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         ***ISSUE # 25, 2015*** 

          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

UFO NEWS - Latest Daily UFO Sightings

UFO News Reports From Around The World, And More In This Episode of "Spacing Out"

UFO Disclosure Conference In Canada - Paul Hellyer Has Some Startling Things To Say 

Looking for UFO Physical Evidence (video)

"Classic Moments in UFOlogy Ep#9"– Jesse Marcel; Roswell In His Own Words

US Presidents who saw UFOS or believe in alien life! (video) 

Alien from "Alien"voted scariest movie monster. Do you agree?

Are We Too Preoccupied To Notice Messages From Extraterrestrials? 

UFO Researchers and Authors Re-Visit Aztec Saucer Crash Site

Enrico Fermi Is Still A Rock Star With Extraterrestrial Believers - So Where Is Everybody? 

Daytime UFO sighting over New Ellenton, South Carolina 

Amazing Daytime Silver Spinning UFO (VIDEO) 

(Why I always get a window seat)

Russian Government Calls UFO Crash a "Gas Balloon Explosion"

UFOs Over Nuclear Facilities Declassified - (Documentary)

1980-Police Constable Abducted by Aliens

1997-Alien Abduction in Wales




Blue UFO Over California Baffles Local Residents - Video 

UFO Sighting Video Of Bright Blue UFO Over Bakersfield 

Valiant Thor, the Alien who Worked for the U.S. Government 

Triangle - shaped UFO sighting over Sevilla, Spain 

Massive UFO and Unusual Comet Spotted Near the Sun 

Flying Saucer UFOS of 2015

Blue UFO Captured on Video From The International Space Station 

UFO On Ground At Area 51?

Amazing Spiral Lights UFO 

Stunning Photo Of Triangle UFO Over Cathedral In Spain 

Real Alien UFO Fly Over Pacific Ocean Caught On Tape 


Was Alien Killed with a Coal Shovel in Great Britain? (An Early Abduction Encounter)

Ten Alien Encounters Debunked
(Hey, because of my own personal experiences, I totally believe in UFOS & Aliens, however not every so-called 'encounter' is a real UFO or Alien, as these will show you)

Senior Airline Pilot Shares His UFO Sighting In Detail 

Missouri Witness Loses Time After Triangle UFO Encounter

First Chinese Man To Be Abducted by Aliens in Modern Times - An Amazing Story 

The 10 Most "Mysterious" UFO Sightings of All Time!



A Strange Visit to the Grave of an 1890s Airship Occupant 

Black Smoke Ring Anomaly

UFOs on Halloween -- What Does It Mean? 

Josie's Lingering Nightmare

(Alien Abduction Experience)

Currently The Most Incredible UFOs Ever Caught on Tape!

 Alleged UFO over Buenos Aires

Aliens Are Probably Enormous, Suggests Scientist. 

Did Google Mars Pick Up A Huge UFO Parked on the Red Planet? 

5 Alien Abductions That Sound

"Aliens Are Real And Are Watching Us" Says Astronaut  Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Strange Clouds and Cloud Ships

Mysterious UFO Sighting Leaves Southern California Neighbors Puzzled

Plasma Orb Or UFO Filmed Over Tijuana, Mexico 

UFOs Over Nuclear Facilities Declassified - (Documentary)


Triangle formation hovering above Long Beach, California 

Triangle formation caught on tape over India (video)

Hundreds Of People Captured This UFO Hovering Over Houston (photo & video)


True Paranormal and Ghost Stories For April

 10 Reasons The Dead Don't Always Move Into The Light. 

About 1/2 way between Vegas & Reno, America's scariest motel is haunted... by hundreds of clowns 



Haunted Hospital For Sale! Can be yours for only $80,000. 

The Ghost of Ann Walker: England's Creepiest Paranormal Legend

J. Allen Hynek Writes Letter About Infamous Ghost Experiment 


The top 13 haunted spots in Savannah, Georgia -(Neat list if you live in Georgia)

"The Woman in Black", One Family's Terrifying Ghost Story

16 Frighteningly Creepy Things Kids Have Said To Babysitters 

These Photographs Will Give you the Chills 

Nottingham Tales (A Ghostly Encounter in the deep woods)


Eerie Photo Of Little Girl Being Followed By Ghost?

The World's 7 Most Haunted Forests Will Scare You Away From Camping Out Forever!

Whatever you do, don't exit your car on New Jersey's "Shades of Death Road"

13 Creepy Photos You Won't Believe Were Caught on Film

Top 10 Paranormal Sightings Caught on Tape. Angels? Demons? Ghosts or Aliens? 

Creepy Police Report of a Possible Paranormal Sighting 

The Ghost Child of Wintergreen Gorge - Erie, Pa 

The Actual Frightening History of the Perron family and the Harrisville Haunting (true story behind the movie "The Conjuring")

(Do you believe in reincarnation?
This story may make you a believer.)
"This Child Can Recall His Shocking Past Life In Great Detail"

Top 10 Creepiest And Most Haunted Places in The World


Ghost Caught On Tape In Oklahoma? (video)


The Sasquatch Files: Are Stick Structures Signs of Bigfoot Activity? (Video)

Is The Military & Big Corporations Covering Up Bigfoot's Existance?

'Bigfoot Cries' Recorded in Oklahoma?

Rumor or Reality: The Creatures of Cryptozoology

Four Gold Miners Killed by Sasquatch?

Our 10 Favorite Monsters Including Chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Vampires & Werewolves

On Animal Planet "Finding Bigfoot" becomes "Bigfoot Found". 


How About A Giant 100-Foot Snake Creature, the 'Borneo Monster' 


Nessie and Legendary “Worms” – The Same? 

Let's not forget the "Montauk Monster"

Mothman and the Silver Bridge 
(Man-Monkey of Bridge 39)

History of the Werewolf

Exploring American Monsters: Connecticut 

Phantom Hounds of Latin America 


Strange 'Alien Creature' Found In Borneo Identified (video)

(What in the world is this "thing"?)
Giant, Tubular Creature Caught On Camera Under The Sea

                  & WEIRD***

Top 10 Bizarre Modern Paranormal Phenomena 



Monsters, Ghosts and Gods: Why We Believe

Aurora, Texas: Supernatural Hotspot 

The Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

Bizarre Slips and Blips in Time and Reality

No One Can Explain What These 5 Mysterious Sounds Are (video)

The Strange Mysteries of the Caspian Sea 

What's Causing This Weird Desert "Hot Spot" NASA Spotted From Space?

"The Bloop" mystery has been solved: it was never a giant sea monster says NOAA

The Mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Vanished, Leaving Behind a Strange Message 

Small Gateway to Hell Opens in China 

Daily 2 Cents: Chinese Man Slept With An Alien -- NASA Predicts Alien Life Discovery Soon -- White Entity Encounter


Daily 2 Cents: Shadowy Daytime Orb UFOs -- The Lost Tomb of Jesus -- Hawaiian King's Treasures Return Home


Daily 2 Cents: Downed WWII Airmen Were Dissected Alive By Japanese Doctors -- Nun Stabs Boy In Hand -- Rare Black Flamingo Spotted In Cyprus


Daily 2 Cents: 'South of the Border' Humanoids -- Are We Ignoring Alien Technology? -- Whitehall Bigfoot

21 Of The Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That Prove There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Knowledge

Would you travel back in time to kill Hitler? Men are more likely to say yes according to research 

Great Mysteries That Can’t Be Explained…(Check them all out & see for yourself)

                  & HISTORY***

After the Assassination: Images from HBO's "Living With Lincoln" Documentary 

Stunning Photo and Video of Einstein's Ring, 12 Million Light Yrs Away 

Ground-Based Observatory Captures Ancient Galaxy's Near-Perfect Einstein Ring 

Piranha-Proof Fish Inspires Bulletproof Armor 

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