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             ***ISSUE # 33***

          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

The Alien Reality - UFO Disclosure, Dark Journalist Interviews Linda Moulton Howe 

Airline Passenger Captures Orbs on Video over Atlanta, GA 

Cigar Shaped UFO Caught Hovering Above England

Man Behind 1947’s UFO Roswell Incident Linked to Alien Hoaxes 

The Alien Mummy: The Oldest Hoax In UFO history 

News Report Of UFOs Buzzing A Naval Base In Canada (video)

UFO sighting over Tallahassee, Florida (video)

Bizarre Morphing UFO Or Portal Appears Over Florida Town (video)

 Blue Glowing UFO Seen Hovering Above Russia



Photographer Captures Bizarre Fleet of UFOS Over Spain 

Norway’s Hessdalen Valley: Where UFO Mania Meets 

Photo of Walking Alien near Budapest, Hungary? (Bad photoshop)

Multiple red UFO lights over Sau Paulo, Brazil (video)

Cigar - shaped UFO sighting recorded over Vancouver Island, Canada 

Senior US Senator's Report Of Seeing 'TWO UFOs' Was 'covered Up', as revealed by Secret Documents 

1993-Huge UFO at West Point Academy

10 UFOs That Allegedly Left Physical Evidence Behind 

Growing Up With The Men In Black

Fleet Of Spherical UFO's Captured On Tape Over The Philippines (video)

 Dimensional Portal Caught On Film Over Netherlands. 

Locations of flying saucers:  Map created to spot UFO activity in the U.S.A. 

Interview With Obama's Pilot That Claims Close Encounter With A UFO (video)

60 Kids Recount Witnessing Non-Humans Emerge From UFO 


Video of UFO following behind train in Russia? (What the Heck is following that train???)

Interesting Video of UFO sighting near SOHO Sun 

Extraterrestrial Found in Russian Lab – Alien or Human? 

Marvin Gaye Tribute Singer Films UFO Fleet Over Birmingham While Photographing Rainbows. 

UFO or Ghost inside Fame Museum in Downtown Titusville, Florida? (Video)

Crop circle near Gropiusstadt, Germany (video)

UFO sighting over Ystad, Sweden (video)

Strange sighting above Florida, UFO? Portal? (Video)

Mysterious UFO sighting over Ceres (video)

"New" Alien Photographs from Roswell, Or Just The Same Old Claptrap We've Seen Before?

2011-UFO Sighted at Kentucky Lake, Witness Report. 

Patent Exposed: The Flying Saucer of Nikola Tesla 

Survey Reveals Which UK Towns Are Best For Seeing UFOs, Ghosts And Even Naked Neighbors. (Say what??)

UFO Sighting 1955: Disc-Shape Seen By Senator Richard Russell In The USSR 

UFO Filmed In Florida Over Professional Golf Tournament 

UFO of secret fighter jet? Mysterious triple triangle craft pictured flying over Texas 

The Night Doctors: the terror behind the abduction phenomenon 


16 Signs That Your House is Haunted

Spooky Videos from Abandoned Horton Mine May Be Best Paranormal Evidence In Years!

A Suffocating Evil; Family Shares Ranch With Ghosts From The Past. 

 Creepy Ghost Photo Shows a Strange Face Floating in the Darkness

The 5 Most Extreme Halloween Haunted Houses in America 

Pabna school closed over ‘toilet ghost’ panic 

Real Vampires Are Here Among the Living

CCTV Camera Captures Best Paranormal Evidence in Years

Secret History of Camp Hero: America's Weirdest State Park is haunted by Montauk Monsters, Human Experiments, and a Hidden Base (videos)

New Jersey's "Haunted Shades of Death Road" Is The Scariest, Most Terrifying Stretch of Pavement in America

Would You Dare To Cross These 8 Haunted Bridges? After Reading These Scary Stories You Will Want To Avoid Bridges For Life! 

Ghost Photo Roundup: The Creepiest Images That Hit the Web This Week

The Terrifying Tale of the Fear Parasite: A Violent Ghost Afraid of Fire


Professor Claims Scientific Evidence of Bigfoot's Existence



Grave of Sasquatch: Was Bigfoot Killed in Mount St. Helens' Eruption?



The Mysterious Giant Salamanders of Northern California 

                  & WEIRD***


8 Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught, And Could Still Be On The Prowl. 

(Going to the dentist is a scary thought for a kid, imagine if he's a psychopath?)
"Horrifying Dentist Allegedly Choked & Beat Kids, And Took Out Teeth for No Reason!"

Daily 2 Cents: Yikes! Duppy Attends Funeral -- 92-Year-Old Woman Eats Sand Daily -- Roswell's UFO Museum Founder Passes Away


Daily 2 Cents: Disturbing UFO Experience -- Hawking Warns of Rise of Robots -- Orange Orb Encounter


Daily 2 Cents: Remembering Dr. David Kelly -- Mystery X-37B Mission Launches Wednesday -- Strange Signal From Space


Daily 2 Cents: Does the 'Leaf Man' Exist? -- Otherworldly Being in Night Club -- Raining Spiders


Daily 2 Cents: Top 10 New Species -- Kim Jong-un Rant Scares Staff -- Dentist From Hell


Daily 2 Cents: Horrendous! Mayan Pyramid Bulldozed -- Saudi Arabia Hiring Eight New Executioners -- Buying & Selling Haunted Real Estate


Daily 2 Cents: Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel -- What Did I Encounter? -- 'Haunted House'...Really Haunted


Stories About Time Travel That Just Might Be True.


Oldest Stone Braclet Discovered In Russia, Possibly 40,000 Years Old 

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

         ***JUST FOR FUN***

Victor Noir's Magic Boner: For a Better Love Life, Rub this Dead Guy's Magic Crotch ( I don't make this stuff up!)

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