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PARANORMAL EDITION, Issue #3, Feb. 5, 2008

Paranormal Edition Issue #3 Feb. 5, 2008

Greetings one and all, and welcome once again
to the Extraordinary world we live in.

Very few links this issue, but some GREAT new
"Extraordinary Tales" from the
Life - UFO openline friends

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"Barn Ghost"

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Reptilian Abductions??
More Sightings

Do you ALWAYS answer your doorbell?

A "LIB"(no not a Woman's Liberation lady! But a "Lady In Black" as a men in Black) Came to my door mysteriously the other night (about a week ago) This was 8 p.m. she said she was looking for a apartment tenant with a STRANGE name (sounding like Twaba or something like that!) As she was an insurance agent. Oh sure! I am 4 flights up no elevator and she picks on my apartment at 8 p.m.. at night. Never met an insurance agent who didn't have the correct address for a client! She was dressed in BLACK (as per the MIBS) No sunglasses but the WORST LIGHT GREEN PURSE, BIG AS A BOWLING BALL BAG I SWEAR! That really, now that I think of it, GLOWED! WEll, she also had a MOLE on the left cheek and a mole between her eyes on the bridge of her nose.(I have a mole on my left cheek and a mole on the bridge of my nose!) She had medium black hair (I have none!) And blue eyes(so do I have blue eyes!) And was "fishing" for my name how long I've lived here etc. Gave her my name and I swear (really!!!) Her face and her Green terrible purse (looking like it was padded and from the 1940s 0r early 50s!) Glowed!!!

And from the chatroom comes this::::

OnlineHost: Wolfshiem1978 has entered the room.

Wolfshiem1978: I have traveled to different galaxies

Wolfshiem1978: and they shown me a map

Wolfshiem1978: of Atlantis on earth

Wolfshiem1978: 30,000 BC

Wolfshiem1978: It was between

Wolfshiem1978: Africa and brazil

Wolfshiem1978: it melted because they help melt the glacier known as the Bering straight

Wolfshiem1978: their contained a land of many pyramids

Wolfshiem1978: that was a astrological map and way of mathematically getting their

Wolfshiem1978: people fled and went to brazil and the others to Egypt

Wolfshiem1978: trying to make the same pyramids

Wolfshiem1978: that is why there are pyramids in brazil and Africa and they are mathematically aligned

Wolfshiem1978: I was also shown earth

Wolfshiem1978: we were over million light years away

Wolfshiem1978: I seen earth a million year ago

Wolfshiem1978: because light travels

Wolfshiem1978: only so fast

Wolfshiem1978: so the time they took me to their galaxy

Wolfshiem1978: I was looking in the past

Wolfshiem1978: when we were stable in space around their planet

Wolfshiem1978: looking through some massive specometro

Wolfshiem1978: I have more

Wolfshiem1978: The showed me how to create

Wolfshiem1978: Two ways of time and space travel

Wolfshiem1978: and that Albert Einstein ways

Wolfshiem1978: are not the final word

Wolfshiem1978: a new level of psychiocs

Wolfshiem1978: a way that they say

Wolfshiem1978: how we understand god

Wolfshiem1978: that humans cannot comprehend god

Wolfshiem1978: they cannot comprehend this but math

Wolfshiem1978: could show us

Wolfshiem1978: THe one way

Wolfshiem1978: was to take light

Wolfshiem1978: isolate the light in crystals

Wolfshiem1978: bouncing the ions

Wolfshiem1978: creating light faster then light

Wolfshiem1978: then releasing this massive energy

Wolfshiem1978: traveling faster then light

Wolfshiem1978: its a crystal cavern

Wolfshiem1978: of light molecules
Wolfshiem1978: that build energy

Wolfshiem1978: their is also

Wolfshiem1978: a way using nuclear atomic ability

Wolfshiem1978: ok

Wolfshiem1978: where you isolate the blast

Wolfshiem1978: and it all generates the blast energy in one direction

Wolfshiem1978: The final way was something called bending space and time and using a holograph

Wolfshiem1978: where they would been space and time but

Wolfshiem1978: send a holographic image

Wolfshiem1978: through this

Wolfshiem1978: to explain

Wolfshiem1978: and relay

Wolfshiem1978: and that the existing pyramids

Wolfshiem1978: hold a astrological mathematical

Wolfshiem1978: formula

Wolfshiem1978: for travel to other galaxies

Wolfshiem1978: The pyramids turned upside down

Wolfshiem1978: Can release a giant

Wolfshiem1978: star opining

Wolfshiem1978: opening

Wolfshiem1978: but all the pyramids must be flipped

Wolfshiem1978: still remaining in pi

Wolfshiem1978: once aligned they used diamonds or some light reflecting structure

Wolfshiem1978: to create this huge light cavern

Wolfshiem1978: in space

Wolfshiem1978: where light travels faster then 186,282.266 miles per sec per sec

Wolfshiem1978: there a gate opens

Wolfshiem1978: I am working on math formulas

Wolfshiem1978: to provide proofWolfshiem1978: I ship can travel through it

Wolfshiem1978: BUt the aurora Borealis and the magnetic energy in the Bermurda triangle where Atlantis

Wolfshiem1978: once existed

Wolfshiem1978: plus the pyramids

Wolfshiem1978: must all be energized

Wolfshiem1978: happens ever 12 years

Wolfshiem1978: They are here now

Wolfshiem1978: for a short time

Wolfshiem1978: look online and see

Wolfshiem1978: they have opened the gates

Wolfshiem1978: and their are many ufo visits right now

Wolfshiem1978: Just type it in

Wolfshiem1978: and you will see the jump

Wolfshiem1978: they are studying

Wolfshiem1978: a new creation

Wolfshiem1978: that is being kept secret

Wolfshiem1978: I must let many know

Wolfshiem1978: before something happens to me

Wolfshiem1978: u must record this

Wolfshiem1978: and show others

Wolfshiem1978: There are these people which I cant believe

Wolfshiem1978: I never though this was real any of it

Wolfshiem1978: but there are these people

Wolfshiem1978: since I started

Wolfshiem1978: to prove things

Wolfshiem1978: that have followed me

Wolfshiem1978: and I live in a gated community

Wolfshiem1978: they are strange

Wolfshiem1978: See I am unique

Wolfshiem1978: I used to model be normal

Wolfshiem1978: and I remained normal

Wolfshiem1978: but I speak 12 languages

Wolfshiem1978: I started studying

Wolfshiem1978: ancient

Wolfshiem1978: things

Wolfshiem1978: until I learned something

Wolfshiem1978: But I have uncovered a mathematical proof

Wolfshiem1978: that I was threatened if I were to share

Wolfshiem1978: I would disappear

Wolfshiem1978: and these people

Wolfshiem1978: aren't police

Wolfshiem1978: FBI

Wolfshiem1978: I don't know what they are

Wolfshiem1978: they follow me

Wolfshiem1978: and once trapped me

Wolfshiem1978: and asked em questions

Wolfshiem1978: they spoke Aramaic

Wolfshiem1978: I have a proof

Wolfshiem1978: in which you must show anyone

Wolfshiem1978: that knows math

Wolfshiem1978: einsteins

Wolfshiem1978: e=mc2

Wolfshiem1978: well

Wolfshiem1978: einstein says you cannot travel faster then light

Wolfshiem1978: But he is wrong

Wolfshiem1978: But taking

Wolfshiem1978: what reflects light

Wolfshiem1978: and make it move faster

Wolfshiem1978: by making the ions

Wolfshiem1978: in a way irrated

Wolfshiem1978: they begin to bounce

Wolfshiem1978: speeding up

Wolfshiem1978: they must be contained

Wolfshiem1978: until they gather the right speed

Wolfshiem1978: at that point they are released

Wolfshiem1978: creating a space time flucation

Wolfshiem1978: in which time and the speed of light

Wolfshiem1978: is one light traveling faster then time

Wolfshiem1978: opens up dimensions to travel great distances

Wolfshiem1978: the entire formula is pages long but if someone sees this

Wolfshiem1978: they can do it

Wolfshiem1978: This information

Wolfshiem1978: has caused

Wolfshiem1978: so much problems

Wolfshiem1978: and I do fear

Wolfshiem1978: my life

Wolfshiem1978: or something

Wolfshiem1978: I know

Wolfshiem1978: That I had to share

Wolfshiem1978: maybe it would save me

Wolfshiem1978: What would they want

Wolfshiem1978: who are they

Wolfshiem1978: honestly/

Wolfshiem1978: men in black is a joke right?

Wolfshiem1978: aliens would not come on earth as people and find certain people

Wolfshiem1978: it be impossible

Wolfshiem1978: Iam scared

Wolfshiem1978: my researched

Wolfshiem1978: was a accident

Wolfshiem1978: we carbon dated the pyramids

Wolfshiem1978: and they were so old

Wolfshiem1978: and in perfect pi

Wolfshiem1978: and same with brazil

Wolfshiem1978: explained Atlantis eventually

Wolfshiem1978: but then

Wolfshiem1978: both could only be deigend from space

Wolfshiem1978: the way they are designed

Wolfshiem1978: they didn't have space crafts when they were built

Wolfshiem1978: Now I get this strange messages

Wolfshiem1978: I was told not to come here

Wolfshiem1978: They said they would track anyone sip

Wolfshiem1978: and come after them

Wolfshiem1978: What is going on is this illegal?

Wolfshiem1978: Look I can read your thoughts to a point

Wolfshiem1978: I understand

Wolfshiem1978: your skeptimism

Wolfshiem1978: and how you created this

Wolfshiem1978: for curiosity

Wolfshiem1978: about ufos and such

Wolfshiem1978: and your whole life you been searching for something but never know what

Wolfshiem1978: known

Wolfshiem1978: I know that you wrote this and do this for ideas

Wolfshiem1978: for a book

Wolfshiem1978: My name is Cyril

Wolfshiem1978: IM me anytime

OnlineHost: Wolfshiem1978 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Wolfshiem1978 has entered the room.

Wolfshiem1978: hello

Wolfshiem1978: Can you pleas let your other members know about atlantis and also about the formulas a lot who are interested in space travel will find them remarkable and make them undersdtand that if they encountered aliens you have someone that

Wolfshiem1978: how realistic space travel is even though we aren't nearly that advance already their is someone that is talking to the government about space travel. My theories are in the process of being proven.

Wolfshiem1978: This will reinforce many people who are normal and experienced things that are supernatural alien related and make them feel they arent insane.

Wolfshiem1978: ok good day

OnlineHost: Wolfshiem1978 has left the room.

As you can see, we never know where the next
Extraordinary Paranormal Story
may come from.
Have "YOU" had a 'paranormal' experience you would like to share? Maybe you have seen a UFO....perhaps you have even been abducted or have had strange 'dreams' of Aliens....Have you ever encountered a "Ghost", a "Spirit", or some 'being' from another realm of existence? Perhaps you have come across "Orbs" or other entities of 'light'....Whatever extraordinary, unusual, paranormal experience you have had, if you would like to share it, please send your story to me at , just write "My Story" in the subject line. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation, and we will not publish any names or screen names without permission. If you have any comments or suggestions, or even photographs, send them in please.


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