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             ***ISSUE # 36***

           ***UFOS & ALIENS***

5 Signs 2015 Could Finally Be The Year of Alien Disclosure 

'Alien Ship' Offers Assistance To Apollo 13 Crew? (video)

Mass UFO sighting in Australia 1966 

The Time a UFO Invaded Los Angeles: "UFO Diary" Movie Recreates the Great LA Air Raid of 1942-(video)

UFOs Cases As Seen And Reported By Astronauts 

8 Possible Explanations for UFOs 

Listen Closely To What A U.S. Air Force Colonel Has To Say About UFOs (video)

Lifelong Interaction With Aliens From Another Dimension Told In New Book "The Forgotten Promise"-(video)

Redditor asks former NASA engineer where the UFO’s are, see what he had to say. 

What's Really Going On Inside Area 51? 

Was Roswell a Soviet Experiment Gone Wrong? 

We know they've been visiting us for years, where do they visit the most?
Top 10 Countries on Earth, as Voted by Aliens 

Ancient Alien "Gods": The Wandjina

Extra Terrestrial Life – Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight

Did Kennedy's Interest in UFOs Get Him Killed? 

Robert Perala Material - Coast to Coast AM
Guest Robert Perala shares material in tandem with his appearance. Pictured is a photo taken by Jeff Grenshaw in 1973. Three of these same ET-styled astronauts took Robert Perala aboard a spacecraft from Lake Tahoe, California on December 27th, 1977. He was returned sunburned and soaked in a honey-like substance upon his return. More in the video

UFO activity above volcano Colima, Mexico 

 Mysterious Photos of Possible UFOs NASA Doesn't Want Us To See. 

Couple Takes Photo Of Strange UFO At Low Altitude - UK 

Spain: The Springtime Siege of Malaga (1974)

The Most Mysterious Satellite Images Ever Captured 

 Spain: Giant UFO Caused Traffic Jam in 1968

Clear Video Of Very Bizarre UFO Taken From Jet Over New Zealand 

UFO Spotted While Driving - video 

UFO: Video of hovering lights 'the real deal' claim alien chasers

Green UFO's Hover Above Witnesses House In Texas

UFO's Spotted Making Weird Formations Above England


Orange Glowing UFO's Spotted Above Colorado

Grey Disc Shaped UFO Captured Above California




This Sci-Fi-Looking Resort Built on top of a graveyard, Was Abandoned For Too Much Deadly Paranormal Activity. 

Creepy photos that give "nightmare" a new meaning. 

Strange shadowy figure captured on time-lapse camera in Oregon 

Ghostly figure found on real estate listing photo 

 Who, or What, is the "Owl Man" of Haverfordwest?

5 Frightening Entities You Can Summon At Home...But you Shouldn't! Really, you shouldn't!

Does Ghost of Lincoln Haunt The White House? (How Haunted IS The White House?)

10 Terrifying Places Haunted By The Ghosts Of Brutal Violence 

 Scary Video! Creepy creatures caught on film. 

World's most haunted hotels  - Videos

The 18 Most Haunted Places In Australia 

Haunted house staff spooked by Ghostly girl

Top 10 Most Haunted Places In the World (video)

Ghosts spook staff at luxury rental building. 

Zombie Road: The True Story of one of Missouri's Most Mysterious places. 

These 15 Real Ghost Stories May Cause You To Lose Sleep

Haunted homes, hospitals, jails, schools, and lodgings in America 

An interesting take on "Shadow People"

 In the Shadow of the Shapeshifters

The Real Amityville Horror-(Full Documentary)

America's six most-haunted houses: And the ghost stories behind them. 

Oklahoma lake reveals its secrets after 40 years: Car wrecks with bodies of teens whose car spun off road and missing middle-aged friends found by coincidence


Four Witnesses Spot 'Bigfoot' in Alabama Road Draw Sketch

Top 10 Locations To Find Bigfoot 

Why Is Sasquatch So Hard to Find and Document? 

Huge Teeth Marks in Bones May Be Proof of Bigfoot 

"Yowie" caught on tree cam

The dancing shovel-snouted lizard - Videos

Mysterious monster-like creature spotted in Oklahoma (Jersey Devil? Chupacabra? Wait til you find out what it really is)

Meet the soul-sucking "dementor" wasp (It doesn't just sting it's prey, it turns them into Zombies then eats them!)

                  & WEIRD***

10 Of The Strangest And Most Bizarre Events  From The 19th Century 

Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Ship Missing For 90 Years, Suddenly Reappears With No One On Board. 

Four Frightening (and Real) Robots (video)

Craigslist Ad Seeks an Immortal Lesbian Vampire "For Immortality" Purposes

25 Of The Strangest Superstitions From Around The World 

A Man Built A Gold Pyramid Home in Illinois And Found Mysterious Energy 

Jaw-Dropping Claims Made by William Cooper in 'Behold a Pale Horse', from Aliens & UFOS to why JFK was assassinated may have gotten him killed. 

Man Predicts Terror Attack in Out-of-Body Experience (video)

These 7 Things Happen To You When You Die 

Pennsylvania woman sues over home's "murder/suicide" history 
(Should sellers be required to disclose a house's chilling past?)

Daily 2 Cents: Dugway...the New Area 51? -- India Heatwave Kills 800, Literally Melts Roads -- 5-Year Abduction Ordeal


10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human Origins 

These Skeletons Were Found In Roman Catacombs And You'll Never Believe What They're Wearing And Why. 

Black Widow Spider In Bag Of Grapes Bites Vermont Woman
(I'm never eating grapes AGAIN!)

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