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             ***ISSUE # 38***

           ***UFOS & ALIENS***
UFO NEWS - Latest UFO Sightings 

Best UFO Sightings Uncovering Flying Saucers Mystery Files (video)

Compilation of the Best Recent UFO Sightings (video)

Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2015 (video)

E.T. and the Brookings Institution 

UFOs and the Robertson Panel 

Testimony Of Dying CIA Official , About UFO's And The Extraterrestrial reality (video)

Former NASA Astronaut Explains The UFO Cover-up In Less Than 5 Minutes (video)

The 5 Main Extraterrestrial Races In Contact With Earth Right Now: What You Need To Know 

Have Some UFO and Alien Sightings Been Claimed As Miracles?

Authentic video of actual Alien?


Do You Still Need A Push To Believe In Intelligent Alien Life The Universe? Maybe these videos will help make up your mind. 

Close Encounters Of The Official Kind, UFOs Are No Longer A Theory! 

The Truth About Alien Abductions (video)

Monks Pray For Answers to Why a UFO Visited Their Temple (video)

'Warminster Thing' marked in 50th anniversary UFO mural

We've all heard of the "Men in Black", wait til you read about
The Macabre “Gypsy” in Black 

KGB Record of Alien Races (Full length documentary)

Did NASA Send SOS To Alien Ships To Rescue Troubled 1970 Apollo 13 Crew?

UFO Conspiracy Theories That Range from The Bizarre To The Believable 

Hanger 1: The UFO Files - S02E08 - The Smoking Gun 

Michigan 1966 UFO sightings 

: Blue UFO Over Taiwan Caught By Wedding Photographer

Ohio witnesses watch UFO for two hours 

Maine family drives by hovering triangle UFO 

Do Russians Have The Inside Track On UFOs and Aliens? 

A UFO Hot Spot - Northumberland, Pennsylvania - Part 1

A UFO Hot Spot - Northumberland, Pennsylvania

 Fleet of UFOs over Ullapool, Scotland Seen During Sunset 

Silent Triangle UFO Filmed Over Vallejo, California (video)


UFO sighting over Terrebonne, Canada (video)

1989-UFO Sighting Over New York State - 200 Ft Long With Double Antennas 


This Day In UFO History: April 19, 1978 Colfax, Wisconsin Police Officer Takes Photo Of UFO


More than 2,000 UFO believers gather in California because they don’t want you ‘snickering’ at them

Giant UFO Seen In Orbit Viewed From Space Station

Thousands of People Confirm UFO Crash in Bolivia 

 UFO Seen From Passenger Jet Over Liverpool, England 

 Five White UFOs Shoot Into Erupting Volcano In Chile 

 UFO Over Rome, Italy Buzzes Passenger Jet 

First UFO Spotted at Recent Japanese Volcano Eruption 

UFO Flies Quickly Past Erupting Volcano in Japan (video)

UFO that appeared near the Sun, was depicted in ancient glyph in Egypt! 

 Crop Circle In Southern Holland 

New crop circle report from Dorset, UK 

Gray Hay Field’s Crop Circle: Aliens or Prank? 


NASA Zooms In Camera On UFO At Space Station On Live Cam! 

Clinton Township, Michigan: Cigar shaped object following a storm cloud 

2013-Strange unidentified flying objects caught on tape over Encinitas in California 

Is this a freaky cloud, or a strange UFO hovering over New Zealand? 

Governments Strategic Operating Manual on Crashed UFOs and Their Extraterrestrial Occupants (video)

White UFO Over Massachusetts Neighborhood In Daytime. 

 U.F.O Captured Changing Colors Over San Antonio,Texas 

Glowing UFOs over San Diego, California 

UFO Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center

Two Massive UFOs Seen Over Pampanga, Philippines 

Triangle - shaped UFO sighting filmed over Seattle, Washington 



Demons and the Defense Department 

"The Dybbuk Box"
Every person that has owned this box has experienced horrible paranormal events. 

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Real 

The Abandoned Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, the Creepiest Place You'll Ever See 

This Creepy Abandoned Wax Museum Will Make You Feel Like You’re in a Horror Film

Real Life American Horror Story: Creepy Clowns Stalk California Town (video)

Ghost Car Disappears During Police Chase [Video] (Pretty sure this was explained on the "Fact or Fake" TV show, but still an interesting video)

The Vampire of Bladenboro 

Experiencing the True Horror of Sleep Paralysis 

Investigating the Ghosts of Cassadaga, Florida, the Psychic Capital of the World

Proof That Ghosts Exist? Check Out The Top 10 Most Haunted Places On Earth (video)

The Cursed Forest of Massachusetts 

North Carolina Woman Captures Ghostly Apparition in Campfire


Golden Springs Gray Bigfoot Sighting (video)

Michigan Police Look for Horse-Killing Sasquatch or Big Cat 

The Greenock Catman, Scotland's Glowing-Eyed, Rat-Eating Mystery

                  & WEIRD***

Human Experimentation: Implants, Pathogens & Biological Material


Do You See The Same Repeating Numbers.....All The Time? 

Even Without Drugs, Many Hallucinate – Especially Nuns 

We’re One Step Closer to an Attack by Giant Killer Tomatoes 

Mysterious Magazine – In Print 

The Enduring Mystery of Marilyn Monroe 

Mysterious Holes in Swiss Lake and Swiss Cheese Explained 

Daily 2 Cents: Was Roswell Crash Debris / Occupants Relocated to MacDill AFB?


Daily 2 Cents: Hooded Figure Spooks Drivers in Australia -- Odd Anomaly / UFO Photographed -- Fisherman Impaled to Death by Swordfish


Daily 2 Cents: Dark Beam From 'No Where' -- Frightening UFO Encounter -- Curious Orb Maneuvers


Daily 2 Cents: Giant Oarfish Washes Up On California's Catalina Island -- Abducted and Implanted -- Toowoomba is Australia's Most Haunted Place


Daily 2 Cents: How Much is Your Body Worth on the Black Market? -- Don't Screw With This Roo! -- My Three Alien Encounters


Strange Mysteries of the Appalachian Mountains 


Famous Anomalous Apes In The Movies 

Star Wars Speeder Bike and McFly Hoverboard One Step Closer (video) [Sign me up!! I want one!!]

God-like Cyborgs, Self-Adapting Robots and Droid Derrieres 

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