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        ***ISSUE # 13, 2015***

        ***UFOS & ALIENS*** 

The Alien Agenda: (Secretly recorded videos of Aliens from 1942-1961) What is the long-planned "Final Solution?"

UFO Cover Up Revelations: Earth May Now Be Under An ET Quarantine (Video) 


The Solar Warden Covert Space Project: Fact or Science Fiction?

Breaking News UFO Sightings White House Official Bombshell! Full Length Documentary. 

Teleporting in Santa Fe New Mexico; "Project Pegasus" Ran From 1969 to 1972. 

 UFO Creates amazing light show, ejects lighted objects. 

 1950-Humanoid Attack in Northern Italy. 


"Blink 182" Rock Star fears his life is in Danger Due to Knowledge of Aliens and UFOs 

Television Production Crew Records On Video A Hovering Large UFO Over Peru 

Australian UFO Hunter's Video Shown On National South American TV 

Possible UFO Crash Site Discovered Amid Ancient Structural Ruins On Mars

USAF Investigation of UFO Over Travis Air Force Base Among Unidentified

6 most interesting Bay Area UFO sightings investigated by the U.S. Air Force

UFO Over Oregon - Craft Displays Brilliant Triangle Red Lights 

UFO activity over Florida-video

UFO Sighting Close To Moons Surface & Jupiter Footage Showing Blue Ring

Massive UFO Sighting in Brazoria County, Houston 

UFO over Mexico City!

2009-UFO Instantly Appears & Moves Across Sky While Collecting Orbs, NJ 

UFO Fleet Seen From International Space Station [Video]

UFO Sighting Results in possible MIB Encounter

Witness Was A Huge Skeptic Until He Photographed This UFO

Large Dark UFO Filmed in Skies Above Seattle-Tacoma 

A UFO Photographed Over Leeds A Day After A UFO Report In Neighboring Bradford 




I know what I saw - Best UFO HD Movie 2015 

Disc - shaped UFO sighting near Seatec Airport, Seattle 

2009-UFO sighting over New Jersey, New York 

Electronics Fail As Witnesses Watch Two Triangle UFOs Communicate With Each other. 

Reports of UFOs Causing Electrical Disturbances

Thousands of Witnesses Have UFO Sightings At NYC Natural History Museum 

Two Strange Shaped UFOs Filmed Near the Moon 

Britain's Roswell: The Truth Behind The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Recent UFO Lights over Rendlesham Forest-video

The Owl-UFO Connection Continues 

UFO Drops Blobs of a Plasma-Like Substance-video

‘Alien’ Image Raises Questions of the Terrestrial Kind 

UFOs and Computer Hackers 

Black Knight Satellite Interest Mysteriously Increasing 

Amazing triangle - shaped UFO sighting above Australia 


Come Fly the Haunted Skies! 


15 Real Ghost Stories 

Face of spooky child spotted in window of abandoned former orphanage 

Unveling the Truth Behind the Cannock Chase Slenderman

Gettysburg ghost?

"End of the Line", Scary Story

Google Street View car captures ghost of a child at abandoned orphanage 

For Sale! The Ghost Town that Nobody Wanted 

Ghosts in Florida? It's no laughing matter 

The Ghost Bride of Cumberland Falls

Resurrection Mary 

Death in Dreams and Frightening Entity Appearances 

Ghost caught on tape?

"Green Eyes" : Civil War Ghost Stories

Curious Photo from Loftus Hall..

Freaky Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be Real

Picture of Satan in fire?

The Most Haunted Place in Each of the 50 States

The Eerie Abandoned Neighborhood of Lincoln Way 

10 Deadly Exorcisms 

The 10 Scariest Haunted High Schools in America 

Top 9 Films Based on Supernatural True Events 

Man Captures Sleep Paralysis ‘Ghost’ On Camera?

Ghost of Lord Mayor captured on CCTV footage from inside medical building?-video

10 Unbelievable Things Kids Have Said About Past Lives 

Strange Things Found For Sale At Creepy Yard Sales 

Woman claims back pain cured by Victorian Ghost. 

The Haunted Ghost Town of Sheldrake Michigan 

24 Shiver-Inducing Photos That Have Never Been Explained 

33 People Reveal Their Terrifying Encounters With The Paranormal 

Real Angel Photos? (You decide)

A Suffocating Evil 

Woman spends thousands of dollars on dolls she says are HAUNTED. (Even hires a babysitter when she goes out)


Men Rescued By Bigfoot After Climbing Accident?

Brooklyn Bigfoot Hoaxer Comes Forward. 

 "Tokoloshe" Violates Her Every Night. 

Real Life ‘Dragon-Slayer’ Faces Monster That Swallowed His Wife 

The Oak Leaf Man - Cryptozoology, Myths and Legends 

Visit the grave of the killer werewolf that terrorized rural Georgia 

The Mysterious Mermaids of Japan 

Mysterious Lake Beasts of the Far North 

Rare fish with two mouths caught off the coast of Australia

               & WEIRD***

13 Superstitions That Still Scare the Bejesus Out of Us

Daily 2 Cents: Podesta Regrets Failure of Securing UFO Disclosure -- Marilyn Manson Says Demons Exist -- Ritual Burying of Live Children

Daily 2 Cents: SETI Broadcasts to Alien Worlds Worry Cosmologists -- Is Sending Messages to ET Silly? -- Aswang Transforms Into Bat

Daily 2 Cents: Alien on the Basement Stairs -- Florida's Past Feed Modern Phenomena -- The CIA and Weather Weapons

Daily 2 Cents: Huge UFO Hovered Over Oregon Highway -- World's Most Dangerous Toy -- Blink-182 Guitarist Believes He's In Danger

Incredible Miracles That Science Cannot Explain [Video]

'People Loved Freaks, And They Still Do': A Bizarre Trip Through Time At Morbid Anatomy Museum

Top 10 Mysteries Of The Universe [Video]

Dead Man Propped Up, Dressed In Green Lantern Costume At Wake (PHOTOS)

25 Creepy yet Fascinating Shipwrecks 

                       & HISTORY***

11 Impossible Coincidences That Actually Happened-video

Is geoengineering code for chemtrails? 

Time lapse video of lightning storm over Barcelona - Strange Sounds

Completely False Science 'Facts' we always thought were true. 

Fascinating, but disturbing, archeological finds. 

Jimmy Carter saw a UFO and other weird presidential facts 

"Robo-Cop" is almost here!
As Early as 2016, Robot Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets. 
(As long as they're on our side...might work)

They’re Listening, But Who ‘They’ Are May Surprise You 

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