lies to do it. Here's the Snopes link. ••••• FROG ENJOYS JUST SITTING. •••••      ***AUTHOR'S CORNER*** Joining us in the "Corner" this week Is noted author EMILY HILL, her book 'Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Book One' has been On the "Top Ten list/Folklore" and "Top Ten list/Mysticism" for SIX MONTHS. She shares here a portion of her new book. ENJOY! Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Book Two By Emily Hill Chapter Two The Cemetery on Which A Neighborhood Was Built ~ Seattle ~            PART ONE The cabbie looked at me expectantly as I reached for the door handle of his taxi, raising his eyebrows in the timeworn expression of, “Where to, lady?” After I settled into the back seat and closed the door he edged the cab away from the curb. “Greenwood, please – 82nd Street – but along Greenwood Avenue, not Highway 99,” I requested. I was rummaging inside my purse, looking for my wallet, when the driver began his cabbie shtick.  “Big party?” “Yes.  A retirement party.  I work downtown.” “Uh huh.  So?  The company paid, right?” “Well, for the first part.  Then a bunch of us stayed late for drinks and gossip,” “So home is Greenwood?  You don’t drive?” “Well, I take the commuter bus in the morning and the direct busses back to Greenwood don’t run this late . . . I don’t think,” I said, my voice trailing off.  But what I was actually thinking was ‘Seattle busses run 24/7 and everyone knows it.’   “Maybe you’re thinking it’s not safe - making a bus transfer on a Friday night?” He had me pegged. I laughed hollowly. Highway 99 was “Ladies of the Night Land” back when this rather unsettling experience took place.  And the busses coming into my Greenwood neighborhood from downtown ran along Highway 99.  The city had posted signs on the utility poles declaring the highway corridor closest to my Greenwood cottage a SOAP Zone (Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution).  Vice squad officers would sit in their cruisers with clip boards and jot down the license plate numbers of cars who pulled over to talk to the ‘girls’.  Funny to think that just three blocks west of this tawdry zone was a quiet little community of turn of the century cottages within walking distance of one of the most popular destinations in Seattle – Green Lake Park.   “Well, my house is three blocks off Highway 99 and I don’t want trouble, you know?” “Whadda ‘ya mean?” he asked. Well, maybe he wasn’t so inside my head, after all. “You know, drugs and girls.  I don’t want trouble.”  It seemed like I was trying to convince him of one of Seattle’s hottest crime zones.   He laughed – loud and full.  It was obvious he thought I was a bumpkin. “Lady,” he said, shaking his head.  “You’ll have more trouble with ghosts chasing us, considering your preference for driving up Greenwood Avenue, than you’ll have with drugs, girls, and pimps along the highway,” “What do you mean?” “Ghosts! Greenwood Avenue!  What?  You don’t know?” Greenwood Avenue runs parallel to tacky Highway 99.  Either route would work fine bringing me home from downtown.  But as close to midnight as it was, I wanted to walk through my neighborhood from the stylish boutiques and trendy restaurants along Greenwood Avenue – and not from gritty, run-down Highway 99.  One would easily agree that walking through the neighborhood of rose-trellised garden cottages representative of Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood felt safer than walking along the highway, particularly that late. “Ghosts?  Along Greenwood Avenue?”  I had never heard of such a thing.   He laughed. I had my own unsettling experiences at my Greenwood cottage, but this was the first time I’d heard a public acknowledgement that any hauntings extended beyond my own little cottage. “Tell me!”   “Well, cabbies just know these things.  It must be a rare occasion that you stay out late is all I can say.”  At this point we were approaching the Aurora Bridge.   At 46th Street we veered west to Phinney Avenue, which would become Greenwood Avenue thanks to the dogleg at 60th Street.   I was watching the fare on the meter increase.  “Do you take Visa?” I asked sheepishly. “No lady.  Just cash.  My machine’s broken.” Right!  His machine’s broken – if he ever had a credit card terminal.  I needed to watch the meter and stretch the thirteen dollars I had left from my revelry in order to get as close to my house as my cash could take me.  How much should I ‘back out’ for a tip? Five-dollars? “When the fare gets to eight dollars, I think you need to pull over.  I’m a bit short of cash,” I admitted.  “Right,” he said, no doubt having heard this line a million times.  “Got it.”   The eerie blue glow from the digital meter flashed into the cab, $5.96, and ticked upward as we crossed the Aurora Bridge.  I thought for a moment about the Aurora Bridge and all of the souls that must be gathering at midnight on the bridge – or just under the bridge – fifty-one meters down.  In 1998 a bus went airborne from the Aurora Bridge after a passenger shot the bus driver.  Three people died - the bus driver, the shooter, and one passenger.  Thirty-four survivors successfully held on for dear life as the bus plunged down fifty feet to the banks of the cut leading to Lake Union.  Thank goodness, everyone survived.  The bus, with its busted windows and twisted metal, didn’t land in the water.  Think of how many people could have drowned if it had!  If ever there were a place where ghosts would have expected it was the Aurora Bridge – the suicide bridge – and not Greenwood Avenue.  But then, I didn’t know the full story of Greenwood Avenue – its history. “So, ghosts?”  The terms of our transaction settled, I turned back to the cabbie’s story. “I’m just saying”.  Cabbies don’t like to pick up fares along Greenwood Avenue some nights.” “Really?  Which nights are those?” “Oh, you know.  Full moon nights, winter nights when the wind is blowing and leaves are swirling in the air.” I laughed, “You sound like a poet.” “I do?  Well, a little community theater maybe goes a long way,” he said. I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t.  I peered out the window of the cab and located the moon.  A waxing gibbous. “I guess I’m safe, the moon is waxing,” I reassured myself aloud.   “Right”. “Besides, the leaves have already fallen – it’s November.  So. . . tell me. Why don’t cabbies like to pick up fares along Greenwood Avenue some nights?” “Because of the graveyard. . . and the ghosts that roam this neighborhood.” “This neighborhood?” I think my voice squeaked. “You don’t know the history of your own neighborhood?” “Uh, maybe not,” I admitted, glancing at the meter.   The fare reached $7.15.   “This avenue wasn’t always named Greenwood.  At the turn of the century it was Woodland Avenue.  The Woodland Cemetery was just over there – to the east.” “That’s where I live!” “Hmm.  Well then, you know the land is mostly bog as the run-off empties into Green Lake.  For seventeen years the Woodland Cemetery Association tried to turn this land into a thriving graveyard.”  He laughed. I wasn’t amused.  “What happened?”   “The coffins got water logged with the continual Seattle rain and run off. The constant moisture seeped under the coffins and, over time, the coffins pushed back up.”  We caught each other’s look in the rear view mirror.  He nodded to affirm the neighborhood folklore.  I leaned forward waiting for him to continue. “Plus, the rain beat on the earth of the newly turned graves and, in no time, the graves would have to be re-dug and the coffins reburied.” “Ech! What the hell?  Then what?” “Well, Seattle was growing, busting at its seams. The city needed land, pure and simple . . . and, the forefathers were greedy, like always, eh?” “But what does that have to do with the Woodland Cemetery?” “Opportunity!  The cemetery was losing money because word got around that the dead wouldn’t stay buried!  And, with Seattle becoming a turn-of-the century boom town, land was needed for houses!” “Houses?” He turned around and looked at me, shook his head and scratched his head. “Am I explainin’ too fast for you?” he asked sarcastically. I glanced at the meter - $7.41.  If I extended my cab ride, to get closer to home, it would cut into the five-dollar tip I originally had in mind for the driver.  We continued north. “Houses,” he repeated.  “The Woodland Cemetery Association disbanded.  The investors promised the Secretary of State that the graves would be moved to the Crown Hill Cemetery four miles away, or so.  Get it? ‘Hill’ - no bog, dry land for the dead. The coffins were dug up for the last time and moved from the bog to the hill. And thirty days later dirt was brought in by horse drawn cart so that houses could be built on this land.”  He swept his arm in a grand gesture toward my neighborhood.   “So the graves were moved.  End of story?” I asked, hopefully. “Now you’re moving too fast, lady.  Word is that not all of the bodies – I mean caskets – were moved.  Thirty days is not enough time to dig up forty square acres of graves.  Some of the dead were left behind – houses built over the caskets!” I had heard just about enough. “Uh, you can pull over here.” “I’m just saying.”  ...... ...TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK... 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