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              ***ISSUE # 43***
           ***UFOS & ALIENS***  

UFO Sightings 2015 - NASA accidentally Reveals MotherShip UFO

Celebrities & UFOs/ Talking Boards-Coast to Coast AM Radio

UFO Recorded During Soccer Match in Chile-(VIDEO)

Hangar 1 Strikes Again, Pushing Yet Another Fraudulent UFO Document 

‘Massive’ Cigar UFO Reported Over Texas

UFO Orbs Photographed Over Forest Grove, Oregon

Diamond-shaped UFO Moves over Florida 

Cylinder-shaped UFO Spotted over Knoxville: Drawing Made 

Flying Object Drops from Sky, Stops Dead in Florida: Pictures Taken 

Phoenix Lights Still Unexplainable Today, Almost 20 Years Later!

'Cloaked' Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Castle Ruins In Tulum, Mexico

Rumors About ‘Swastika’ On the Moon Fuel ‘Nazi Moon Base' Theories

Columnist Cheryl Costa Shares Recent UFO Sighting 

Unimpeachable UFO Witness Returns To Scene After 35 Years 

From The Archives of 

"Phantoms & Momsters"

Strange Eyewitness Accounts

UFO Sightings Reported at Ft. Hood, Texas 

Unknown Object Caught on Photograph during Storm in Ohio 

Crop circle: Pontecurone, Alessandria, Italy

Drone Sent To ‘investigate’ Mysterious Crop Circles In Southern Russia-(video)

Newspaper Delivery Man Believes He Recorded Something Extraterrestrial

Abducted by aliens? Neurologist finds similarities in alleged victims 

Strange Black Disc Shaped UFO Captured Above Canada

Large Fleet of Glowing UFOs Seen Hovering Above Calif



Chart Showing Different Types Of UFOs That Have Been Seen

1952-Disc Shaped UFO Seen Flying Above New Jersey 

Small Mysterious Orb Shaped UFO Hovers Above Plane Show 
In Toronto 




The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Is Based On A Terrifying Real-Life Story 

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons? (Priests from around the country gathered to exorcize Mexican City)

Mandy The Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll (video) 
(Dolls really creep me out, what about you?)

The Cursed Doll Joliet 
(ANOTHER freaky, creepy doll)

Is This The Creepiest Abandoned Insane Asylum Of All time? (Video & pics)

The Strange & Creepy Glore Psychiatric Lunatic Asylum 

The haunted history behind Rolling Hills Asylum, where the committed never left!!

 Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States "Most Haunted Prison in America"-(video)

 Watch Terrifying 'Blackburn Ghost' Pursue Reversing Car Along Deserted Unlit Road in UK

'Ghost hands' spotted by Google Street camera in windows of creepy house mysteriously abandoned by owners 

The Most Haunted House On The Planet-Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England (video)

Snapchat ‘Ghost’ in hospital corridor might be something else entirely 

Real scary ghost caught on tape in the subway?

The Strange & Creepy Story of Hell town, Ohio 

5 Haunted Paintings People Refuse To Keep In Their Homes 

Some Terrifying Things That Happen At These Creepy Cemeteries You Wouldn't Want to Be Caught Dead In 

As if cemeteries weren't spooky enough, check out these 8 Creepiest Tombstones Ever 

The Ghost of Ann Walker: England's Creepiest Paranormal Legend 

How the power of suggestion can ruin your ghost hunt 

Haunted house for sale comes  with ‘paranormal activity’ warning 

'Ghost' Of Condemned Criminal Wearing Hangman's Hood Photographed In Former Prison Cell 

Best Evidence Of The Shadow People, (Do you think they are Real? )- video

10 Bone-Chilling Urban Legends
(I always say, "Behind every Urban Legend, Fairy Tale or Ghost story...there's always a little truth")

10 Creepy Urban Legends From Around The World (A little truth?)


Is Bigfoot in Pennsylvania? Sightings reported for more than 150 years. (Videos)

Real Mermaids or Sirenomelia? 

17 Creatures too weird to possibly be real. But they ARE!

Strange Alien Stick-like creatures caught on security camera above Fresno in Yosemite 

                  & WEIRD***

Are Angels real? Read these true stories of encounters with angels.

What’s Really Going on at Fukushima? 

What Mysterious Force Caused Lampreys to fall from the sky onto Alaskan town?

Daily 2 Cents: Barrel Jellyfish Invasion -- Drone Checks Out Russian Crop Formation -- Demon Plagued Mexico Receives 'Exorcismo Magno'

Daily 2 Cents: Earthquake Gods Still Angry -- Orange Orb Crossed Road -- Tenants Warned About Poltergeist

This Experiment On Dream Telepathy From The 60′s Is Unreal!  (Video)

Stephen Hawking Says There Are 3 Things That Could Destroy Mankind 

Uncovering the Mystery 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen 


Blackbeard's Ship Confirmed off North Carolina (Arrrrrr!)


In Search for Alien Life, Experts Reveal Cutting-Edge Science

NASA Discovers Planets And Stars Give Off Music-This Is What It Sounds Like (Prepare to be amazed)

NASA Space Sounds

Spectacular Neon Blue Lava Pours From Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano At Night (Pics & video)

          ***JUST FOR FUN***

A Nostalgic Look Back at a simpler time. Remembering from 1969, the show about a man & his motorcycle. Riding into town each week to solve another problem & then riding off into the sunset on his Harley. The show? "Then Came Bronson"

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