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              ***ISSUE # 58*** 
           ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Travis Walton To Celebrate 40th Anniversary Since His Infamous Alien Abduction At The SKYFIRE SUMMIT UFO Conference. 
Hear From Travis In Person, And Others Who Were There In 1979, As They Share Their Experience With The Close Encounter of the 4th Kind, that led to the book, and then the movie, "Fire In The Sky". Open the link to get details on the SKYFIRE SUMMIT, November 5-8 at the Bison Ranch, in Overgaard, AZ. Watch the trailer for the new documentary about the most well-documented UFO Abduction Event in History. Mark your calendar & make plans to attend!

First police officer on scene 40 years ago to speak at Travis Walton anniversary event 

Travis Walton Tells The Story Of His Abduction by Aliens in 1975 at 2011 UFO Conference. (Full Length Free Video) Hear Travis Describe the events that led to "Fire In The Sky" book & movie.  

UFO Sighting And Landing in New York STILL A Mystery After 50 Years-(video) (Approximately 5% of all UFO sightings can not be explained, this is one of those cases)

Alien Encounters And Odd Animals 

In 1988 at the Ramstein Air Show crash, an unknown woman stepped out of the crowd & began tending to one of the victims that was barely breathing. She passed 'something' over his body that she had in her hand. As she did this, the object lit up and the man immediately took a deep breath. She stepped back into the crowd & disappeared with her male companion (who had an 'unusual' appearance.)
Who was this woman, and what was the 'thing' in her hand?
"Alien Activity at Ramstein Air Show Crash?"


Ghost Rockets Over Long Island Sound? 

 The Tully "UFO Nest" Landing of 1966

Catch 22: Problems Arise From Asking for Unclassified Details on UFOs 


V Shaped UFO With Multi-Colored Lights Seen Above Nevada 

Strange UFO activity over Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Triangle - shaped UFO sighting over Concord, North Carolina 

Huge UFO Near Apollo 10 in 1969-(video)...One of ours, or one of 'theirs'?

New UFO Documentary "Australian Skies" Describes Group of 'Skywatchers', and tells of one who was quizzed by M.I.B. After a UFO sighting. 

Hovering orb over Sydney, Australia Caught on camera-(video)

Unusual 'Object' Enters Atmosphere 

Strange UFO sighting above Melbourne, Australia 


Another Flying Humanoid UFO Filmed Over Los Angeles-VIDEO

Triangular UFO Spotted Over Austin, Texas

Triangle UFO Moves Over Austin Texas At High Rate Of Speed 

Will MUFON and CSI take the UFO Best Evidence Challenge?

Former Navy Man Films Triangular UFO Craft-VIDEO

'Unusual Aerial Sightings' Policy Cancellation? Not So Fast – Department of Defense

Scientists and the Roswell Slides

Cigar-Shaped UFO Caught on Video Near Tulsa-VIDEO

2 Glowing UFO's Captured Near Space Station 

Huge Cylinder UFO Spotted Near The Sun 

Huge UFO Seen Orbiting Asteroid 2004 BL86 

 Disc Shaped UFO Captured Above Argentina 

Man Captures UFO's Above Australia Repeatedly

UFO Caught Entering Earth's Atmosphere By NASA 

UFO's Spotted Leaving Mountain In Alaska 

Triangle UFO Moves Over Austin Texas At High Rate Of Speed 

Aliens Are Real And The American Government Knows It 

UFO Cases In New Hampshire Remain A Credible Mystery 50 Years Later 

Alien Abduction Victim Honored In Massachusetts-(video)

Incredible Beam Of Light Photo Taken By NASA Space Station Live Feed 

Child Testimony: Stalked By UFO for Two Weeks-(video)

Cloaked UFO during a storm over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-(video)

UFO Photo Captured During Severe Thunderstorm In Brazil-(video)

Fleet of UFOs over Las Vegas, Nevada-(video)

Strange UFO lights above El Paso, Texas-(video)

Very strange "Manta-Ray" Type UFO sighting over Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica-(video)

Witness Provides Great Running Commentary While Filming UFOs Hovering Over San Diego-(unedited video)

AI Robot Tells Creators That It Will Keep Them In a People Zoo-(video)

UFOs, No Strangers to South Dakota 


Black Magic Curse Backfires 

‘Addams Family’ house on the market for the first time since 1924, mansion can be yours for a mere $2,000,000

Michigan's most haunted prison has an insanely dark past 


Mysterious Cursed and Haunted Paintings of the World 


Poltergeist Sightings Caught on Tape. Demons, Angels, Aliens or Ghosts? 

Ghost Caught On Camera Inside Haunted House Attraction During an Investgation

Is Your Child's Imaginary Friend a Ghost? (Before you dismiss the idea, read this)

 10 Terrifying Facts About The Boogeyman-(video) (And check out the video on "The Jersey Devil" inside)

The FULL History of "The Bell Witch". (Classic Poltergeist Haunting)

An Encounter with Ireland’s Angel of Death

Lights, Camera, Hexed: 7 Creepy Tales of Actual Cursed Movie Sets


New Bigfoot Video at Old Site and Yeti Hunt Ended by Taliban 

Bigfoot, Us, And The Food-Chain 


What Do Brown Recluse Spider Bites Look Like?

     ***URBAN LEGENDS***

Top 25 Urban Legends 


Urban Legends - The Fatal Spider In The Beehive Hairdo

Original Pedigree Dog Food Warning-Modern Urban Legend

Violin Spider in Tea Kettle Kills Six-Urban Legend Hoax

The Urban Legend of The Witch of the Mexican Hills

A Tail of Two Toothbrushes - An Urban Legend

Urban Legend Horror Stories About Travel (You May Never Leave Home Again!)

Unknown Breed of Dog Becomes Woman's Mexican Pet - An Urban Legend (Three Versions)

                  & WEIRD*** 

Send your true paranormal story: How to send your true paranormal story

10 Alien Bizarre And Most Mysterious Places On Earth [Video]

Paranormal news for This Week; Mysterious Geoglyphs, Girl Wakes in Coffin, New Zealand Beast?

Parents Describe Their Kids’ Creepy Imaginary Friends

New Series "Project Afterlife", from 'Destination America', tells the stories of those who died momentarily & returned to talk about it. Check your local listings

"Lizard Creature Found On Mars"...(We all know these are just natural formations, so I wish people would just post the truth & say something like "Rock formation on Mars looks like lizard")

"Rock Formation on Mars looks like buildings"-(video)


The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

Russians See Putin's Face in Flock of New York Birds

1877-Luminous Angels & Flying Humanoids Over Coney Island


Daily 2 Cents: Artist Claims Encounter With Yeti -- Outback Ghost? -- Searching For 'Penfield Wolfman' Evidence


Daily 2 Cents: I Agreed to Carry a Hybrid Fetus -- Buzz Aldrin's 'Master Plan' to Colonize Mars -- 'OK...what is it?'


Daily 2 Cents: My Close Encounter...Thanks For Believing -- Neon Green Pike Caught -- Multiple Mass Alien Abductions


Daily 2 Cents: UFO Abductee Honored With Monument -- The County Cop Who Hit a UFO -- NASA Debunks 'Blood Moon Prophecy' Asteroid Predictions


Daily 2 Cents: Pyramid Shaped UFO Over Minot AFB, ND -- 'Dead' Pregnant Teen Wakes Up Screaming Inside Coffin - Possible Stargate?


All the Evidence Against Lizzie Borden—And Why She Was Acquitted


How 'Star Trek' Technology Works (Illustrated)

Superman Meets Astrophysicist: Neil DeGrasse Tyson

How Neil deGrasse Tyson Found Superman's Krypton-(Video)

'Star Wars' X-Wing Soars Near Edge of Space in Awesome Video

Star Trek vs. Superman: Who's the Fastest Sci-Fi Spacefarer? (Graphic)

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