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             ***ISSUE # 40***  
          ***UFOS & ALIENS*** 

UFO sighting Report #205   

Fleets of UFOs Seen Flying Over England and Georgia (Signs of a pending invasion?)

Underground UFO bases in China & India

Entire Armada Of UFOs Caught Over Mexico [Video] (There must be 100 of them!!)

Alien Structures on the Moon. NASA Cover Up. (Video)

UFO sighting above Sebring, Florida (video)

An Incredible Mass UFO Sighting In Alabama 25 Years Ago Still Remembered Today 

The Horrifying Tale of the Flatwoods Monster, a Haunting, Unsolved UFO Mystery 

Five Different Current UFO Stories Making News - UFO Report Video

Witness Watches Cigar Shape UFO Fly Silently At Low Altitude Above Florida Golf Course, Draws Sketch of UFO

Two Men Have Close Encounter in Alaska with 2 "Little Green Aliens"

Do You Believe There Is A Government UFO Cover-Up? 

Why We May Never Get Full UFO Disclosure 

Interesting Video of Huge UFO Above Krasnodar, Russia

Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs? 

UFO with Dual lights, changing Red to Green, over Indianapolis. 

UFOs Filmed Above Moons Surface (video shows how a 'two-camera' system works)

Skywatch & Summoning UFO video from San Diego, California 

UFO sighting above San Diego, California (video)

UFO sighting recorded near Solar Halo, Mexico 

500 Pages Of Australian Government UFO Files Unearthed

Could Giant Skull-Like Object on Mars Could be From 10-Foot Alien?

5 Warning Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens and Not Even Know It (There are MANY other signs, these are most common)

The Grinning Man in Black 

Who Were Those Guys?

(An MIB Encounter?)

Country Music Singer Kacey Musgraves Is Afraid Of Alien Adbuctions (And more you don't know about her)

Collection of "Aliens" caught on tape. (Some look pretty convincing, some don't. You tell me)


UFOs Reported Over Saigon During Vietnam War (See Documented proof)

"16 UFO Encounters During The Vietnam War" (Never reported to 'Project Blue Book' STILL classified 50 years later)

Alien Spacecraft Crashed In China's Western Region?

NASA Prepares ‘Flying Saucer’ of it's own for Take Off

UFO Encountered by Two Australian Aircraft – That's Official

Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above Utah


Huge Triangle Shaped UFO Spotted Flying Above Iceberg in Newfoundland. 

Huge Hole In The Clouds Above Florida For 15 Minutes. 

Large UFO Caught Flying In The Sky During Football Game Over St Louis

Grey Disc Shaped UFO Caught Hovering Above Japan

1967-Grey Disc Shaped UFO Spotted Flying Above Rhode Island

1981-Silver Disc Shaped UFO Caught Above Vancouver Island

2005-Disc Shaped UFO's Caught Flying Above Connecticut

Circular UFO Caught Hovering Motionless Above Cornwall


Do you believe in ghosts? Check out this awesome doc of real-life ghost stories. (Video) 


Creepy Ghostly Images You Have To See To Believe...and even then...maybe you won't. 


New England Ghost Still Searching For Her Lover (video)

Ghost Writers - Books, novels, poetry and music said to be written by spirits

Ghost Girl Asks For A Ride. 
(Then tells them where she crashed and died!) Real or ?

Family Troubles: The Infamous Borden Murders

Six Seriously Spooky Cemetery Stories

These Vintage Disney Mascots from the 50's probably gave a lot of kids visiting Disneyland nightmares for years!

Disneyland, "The Happiest Place On Earth"...(Except for the people who died there!) The list Disney would rather keep quiet.

Resurrection Mary, The Ghost Who Walks. (Video)

 Mexico police officers capture freaky 'ghost creature' on their station CCTV camera 

 5 Creepy Folklore Stories From Around The World

Ghost girl kneeling on floor of deserted country Victoria asylum caught in photo?

The Curious Case of Jim Sullivan, The Musician Who "Vanished".... and Never Returned

The tale of Lightwood Road - haunted by young boy's spirit 

14 Freaky Paranormal Photos 


27 Eerie Abandoned Places From Around The World. The House In The Woods Is Terrifying 

 31 Haunting Places That Prove Nature Is An Unstoppable Force
(Nature always claims what we abandon)

Angel and demon both appear in photograph 

The Haunted Village of the Damned 

Five Haunted Spots You Probably Didn't Know About That Are Actually Underwater (video)

These 10 Abandoned Places in Pennsylvania Will Haunt Your Dreams

TV News Video: 1880s 'haunted' mansion for sale for only $108,000! (Wonder if they take checks?)

15 Real Ghost Stories That Will Scare You More Than You Think


Some of the spookiest haunted homes from around the country & the terrifying stories behind them. 

The Cursed History of the Lemp Family Mansion

12 Terrifying True Stories From People Who Will Never Forget Them 

24 Most Terrifying and Haunted Places You'd Never Want To Be In

Fifteen Haunting North Dakota Ghost Towns

Abandoned Towns, Screaming Witches... Some road trips you might NOT want to take. 


Beware of the Bunny Man! 


Car passes through 'Shadow Person' caught on security cam


Bath County, KY Bigfoot Sightings

Squatchback Mountain: Questioning the Sexuality of Bigfoot

Messin’ with Sasquatch: Beach Hole (Funny TV ad)

Skunk Ape Seen By Multiple Witnesses 

These Weird Alien-Looking Creatures Washed Up After The Floods In Texas Last Week. 

Marsupial Sabre-Tooths, Queensland Tigers, Blue Mountains Lions, and a Most Elusive Crypto-Cutting 

Exploring American Monsters: Idaho 

Mystery 'SEA MONSTER' skeleton washes up on shore 

Russian Sea Monster Possibly Identified After Eight Years 

The Truth Behind 5 'Real Monsters' That Fooled the Internet 

10 Bizarre But Real Sea Creatures That Washed Ashore

This old photo is making the rounds AGAIN, so before everybody goes nuts trying to figure it out, let me tell you right now, it's an old, old, OLD hoax. 


                  & WEIRD***

5 Unexplained Supernatural Phenomena (video)

The Deep Mysteries of the World’s Deepest Lake 

10 Strange Tales Of Russian Paranormal Phenomena -Videos

Daily 2 Cents: Police Officer Witnessed 'Big Cat' in Edinburgh -- The Teller at the Bank -- Is it Spiritual or Alien?

The Mysterious Ainu of Japan 

10 Recurring Dreams and What They Mean 

Do you believe in Psychic Vampires? 
How to Deal With Psychic Vampires: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

10 Real Victims Of The CIA's MKULTRA Program (Pics & videos)

Police Say Pizzerias Cooked With "Used" Wood From Coffins Stolen Lrom Local Cemeteries

They Stumbled Across This In The Woods... Beneath It Was A Terrifyingly Awesome Secret.


Disease and the eerie Art of Medical Illustration

'SkyNet' Is Becoming A Reality, Autonomous Drone That Never Lands Just Patented By Boeing

"Back To The Future" Hoverboard is here NOW!
See The World Record Flight of an actual Hoverboard!!

         ***JUST FOR FUN***

The Murder Chronicles: A New Orleans Murder Mystery
(An Inter-Active Mystery Where YOUR Suggestions May Actually Shape The Story. Find Out How YOU Can Help Write The Next Chapter)

For Sale: Ghoulish Grave Yard Grill For Backyard Barbeques
(Real coffin made for the movie "Death at a Funeral", converted to one-of-a-kind BBQ Grill. Asking price $4,500.)

Death: A Self Portrait; A collection of art works & celebration of life currently on display in England. Very interesting. 

A collection of various skull chairs & furniture.

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