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PARANORMAL EDITION, Issue #4, 2/16/08

I recently sent out an e-mail asking if anyone had ever encountered, or had any experiences with "Shadow People" (see images below)
The responses did not surprise me!!!!

A friend in Florida wrote that she and her husband awoke one nite to see SIX shadowy figures surrounding their bed. Her husband jumped up to confront them, and they were gone!!!

"Sue's encounter"
HOLY CRAPPOLA!! The guy in the right top photo was my re occurring nightmare guy when I was a kid!! LMAO He was wearing then though a Black Top Hat like Abe Lincoln and he would be following me while I played hopscotch or jump rope and I kept knocking on peoples doors telling them I was being followed by some perv but no one would let me in their house. Then I would always find this huge empty house with an open door and I would climb the stairs with him following and hide in a cabinet in one of the rooms and I would wake up before he got me!!. Lucky me I have always had a built in escape clause in my dreams for my survival!!LOL I think my mom called him....hmmmmm...boogieman S:-)

SGatekeeper08 writes:
A few years ago in the summer on a bright and sunny afternoon I saw a 3 foot tall shadow . Standing in front of my balcony door there was nothing there to cause a shadow nor did it bed with the step to go out as a normal shadow would. It simply stood their for a few minutes it looked like a typical grey alien shape. Very large pair shaped head but i saw no eye's. No I didn't get a picture of it as back then I had neither my camcorder or my digital camera.

They are Draconian, shape shifters, reptilian in nature.
They smell like Sulpher and or Urine, leave behind cold spots as they " shift," and DO NOT like anyone with Feline DNA in their genetic coding as they know they can be " sniffed" out by them.
I was born with this, it goes back to my toddler years with abductions starting in memory around 5 or so and picking up
around 11.
I try to help others in secrecy deal with this.
They link to the Illuminati, a horrible mis-breed.

Hey about 2yrs ago I was trying to meditate on my floor I ended up falling asleep I woke up in Sleep Paralyze and looked up and saw one of these shadow figures it was in Human shape and had its hand out like it wanted me to shake it or pull me up.

David, those figures look familiar, do not know why or how but have seen them and many of the things that Sg has drawn. At least they all look familiar to me. I have no recollection of any abduction ever. I do see things sometimes and maybe that is how i am familiar with them. There is no telling. I cannot place how I know any of those things.

Yes, I have seen shadow people. They have appeared as a shadow ghost to me. I thought I was seeing things. I usually see them in my living room. My niece saw the one with the hat on. This one that she saw was small. She remarked "Look Aunt Sharon theres a little man with a hat on" I started asking her questions about him, she clammed up and wouldn't talk about it any more. She has been raised to believe that if it cant be explained its of the devil. I believe the apartments we are living in is over a vortex . We have had scary things happen here. My daughter has entities who follow her outside of the apartment.Those are the guardian angels. She has seen orbs in her room. Just last night something pulled her blouse.Something plays with my feet. There is also popping noises and rustling like paper. Blankets are pulled off at night. My recliner that I sit in was hit repeatedly. The birds have waked up in the middle of the night squawking and breathing heavily. Ive seen a ghost of a teenage boy who wears a backwards baseball cap and holding a skateboard. I asked him what he wanted and he disappeared. We have felt something moving through our hair especially at the computer. My daughter has felt a presence in the kitchen with her when she was cooking. She also saw a figure walking in the hallway. A tall white woman. As far as I know neither one of us have had experiences with UFO's and aliens but we would like too. Also we are not afraid of these beings, because we know they cant hurt us. The reason people have bad experiences with the unknown is their own fears.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I've had a quick experience with a shadow person but it was just a glimpse as I was startled from a sound sleep in daylight morning hours. I opened my eyes to see a glimpse of a shadow person making a leap (arms out in front as if to dive on top of me), and he disappeared in mid leap. I tried to get up but soon discovered I was experiencing a familiar thing that I (and a few others that I have discussed this with) have called "The Grip". I wake up completely paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Only my eyes have movement and I have a steady vibration at the back of my neck like an electrical shock, except it isn't painful. I have experienced some "out of body" experiences while in "The Grip", and experimented with things when it happened. There was only one time that I saw a shadow person in the action I described above, and have never seen one since. "The Grip" used to be a common occurrence in my life and slowing just quit happening as I got into my late 30's. I have had them since, but rarely, and I usually don't try to fight my way out of it like I used to. (This ultimately ended up with me climbing out of my body and looking back at myself laying there staring straight ahead), which would sometimes shock me out of it. If you would like to hear more about this experience, just ask since it is mostly off the subject of the shadow people. I have some theories as to why I saw the one on the single occasion. What I am comfortable with is that it was an entity trying to climb into my body and share it with me or was waiting to see if I would climb out and it could take my body over. When I first started researching causes for "The Grip", I read about many who have had similar experiences and was able to astral project.
Along with their stories of astral projection, they warned about other entities that might try to take over your body while you were out of it. Sounds kind of nuts, but I guess you just have to experience some of these things and make up your own mind as to what they are and what the cause. Anyway, that's pretty much the short version.

"X" writes:
No, haven't had one of those, but when I was a child, i was having a bad dream, and awoke
in the middle of that nightmare, to see, for a fraction of a second, a "bleed over" from my
bad dream into reality. I am sure it was not real, but I wonder if some of the people who
see these shadowy figures, are not some how confusing a bad dream remnant, with
reality. What they actually saw, I would not know, but it seems one of many possible
answers. Why ET's would be hovering around a bedside, is baffling to me. Demons,
ghosts, and such, who knows?

Yes i've seen them on and off since i was a child, i'm old now almost 55, i don't discuss them much but i rather think of them as demons, as far as dates and times and such i couldn't give those , i simply don't keep records of things like that, when i see one i usually just ignore it and go on about my business, except for one experience with one that was rather different but i wouldn't call that one a shadow person.

"A" writes:
I have, for many years, seen what is known as "orbs" of light. They can be any color. I see red, blue, green, yellow. And they all behave in an intelligent manner. the green one is always hovering by when i am ill or when something I'm doing can affect my health.
However, there are also orbs that appear as a black energy...they have no light. One of the first times i saw them is when i went to a crime lab during my college days. The building was full of them. I'd already experienced all the others of light so this was new. But I concluded that it made sense for them to be at the lab. They are spirits of some kind and negative. The lab is where the evidence is held for all the worst things humans can do. These black orbs had to do with the crimes and evidence.
However, I did have one experience seeing this same form of black energy in the shape of a "person." I had just signed up for AOL and was at the PC trying to figure it all out when I glanced towards the stairway and saw this black form come to the top of the stairs. By that time i knew how negative they were and for some reason I felt it had to do with AOL.. I called in and canceled the service. If it DID have to do with AOL, I didn't want it.
It took me 2 more years to finally decide to sign up again for AOL service. I am not sure what that entity's purpose was, if it was attached to AOL, etc....all i can say though is that for some reason it wanted me to see it.
Since then i have had a few more experiences with the "black" orbs....they are always negative and up to no good. They seem to be spirits that have no light whatsoever, no spiritual light and they always try to cause problems.
I would say to not communicate with them. Tell them to leave. Make up your mind to never want anything negative in your life. Above all, Pray for help and's there if you only ask.....

Back in 1981, while working in a Nursing home third shift, I seen the shadow of Death! It looked just like the
picture on top right except that the hat was taller. I was standing at the nursing station when I looked down
one of the hallways and seen for just a quick second what looked like a tall figure dressed in black with a top
hat(like abe used to wear) and a long cape. When I glanced at it, I realized that it had noticed me looking at
it because it paused in motion and then went into the last room on the right. I had the feeling that when I
looked at it, it was looking at me! This was at 3am. Who or what was that? Well it being part of my job to
protect the resident's in that room, I had to go look. So I walked down to the last room on the right and when I entered the room there was a cold spot about two feet wide just inside the door. I stuck my hand into the
cold spot a few times and then looked up and down for any kind of vent that would produce a draft like the
one that was there but there were no vents or any reason for the intense cold spot. I stepped through it and
went over and checked the resident and she was sleeping just fine. I covered her up after checking to make
sure she was dry and checking to make sure no one was hiding in the room, I walked through the cold
spot and paused in the hallway outside her door. I said out loud,"If that's you Mr. Death and your here to
take Mildred, You be kind to her, she was a good woman". The hair on my arms stood up as I walked away!
When the aid did her rounds at 5am she came running down to the station to tell me Mildred was dead. I
told her I had a feeling that Mildred was leaving us but never explained why. You don't tell your aids that
you just seen Death if you expect them to continue working on your shift!!

"Reg's Story, with photos"
Shadow People

I had to many childhood experiences to recall my first shadow person.

My last personal experience was in the residence I lived in before the one I am in now. As a matter of fact I can't be so sure we did not share the residence with him/her pretty much the entire length of our stay. I did have polaroids of it, I not sure I could find them all now but I know I have at least one, it is not with him manifested into a human looking shadow, although I did have one of those too. The one I know for sure I have I took while I was taking a picture of my Christmas tree, approx. 6 feet behind the tree you can see a black mist like fog in the right corner of the room about approx. three feet wide and from ceiling to mid way to the floor. My husband and I have found that old polaroids do not scan well but I will give it a try. City was O'Fallon MO. the date the picture I was just describing was taken... would have been 2002.

My Experience's in that apartment are so many to give you a detailed report would be ridiculous. I will say this though. I had hallucinating nightmare after nightmare. To the point for two years straight I slept sitting up in a blue recliner chair in my living room, always with the TV going.

Now here's something else for you.When I was doing paranormal investigations with a local Missouri group then called MPR now called Missouri Paranormal Task Force, we did a number of investigations in an area about a hop skip and a jump from me called Zombie Road. Now this place was incredible it was like two plus miles of old highway that was condemned and left as is. It lay in wooded area of St. Louis, the road over grown with weeds and bushes. What made it so incredible was the experiences there were abundant. We are doing an investigation in the fall well past lightening bug season, yet there were little whisps of light all around us just like what you see with fire flies, there was no explaining them, AND the shadow people were everywhere.

I am sending with this email some of the pics caught. I also caught a vortex down there I have in my husbands and my file I will send out to you if you want it. Thing was Dave, you didn't need a camera to see these guys you could see them with your bare eyes. There was one point in the investigation that I and another member sat down on a log together while the group was investigating what appeared to be a foundation of an old cabin. There were like six or seven of us, and it was in the wee hours of the morning, very dark outside. I watched a guy about ten feet in front of us cross over the path moving away from the our group and into the woods. I mentioned to the guy sitting next to me that I didn't think it was a good idea for that guy to separate himself from the team. So I got up to go tell Greg who was heading the investigation about the guy heading off on his own and it turned out everyone was accounted for... It was impossible for the shadowy male figure we saw going off into the woods to be anyone from our group. There was a lot of that down there.
These are just a few that were taken down there. Now the very first one I posted at the top. I was on that investigation, I saw that pic taken and the preview pic on the camera screen. So I can attest to its authenticity. Also the pic taken with the shadow figure in the middle of the bridge I was on that investigation as well and can attest to that one as well. The rest of them I don't know. Besides this very last one was taken by a gentlemen I am familiar with and respect and I don't believe it is a fake. As stated the place was like a cess pool of paranormal activity. You could just spend hours gorging yourself with proof of the unknown.


If you or a loved one, as an adult or as a child, in a bedroom or elsewhere, witnessed anything like the images presented here, Please contact me at with your detailed experience, city, year, anything unusual leading up to this event. For more information:

And for some 'different' experiences:

SGatekeeper08 writes
One Saturday afternoon while relaxing in my chair I saw a grey alien appear right in front of me. Between my coffee table and my couch I was surprised to see one in broad daylight like that. But it just stood there looking at me while I watched it, then it slowly raised its arms and three fingered hand. Then it vanished completely I thought that only a second had passed but when I looked at the clock, I found that three minutes had in fact passed. I could not understand why three minutes had passed when it seemed the entire thing only took a second. But regardless three minutes passed without me remembering anything other then the grey standing in front of me. In my living room between my coffee table and my couch why it was there I don’t know. Though I
surmised that it was just passing through and that perhaps it had just stopped for three minutes to rest on its journey. That the reason it had raised its arms with it’s three fingured hands was to show me it meant me no harm. So that I would not attack it for suddenly appearing in front of me like it had done.

Fast triangular shapes with lights on the side turning in front of my eyes daytime while working in my office.
Felt dizzy .....could not stop them.....Finally after a few mn , got somehow back to normal( people around me)
I read the next morning in DGarrison , the writing of a fellow about using light through quartz to travel faster than light.......!!!!?????
Now, for several nights before, I woke up in my house hearing running footsteps...I had the feeling I had been visited.
Marcel your friendly artist 57yo born in France but attracted to the US when young and living here for 30years...
Communicated with Jefferson and Washington in Monticello and mount Vernon.
Am I Lafayette ...or another French soul?

I understand the nature of a skeptic and I am ok with their positions of doubt. I accept peoples accounts of relating their experiences because who am I to decide what the incident entailed; I was not there with them.
I don't care who believes or disbelieves my information.
The attraction for Dave Garrison and his cyber clubhouse, UFO OpenLine Friends, is the emphasis on "Friends".
The understanding by the members that we who have had Paranormal Experiences or Abductions or Sightings are different then the majority who scoffs at our terrifying sometimes funny adventuresome tales on this little blue water planet we call home.
My husband adores me but he has not been privileged with a single challenge to his scientifically based brain. Except when I read his mind or tell him the police have the wrong perp and this is who did it and what happened ...then he begins again to look up at the sky.
Following is a brief synopsis of my encounter back to where my telepathy began to strengthen.
I and another person were pursued for about 45 minutes to an hour by a incredibly large white light aerial "craft" that came down from somewhere out of the sky.
I was the one driving/speeding but she saw it had an oval shape.
I preciously recall this encounter many many times relishing now what horrified me then.
I do not nor did the person with me recall being abducted or leaving the car but it was a surreal experience not appreciated at the time LOL!!
Since then I have had many telepathic knowleges of peoples thoughts and events that I will from time to time, Dave willing, relate in this publication.
Not exciting but heres a short one:
We were at Thanks Giving Dinner. My husbands, (he is older than me) daughters hub was across the room from me and I could "hear" him saying: "I' HATE this...I'm out of here!!!!" Over and over I heard this from him. Afterward my hub said:"!" oh baloney they are tight! They had just weeks before adopted their second kid and I called a few days later to ask his daughter if all was well.
"The best!! We all couldn't be happier ever!" she said.
Exactly two weeks before Christmas he walked out and said he wanted to start another life. To this day his daughter now remarried did not have a clue nor did anyone else in the family.
I barely knew him myself...just that I heard him in my thoughts say "I'm outa here"...
Its not a party toy game and I don't know why sometimes "reception" is better than other times like on the radio I guess LOL.
I have given emails and calls to police and rescue agencies at times as I seem to be able "tune in" to major news events SOMETIMES.
I swear that which I will give as events of personal occurrences that I am telling you the truth of my experiences..
Those who do not believe I don't care.
I sincerely hope that everyone is someday gifted with a step out of their skepticism.
The good news and the bad news of telepathy:
I had $400.00 in 4 hundreds in my coin purse and went to the Home Improvement Center to look at wire and a couple of other materials.
I had put down my purse while doing some measuring of lumber, wire but didn't notice until getting into to my car to go home for another round of measuring the area I was repairing.
Yes to those always in perfect alignment I am sometimes preoccupied with tasks and should not walk and chew gum at the same time. S:-)
I began to retrace my steps.
I could "hear" someones heart beating fast and heavy breathing and "Here she comes!!!!
I followed the sounds in my head to a guy who works there and I looked at him and I said "Please give me my wallet"
He said "I don't know what you mean!"
You have my money in your shoe!!!
Where is my purse????
I got the manager and told him not more than 10- 15 minutes passed and that guy has taken my coin purse and won't give me my money back!.
The guy denied it and then I like someone with a metal detector began to go to exactly where he had hidden it under a HUGE pile of tarps in a back room.
Needless to say everyone even I was astonished that I found it!!!.
The dumb bunny thief actually himself had directed me there to the hiding spot- as I could "see" where the hiding place was through his eyes.
Yeah I know...I am explaining this the best way I can...
The money was gone and he said "Most people would be HAPPY just to get their cards and drivers licence back!"
""Well I wanted the MONEY!!!!I said " I can get plastic anytime!."
The manager could do nothing the guy wouldn't remove his shoe and I said "Well obviously you needed that money more than I did but you will be caught eventually and you know that!"
OK not a tremendous account but a frustrating side effect of telepathy LOL.

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randog w said...

Well I had an experience I fell asleep after work on my couch with the lights on and TV going I woke up at 3 am on the dot I sat up looked at the clock that's how I know what time it was. looked to the center of the room there blocking a turned on lamp was a solid black shadow I could not see through it or any details such as eyes, nose or mouth it was solid not see through for I could not see the light that was on behind it
I did not see a shadow coming from it .it was posed like I had surprised it like it didn't expect me to wake and sit up at that time as soon as I noticed it I said what the f... it was about 6 foot in front of me maybe 5 f 6 inches tall or so and be for I could finish saying what the f... it moved 5 to 6 feet while at the same time it went down through the floor at the time it shook me up pretty good I didn't get a sense of danger or evil from it just surprise that it was there like an intruder in the house I guess what surprised me the most was I had all the living room lights on the ceiling and two table lamps on so it was lite up like day in here I haven't seen it sense then and it's all most like maybe it was my imagination but I'm waiting to see it again it's like I'm on the defensive sense then thanks randy w