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David, I don't sleep well. When I can, I do. I was asleep around 6am on Thursday morning. I dreamed that I woke up, with a buzzing in my brain, unable to move anything but my eyes, and I was lying on my left side. I tried to yell for my family but no yelling would come out. I had a strong feeling of another presence in the room, at the foot of the bed. Then, i felt really dizzy and eventually the fear left and I blacked out. This experience has always happened to me just before abduction, but this time, I believe it was only a dream. I have been having recurring dreams for a month about a world wide invasion from 'others', and they were chasing people with large crafts, and scooping them up with vacuum like funnels. The only way to get away from them was to hide indoors and underground. They were active day and night. People were running in herds like scared rabbits. They were using many as a food source and trapping many for some sort of slavery. Some came from beyond the atmosphere, but there were millions of them and they came from deep underground our country, in all manner of crafts, including shape shifting black bubble like ones, silver discs, and great, huge ships, too. We were surviving by hiding to avoid detection. I just wanted to pass this on because I have had dreams that came true in the past including Mt. St. Helens blowing and 2 tall square buildings falling straight down--both one month after these dreams. I dreamed my mother had a stroke and exactly one month later, she had a stroke. Now, I am not saying we are going to be invaded any day now because these are dreams. Just a heads up. I will attempt to draw some of the craft I saw in dreams....."CC"


I want you to know that for the last 13 years have been devoted to study of what is called paranormal or UfO activity and I have some of the discoveries that many don't know about. I want to tell you about a experiment I conducted with over 300 people. My object was to discover why people had dreams of past lives or always connected with past live imagery and are driven to things they have no idea what , or searching. First, I will let you in one of my discoveries. It is in regards to people's past lives or such. Every human being have what I call a, memory cell", which is passed down through generation to generation. The memory cell contains the knowledge of what their parents seen in their lifetime, and what their grandparents seen in their life times etc. etc. on and on. See many people do not have the ability to tap into the mind to see what the ceel (sp. ?) contains because it is a old memory cell which takes a lot of mediation concentration and acknowledgement of this in the first place. What usually happens is in a person's life they will experience deja vu, or have dreams of a past life. What they are really seeing is what their forefamily (sp. ?) members seen. Which this knowledge people can look into the past as far as their family goes back. Now their is a way to unlock this "memory cell", but it takes technology that isn't ready for public use, but hypnosis and other methods plus a person's individual Eq or IQ could help unlock their past. I have in my journal my method of obtaining these methods and how I achieved proving it. In all the cases when I eventually used a hypnotic method I created led people back to a specific place with a person or being that had black eyes and was telepathic. Another fact of this was if you ask almost anyone they will most likely say ,yes I have seen this person with black eyes and long black hair. One person actually communicated with being and was able to tell me about things that involved the sinking of Atlantis from the Bering Straight melting in 30,000 BC also explaining how the pyramids were only on two continents Southern Brazil, Mayans, and Egypt, both places where people would feel if The continent of Atlantis existed beneath the beneath of the Bering Straight and both Africa and Southern Brazil have Pyramids that are exact in math and design and special viewing...."Wolfshiem1978"


I have found three missing people in two separate incidents. All three had diligently changed states,
addresses and had several name changes.
No not through the Internet these were cop flatfoot "drove there" finds with my van as my human chasing diving hot rod lol.
This was with first hub who if you said "car" was faster than the dog to go
I am remarried now and must phone in tips unless its a pretty near occurrence as this is an older guy and
he is super protective of me.

I had a great fun exciting childhood of exploration and discovery and my utmost fury kicks in when children
(or animals)are the victims of some wrongdoing.
Here in Ca several years ago we had three such cases rather close together.
I am not sure how much national coverage was broadcast about them.
A child in Utah,up the map a bit, was abducted (humans) and in LA two other little girls in separate incidents both later found dead.
In the Utah incident I knew the initial man the police nabbed was WRONG!!!! I phoned it in WRONG GUY!!!! This guy you are looking for is a nut and she is still alive.
I begged my husband to let me go to Utah because I could see through the eyes of the victim where she was being held by her captors; I could see the area that she was viewing and I knew I could drive around until I found the place! My guy was firm on not getting involved with possible killers so the best I could do was phone it in and those kind of clues just confuse long distance cops. She later described her abduction place and it was exactly what I saw.

In the LA case of Westerfield after his arrest,while waiting for trial in the murder of a five year old,one calm night I woke up to the most pitiful sounds of sobbing as if I were listening to the gates of hell.
What is it my hub asked and I said "Its poor Westerfield and he has such great sadness and remorse but its too late" He cried and he cried and I couldn't sleep it was the saddest crying I have ever heard.
His docs must have medicated him because a few nights later I could see him with a peaceful almost happy
demeanor and he was smiling and holding on his fingers a cockatiel parrot and he was lightly touching it.
Much later his sister told the court and jury that his happiest days were years before when he had birds in an aviary in his back yard, cockatiels and lovebirds.

The sick pervert that kidnapped and murdered,I think she was three years old,Samantha I could see in a restaurant viewing a TV with the news account that he was being sought as the police had his description...I saw him looking at the people, the TV, and the door and his heart was beating like a lions fresh lunch and I could hear him say"I'm going to be caught! I am going to be caught!" He ran out of the restaurant and later people who were there at the time recognized and told of this. Yes he was caught, tried, got the death penalty!

I wish I could stop ever murder of every innocent child or animal but the damn reception just doesn't work that way...
Have fun everyone always and enjoy your gift of life!


Happy President s Day, David. Well, last night was interesting. My daughter has been physically touched many times by these beings, but last night I actually felt a touch of skin to skin on my hand. I was sitting at the computer when it happened. It was a very light touch but it felt warm and human. It freaked me out. I was wide awake. I told my daughter what had happened. She said oh Mom that happens to me all the time. It was twelve midnight. Then about thirty minutes later someone was knocking on our door. That really freaked us out. But this was someone human because we saw car lights leave the parking lot. No one we know comes over to our place that late. I have never had spooky things like this happen to us. I know I'M not crazy because my daughter is experiencing it too. And now with all these other experiences I just don't know what to think. I'm afraid to talk to the neighbors, because they may think I'm crazy. But I may risk it. At first I thought the apartment was haunted. I wish it was. I am trying to think positive about it, that they are good and are coming to help us. I do know that sensing and feeling them gives us heads up and the ability to get rid of them. They do not like it when we speak to them. And they do not like our prayers. They disappear. So saying your prayers and reading favorite passages from the Bible helps. My favorite is Psalms 23. I will make it a point to say it everyday I hope you stay safe in Gods Love.....("IB")

About "Shadow People"

As there is no limit to space...which is hard to understand with our finite human minds....there is no limit to dimensions. A possibly explanation to seeing these dark forms that seem to appear and disappear could be actual beings that might be co-existing simultaneously with us; but co-existing in another dimension. Somehow, due to a distortion of their speed or ours, they appear in our space and time for seconds and then go back to their speed and time. Most likely, they are as surprised and as frightened as some of us might be viewing this phenomena. It's not as if they are invading our world; it's just a quirk of speed and time that for a moment they appear to us. They are probably just doing what they do on their every day basis and may not even know it is happening.
It's if and when the two worlds collide by ending up co-existing in the same space and time that we will have a real problem. If you think we have a population problem now, wait and see how it will be then. It's unlikely that such a thing will ever happen but the adventurer in each us would probably embrace the event. ("WM")

Several scientific hypotheses have been proposed to explain sightings of shadow people, including optical illusions or hallucinations brought on by the physiological/psychological circumstances of the witnesses, drug use, and the interaction of external agents on the human body.
Dave...this I have to totally disagree with in my own experience. I have never seen this kind of thing out of the "corner of my eye". The with the human form was right in the doorway at the top of the stairs. The rest appear in the same manner as other orbs....balls of energy..only black, with out light. And this isn't out of the corner of my eye either LOL. They flit around all over the place if I see them...the crime lab was full of them. And I almost ALWAYS have a huge gold orb that appears if i happen to see the black ones...and in seconds....they are gone. The gold orbs remove them easily.
As for eye problems...I know what that is..I have black spots in my vision...due to diabetes. They result from broken blood vessels. And THIS is entirely different. You KNOW this is in your eye....and the spots never change position...It has no relation to what is seen outside your body....("AD")
Blessings to you my friend, I have seen such and if U send this to our beloved group leave my sn out even tho many know the tale already I unlike those U have posted have spoken to such far as know I'm only own I was covered head to toe in blanket which could be seen as a death shroud and a male voice spoke "looks like harry my real name M------ R------ is my alias on here long story anyway it appeared was huge legs like tree trunks don't think was fully formed and one laughed said go to hell ran across the floor my ceiling it disappeared here's the thing David, the shadow was rather its voice was intelligent swab evens before this I have my wit who U meet in room saw one form on her ceiling I didn't know what she was speaking of till I saw one {wit witch in training} .later Heidi showed in chat and her book I spoke to her in room may times hope to meet her one day for I know what she writes has ring of truth.
Isis Bless



I went thru something last night, during the time I was in your room..
I found myself hearing something familiar.. been long since the last time this had happened..
the youngest spirit I had ever heard. Mind you.. I never do see much., only what I'm 'aloud' to see. And this one, tends to linger in my home.
Very young she is, early adolescent in years.. close to my 6 yr old daughter. She is drawn to her.
My little one, is an indigo child. She sees more than I ever could, senses, feels.. accepts.
I know, its different for children. They are more acceptable to their surroundings.
The little girl comes to her every once in a while, but never stays long enough for me to see, or understand her. I so wish I could. For some reason, the name Mary Jane comes to mind.
Early this morning, as I awoke, the happening of late last night came back to me very clear
as I had wondered why this time she came back. ~

Intense strength devours the air. A natural stability I felt near my surroundings.
A white light, basking in its glow of soft blueness. As I felt the warm breeze surrounding me,
she entered with no pretense, no warning, but so gently that breeze I felt passed me.
Nowhere near me, again, I knew where she was going.
My little one sleeping in her bed, I felt Mary Jane wanting to see her.
I sensed her fear of being alone. Her family perished, nowhere to be found.
My girl speaks to her.. 'it's ok.. please stay.. my mommy believes in you.'

Quietly, I listen in near her bedroom door... ' I want to go home..' she cried.
I found my eyes swelling up with tears, I couldn't hold back, but I felt her fear,
her sadness.. her emptiness sickened me. She was here for my girl.. in need of a friend.
I wanted to reach out to her, give her the motherly love she misses, longed for,
but I didn't want her to be afraid. So I stood nearby, quietly, listened. Was all I could do.
I wanted to know more than I ever did. I needed to know more. This was the first time I ever
got this close to Mary Jane. Hoping, this time, there could be something I could do.

I knew then, she sensed me near. Felt that breeze right then near the doorway.
My girl yelled out.. ' don't go.. stay with me' .. I didn't want her to go either, I felt I wanted to help her finally. She shouldn't be here. I feel she's trapped., not sure why. I couldn't move then, a fresh floral scent I smelled as i stood there, the breeze, I thought, but no, i felt her flow past me,
through me. Not questioning, my girl fell asleep then, peacefully.
When she'll come back?, I've no idea. Why, I keep asking myself, I so wish I knew.
And still, I wasn't alone. Though Mary Jane might have been gone then,
but she left her sorrows with me....("WN")

David, I had a wild dream last night I dreamt me and oldest son was standing at the Stonehenge it was awesome and there was a wolf there with us but the Stonehenge started turning into a communication point for other planets and then when I looked down looked like another Stonehenge on another planet. "linda"


You know, Dave....all this talk about underground bases, reptiles, etc etc giving me panic They just creep up on me...I'm not usually afraid of anything....
I'd still like to know what the hell happened in 1945, when I experienced that I am wondering if it was an abduction, what did they do, are a million of us going to wake up someday and find out we're not what we think we are????
When my mother was pregnant with me....they lived way out in the an old school bus...anything could have happened. I take comfort that my brother and I both look like our father LOL......but with genetic engineering...who knows.
Why have i had all these paranormal things since I was a baby? My first memory is of being someone out side my body....then I was in that body , looking being in a box with eyeholes cut out.....watching everything.....................then I was in my body. I remember feeling that I was ancient...very old....
what the hell is going on , Dave???? I know, God doesn't give you more than you can handle and all the other cliches.....but I am getting close to NOT being able to handle it without some real answers.... ("AD")



BlueKnight338:, is this the room that talks about UFO's?

BlueKnight338: first time I noticed there was such a room

BlueKnight338: for sure....Im 45 now, but it goes back to when I was in 7th grade

BlueKnight338: I said, I was in 7th grade at the time

BlueKnight338: my only sibling is a brother a year younger

BlueKnight338: Dad had just backed the car in at the side of our two story shingled house in small town hilly western PA

BlueKnight338: my brother and I went outside to help with the grocery bags from the trunk of the car...

BlueKnight338: when Dad was standing at the trunk, drops this brown paper grocery bag and says "holly shit"

BlueKnight338: my brother and I look up at him to see him looking up and out toward the sky at the far hilltop about a quarter mile out and up

BlueKnight338: and there is this v-shaped formation of at least 7 red in color lights all but stationary in the summer sky

BlueKnight338: we all run in the house, and Dad is shouting to Mom "Nancy, come check this out"...

BlueKnight338: we all head out to the front porch (minus my brother who was now cowering and crying between the living room coffee table and sofa)

BlueKnight338: that was the day of polariod instant cameras and I was a picture taking goof who always made an effort at a young age to keep it ready to go on top of the fridge...

BlueKnight338: Murphys Law....the film did, hence the camera, did not work that night when I ran to grab it...

BlueKnight338: I head back out as my Dad is telling Mom to call the local one car out at night police department to head down to check it out...

BlueKnight338: As we waited on the porch for the police to arrive a single red in color light seemed to move closer toward us in front of the v formation...

BlueKnight338: gave me the vibes (and goosebumps) like it came forward to check us out because it knew we were looking up at it

BlueKnight338: now heres the really weird part...

BlueKnight338: the police car turned up our street from the main road and we could look down to the end of the street and see the police chief heading our way...

BlueKnight338: I remember as a kid feeling safe when I noticed the outline of the red and blue lights on top of the police car, and just that quick all lights (like in the snap of a finger) shot out of sight...

BlueKnight338: was almost like the light that came forward recognized (felt) that I/we felt safe with the arrival of the police driving up the road, and cut oubecausese of it

BlueKnight338: to this day I have always had this feeling like time and space stopped for some reason that night somehow, and ever since then (and to this day) I have this little indent (less than a pencil eraser in diameter) on the top of my head

BlueKnight338: ....just near the top toward the back....I've always wondered about how that came about

BlueKnight338: ok, Im done rambling..that'sts pretty much the readers digest version

BlueKnight338: reason why I bring it up now is I just saw the exact thing I saw on a nighttime channel last week and it all but freaked me out when I saw the was exactly like what I saw when I was a kid

OnlineHost: teck bLood has entered the room.

teck bLood: perfect room

teck bLood: last night

teck bLood: i swear

teck bLood: i got abducted

teck bLood: i fckin scared

teck bLood: and im sure they implanted something in me

teck bLood: anyone else been abducted?

teck bLood: i was sleeping

teck bLood: its almost like a dream

teck bLood: cause my room got soooooo bright

teck bLood: and at the end of my bed were these skinny dark figures

teck bLood: huge head

teck bLood: big eyes

teck bLood: then all i remember

teck bLood: is lying on this table

teck bLood: like an operating table

teck bLood: and their makin this sound

teck bLood: like talkin to each other

teck bLood: but i couldnt understand it

teck bLood: and they saw me looking at them

teck bLood: and i was back in my bed

teck bLood: now on my arm

teck bLood: i have this little tiny bump

teck bLood: looks almost like a wart

teck bLood: but i can feel something underneath

teck bLood: am i alone ?

teck bLood: this just happened last night

teck bLood: im thinkin of just cutting it myself

teck bLood: maybe it was just a dream

teck bLood: all i know was that it felt so real

teck bLood: but dreams can do that something

teck bLood: *sometimes

teck bLood: the thought is a bit scary

teck bLood: they can just come in

teck bLood: and take u like that

teck bLood: why me?

teck bLood: why would they choose me

teck bLood: im not the best specimen to test

teck bLood: i drink and smoke

teck bLood: im overweight

teck bLood: what do they want with me?

teck bLood: if anything else happens

teck bLood: i guess ill let u know

BlackTalonedHand: it was pretty common for the security guys to come around and give us kids baseball cards , etc. while asking questions about "weird things " going on and about any rumors we might know of

BlackTalonedHand: greys but some of them were not grey they were kinda pink but still had the big black eyes (bug eyes)

BlackTalonedHand: you dont ***ever*** forget those eyes or the voice... shrill voice

BlackTalonedHand: there used to be a wooded area not far from ft. meade maryland base

BlackTalonedHand: we used to take shortcuts through there to get to school

BlackTalonedHand: West meade elementary school

BlackTalonedHand: well there was one night in particular about 2 am when I woke up found my brother sitting up but like catatonic like a zombie and my mother the same my father was still asleep I couldnt wake him

BlackTalonedHand: next thing i remember i awoke in those woods with two other base kids and two base moms

BlackTalonedHand: there was military people all over the place later and they kept me awake all night asking questions over and over and over

BlackTalonedHand: bribing me, scaring me with threats about never seeing my mother again.... I don't really remember too much of the questions but i remember they gave me a shot of something, My mom started getting scared and screamed at them and

BlackTalonedHand: struggled my father was trying to keep her calm and I remember someone saying it would make me tired was all

BlackTalonedHand: I do remember they were asking if they asked about any names or if they made me do anything if they made me eat anything , cant remember much more questions though

BlackTalonedHand: I asked my brother in the following years later if he remembered anything and he always said no but he woke up one night screaming , his was like when he was 18 - 19 all the sudden he was interested bout what I remembered bout it

As you can see, we never know where the next
Extraordinary Paranormal Story
may come from.

Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.

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