Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Greetings one and all, and welcome once again

to the Extraordinary world we live in.

What a busy week this has been,
Lots and LOTS of mail.....
but first

If you remember in the last issue the article from the
'renowned' Dr. Richard Boylan...

The Altimarians Have Arrived!

I can't say that I was surprised by the e-mail responses we received,

but there was one in particular that stood out from the rest:

So Dave, Dr. Boylan states:
These Altimarians are hybrids, having the basic Altimarian genome, but were
bioengineered with just enough added Human genes spliced in to give them
lungs and other attributes adapting them to survive on Earth without
artificial aids for our air and gravity.

Because their star is dimmer than our Sun, and they find our sunlight too
bright, they will spend most of their time in shady or indoor
environments, or work at night.

Okay, let me get this straight...
Altimarian science is capable of creating "lungs and other attributes" through
genetic engineering, but they can't splice in that human ability to tolerate light
from Earth's sun?
And I guess "without artificial aids" means they have some kind of predilection
against sunglasses.
This one, Dave, is a major crock! Thanks for the laugh on a crazy Friday!


First, some very interesting links:
The Mystery Casebook-Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Sasquatch, Articles, Photographs, Video

Main Page - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project

Angels on the Web - Angel Resources and Art

Speaking with the Star People

Wingmakers (not the same as the Wingmaker link later on)

Mystery Portals Home

......."Shadow person in the street?"


Image In Hospital Brings Some To Tears, Prompts E-Mails - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

World’s Most Haunted Castles : ATypical Events


Ghost Hunters SCIFI.COM

A few months ago, I posted a web-site link and said "Form your own opinion". The site is: Welcome to Wingmakers the sheer volume of articles and material is staggering. Since that posting, so many of you have written with questions, and wanting my opinion. As most of you know by now, the majority of articles and links I post in the newsletter are presented in a manner in which to provide you with interesting, perhaps informative reading. I seldom, if ever, take a firm stand on a particular issue and voice my personal opinion or belief. However, in this instance, and mainly because of the number of you who have written to me, allow me to do just that.
First, let's take a look at the subject matter:

From a galaxy so remote it is unknown to us, a light brighter than a billion suns is guided through the shaft of a wormhole, fading in intensity through the expanding cosmos, but not before some of it – however faintly – reaches earth. Within minutes, during one moonless night in 1996, a few thousand photons from this powerful light landed on the mirror of a telescope in New Mexico. A computer at the observatory registered the faint signature of light, but no one could have fathomed that it had triggered something that had been lying dormant in the desert of Chaco Canyon for 1200 years.
Who are "The Wingmakers"?
An organization that is unacknowledged within the NSA is formed in the 1940s with the sole purpose to reverse-engineer recovered extraterrestrial technologies and apply them for military or secret government purposes. Insiders know this organization as the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO). The ACIO’s secondary objective is to provide first contact to any extraterrestrial race on behalf of the American government.

Based on the amount of time and research I spent personally looking into this, as well as drawing upon every resource available;
I feel comfortable in saying that "The Wingmakers" is a very well orchestrated, extremely detailed work of fiction, the purpose of which was to ultimately draw interest to the publication of other written materials and music. (see: ) No matter where you look for information, the only place the named individuals or organizations appear, comes right back to "The Wingmakers".

A small list of areas searched:

AOL Search results for "Dr. Neruda" Wingmakers : Chambers 11-17: Soulfood: Music

AOL Search results for "The Labyrinth Group"

AOL Search results for "Ancient Arrow project"

WingMakers: Ancient Arrow Project Page

AOL Search results for "Wingmakers"


The Cop and the Strange Visitor of Gillman Village

It is really unimportant to me if you believe the story that I am about to tell. Perhaps you will just shrug it off as a tale of fiction provided by an old cop who has nothing better to do then spin yarns to be shared with the young around a campfire. But I assure you this is not the case, the case at all, because I was there!

The year was 1990, in a place called Issaquah Washington. I was a sergeant with the Police Department in this bedroom community of Seattle. I was assigned as the night shift supervisor for a squad of four patrol officers responding to a variety of calls. On this particular cool summer night The Police Department received a burglar alarm at one of the businesses located at a shopping area known as Gilman Village. It is a very popular place and at the time was a centerpiece for the city. The village consist of old farm homes and buildings moved to a central location with a boardwalk connecting all of the shops. An officer we will refer too only as John, as well as myself responded to the alarm. Alarms are frequent for Police officers and John and myself had no reason to believe this one to be anything exceptional. Little did we know that it wasn't just another false alarm but more like a door bell being rung from the other side of a door leading to the unknown! John and I responded and checked the exterior of the building and finding nothing out of place reported by radio, “code-4” to our dispatch center. Feeling relaxed we stood in a parking lot not more then 80 feet away from the building on the west side. Lights mounted on poles in the parking lot provided the only light on that side of the building. John and I engaged in conversation for a few minutes before we both saw movement to my left and John’s right. Our conversation came to an abrupt end as we both watched a single intense ball of light about the size of a soccer ball drift across the building just under the eves. The ball was perfect in it’s shape and moved smoothly in a straight line from one end of the building to the other, disappearing as it reached the south end. When it had made its exit from our view, John and I stood speechless, looking at the building and at each other and back at the building again. John asked me, “did you see that sarge?” I responded that I had but I wasn't sure what it was that I had seen. John and I continued our conversation trying to shake off the goose bumps that we both had as a result of the unusual sight. It was no more then five to ten minutes later that my self-confidence took a nosedive. For the first time in my career I was truly scared. I had faced many situations that got my adrenaline flowing but I don't think I was ever scared until that moment. John and I both froze and for a moment I think I lost the ability to breathe. We both looked on as a ball of light as bright as the last but at least four feet in diameter, moved slowly across the bottom of the building, moving in the same direction as the last. The light itself was more then enough reason for shock but what I saw inside the light was a life-changing event! Inside this ball of light was a dark shape of a creature walking up-right with long arms. I suppose the arms are the feature I remember the most and the reason I refer to the shape as the “Monkey Man.” I really do not know what it was that we saw that night but John and I decided we would not talk about the incident, knowing that our fellow officers would most likely think we were nuts. It was just a matter of a few weeks or so before others did find out about or experience and they did think we were nuts. I offer no explanation for the events of that cool summer night. All that I can say is that the unknown is out there and you never know when you may become a part of it!

Back in 2000 I had the pleasure of an adventure to Sedona AZ, the place has a power I cant describe, but a lil birdie I know told me 2 yrs ago there is a base there in the hills not of human origin .. naturally I was skeptic but the birdie was AF intel for 15 yrs and when I was there in 2000 I saw AF C-130s flying in and out of Sedona airport .. then as I roamed the canyons and hills i encountered men dressed in black fatigues with m-16s under the guise of DEA but they would keep you from straying into certain areas .. then recently I see on UFO show on Hist channel how the military has bought a remote ranch there and guards it like Area 51 .. many interlocking pieces to this puzzle I encountered .. just something I thought id share.
Sky Spirit 77777


I am glad I know more about you now after reading your story, of course, I have more questions. I believe myself to be an abductee as well but do not know if it is et's or the Gov. Maybe you could help me.

I pray that you are healing well. I hope we can talk soon sometime.

Do you know Budd Hopkins? How did you come to find someone that could bring all of this out of you? I want to know. I want to know all about what and why this may have been or is happening to me. And if and why I have psychic abilities has anything to do with this at all? They came for me and for my daughter and my x-husband claims to have seen something but I could never believe in him for some reason. Maybe it would be somewhat cathartic to write it all down from how I remember and what I remember. But its been happening so long, it might be hard to remember which DREAMS happened and when. I would like it to be as accurate as possible.

Do you believe in astral travel? If you do not, or you do, I woke up one night and I was floating at the bottom of my waterbed. I was almost to the ceiling. I was fully awake. I could hardly move or flinch. I remember the (CLOSET)- (PORTAL) and feeling something looking back at me. Shortly after that I was going to go to the bathroom and was standing in front of my door. I opened it up and I had high ceilings and there was a huge MAN. I could not see a face. He put his GIANT hand on my chest and turned me around and telepathically said to me " GO BACK TO BED". I could not and told him so. I could see my young daughter who oddly enough began to have her period and I DID NOT KNOW IT YET. Her feet were in the bathroom . The door was closed. She was crying out for me and I knew it. He would not let me pass. I tried as hard as I could as I saw little feet, non human walking around in my bathroom but under the door . I wanted to help Elizabeth, the "MAN", put me back in my room and said again "GO BACK TO BED, YOUR DAUGHTER IS FINE SHE WILL NOT BE HARMED".

Okay, my daughter moved out shortly after. Said I needed to quit trying to figure it all out and leave it all alone. She is NOW a devout pentecostal girl. She is 20 , beautiful, a nurse full time and going to college full time. She is still a virgin also. She wants to wait for marriage. But something happened that made her move out.. That was not the only scenario. That was just one. So where do I start? Was I dreaming Dave? Cuz she moved out and I know when my DREAMS are really psychic and true. I can distinctly tell when they are no nonsense dreams like ordinary stuff. I know I do not stop dreaming of my x because I am still in love and I know why I dream that. And when I have a dream that is not into the categories I know them to go,,,,,,,,,, I get real confused. I even used to go away and get some schooling. in the astral realm, I THINK. But then NASA found out what was happening when they put their people in the machine for gravity and they spin em around . The astronauts were leaving the astral plane of earth all together and were reporting it. So, NASA has found a way through the HAARP project to make it so we can no longer leave earth. We can only traverse earth in the astral realm but not go out of its gravity.

Now I know your a smart man. So if you could try to help me figure some things out that would be fine. I had a good friend name Jack. He used to go by SeekerinKC. He and I were psychic together. He was my true friend, is my true friend, however, I do not have him any longer. The only other person I know has told me we are food for the greys and that's it. There is no GOD. We are just here and that's that. So , I am about to turn 43 in less than a month. I now live alone in PEACE. I am not afraid. But if THEY came back, I would be. I do have marks on my body.

...........In response to the above mail, I sent her a quiz based on the


here is her response to the quiz:


I could not hardly believe that list. I could have answered yes to almost all of them. There were more that just explained my life. Especially the psychic part. I always wondered. The times I lost the four babies. I know it was them that did it. They showed me. But it was all sort of weird. The babies would just disappear inside my womb at four months old. Every time. No baby to show for it either. No blood. No anything. Just gone. Doctor said well the body must have absorbed it. However, I would see its little heart beating and know it was alive and a week later , NOTHING THERE! another part or piece of my puzzle. Somewhere I have a feeling of knowing those babies are with THEM. I hate that fact. I am shocked at the moment because I can not seem to understand why that test you sent, seems like it was all me.

Thank you for sending it to me.
Hope your still on the mend.

Love always
your friend

Id like to share some family history and our encounters with UFOS over the years .
My family were born and raised in Lake Elsinore CA, since Gramma and Grampa moved off the reservation of Pine Ridge in 1920, lived through the Depression and through WW 2 where things got interesting with the UFO phenomena .. my Grampa and dad and Uncles were trained aircraft spotters for the Defense Dept and manned a Howitzer in the hills a block from home ( my dad and brothers were 12 to 14 at the time) and were very well trained in aircraft spotting, designations etc, in fact the story of Japanese planes over LA was no myth my dad, brothers and Grampa were there in Long Beach when it happened and were a block from where one was shot down and landed and they got close enough to the airplane to see the red rising sun on it and see the mangled pilot inside but were told to shut up by the military .. but it did happen .. but anyway during the nights of 1945 to 1947 is when things got interesting over the Elsinore Valley. That is when the UFOs came to town and were seen by MANY of the townspeople, and my whole family.
It started out just them alone hovering for 3 nights, then the USAF scrambled Mustangs out of March Field and they mixed it up for several nights, my elders said it was more like a game of tag the P-51's would go after them the saucers would sit till they just got close enough then just move out of the way enough to let the fighters pass safely on by .. all of them glowing orange, silent and performing maneuvers conventional aircraft could never pull off. At the peak everyone told me there were at least 20 separate saucers in the sky on several nights .. on one night and I confirmed it with many of the old residents before they died there was one saucer that came down and buzzed the neighborhood approx at 500 ft, back then most houses were scattered around and a quarter mile away but i was told by at least 3 of them this did happen and it was right over our house .. funny how this all never made the news and i never would have believed it except that i heard the stories from families all around the valley from different views. I had never seen one myself until 1994 on my way to Phoenix on I-10 .. I had just bought a new Camaro 6 speed and was doing about 90 when 2 of them swooped in on me and my wife at approx 3 am no other cars were on the highway .. we had the T tops off and saw the complete silhouette of them both they had 3 white lights underneath and were black and i was a little spooked and punched it and got up to 180 mph and they were on top of us for approx 50 miles then they both accelerated went straight up and disappeared, and yes the new Z-28 6 Speed was that fast. I told you before about the one over Modesto and the f-16's and my most recent encounter over Elsinore in April of last year with the 2 orange ones in formation buzzed us. As I told you before my friend was ex AF intel on the UFO squad and she told me many things that are now coming together but not being proved . people who are skeptics are fools .. they are here .. and I have a feeling our Govt knows and has their own fleet of them now, proving it is another thing. I am glad I have your ear and I've heard many great things about you through the various people I have encountered on here and other places, I'll keep you informed if I have any other encounters .. I have a couple of friends who live in remote places near Sedona and 3rd Mesa and in the coming summer I'm going to visit and watch the skies . Hopefully I'll capture something on film to show you .
John A

Hi Dave,

We finally figured out why I was so crazy all these years. Somehow I got tied into the alien computer and was linked to some teenagers. As incredible as this sounds it really happened. Back in 92 when I was abducted I was linked to the system so they could follow me. Well the boys put a wire in me so they could listen to what was going on. It was two brothers. The one who did it didn't tell the other one what he did. They forgot about doing this to me. All these years I've been having strange dreams and thought I was crazy. To complicate the matter the boys did too. Wild isn't it? It actually overloaded the computer and it had to be overhauled. That's when the truth of it started to come out. We laughed at first but now things look pretty serious. I was seeing into their minds and them into mine. We understand each other a little better. Only problem is this group of aliens are enemies......something like the "Borg" you see on TV. They don't look like what you see on TV but they are wired that way. Anyway, I was seeing into their lives and the people we were all linked to mentally. Its taken years to figure out what happened. The system overloaded from this. Kept breaking down. They had to delete a lot of it to find the truth. We finally figured it out but I may be in a bit of danger here. Seems I found some things out that I don't understand. They know who I am and where I live. What comes next is anyone's guess. Right now I am recovering. I don't know if the link has been broken yet. At least my thoughts are clearing up and I'm not so crazy. What a relief! But...dangerous. Just wanted to keep you updated. Pray for me. They might get me again. I don't want that. These particular aliens are dangerous. I had a bad time on that ship that night. Now I'm a bit scared. So I'm keeping my Bible and prayer books handy. I'm going to need them.
Hope you are feeling better.
Take care

I see you have some links about Nibiru (planet X) In your news letter.
The link below is about Nibiru and I found it very interesting. There is lots of information about it.

Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Theory regarding our Brown Dwarf Binary Companion

PS I did a blog about it on my space.
Here it is.

"Nibiru"Nibiru is a brown dwarf it orbits the Sun every 3700 earth years but it has a elongated elliptical orbit so it is only observed when it is near the sun which is very rare. just a few days every 3700 years. A brown dwarf is between a star like the Sun which is a Yellow dwarf and a gas giant like Jupiter, indeed it is thought that the gas giants use to be red or brown dwarfs A long time ago the ancient Earth was in a orbit further from the sun then it is now. when Nibiru passed through the solar system it knocked Earth nearer to the sun. that is why earth has liquid water on it. if it was where it is now the water would have evaporated in the early days when the sun was hotter. According to ancient Sumerian mythology, people from the planet Annunaki genetically engineered apes to use as slaves. These were early humans.Annunaki is part of Nibiru's solar system of 7 planets, as a planet on its own would be too cold to support life when it is in the outer reaches of its elliptical orbit. The Star of Bethlehem may have been Nibiru and the Angel that impregnated Mary might have been from Annunaki as the year 0 is thought to be the last time Nibiru was observed from earth indeed the 3 wise men could have been astronomers. so Jesus may have been a human /annunakian hybrid. But I am not getting into a religious debate on this I leave it to you to decide. The next time Nibiru passes through the inner solar system will be in the year 3700 which is the year Nostradamus predicted the end of the world. Blogs - Nibiru - Mick MySpace Blog

Here's my story. it was November 15 about 7:30 pm 1999. I was walking back from the mailbox after mailing some letters. I was in the parking lot in front of my building , I bent over to tie my shoe that came untied . when I looked up I saw a orange ball come from the southwest to the northeast. it was about 200 feet above the ground moving about 10 miles per only lasted for maybe 30 seconds.

Strange Encounter
Raina Redhawk

This happened over 20 years ago, when I lived in Hollywood, Florida.

One Saturday afternoon my daughter and I were wandering the aisles of Home Depot Hardware. I had a small theater company at the time and we were looking for items for props. We came around a corner and at the end of it was a couple dressed in going to a party clothes. At 9 in the morning? Well....maybe a wedding or reception? No it was something else. They were looking at a bin full of screws and nuts and bolts. The man had a hammer in his hand and they were looking at it very closely, as if they didn't now what it was. I have seen the look on dig sites before we really know what it is. They held the hammer and turned it around as if it was a precious artifact! Even my daughter who was 13 at the time noticed this strange behavior. The women looked up and smiled and was really shocked at how beautiful she was! As if Nefertiti had come to life and stepped into a Dior even her make-up was stunning for that time of day. The man was very handsome. They both had big dark brown eyes almost black and slightly tan complexions. There was something very ethereal about them both. I remember details about them both, Having been trained as an archaeologist and I am an artist not much gets passed me. However I won't go into that here. My daughter and I watched them out of the corner of there eyes for a bit. I told my daughter I was going to try something. Believe me my heart was beating out of my chest. I just knew they weren't from here! I turned and looked at them and in my mind said: "Your dressed all wrong for this place and time of day." Both of them at once looked up and right at me! They heard my mind! That almost made my knees buckle. Then I got a warning not to come closer. It wasn't spoken it was "I just knew "feeling.
My daughter and I did the rest of our shopping and went to the check out. There was a line as always. When the gal was putting our purchases in the bag I saw this same couple at the end of the line. They had the hammer and he was looking at a window sqeegee, the kind with a rubber blade for cleaning water off windows. I said in my mind: "It's to clean the windows of your flying saucer! "They both looked directly at me and I heard them laugh in my mind and say "you must not know this!" That was a weird thing to say. I wondered how they were going to pay the bill? I was thanking the gal at the check out and turned to look back at them. They were gone! I looked up and down the aisle there was no place for them to go! My daughter looked at me with a question in her eyes and I know she was thinking the same thing.
From another dimension or from a ship? I don't know but I do know what I saw and heard on the strange Saturday morning.



Life - UFO openline friends

Lenelanapendn [11:04 A.M.]: I am having a hell of a time with my son...I was wondering if you could help me

Lenelanapendn [11:12 A.M.]: Well I will give you a quick summary of what's wrong...when I was a child I witnessed some questionable things,,over the years more and more stuff,,but I blocked it out...I had a son about 9 years ago, and ever since he was a baby he's shown signs of dealing with the paranormal/ufo stuff...for the last few years despite my efforts to sway him to a different subject, he spends most of his days drawing aliens, spaceships, solar systems, planets, and other things. He's reminding me of that guy who made mash

Lenelanapendn [11:14 A.M.]: potato mountains in close encounters of the 3rd kind..I have had him tested for mild autism and other disorders because he is so fixed on space and claims he knows all about what I call
astroprojection..he claims to see dead relatives who can travel in space and hover above the planet..I can't catch him in a lie and there is a clear difference between his imagination and this subject...I am scared because a few times now I swear questionable objects appear to us while alone driving...I even don't want him

Lenelanapendn [11:15 A.M.]: near windows...please if you know anything about this sort of thing tell me because it's starting to scare the hell out of me...

OnlineHost: Winterguitarking has entered the room.
Winterguitarking: Hey Dave, I'm reporting to your , yesterdays sight (we had) of 2 UFO's (saucers) disks

that flew southeast past my property, then one of them came back and parked above stayed there for 10

minutes slowly disappearing
Winterguitarking: moving higher into deeper space out of our field of vision

Winterguitarking: estimated size 30 feet diameter dome top saucer disk metallic color sun reflecting off of
them shining, and some darkness underneath (shade)
Winterguitarking: These UFO's we observed, defied the laws of aero dynamics
Winterguitarking: i think i know why they showed up showed themselves to me yesterday
Winterguitarking: Peace....
OnlineHost: Winterguitarking has left the room.

Life - UFO openline friends
Iaotl1: good is normal in life, and most of us practice it
Iaotl1: some do not
AlienVisitors5: Yes I agree
AlienVisitors5: I help as many people as i can
Iaotl1: this is good
AlienVisitors5: TY
Iaotl1: somehow i think this is one of the main reasons we are here
AlienVisitors5: Agreed
Iaotl1: do you come to this room often
AlienVisitors5: Yes
AlienVisitors5: I also have my own room but it is more a stop over to this room
Iaotl1: you have beliefs in aliens and abductions
AlienVisitors5: This is the main UFO room
AlienVisitors5: we all meet here
AlienVisitors5: Oh yes
Iaotl1: yes. what of your thoughts on this subject
Iaotl1: have you had any experiences at all
AlienVisitors5: Yes
AlienVisitors5: several
Iaotl1: abductions
AlienVisitors5: No
AlienVisitors5: I have never been abducted as far as i know
Iaotl1: sightings
AlienVisitors5: Yes
AlienVisitors5: very close
Iaotl1: I have had abduction exps
AlienVisitors5: Oh my what was it like
Iaotl1: my realizations of this has changed my life
AlienVisitors5: I can imagine
Iaotl1: it is not about an intellectual conversation
Iaotl1: this I can assure you of
Iaotl1: we are being used like we use lab rats
Iaotl1: the fear is incredible
AlienVisitors5: why do you say that..?..
Iaotl1: i call it like I see and experience
AlienVisitors5: what breed Alien did you be abducted by..?.
Iaotl1: greys
Iaotl1: etc
AlienVisitors5: hmm
AlienVisitors5: I have never been harmed in any way
Iaotl1: from the age of12 till my mid 40s
AlienVisitors5: Oh my
AlienVisitors5: i am so sorry
Iaotl1: it is what it is
AlienVisitors5: the gray's did that ..?..
Iaotl1: yes, i think so

Erikka51: hello all
Floydroy: hi
RainStorm310: not a craft that I remember, but I have had contact with beings
Floydroy: wow that's cool;
RainStorm310: My memory is lost of more details
RainStorm310: how about you?
Floydroy: Erikka51 you ever see a ufo
Floydroy: I have seen a couple
Erikka51: yes I have
RainStorm310: up close and personal?
Floydroy: cool
Floydroy: yes
RainStorm310: CE3 or 4?
Floydroy: but not in a bad way
RainStorm310: good experience then?
Floydroy: yes
Floydroy: what shape was yours Erikka
RainStorm310: oh...Close Encounter 3 is contact with aliens...4 abduction
Erikka51: round
Erikka51: disk
Floydroy: how old were yall when you seen then the first time
Erikka51: I was 28
RainStorm310: 21
Floydroy: ok you were not kids
Erikka51: noo
Floydroy: I seen my first one maybe about 10\
RainStorm310: apparently they wiped out my memory
RainStorm310: care to share?
Erikka51: what did they do to u rain
Floydroy: that must be ruff or do you think maybe you just blocked the memory
RainStorm310: not sure if I blocked it or they did
Floydroy: wummmm could be both
RainStorm310: all I remember was there were 2 beings in my bedroom when I was awake
RainStorm310: not asleep
RainStorm310: they were just there
Floydroy: cool what did they look like
RainStorm310: well, one was about 3 to 3 1/2 feet...looked like a leprechaun and danced
RainStorm310: I could not believe what I was seeing....
Erikka51: did they speak to u
Floydroy: ok that is wild
RainStorm310: then one dressed in black hooded cloak sat down next to me on bed.
RainStorm310: I was so scared. I thought it was the Grim Reaper and I was dying
Floydroy: bet that scared the crap out of you
Erikka51: dam
RainStorm310: yes, it did
Floydroy: lol
Floydroy: did they talk to you
RainStorm310: had no communication that I remember....then they were gone
Floydroy: poof
RainStorm310: don't know how they got there...never even related them to ufos until over 20 years later
Floydroy: I could not even imagine something setting on my bed
RainStorm310: The most frustrating thing is that I have tried to remember or I have tried to learn more,
but nothing is forthcoming
Floydroy: maybe it is just not meant to
RainStorm310: yeah
Floydroy: leave it alone if you are meant to recall it you will
RainStorm310: thought about getting hypnotized, but I figured remembering naturally was more
Floydroy: yes maybe so
RainStorm310: what were your experiences?
Floydroy: seen one when I was in third grade
Floydroy: they told me about my life
Floydroy: and what I was to do
Floydroy: seen them again in 1983 or 84
RainStorm310: what did they tell you that you were to do?
Floydroy: they told me I would meat leaders of the world that I would marry a man of blond hair blue
eyes and tan skin they told me my life would change after I went to Korea
RainStorm310: whoa
RainStorm310: what did you do in Korea?
Floydroy: a lot
RainStorm310: military?
Floydroy: I was there for 5 years
Floydroy: no
Floydroy: government work
RainStorm310: I did your life change?
Floydroy: well that is rather deep to deep for this room
RainStorm310: there are times when we get deep here....
RainStorm310: are you talking spiritually deep?
RainStorm310: YESSS!!!!!

As you can see, we never know where the next
Extraordinary Paranormal Story
may come from.

Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.

David Garrison

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