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             ***ISSUE # 29***

          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Sad to report:
"Star Trek" Actress Grace Lee Whitney Dies at 85. Played 'Janice' on the iconic series.  

UFO Orbs Captured on Video near Erupting Calbuco Volcano in Chile

UFO Spotted Near Chilean Volcano - Coast to Coast AM

Triangular-Shaped UFO Sighted at the Nellis AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Area

Plane Observed Escorting Unidentified Object over Louisiana

1975-Five Navy Pilots Encounter UFO in Florida

April, 2000-Disc Seen Over Cloverdale Elementary School; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Seen by dozens. 

Proof We Are Not Alone with Stanton Friedman & Kathleen Marden 

Orb Splits into Two, Drops An Orb over Niagara Falls


Professional Photographer Captures UFO over Rome

‘UFO’ Captured on Camera in Hastings 

Triangle craft over Belgium 
(Photo taken during Belgium UFO Wave of 1989)

"DIA Secrecy on UFO's" - John Maynard, Ret. Intelligence Analyst (Full Documentary)

Unknown & Unexplained Encounters


UFO over Oregon Causes Witness Physical & Emotional Trauma. 

Two Witnesses Describe UFO Sighting over New Hampshire

Fran "The Nanny" Drescher Believes She Was Abducted By Aliens 

Interesting Video of a bright UFO sighting near ISS 

Three Witnesses Observe Chevron-shaped UFO in Illinois

Transparent Triangular UFO Followed By Helicopter - Florida 

Top 10 Examples of Paranormal Spook Light Phenomenon

Passenger films UFO orbs from airplane

Multiple UFOs Spotted over Louisiana

Newspaper clipping of UFO over Washington DC in 1958

Three UFOs over Austria 

2011-Light UFO photographed over Arbroath, Scotland 

Four Unidentified Objects Witnessed over British Columbia, Canada

UFO Cover-up? Canadian Defense Minister Hellyer Says So

Fast Moving UFO Caught on Time Lapse Camera in Florida

Man Claims He Has Seen A UFO Every Night Over Bakersfield, CA 

Unidentified Object Videotaped over Virginia Beach Town Center


UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds

Skywatcher Captures UFO in Photograph near Carmel, Ohio

Star-like UFO Reported over Michigan

 Aliens wearing ‘human suits’ visited casinos in Las Vegas, Former US Air Force Serviceman claims (video)

Another UFO Filmed From the International Space Station (video)


GHOST DOCUMENTARY : Haunted Homes   Episode 3  - 2015

Billionaire John Caudwell says mansion home haunted by Civil War ghost of murdered child 

10 Creepy Old Vintage Photos That Defy Explanation (But we'll try)

The 20 Most Eerily Convincing Paranormal Videos on YouTube 

New Jersey Ghost: ‘Parkway Phantom’ Haunts New Jersey’s Famous Garden State Parkway

What these friends discovered in an old photo will haunt your dreams

10 Most Terrifying Real Cases Of Demonic Possession?



The Scariest Places in All 50 States 

World's most haunted furniture include 'Ghost cane', 'death chair' and 'conjure chest' (video)

Have you ever had a "paranormal" experience with radio? Read what this couple experienced. 

Investigating the Real Story Behind Ohio’s Helltown: Legends, Lies, and Lost Truths

New Mexico: Police Officers Capture Footage of Ghost on Surveillance Camera? (Video)

A Dark Spirit Called The Shadow Man Haunts the Florida Woods and Torments a Local Family 

5 Insane Asylums and the Horrors That Happened There

Do these videos prove there are ghosts at Ashbourne Town hall? 

The Amityville horror: The boy who lived in the true-life haunted house breaks his 40-year silence 

People Who Experienced Life After Death Tell Their Stories…

 Mammoth Cave Ghosts & The Legend of Floyd Collins

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is the most haunted graveyard in America 


"Screaming Ghost Girl on the Subway" is a Nightmarish, Pants-Wetting Prank (This could SERIOUSLY give someone a heart attack)

8 Terrifying Places in the World That Hide the Darkest and Most Horrifying Secrets 

Ghostly apparitions and paranormal activity in my little house on the prairie 

 Giant Ghostly "Shadow" Caught On New Orleans Street Cam Crossing The Street

Forget Sleeping! These 15 Real Ghost Stories That Will Scare You More Than You Think

Woman claims husband's ghost impregnated her 

Absolutely The 5 Scariest Urban Legends Of All Time. 

5 Of The Most Haunted Places In America

The Radium Girls (Tragic Deaths)


Bigfoot Evidence: Man Takes An Infrared  Camera Into The Woods And Films Something Spooky (video)

Bigfoot Evidence: Oh, Wow! You Can Totally See Patty's Toes In This Enhancement (photos)

Bigfoot Evidence: Game Cam Photo From Pennsylvania Shows Possible Sasquatch

The Thunder Beasts of Japan 

Exploring American Monsters: Delaware 

29 Photos Of Nature's Most Unusual Creatures You've Probably Never Seen 

A Creepy Comic About "Kelpies", Scotland's Murderous, Supernatural Horses

                  & WEIRD***

 The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam. What on Earth happened to her? (Strange elevator video)

An Arcade Game That Caused Kids Who Played It To Have Fits Of Hysteria, Even Suicide. 
The "Data" was collected by 'Men In Black Suits
(Draw your own conclusions)
'Polybius' - The Vintage Killer Arcade Game (video)
32-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up Thinking She’s 15 

There Is a "Paranormal Activity Lab" at the University of Virginia 

Stunning Human-Like Figure Emerges From Volcanic Ash Cloud - (Video) [Optical Illusion or....?]

1971-Did the Stonehenge hippies really disappear? If they did, where to?

20 Stories That Are Too Unbelievable To Be True, But Really Are!

                  & HISTORY***

Amazing Satellite Photos From Space

Bizarre Science Fiction Is Becoming A Reality In Space Travel; Can Humans Hibernate?

The 'Episode VII' That George Lucas Originally Wanted, But Didn't Get To Make. 

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