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PARANORMAL EDITION Issue #9, 3/29/08

Greetings one and all, and welcome once again
to the Extraordinary world we live in.
In keeping with last week's theme,
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Paranormal Photo Gallery

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Paranormal Radio With Captain Jack The meeting of minds and voices.

From "Ghosts" to "Angels"
Source: Unexplained Mysteries - Angel Files 1 of 5 [8 min 35 secs]
Source: Unexplained Mysteries - Angel Files 2 of 5 [8 min 35 secs]
Source: Unexplained Mysteries - Angel Files 3 of 5 [8 min 38 secs]
Source: Unexplained Mysteries - Angel Files 4 of 5 [8 min 37 secs]
Source: Unexplained Mysteries - Angel Files 5 of 5 [8 min 35 secs]

Parents freaked over "numbers"
in baby's eyes
"Ghostly Pictures" created by
Kerry Garrison

There is no editing of these two images at all, they are straight out of the camera. So how was it done? Ghosts? The shots were taken late at night with virtually no other light available. I set the camera to open the shutter and stay open until I closed it (about 1 minute), I then walked around with a flashlight. Because I didn't stay still long enough, I am not seen on the image but the effect of the flashlight is.

"Rational" Explanation for "ORBS"

Are Orbs Paranormal? The Rational Evidence: The Orb Zone

Orb (paranormal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A note from the Editor about photo
submissions for analysis:

Pictures of orbs taken with digital cameras are virtually always a manifestation of dust, rain, snow, or other environmental cause due to how digital sensors operate. To rule out these possibilities, pictures of orbs taken with digital cameras cannot be accepted and only pictures taken with a film camera can be used for analysis.

How's this for a ridiculous defense: - Molester claims he was victim of Bigfoot

Remember Dr. Richard Boylan?
(form your own opinion of THIS)

The Altimarians Have Landed!


It is my pleasure and joy to announce that the 12 environmental scientists from the planet Altimar have now arrived on Earth!

Their mission is to work on remedying the environmental damage which has occurred in so many of our ecosystems. They also look forward to eventually working with select top Human environmental scientists in a collaborative effort towards environmental clean-up and restoration of Earth. They will teach our scientists, and show them the advanced technology which they use to help clean up Earth faster than we can do it on our own without such advanced environmental knowledge and equipment.

The Altimarians arrived within the past month. Their location is at a remote spot in the Western Hemisphere. I am keeping confidential their exact arrival time and location for safety reasons.

The global plutocratic cartel, the Cabal, do not want these scientists here, because the Altimarian 12 will be eventually working together with Human scientists in open, non-classified work projects, which will cause the Cabal's UFO Cover-Up to no longer be believable. The Cabal fear that these scientists from the stars will both end the UFO Cover-Up which the Cabal have been maintaining, and end the Cabal’s monopoly over advanced technology which the Cabal have plagiarized from starcraft they have secretly shot down. The Cabal have been hunting for these Altimarian scientists, and are ruthlessly prepared to take them out.

Half a year ago, on June 7, 2007, I announced that, in response to a poll I took where Humans overwhelmingly declared that they welcome Star Visitors coming publicly among us, that Star Nations decided that the best way to start was to send a small helper workforce of a dozen Star Visitors.

(To review that original announcement, see: )

These 12 individuals are from a planet they call Altimar, which orbits a red dwarf star in the system which includes Barnard's Star. Barnard’s Star is approximately between 6 and 7 light years from Earth.

They are all highly-advanced environmental scientists. Each are leaders in their fields, having equivalents of an Earth Ph.D.-level expertise in their environmental specialty area. Here on Earth they will help by working with our (non-Cabal) scientists and officials. They will teach our scientists, and show them advanced technology they will use to help clean up Earth faster than we can do it on our own without such advanced environmental knowledge and equipment.

These Altimarians are hybrids, having the basic Altimarian genome, but were bioengineered with just enough added Human genes spliced in to give them lungs and other attributes adapting them to survive on Earth without artificial aids for our air and gravity.

Because their star is dimmer than our Sun, and they find our sunlight too bright, they will spend most of their time in shady or indoor environments, or work at night.

While the Altimarians have a sense of humor, they take their environmental remediation work very seriously.

For our convenience they have adopted Human names.

Chris and Oman are the two Technology Specialists. Their work is focused on reversing the damage to the environment and living things caused by Human technologies. Their techniques are so advanced that in many cases they work without using physical equipment. They also will be working with adjusting the damaging imbalances in Earth’s electromagnetic fields caused by Human actions, including by Cabal secret weapons tests.

The three Botanical Specialists are Fred-1, Alvin, and Luke. Fred-1 specializes in plant life on riparian, shoreline and coastal environments. Alvin’s specialization is underwater plant life that grows in rivers and fresh-water lakes. Luke’s work is with plants growing in the ocean and estuaries.

One of the two women on the Team is Mada, their Energy Clean-up Specialist. She works with the living things’ energy systems that are out of adjustment. Mada uses her skills in advanced energy work and healing techniques (somewhat analogous to our homeopathic and psychotherapeutic healing modalities) in order to correct negative and distorted energy patterns in living things and induce healing.

There are four Specialists for the Earth, Air, Water and Fire Environments: Tom, Alfred, Sam, and Fred-2 (he also likes the name Fred). Tom is working with Gaia, the Earth, which even our scientists are now recognizing as a living being/conscious set of interactive ecosystems. Tom will be adjusting disturbances in the Earth caused by Human impacts. Alfred will be working on healing the environmental damage done to our air and atmosphere. Sam will be concentrating on correcting damage done to our oceans, rivers and lakes. Fred-2 will be focusing on the Fire element, including disturbances affecting magma and lava.

The other woman is Amanda, the Team’s Communication Specialist. She will be serving as the Team’s Public Information Officer, and will deal with translating, with language problems such as helping clear up misunderstandings, and with communicating between the Altimarians (hereafter, the A-Team) and Human environmental scientists selected to work alongside their counterpart scientist on the A-Team. In addition to her growing facility with Human languages, Amanda utilizes her telepathy skills to communicate with the various non-human species, and with the elemental consciousnesses resident in various natural environments.

The A-Team Facilitator/Administrator is Gene. He also undertakes communication on behalf of the A-Team, and will be involved in bringing messages back and forth between the Altimarians and Humans they are dealing with. When necessary he will serve as official spokesperson for the A-Team.

As Earth’s representative to Star Nations’ governing Council, I will be working closely with Gene and Amanda to serve as intermediary for official purposes. This role will include introducing them publicly to the world once we Humans have eliminated the Cabal threat to the lives of the Altimarians.

The Altimarian scientific team has looked forward to coming to Earth and helping us with cleaning up our environment. They are committed to staying and doing a thorough job. The Altimarians have a deep love of Earth and its exceptional bio-diversity, uncommon in the galaxy. It is the Altimarians' plan to start here with the larger-scope environmental-restoration projects first, for example, working on cleaning up a given ocean, and then later to tackle smaller-scale projects such as critical toxic sites.

When I asked their Communications Officer Amanda what the Altimarians' general statement for Humankind is, she replied, "We come in peace, to help."

They come in service to the greater good. But they are not going to do it all for us. Such would be an imbalance. And we need to learn from our mistakes by helping clean them up.

I know that many tens of thousands of you would like to welcome them in person. But we have to keep in mind that they are now already engaging in environmental repair work, the top priority. Earth is in semi-critical condition. The A-Team could not get their work done if they spent time greeting all the people who would like to meet them and say hello.

And because Cabal attack attempts can be assumed if the Altimarians meet with the public, general public direct contact with the Altimarians will have to wait until the Cabal menace has been taken care of. The Altimarians do not want to be killed, nor do they want any harm to happen to potential visitors who would become "collateral damage" in a Cabal attack.

Star Nations promises that the Altimarians will show up publicly when it is appropriate to do so. It will be a while.

Meanwhile we need to busy ourselves with our own environment-healing efforts, and with taking back our society from the rich powerful materialistic controllers currently corrupting it. As we do these things, the day of an open presentation of the12 Altimarians to the general public will be at hand.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councillor of/for Earth



(It's hard to rock-n-roll in a straight jacket! )

Hi Dave. Hope you are doing well. Been awhile since I wrote you. There's something that changed. The chip in my head was not intended for me but one of the alien children. I got it by mistake. Now its been passed on to someone else. I don't know why.....but I can listen in on it. Am I crazy? Somehow I got into the system and they can't figure it out. I'm no longer taking the test I was and my mind has calmed down. They came and did something to me....I don't know what. I just don't have that chip in my head anymore....just a live wire. Isn't that weird? I don't know how to explain this other than to say I feel a lot better. Yeah I'm back to work and still taking my medicine. They say its my imagination. Something is not quite human about it though. I have no idea how I know the things I do about these aliens. Well I don't mean to trouble you with this. Just thought you would like to know what's been happening. I played the "game" till the end where I won...they came and got it....and now its in someone else. I know these chips can be passed on. Its amazing what I've learned. Been writing it all down. Ok....pass it along to whoever may be interested. You take care. Hugs and kisses!


I told you something was going on! I had the most amazing ending to a nightmare. In 1992 a war broke out on the ship I had been abducted onto. I was wired and released. There were prisoners taken and kept alive in preservation chambers and kept in the hull of the ship. The reason this has all been going on in my head was because there were people taken prisoner with the criminals and put down there with them. I was a link to them. I've been getting all their messages and overrides all these years. My mind is clearing now. Someone found out that after all these years there were victims down there. I don't know how to describe what has all been going on! I finally got through to the people in the ship that I was alive and so were they! They started listening to the voice overs and pulled some survivors out. I guess they didn't live long. Well after that they let their prisoners (the evil ones) die. They aren't keeping them alive anymore. Some of those captives were just children when they were taken hostage. I know this sounds incredible. But everything seems to be ok now. You have no idea what I went through trying to get a hold of help and no one believed me. .. until last night. I'm afraid there was a lot of suffering over the years that is a wonder they were able to endure. They were trying to get me to get help. I didn't know what was going on. I kept thinking I was crazy. You don't know how bad I feel...we all do. Those prisoners were being tortured for their crimes and so were the hostages. God save them. They may be at peace now in heaven. How awful. I still have the chip in my head. They may come for me...I don't know yet. But the games are over. The children are at rest. Pass it along if you know anyone who would be interested. I wrote it all down over the years. What a relief this is finally ending. God Bless you Dave for all your support over the years. I'll talk to you later.

Dave...something happened today. I fell into a trance of some kind. I think I was picked up or something. I heard a voice say "completed" when I came to. I don't know what it meant but I don't remember what went on the past couple days and the top of my head feels funny. I feel groggy like I was drugged and slept all day. I'm still a little woozy. I don't know. Maybe its time to get a hold of Budd Hopkins and let him in on this. Get it touch with me about this if you could. Hope I'm not bothering you with this but I have to do something about this now. Say a prayer for me.
From the Chat Room:

ACougar4U: do u think they abduct entire families, to check progress of genetic engineering fine?
X LunaEagle X: I've never been abducted but I have had sightings
FineArtNY: in some cases yes, cougar
FineArtNY: I think they tinker with each generation
X LunaEagle X: is it noticeable?
FineArtNY: im not sure
FineArtNY: not physically
FineArtNY: tell us abuot your sightings, eagle
X LunaEagle X: well one I was driving through a busy intersection in my neighborhood
X LunaEagle X: which is odd because it was around 4 when middle schoolers are getting out of school and people are starting to come home from work
FineArtNY: sure
X LunaEagle X: I looked over the 5/3rd bank and there it was
X LunaEagle X: long and like sub shaped
X LunaEagle X: lots of little lights on the sides
X LunaEagle X: very close
X LunaEagle X: I turned to tell my mom and it was gone when I looked back
FineArtNY: windows? color? fins?
FineArtNY: wow, good sighting
FineArtNY: what city?
X LunaEagle X: Didn't see any windows or fins
X LunaEagle X: just a long tube/sub shaped thing
X LunaEagle X: sub as in sandwich you know
X LunaEagle X: bright silver
X LunaEagle X: metallic rather
FineArtNY: like an airplane fucelage
X LunaEagle X: yeah that's the closest visual we would know of I can compare it with


By Heidi Hollis

The First & Only Book About The Shadow People

Grays? Reptilians? Shadow People?MIB's? Ever want to know what they are truly doing here and how to stop their intrusions?

Ever get tired of the same old writing style that books like these are usually written in? Come and read the next generation of UFO talk, where the hard facts are personally experienced and yet related "on-the-level" for all to understand!

This is the true story about a war that is brewing in our skies, and we happen to be in the middle of it...

This book is available at all bookstores and online stores worldwide just tell them the ISBN # 0-595-20331-0 and you can order from here: more about the book or to purchase it go here:The Secret War Book
Make sure to check out:
As you can see, we never know where the next
Extraordinary Paranormal Story
may come from.

Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.
David Garrison

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