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              ***ISSUE #56***
           ***UFOS & ALIENS***

By Billy Booth, from UFO Casebook, "UFOs & Aliens Questions and Answers" 

Stephen Hawking Reaches Out to Our Cosmic Brethren, injecting $100M into search for Alien life. 


Physical Evidence Of UFOs and Aliens - (Full Documentary)

Rare Footage of Astronaut Deke Slayton Talking About His UFO Sighting in 1951 

Close Encounters and Creepy Camouflage (Are Aliens living amongst us?)

Ancient Aliens Engineers in Malta on History Channel-(video)

Undisclosed UFO Photo: Puerto Rico 1985 (submitted by yours truly)


The Cherry Creek UFO Sightings still remain a mystery after 50 years-(video)

This day in UFO History: Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh UFO Sighting 

A True Chilling Alien Abduction Story - The Mojave Incident 

Grandad claims 'aliens in UFO tried to abduct him' while out cycling, has injuries from struggle

A Flying Saucer Came To Norwich in 1953 Flown By Nordic Aliens 

The Biggest Military Hack Ever Exposes NASA Secret ‘UFO Files’ (video)

Project Bluebeam: US Government Planning A False Flag With UFOs? ("Someone's" bright idea to unite us all under one Govt...)

Three UFOs Visit Space Station in August (So Far)-videos

Interview with Retired General Gerald W. "Jerry" Johnson about his UFO sighting. 


Watch UFO In the Wake of RAF Vulcan Bomber 


Two Sisters Of Charity See Cigar Shape UFO At Clarke College Iowa, 1965 

Close Encounter in Madison, New Jersey

Orange, Jelly-like UFO Spotted over Washington Township, New Jersey


Amazing Unexplained Large Beams, South Fort Myers, Florida and Civitavecchia, Italy-(video)

“Humanoid” flying over Los Angeles, California 


Glowing UFOS Over Bordeaux France 


Glowing UFO in Russia: Did It Cause THUNDERSTORM after Its Appearance? 

Triangular - shaped fireball over Hampshire, UK 

 Grey Disc UFO Captured On Live TV In Argentina 


Cigar - shaped UFO sighting recorded from an airplane flying over Italy 

Cigar-Shaped UFO flies close to passenger plane

Bright Orb/UFO Vanishes in Seconds During Lightning Storm (video)

 Disc UFO Spotted Hovering Above Texas 

Fleet Of Glowing UFO's Caught Above Columbia 

Huge Cylinder UFO Captured Above Mexico 

Is This Police Chief An Alien? Watch & Listen To The Clues

Star Wars Imperial Destroyer-Type UFO Supposedly Caught On Camera over Paris, Posted as "proof" that Aliens exist. 
(Nice try, but 'obviously' super-imposed)

Incredible video shows 7 UFOs 'dancing' in the night sky. 

UFO Flying By Venus Caught By Astronomer 

Black Triangle UFO Captured Above Volcano 

1950-Cylinder UFO Caught Above New York 

Huge UFO Fleet Caught Around The Sun-(video)

 Cigar-Shaped UFO Caught Above Fareham England 


(If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times..."STAY AWAY FROM OUIJA BOARDS")
Regardless, here's some things you should know (video)

The Most Haunted Schools in America

The Dark Mirror: Investigating the Haunted Object Terrifying Hundreds of Paranormal Investigators

Did these men in Catalonia, actually capture a  Fallen Angel on camera? (Your thoughts after watching the video)

Scary ghost attack caught on tape in haunted hotel ???


The Phantom Ploughman of Lower Merion, Pa (As reported in 1886..see newspaper article in link)



Spirits of the Stanley Hotel: Ghost of "Lucy" Photographed at Haunted Hotel That Inspired "The Shining"

A Man Thought His Home Was Haunted, So He Set Up A Camera. This Is What It Recorded (Video)

Proof of Ghosts? 'Phantom Bishop' shows up in pic taken at Norwich Cathedral. 

 It seems that all the haunted houses & their stories in the new book "13 An American Horror Story", don't even exist!!

Parents of the Black-Eyed Children: Encounter With Adult BEKs Surfaces

Haunting in Cell #48: Investigating Missouri State Penitentiary 

The Haunting of Charleston’s Old City Jail 

The Terrible True Story of the 'Possessed' Girl with 'Things Crawling in Her Eyes' (Actually caused her to poke out her own eyes)



Yeti Poses for Portrait by Russian Artist 

Mystery Creature Found Floating In Persian Gulf

2nd Bi-Pedal Wolf Encountered - Northwest Clearfield Co., PA



Profiling the Russian Goat-Sucker 

Exploring American Monsters: Louisiana 

Pinkie Finger of a Prehistoric Giant Found in Tanzania 

The Menacing Duende: The Tall and Short of Latin America’s Creepiest Cryptid-(videos)


Strange Tales of Blue Tigers, Black Lions, and Other Cryptically Colored Big Cats 

This gigantic spider web is the stuff of nightmares 

                  & WEIRD*** 

Paranormal news for August  2015: Baby Monitor Ghost, Psychokinesis Test, Werewolf Picture

Two Men Find That They Are Living Identical Lives 

 Humanoid Creature Found During Excavation India 

Kentucky Man Digs Up Dead Father, but not for the reason reported by the news. (It's even creepier)

Investigation of Tianjin Blast With Google Maps Finds Something Weird 

Trying To Find Time Travelers 

Mysterious Killer Sinkhole Opens Up Again in Florida 

Real-Life 'Lord of the Flies': The Strange, Violent History of Pitcairn Island

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Circled USS Anchor ARS-13 (1946) -- Fear of Cattle Mutilations in Chile -- Spirits of Haskell Park

Daily 2 Cents: Huge Pulsating Manta Ray Shaped UFO -- Iceland's Volcano Problem...Going To Get Worse -- I Believe ET Placed Image On My Computer


Daily 2 Cents: UFO Chases Donald Trump's Helicopter -- Mexican Senior Injured During Alien Abduction -- The Tall Bald Man


Daily Two Cents: Early Cuba Humanoids -- Squirrels In Yosemite Test Positive For Plague -- The 'Grey' Sat Next To Me In My Car


Daily 2 Cents: Mystery Squash -- Constantly Harassed by Alien Entities -- Grandad Claims UFO Tried to Abduct Him

Fukushima: Thousands Have Died, Thousands More Will Die 


New Digital Calendar Shows Best Images from NASA Space Telescope

» Staring Into Someone’s Eyes For 10 Minutes Can Radically Alter Your Consciousness (Interesting read)

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