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         ***ISSUE # 17, 2015***
          ***UFOS & ALIENS***

Two Sighting Reports from David Garrison's Openline Group Members

Numerous Sightings in California - Submitted to UFO CASEBOOK by David Garrison

U.F.O.? (Shoots up into sky & does extremely fast maneuvers...location unknown)-video

Alien Pictures Found in Attic Getting A Lot Of Attention, Going Public In July. Will They Be Definitive Proof, Or Have We Seen It All Before?

The Roswell Slides: Adios 

Man in Missouri Encounters Alien

Shining Object Moves over Santa Ana, Second Object Appears

UFO Flies Over Silicon Valley at Incredible Speed 

Photos: Ray-Shaped Anomalies / Possible UFO Landing Artifacts

1998-Colorful Disc Spotted over Submarine Base in Washington

World's Strangest UFO Sightings -[Video]

Dark, Unknown Object Videotaped over Arizona

Buzz Aldrin Describes His Out-Of-This-World Encounter With A “UFO”

UFO Spotted Over Arizona-video

After a UFO crashed in 1897, this Texas town buried the dead alien in their cemetery 


Photos in Indiana Show Unknown Flying Objects

The 13 Alien-Like Skulls Found All-Over Mexico

Bright Star-like Object Witnessed over Illinois

Unknown Object Videotaped over Barrie, Ontario

Photographs from Colima Volcano Webcam Show Unidentified Objects

Top 14 UFO Sightings Of Year 2014 [Video]

Great Compilation Of UFOs Transiting The Moon-video

UFO Seen in Video of Planet Venus

Odd Figure 'walking' On The Moon? Alien? [Video]

What Would Alien Life Look Like On Titan? (It wouldn't be what you might think)

Alien Life Might Not Mean What We Think It Means-video

Unidentified strange noises continue in March.-video

Magnolia Man Believes He Saw a UFO - Snaps Photo

Skyline cam catches UFO over Donetsk, Ukraine-video

More Witnesses Come Forward in Canadian UFO Sighting 

Thousands of People Reportedly Spot UFO Over Argentina (Originally Reported in January)

Several Unidentified Lights Reported over Horsham, Pennsylvania

Scientists Document UFO Footage from Norway

Two UFOs Hover Above Home in Barwell, Leicestershire

Two UFOs Caught On Video Merging Into One 

Unknown Object, Two Helicopters Seen over London New Cross Train Station

Airplane Passenger Snaps Unknown Flying Object from Phoenix Bound Plane

Female Airline Passenger Records A UFO Over Liverpool Doing Stunt Maneuvers [Video]

Video from Mission, Texas Shows Triangle UFO

Possible UFO Sighting in St Albans Baffles Resident

Former GI recalls West German UFO landing incident 

UFO Appears On News Channel Broadcast In Argentina-video

Four Lights in Straight Line over South Bend, Indiana

Are Diamond-Shaped UFOS Over New York?

Massive UFO and Unusual Comet Spotted Near the Sun 

1961-Wisconsin Man Tells A Very Bizarre Story Of Alien Contact, and the "Pancakes From Space"

Alien Microchip Found Inside Napoleon’s Skull 

Birmingham UFO sighting: Video shows mysterious green dot moving across the night sky 

Hessdalen UFO Video Recently Gaining More Views 

The "Growing" UFO, Longview Texas 3/5/15

10 Creepy Stories Of Alleged Alien Encounters 

5 Terrifying Cases Of Alien Abduction [Video]

 The Allagash Abduction, A frightening, true experience. 

(In 1880 he "disappeared". Alien Abduction?)

7 Signs You May Be A Victim of an Alien Abduction 

FACT or FICTION: Did A Japanese TV Crew Capture A UFO Above The Fukushima Nuclear Plants? 

Alien Got Out From UFO In Guangdong, China March 4, 2015 [Video] (This "Fake" Alien video is dated 3/4/2015, but it's been floating around the Internet for about 5 years now)

Large Blue UFO/Orb Filmed Over Birmingham, UK 

UFO Over Longview Texas Appears Break into Several Smaller Colorful Craft 

UFO Filmed in Australia Through A Series Of Night Vision Lasers 

Russians Make UFO Disclosure Statement - Underwater UFOs/USOs Are Real

UFOs Disclosed - The Truth About UFO Disclosure


True Paranormal and Ghost Stories For March

Little Girl's Diary Shows An Imaginary Friend Gone Horrifyingly Wrong 

Are These 7 "Ghost" Videos Proof That Ghosts Are Among Us?


Summerwind Mansion, Wisconsin's most haunted house 

Most Haunted Places in Illinois


Creepy occurrences in antiques stores have owners wondering about ghosts 



PennHurst Asylum, where 10,000 tormented souls still linger 


N.J.'s 10 creepiest places: Don't read this list if you scare easily!

Eerie! 6 Haunting Tales of Ghost Ships


Woman claims paranormal entity abuse for over a decade!

Did you know that "Nightmare on Elm Street" was based on a horrifying true story?  


'A Haunting', Season 4 Episode 07   "Spellbound" (Full length)

10 Most Evil Children In History [Video]

This is what it is like to die – and it's pretty scary 

If You Are Afraid Ghosts "Might" Be Real, Then Don't Look At These 11 Photos 

20  Real Photos That Are Extremely Weird & Very Scary

Who is "Resurrection Mary?"
Chicago's Most Famous Ghost

Ghost Hunters Capture Voice on tape claiming to be a "Demon",
Your thoughts?


Real Life Ghost Towns (What could cause an entire city to become abandoned? Watch & find out)

The most horrifying places on Earth you should never find yourself at. 

Inside the Dozier School for Boys, Florida's Most Haunted House 

Ghost Child Caught Swimming in photo?

Extremely Creepy Abandoned Psych Wards From Around The Country

Photographer stumbles upon eerie, abandoned pet cemetery that was once site of gruesome murder. 

True Scary Stories of Paranormal Encounters


These Terrifying Horror Islands Are the Last Place on Earth You'd Want to Visit. Many have gone...few have returned. 

Transylvania's Haunted Forest, Known as Romania's 'Bermuda Triangle': Hoia Baciu

10 Bone-Chilling Urban Legends 

The Creepiest Images Ever Seen, Right Off the Internet 

1979-Shadow person ghost captured on camera at Woodlawn Graveyard?

This Twisted Artwork by Serial Killers Gives Us a Shocking Peek into the World's Most Evil Minds 

The Octopus Conspiracy: One Woman's Search for Her Father's Killer (True Life Mystery)

Ghosts cause panic at St Govans 


Some of The Scariest Ghost Stories from England (Video)

 Eerie pictures of an abandoned leper colony in New York. Just 350 yards from the Bronx. 

Most Morbidly Fascinating Places In The World. 

These Abandoned Places Will Give You The Creeps-video
(Who knows what could be lurking in the shadows?)


Mysterious 'New' giant ape found in DR Congo

The Jersey Devil

Primate-Like Aliens & Bright-Colored Creatures

Was I Working With A Lycanthrope? 

One look at these 10 Fish Will Make You Understand Why People Are Scared Of Going In The Water 

Mysterious Beast Kills Chickens and Drinks Blood in Malawi 



Pterosaurs of the Ghostly Kind 

10 Terrifying Prehistoric Creatures (That Weren’t Dinosaurs)

Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

 These Are The Scariest Animals that Still exist today. 

               & WEIRD***

10 Amazing Stories Of Australian Paranormal Phenomena 

Are There Different Types Of Near Death Experiences? 

Test your psychic abilities: Remote Viewing Experiment 

1932-Mysterious photo taken near Batlow-video

Watch out for the crazies in the paranormal! (And there are some REAL nut jobs out there)

A Million Mummies and One is a Giant 


20 Mysterious "Alien" Artifacts That Should Not Exist [Video]

Alien Artifact Confirmed [Video]

The strange world of felt presences 

The Mystery Of "Mel's Hole"

"Mysterious Voice" Leads to Child's Rescue - Coast to Coast AM

I was skeptical when a psychic told me my mother would leave me dimes. Then coins started appearing 

When Things Happen That You Can’t Explain 

Explanation unknown: Norway's elusive 'Hessdalen Lights' 

"Spooklights": Where to Find Them 

"The day that changed my life"
Uri Geller, the psychic entertainer,  on the other-worldly experience that triggered his strange powers...  

Giant Mysterious Hole at the 'End of the World' Stumps Scientists 

These planes vanished, were never seen again - Video

5 Mind Blowing Mysteries Of The World [Video]

Daily 2 Cents: Abducted by Ant People -- Former GI Witnessed UFO Landing -- Buddy Holly Plane Crash Investigation May Reopen

Daily 2 Cents: I Made Contact... -- Edison's 'Spirit Phone' -- Shackleton's Guardian Angel

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Voice Led Rescuers to Toddler -- Pit Bull Kills Good Samaritan -- Woman Dies 36 Times in One Year

                       & HISTORY***

"Beam Me Up" No Longer Science Fiction Claim Scientists.  

Archaeologists Peered Into Ancient Human Skull And Saw Something ‘Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before’

Flight 370's Locator Beacon Battery Expired A Year Before Plane Disappeared

 Surprising Facts About The American Civil War That You Never Heard Of

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