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      ***ISSUE # 11, 2015***

        ***UFOS & ALIENS*** 


Alien caught on tape?
Fact or Faked?

Cinco de (M)Alien? 

Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 7 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets (As you go thru these, was OUR Govt that approved)

Alien Evidence UFO Sightings Real Aliens In NASA Footage - Dan Aykroyd Documentary


Faked Flying Saucers – Serious Business 

Massive Extraterrestrial Crafts Hiding Behind Moon [Video]

Case# 61909 – Landed UFO and ‘Little People’ On The Ground 

"A brilliant flash of light..."
Unknown Entity Encounter

TV shoot interrupted by UFO in Lima, Peru

 Wish I spoke Spanish, this looks really interesting. 


10 Actual Cases of Alien Abduction 

UFO Sightings [WORMHOLE] Over California! UFO Aftermath Captured? -video

Secrecy, Tesla, Energy, Antigravity & Interstellar Travel-video

What has Rover spotted NOW on Mars? How about an Alien playing a guitar?

UFO Cases May Be More Active In Australian Skies Than Many Have Thought (Seems to be turning into a regular UFO "Hot Spot")

Daytime UFO over Sydney, Australia (Kinda hard to see, but it's there moving across the sky)

Bright Morphing UFO sighting recorded over Melbourne, Australia 

The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 

The Best UFO Sighting of the year.

Someone called "Breaking News" has suddenly started posting the most awesome UFO videos to YouTube. The first one got my attention. By the 3rd video, I got the feeling I was watching some excellent CGI (Computer Generated) UFOS. 
  Here are 3 of the videos. Judge for yourself. 

UFO Video looks too good to be true. 
Huge UFO "Mother Ship"
Fighter Jets Escort Huge Unknown Object

Mysterious Green Beam Lights Up Sky Over Cuba 

New York Witness Reports Alien In Space Suit Entered His Home 

Entity In Bedroom Incident - MUFON # 63119 

Power Plants Around The World Under Siege By UFOs 

Mysterious Beam of Light Emerges from Plant Explosion 

Witness: Power Plant Explosion Preceded By Strange Beam of Light

UFO Hovering Over Downtown - 


UFO Crashes Off Devon Coast? 

Hexagon UFO Matches Speed With Space Station- VIDEO

 Bradford resident records ‘UFO’ before it allegedly flies away

Huge Pulsating UFO Filmed Over  Sweden 

Are Phoenix lights back?-video

Enormous (1 mile wide) UFO Seen By Two Deputies in Brazoria CountyTexas Remains A Mystery 


Cigar-Shaped UFO sighted over Phoenix, Arizona 


Greatest Ghost Cases Of All Time-"Real" Hauntings..
Full Length Documentary. 


Hollywood Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Scary Ghost Stories Episode 7

Native American Ghosts of the Pacific Northwest

Is 'The Conjuring 2' Based on One of these Terrifying True Poltergeist Stories!? 

Top 13 American Murder Houses

15 Of The Creepiest Things Children Have Told Their Parents 

10 Infamous Haunted Objects Plagued With Death

13 Ways to Tell You Have Ghosts in Your House 

Ghosts Are Real - Logical Argument

Sloss Furnace is haunted by one of the most evil, murderous ghosts of all time. 

What Snopes has to say about "The Amityville Horror" (What do YOU think?)

Notes documenting 100-years of ghostly experiences are hidden in walls of Wayside Inn 

 The Horrifying Story of "The Bunny Man"...and his ghost. 

Mother and daughter critically ill following house fire just hours after Ouija board session PREDICTED THEIR DEATH!!
(Why do people keep messing with things they shouldn't?)

A Dead Dog, a Ouija Board and an Eerie True Prediction 

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is the most haunted graveyard in America 

America's Haunted Plantations

Ghost Caught On CCTV In Haunted British Pub!

"Top ghostly images of 2014"
(The folks who posted these pics swear they are 100% real)

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Latitudes of terror - Unexplained Mysteries

I'm Dreaming of Dead Relatives. Why?

Chilling True Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Lived Before 

Real Exorcism Footage - First Video Of A Demonic Possession

Exorcism Case in Riverside

 Spooky moment 'ghost' knocks bottle off bar in haunted pub captured on CCTV

5 Scary Ghosts Caught On Camera (Video)

Top 10 Scary Urban Legends to Keep You Up At Night 

This cursed cemetery is haunted by Giles Corey, tortured to death during the witch trials 

Eerie figure photographed at scene of deadly car crash 

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Reincarnation 

Animal Afterlife - Do They Come Back After Death? 


Best Evidence 2014: Sightings of Sasquatch, Yeti & Bigfoot 

Bigfoot Reports & Sightings

Bigfoot on video?

Russian Boys Film Bigfoot/Yeti Carrying a Baby?

Is Bigfoot a Neanderthal? 

 The Birth Of The Jersey Devil-video

Strange Creature Caught on camera during Tsunami in Japan. (Actual footage)

Red-Eyed Owlman or Black-Eyed Alien? 

Confirmation: Translucent Flying 'Jellyfish' - Perth, Western Australia

Atmospheric Monsters Attack! 

Sea Monster Vs. Submarine 

Was the Mythical Thunderbird a Real Creature?

Zombie Ladybugs and Slave Ant Rebellions 

This snake, half-viper half-spider, will haunt my dreams tonight

The Creature in the Can is a What? A "Tongue-Eating Louse"

               & WEIRD***

25 Places That Are Suspiciously Blurry On Google Maps (Makes me wonder "Why?")....
(When you see the list, ask yourself "Why?")

Animal Oddities: Conjoined Lizards and a Human-Faced Pig 

Strange and Unbelievable Happenings - Paranormal Documentary

Macabre Dolls in the Ominous Swamp

Daily 2 Cents: 'Obvious We're Not Alone' -- What's In Plymouth Sound? -- Man Hits Mother...She Laughed When He Said Barack Obama Was An Alien

Daily 2 Cents: Alien Filmed in Salford, UK? -- Mountain Gorilla Punches Photographer -- Mysterious 'Booms' in Kansas City

Considering the Riddles of ‘Unexplained Phenomena’

Why Did The U.S. Build An Uncapped Pyramid... Complete With An All Seeing Eye... In The Middle Of Nowhere?

The True Whereabouts of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings and They're Shockingly Familiar 

Cops find 60 decomposing bodies in crematorium which closed down a YEAR ago!!
(I'd bet there are some very angry Spirits attached to this place)

                       & HISTORY***

We Can Now Build Autonomous Killing Machines. And That’s A Very, Very Bad Idea 

Robots Fight Fires, Run Hotels and Get Religion (It's not til their eyes glow red & they pick up a machine gun that I'll worry)

Trippers Beware: Some Mushrooms Are Carnivorous 

20 Underwater Wonders of Our Blue Planet 

Ten Popular Mind Control Techniques Used Today 

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