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             ***ISSUE # 49***
          ***UFOS & ALIENS***  

JFK wrote to the CIA demanding access to their files about UFOs 
(Some people actually believe that's what got him killed)


Knapp's News Articles - Coast to Coast AM

Knapp's News  Articles - Coast to Coast AM

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – "UFO Superpowers" S02E12 

UFO Footage Taken near Texas/Mexico Border Creates Controversy 

Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting 'new evidence' Claim 

New Evidence Suggests Long Term Cover Up of Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting 

Return to Rendlesham: Should We Revisit the Idea of Extraterrestrials? 

Huge UFO Over Western New York Changes Witness From A Skeptic To A Believer - Video 

Space Station Evacuated as Mysterious Object Approaches 

Commercial Pilots Witness UFO On A Flight Between Osaka and Istanbul 

Flying Saucers and Kenneth Arnold (The Man Who Came Up With That Name)

"ALIEN ABDUCTIONS", Eye-Witness Accounts From Those Who Experienced Them-(Full Length Documentary)

Slender 'Alien' Recorded Watching Family In Mexico

Space Alien Filmed In Mexico???

Saucer-shaped Objects over Seattle Caught on Camera 

The VIMANA, Strange 'flying Machines' From Ancient India-(video)

Georgia Military Witnesses See Metallic Disc Shaped UFO Cross Highway, Makes Drawings


NASA Camera Catches Red UFO Passing Space Station At Enormous Speed-video

Mexico: Senior Citizen Allegedly Run Over by UFO

Strange Huge Reddish Sphere Seen Over Arkansas, California AND South Africa! (Video)

Cylinder-shaped UFO Witnessed over Glenpool, Oklahoma 

UFO Hunter Captures Slow Moving UFO Over Oregon-Video 

Unidentified Object Witnessed by Father/Daughter in Johns Creek, Georgia 

Argentina: Hunter Claims He Shot "An Extraterrestrial"

Mysterious Light Captured Flying Across Volcano 

Mexico: Truckers Startled by UFOs in Yucatan 

UFO Videotaped over Desert Hot Springs, California 

UFO Spotted During Incredible Thunderstorm - Illinois-(video)

Two, Unknown Flying Objects Witnessed over Ohio 

Daytime UFO sighting over Bensenville, Illinois 

Police Investigate Footage Showing UFOs In Mid-Air Collision Over St. Petersburg 

1966: The Corning Boomerang UFO 

Triangle - shaped fleet of UFOs recorded over Rockland, Main 


RENDLESHAM: Air Force chief feared attack after he saw 'UFO fire laser' and 'flashing object exploded in the woods' 


Scottish UFO Sighting Unearthed, Incredible Photo and Short Video 



UFO sighting above Texas  (Extremely good video)

Disc-shaped UFO Hovers Motionless in sky Near Wright-Patterson Base-video

UFO seen flying over Police Involved Riot in Canada 

UFO Captured On NASA Camera

Green Pulsating UFO Captured Above Canada

Silver Disc UFO Captured Above Australia

Disc Shaped UFO Captured On News Broadcast

Unusual Rotating UFO Captured In Photos

Clear UFOS  Captured Flying Above Connecticut 

Cylinder UFO Captured Above Oklahoma. 

 UFO Sighting Spotted Hovering Above Kentucky

How the Roswell UFO Theory Got Started 


Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons? Watch this video and decide for yourself


The Latest Paranormal News and Views Haunted House Profits, Thunderbird Sighting, Blood Rain

More Encounters with the Black-Eyed People

Pregnant woman sees 'ghost' of her mum staring back at her from BABY scan

As Scary as they are, these creepy cemeteries are beautiful and worth a visit if you dare

10 Most Haunted Places In Scotland

Is this footage of a ghost pirate in a shipwreck themed bar in Warrington?

Amazing picture of a ghost captured at Torquay Museum 

The Ghost  WWII Bombers of the United Kingdom 

Aircraft Museum Ghost 




Selina Scott claims her farmhouse is HAUNTED leaving her dogs traumatized 

Poveglia Island Has a Chilling History & Is Definitely Haunted

10 Scary Clowns that Will Make You Cry (If you weren't scared of clowns before, check these out and you will be now)


  Ohio's Post Boy Road is Haunted, thanks to John Funston


Original 'Braxton County Monster' Drawing Rediscovered...What Was It?

Exploring American Monsters: Iowa 

Strange "Troll" Creature Photographed in Rural Pennsylvania

Reader Recalls Childhood Encounters With Hideous Trolls

Chile: Uncanny Winged Creatures Over Santiago de Chile

Scary New Fish Species Discovered in Underwater Volcanoes 

                  & WEIRD***

The Mystery Disappearances of the Bennington Triangle (People go in, but never come out. So where are they?)


The Mystery of the Yellowstone Lake Whispers 

9 Commonly Reported Phenomena When We Die. 

Accident or Murder? The Paisano Pass Train Mystery

The Strange & Frightening Story Behind The Dibbuk Box Goes Back Centuries-video



Texas Invaded by French Killer Wasps and Giant Centipedes 

Astral Projection: Doorway to a New Dimension (It may be easier than you think)

Daily 2 Cents: 'Mini Ice Age' Coming Soon -- The Roswell UFO Theory Genesis -- Elusive Tasmanian Tiger Hunt Continues


Daily 2 Cents: Graverobbers Steal Skull of 'Nosferatu' Director Murnau -- Cut by 'Little Green Men' -- Better Late Than Never

Daily 2 Cents: Japan's Robotic 'Weird Hotel' -- Flesh-Eating Bacteria Could Spread Worldwide -- Operation Jade Helm....Stay 


Daily 2 Cents: Fighting Off the Aliens -- Dodging Space Junk -- Revealing the Crop Circle Phenomenon


Daily 2 Cents: Ruby Jewel-Like UFO Over Pennsylvania Highway -- Deafening Sound in Oshawa, Ontario -- Flying Triangles?


 In Cold Blood: The Murder of Bonny Lee Bakley (Some people think Robt Blake, like OJ,  got away with murder)

The Uncrackable Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript


Rare View of Black Hole Caught in 'Bull's-Eye' Eruption (Video)

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