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             ***ISSUE # 52*** 

           ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Has UFO Disclosure Already Happened?  

Craft A Winning Message For Aliens And Win A Million Dollars

3 Ways Intelligent Extraterrestrials Could Traverse The Universe In Seconds


UFO Investigator Explains What He Thinks Is Being Seen Around The World - News Report 

UFO had strange effect on the water in Costa Rica (video)

First Human (In Ash Form) Heads To Pluto. Clyde Tombaugh Discovered Pluto in 1930, Today his ashes are making the 9 year journey to get there. 

Roswell’s Missing Files; 20 Years Later


Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters 



UFO hits commercial plane flying from Mexico to Madrid-(video)

Huge UFO flying over Overland Park, Kansas (video)

UFO Filmed Above Chicago, Causing Sports Stadium To Glow A Bizarre Green (video)

Angel - shaped UFO recorded while leaving The Sun (video)

Fascinating UFO Video Compilation from Melbourne, Australia 

Lights,UFOs and Strange Anomalies Filmed On Surface of The Moon (video)

UFO Sighting: Like a "Flying Sheet of Paper"-(video)

Some of the best UFO sightings of 2015.

UFOS hover in Triangle Formation Above Prague for several minutes before splitting up & flying off separately. 

Huge Bright Luminous Green UFO Rockets Over Buenos Aires Argentina (video)

Extremely Large UFO Sighted Over The Philippines Seen By Multiple Witnesses (video)

Mysterious UFO lights over Pampanga, Philippines (video)

Odd-shaped UFO over Wisconsin Breaks Apart into 3 "shapes"

Mysterious Craft Observed from a Commercial Flight

Triangle - shaped UFO sighting over Encinitas, California (video)


Clear Video Of UFO Releasing Small UFOs/Orbs Over Wisconsin 



New Evidence Claimed by Retired Air Force: Who put a Lid On Rendlesham Sighting?

UFO Sighting With Glowing Lights In Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Video]

UFO Appears To Communicate With Witness By Displaying Different Light Arrays 

UFO Fleet Over Osaka is the Latest Cluster Sighting 

"Another" Floating Black Ring Hovering the Sky: Is it a UFO? 

There have been more than 100 UFO sightings in the Cincinnati area (Kinda makes you wonder what's going on there)

Argentina: Sightings of UFOs and a Strange Winged Entity

Follow-Up: Ufologist Believes Alien Shooter Story is Credible

(FROM 7/12)
Hunter Claims He Shot "An Extraterrestrial"

Documentary On Top Secret Antigravity Vehicle Released-(VIDEO)

UFO Lights Up Tucson Sky Like Christmas Tree-(VIDEO)

1949-Strange Craft Chased in North Carolina Skies

Alien Skeleton Unearthed at Russia's Stonehenge?-(VIDEO)

Conehead Skull Discovered in Russia - Coast to Coast AM-(video)


Low Flying UFOs and ‘Ape-Like’ Creature Reported in Tennessee

Mysterious UFO Photographed Over Peterborough

UFO Hovered Over Neighbor’s Home in Colorado


The Most Haunted Place in Florida, The Seven Sisters Inn

Top 10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Grave of the Torryburn Witch Uncovered in Scotland

The Phantom of Route 40 

Every City Has It's Own Ghost Stories, Here Are The Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in America 

Proof That Spirits Can Live In Dolls (Dolls have ALWAYS creeped me out!)

Haunting Stories About Alcatraz

"Don't Look Under Your Bed": A A Short Animated Scary Tale

Spaghetti Warehouse – The Most Haunted Building in Downtown Houston

 10 Most Haunted Places in Savannah

Man possessed by ghost caught on tape?

The Tragic True Life Story of The Possession of Lurancy Vennum 

Real Paranormal Ghost Activity Caught on Tape?

Paul Walker's Ghost Caught on Camera?-(video)

CNN reports on a ghost caught on camera at Ohio gas station
(Fact or Fake?)

Ghost Caught On Camera At Perth Tearoom?


Bigfoot: The Strangest Case Of All? 

Just What Gives With This Bigfoot Fella?

The Monster of the Old Hall 

'Large Bird' Sighting - Pinchot Lake, PA

                  & WEIRD*** 

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 6

Top 15 Paranormal Creatures Caught on Tape? Can they be real?

The Mystery of the White Shark Café 

 5 Incredibly Mysterious & Unexplained Videos

The Gravity of the Situation: Remote Viewing, Gravitons, and Black Holes 

Lucky to be alive, Top 10 Amazing People Who Cheated Death 

Do you believe in reincarnation?
How Many Times Do You Think You Have Been Reincarnated?

The Craziest Cannibal Attacks in History

Jolly Old Britain Is Full Of Paranormal Mysteries Which May Never Be Solved

Daily 2 Cents: 'It looked through the window...' -- OBE or Something Much Different? -- X-Files Creator 'wants to believe'

Daily 2 Cents: Woman Thought She Was Dead For Over A Year -- Alien-Like, Elongated Skull Found in Russia -- UFO Hovered Outside of Window


Daily 2 Cents: 'I Looked Inside An Orb' -- UFO Buzzes Vintage B-25 Mitchell Bomber -- White 'Globes' Over Osaka, Japan


Daily 2 Cents: Strange Night at Home -- Huge Disc Lands / Abducts Two Boys -- Update...Scranton Bigfoot Encounter / Newly Reported Attack


Daily 2 Cents: An Astral Perception Perspective -- Giant Land Snail Invasion! -- Live Television Exorcism


Strange Mysteries Surrounding Royal Children 

Advanced Surgical Implant Found In Ancient Mummy 

“The Devil’s Breath” – World’s Scariest Drug Can Block Free Will, Wipe Your Memory, & Even Kill (video)

 5 Creepy Happenings in History You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Woman Dissapears in the Air (video)

The 10 Creepiest Things Ever Unearthed During Archaeological Digs 

Strange Photos & Weird Illusions Before The Era Of Photoshop 

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