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How creepy do you want it? / The famously eerie tale of nine dead Russian hikers, with all the bizarre details you can handle

description of an alien encounter

Have You Seen This Dog? Only With Telepathy
Have You Seen This Dog? Only With Telepathy - New York Times [article]
Published: February 10, 2008

Vivi the whippet, the prize-winning show dog who vanished two years ago at Kennedy International Airport, is alive and well and living in Brooklyn. At least that’s what the animal psychics say. These are the professionals who claim to tune into an animal’s thoughts through telepathy the way another person might find a radio station...

A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota

Neurological Disease - Mystery Disease Among Slaugtherhouse Workers - New York Times [article]

Published: February 5, 2008

...the disease that confronted doctors at the Austin Medical Center here last fall was strange indeed. Three patients had the same highly unusual set of symptoms: fatigue, pain, weakness, numbness and tingling in the legs and feet. The patients had something else in common, too: all worked at Quality Pork Processors, a local meatpacking plant....

(I have seen some nightmarish stuff about this Morgellons Disease.
And the scary thing is, hardly anyone knows anything about it. The most interesting theory I've seen postulated about this horrific
'disease' is that it is associated with chemtrails left by jets in the
atmosphere. I have no idea if that is the case or not, but it definitely
is a real disease - )

'Morgellons Disease' Is Creepy. But Is It Real?

NPR: 'Morgellons Disease' Is Creepy. But Is It Real? [article]
January 24, 2008 · The symptoms associated with Morgellons disease are alarming: skin lesions, colored threads of unknown origin under the skin, intense itching, reports of worms crawling out of eyeballs.
Thousands claim to be sufferers of the condition, while most doctors dismiss Morgellons as a delusion...

Click here: Sounds from Hell?

Great Lakes Monsters

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Paranormal Photos: Close-up of Alien Choir Photo
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Paranormal Photos: UFOs Over Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Alien Abduction Help at Hamilton House

From Sgatekeeper08
Years ago perhaps seven years ago I saw during the daylight hours of an early summers eve. A group of five large white lights That went from the east to the west at high speed without making any noise at all. Then they disappeared over the horizon, at that point I thought wow daytime meteors. Then in less then a minute later I saw another group of five balls of white lights that looked, exactly like the first group only this time. They appeared from just over the horizon in the west and proceeded at high speed to the east and vanished then over the eastern horizon. It was then I realized that it was not in fact daytime meteors I had just seen because as scientist have said many times there and very rarely two groups of the exact same amount. Of meteors traveling over the exact same part of earth in opposite directions within less then a min of each other. Or even a full minute for that matter so first I thought I had seen ten ufos. Then I realized no I had not seen ten ufos I had only seen five ufos which disappeared over the western horizon, and then for reasons known only to them. Turned around and came back which is when I saw them headed east until they vanished over the eastern horizons. Since normal aircraft don’t move that fast and meteors can’t turn around I realized then it was a small group of ufos.
It was about twenty years ago back in the eighties I was taken by the greys and during the experience. I learned from the three foot tall greys that they had, somehow copied all my knowledge and emotions onto crystal memory cores. That could be used by them to experience my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So they would know what it’s like to be a human living on earth, I take solace in the fact that I’ve got twenty years life experiences since then and they don’t have them. I also take solace in the fact that so long as even one copy of those crystals exist that a part of me will live, every single time they are used. When the grey showed me the crystals it was in a dark room with a tilted, round console in the center with the crystals on it. The crystals themselves looked like short glass tubes with a black ring around the top. With a symbol on each of the crystals denoted it’s purpose and from who it came. So I picked up the crystal that was of me and I put it into the hole to make it work. Then in front of me appeared my life and a holographic form of myself. But the grey explained to me that the crystal only worked like that for me. That if a grey used it they would in essence become me and feel everything I did and think all I thought and know all I knew. So then I took the crystal out and put it back in its, storage space and then I left the room with the grey and I was brought back to my home. I don’t consider this to be a pleasant thing to of happened to me at all. But in spite of what some people like to think you don’t always have a choice about things. I don’t know for sure how they got all that out of me. But I suspect one of the many times I was put on the cold metal table with things attached to my head is when they got it out of me. From a machine that can apparently record a persons thoughts, emotions, and knowledge about absolutely everything they have experienced during their entire life. Up to the point where the recording was made then stored on crystal memory cores as they are called.

For about 7 years now...not all the time....but only in the late Autumn or early winter I get what I call signals in my right ear. It's always the right ear. Sort of like Morse code only very fast. At first I thought I was picking up signals from a passing satellite? But is kept up so loud that sometimes I couldn't sleep. During the day all the white noise shut it out. Once I actually beat my head against the wall screaming to stop, stop, stop! My husband thought I was going to knock myself out. So he just grabbed me as I cried and cried and prayed for it to stop. After 5 years it let up and was more quite in the evening. Then it disappeared for two years. But now it back and only late in the evening for about 3 hours but I have learned to tune it out with meditation. I still don't know what it is. It nearly drove me to killing myself a few years ago. I painting a very large canvas and called it sending out the signal. I should take a picture and send it to you.......Raina

Stephenville, Texas, 2008: A huge UFO event takes place--followed by Air Force claims that it was their operation. Roswell, 1947: A huge UFO event takes place--followed by Air Force claims that it was their operation.
California, 2007: Dr. Roger Leir removes yet another implant--but not until after recording the frequency of the RADIO SIGNAL that it was emitting while it was in the body of a retired Naval Intelligence Officer.

From: EthereaIDragons
Outer Body experiences. This is when we are in a dream like state and our spirit fly's out of our bodies. When the astral self try's to get back into our body's it can create fear or panic because our conscious mind doesn't fully understand what is happening. These come in dream like states. some of the things it feels like. Paralysis where we can't move, speak, or do nothing but lay there, Pressure on our body Most case in the chest area. Often the feeling of another is watching us cane be two things. 1. our spiritual guides. 2nd an astral attachment. Our spiritual guide usually follows us the astral they are often not fully seen but felt because the astral is the in between spiritual and dreams. Second is an astral attachment this is when an negative energy source is attached to our charka areas' this often feels like an invasion and could be way you are dreaming of a mass alien invasions. Astral leeches suck energy from our own auras hence the mass Vacuum affect. they also are invading our spirit hence alien invader. They imprison our own energy. Hence the slavery part of your dream. This could be some clues to your own conscious mind and spirit telling you what is going on. I think it is wonderful you have a gift of knowing things before they happen. Understand these types of dreams are meant for you to tell as a warning or to prepare you have something that will happen and you have no control over. It is often common to feel helpless and not in control and often this type of Psychic gift feels like a curse It isn't. I hope you learn more understanding of this gift and how you can also astral cleanse yourself so your spirit doesn't; feel so invaded. as for alien Invasions. I do feel like there will be some kind of invasion but weather it is to harm us or to help us grow this I am not fully certain of I guess we just have to wait and see what is to come.

More From: Sgatekeeper08
(with drawings)
This morning about at approximately quarter to three a.m. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and I hadn’t even gotten to sleep yet. When I came out of the bathroom I looked into the living room as I always do. Then I saw a shadow move from the center of the living room, towards the tv entertainment center with perhaps long black hair trailing after it, then it saw me looking at it and disappeared . So I walked over there in my karate stance with, one hand in a block position and one in a striking position. When I felt around for it I found nothing was there, then when I turned around I saw a human looking man with blond hair wearing, a pure white uniform with a silver chest insignia on it. Standing down the hall by the kitchen door but as I approached he vanished into thin air. I took a couple of karate swings at the area he was in because even an invisible man can still be karate punched. But my fist connected with thin air and nothing at all solid the man had completely gone. So I went back to bed and then I went to sleep and got a good night sleep and woke up the next morning.

From the chatroom: (name removed for privacy)

... my biggest complaint is they erased my floppies

... and I could not reformat them

... the other disks at the other house worked fine

... so I made a copy of this system and brought it to the cape cod house.

.. they got erased also

... could not reformat them

... tells me they can erase disks

... but somehow modify the magnetic media

... u into remote viewing stuff ? developed by the old soviet union to do spying

... we had a group 8 people

... 2 came up missing

... the remaining 6 had psychic attacks

... 3 of the 6 landed up in a hospital ICU

... just letting u know this stuff is real

... there is a lot out there we don't understand

... to erase a floppy disk requires a large field close

... these guys were about 50 feet away

... I cant explain why other magnetic material like the furnace wasn't affected

... tells me they have some sort of directed magnetic field abilities

... I had landing marks

... about a 50 foot area had no grass or vegetation

... for about 3 yrs... I sold that house... I was afraid

... I'm safe here in NJ... lots of people.

... I'm 9 miles west of NYC

... 2 local airports get about 600,000 planes a year

...were at the edge of pattern for both airports

... I just feel safe here

... I would like to know what there doing with our DNA

Carpdog 02: did 1 ufo happen at a airport the O'Hare

.... yes ...Gov't tried to explain it away

Carpdog 02: I hope you are safe

... no more visits here

... one time I had 13 needle marks on me in a Christmas tree pattern, each healed different

... looked as if I was given an allergy test

...not sure if Gov't or alien

As you can see, we never know where the next
Extraordinary Paranormal Story
may come from.

Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.

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