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•••••ISSUE # 29•••••    •••UFOS & ALIENS••• UFO CASEBOOK MAGAZINE # 511 Issue Date: 5-28-12 ••••• ALIEN ENCOUNTER-MUNROE FALLS, OHIO: MARCH 28, 1967 From UFO Casebook Files ••••• ABOUT: UFOS / ALIENS By Billy Booth ••••• 1942, THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES ••••• DEPUTY SHERIFF ENCOUNTERS UFO NEAR BENBROOK, TEXAS ••••• REAL STORIES OF ENCOUNTERS WITH "MEN IN BLACK" ••••• EXTRATERRESTRIALS & CROP CIRCLES ••••• WE SHOULD WIDEN THE SEARCH FOR ALIEN LIFE ••••• ALIEN CIVILIZATION MAKES CONTACT? ••••• UFO SIGHTING IN BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI-video ••••• UFO OVER VEGAS VIDEOTAPED FROM CAR-video ••••• UFO OVER MISSOURI-video ••••• UFO OVER PERTH?-video ••••• UFOS OVER FARM IN ROTORUA-video ••••• DISC SHAPED UFO SCARES TIJUANA RESIDENTS-video ••••• UFO OVER COSTA RICA-video ••••• UFO SIGHTING BY RAF PILOT IN 1952 ••••• UFO OCCUPANTS: DRAWINGS & SKETCHES FROM WITNESSES ••••• WITNESS DESCRIBES ALIEN BEINGS IN CRAFT OVER MISSOURI ••••• POSSIBLE PLACES TO FIND ALIEN LIFE ••••• FROM WHITLEY STRIEBER: UNKNOWN COUNTRY "OUT THERE" NEWS-5/31/12 ••••• ••• GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS••• A RECENT MESSAGE FROM A PHENOMENON PAGE MEMBER: Dear David,   These are all true events that happened to me and my identical twin. We moved into a house that was more than haunted...people were being hurt.  Whatever was in that house was absolutly evil.  When we moved whatever "it" is, the thing followed us.  My twin seemed to be the one it focused on until she died.  I believe that she was possesed and she even left me a note telling me a dark "shadow person" was going to eventually get her. Ive gone to great lengths to keep this house from going public. Bad things happen to people that go there.  One friend actually went street by street till she found it and then within 6 weeks she lost 2 relatives that were healthy. Another friend went there for me to get the address and her child came down with cancer.  She wont talk to me anymore.  A friend who is a paranormal investigor went there and his car, the minute he was in front of it, the engine light went on and then his water pump failed.  Not a coincidence.  Everytime I went there same thing, bad things happen.  I am now afraid to even be in that area and wont go near the house again.  "Something" happened there. We found a bone in the unfinished space under the house too. Maybe someone is buried there? ••••• A FOLLOW-UP ON THE ABOVE POST: Dear David, Her official cause is "died of natural causes possibly associated with alcoholism" ( at 34?) (Mind you no liver damage, she was sober at the end of her life, and her heart just stopped.) We will never know the real truth.  Her boyfriend when he found her said she had a look of sheer terror on her face.  That really upsets me to this day.  She was having seizures regularly after the occurrance at my house, when the "entity" made it's presence known)  She had back to back seizures and her heart just stopped for too long  is what they think. She was not epileptic nor had seizures ever until the last months of her life.  When she had them she would twist and contort on the ground moaning as in pain then would curse thru out it. Very weird. ••••• (this video was shot by the young lady who wrote the above letter) THIS VIDEO JUST IN!! CAN YOU HEAR IT TOO? Dear David, Listen to the first 4 seconds of the video.  You will hear a voice say "get your cradle" then a red glare crosses my screen. That voice is not me nor my female friend that was with me. We were quiet because I was taping. This was taken 2 1/2 months ago at the old cemetery in Baldwin Lake.". ••••• HAUNTED BIG BEAR CITY, CALIF. ••••• THE DEMON CAT ••••• SPIRIT RESCUE INT. UPDATE ••••• GHOST HUNTER'S FINAL INVESTIGATION ENDS IN HIS OWN INN ••••• JERRY SIENFELD  REPLACES GRANT WILSON ON ‘GHOST HUNTERS’  (and they think this is a good idea?) ••••• JASON HAWES/TAPS, RESPONDS TO JERRY SIENFELD "RUMOR" ABOUT JOINING 'GHOST HUNTERS' ••••• GHOST BOX ••••• WERE ANGELS JUST "LUCID DREAMS?" ••••• HAUNTED MISTLEY TOWERS ••••• THE GHOST SITTING AT THE END OF THE BAR ••••• "SPIRIT DOLLS"-FACT OR FICTION? ••••• LINCOLNSHIRE GHOST TRAIN •••••                THE CLAW ••••• "THE ANGUISHED MAN", A HAUNTED PAINTING? ••••• GENERIC TYPES OF GHOSTS ••••• PHANTOM BLACK DOGS ••••• •••BIGFOOT & CRYPTIDS••• ANIMAL PLANET TV CREW CAPTURES AUDIO THEY BELIEVE PROVES "YOWIES" (BIGFOOT) EXIST ••••• FLORIDA WILDLIFE OFFICER GIVES DETAILS ON BIGFOOT ••••• BIGFOOT-BEYOND FOOTPRINTS & DNA ••••• BIGFOOT SPOTTED IN IDAHO?-photos & video ••••• HUMANOID REPORTS: "STUMP-LIKE" HEAD; VIEQUES ISLAND CREATURE; BEINGS EMERGE FROM PORTAL. ••••• •••PARANORMAL & SCIENCE•• May 27 marked the PHENOMENON page's first birthday!!  With 2,073 members as of today!  Just goes to show how many people are interested in the Paranormal! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!  PHENOMENON PAGE ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/25/22 PREIST CLAIMS VATICAN KIDNAPPED SCHOOL GIRL; TRAINEE WITCH BEHEADS NEPHEW; BEAR ATTACK IN OUTHOUSE. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/26/12 IRAN PREDICTS CHRISTIANITY COLLAPSE; ALIENS ABDUCTED STRAY CATS; UFO HUNTERS. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/28/12 ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/29/12 HUMANS NOT ON ALIEN MENU; MORE VATICAN HIJINKS; "BABY" BIGFOOT EVIDENCE. ••••• "JUST THE FACTS"-5/31/12 AMAZING UFO OVER MISSOURI; THE BALTIC ANOMALY; DO "BATH SALTS" DRIVE PEOPLE CRAZY? ••••• ANCIENT ANOMALIES vs ACCEPTED AWARENESS ••••• "ESOTERICA"-5/27/12 THE BOY ON THE PLAYGROUND; REPORTER FLEES HAUNTED HOUSE; THE SALEM ALCHEMIST. ••••• THE LATEST PARANORMAL NEWS ••••• POLTERGEIST IN ZIMBABWE ••••• THE MALEVOLENT GHOST ••••• THE ALUMINUM WEDGE OF AIUD ••••• "BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR"- ONE MAN'S ORDEAL WITH 'REPTOIDS" ••••• FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED THE "DISCLAIMER" IN TEENY, TINY PRINT ABOUT THE 'MERMAID' SHOW ON ANIMAL PLANET, I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, IT WAS A "TONGUE-IN-CHEEK" PHONEY DOCUMENTARY!! ••••• THE SPIRIT WORLD OF DANIEL DUNGLAS HOME ••••• 500 "WITCHES" LYNCHED YEARLY IN TANZANIA ••••• BABIES IN KANSAS ••••• BLACK-EYED OMEN? BLACK-EYED KIDS IN FLORIDA? ••••• CDC WARNS PUBLIC TO PREPARE FOR "ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ••••• "HUMAN MONSTERS"-HAS THE ALPHABET KILLER BEEN FOUND? ••••• THE MONTAUK PROJECT-MIND MANIPULATION; ALIEN BEINGS & TIME TRAVEL. AT AREA 51? ••••• MALIGNANT KINGDOM- PUNISHING WITCHCRAFT ••••• THE TOP 10 MOST MYSTERIOUS CREATURES OF MODERN TIMES ••••• AMERICANS' HEADS GETTING BIGGER IN SIZE, CHANGING SHAPE, SAY ANTHROPOLOGISTS. ••••• ••JUST PLAIN WIERD NEWS•• "ZOMBIE" ATTACK VICTIM PHOTOS.  If you've been following the story of the guy so high on drugs he almost ate a man's face off, here are photos of the victim. Look if you dare, but be warned! They are graphic and extremely gruesome. ••••• ---Posting as a warning to anyone with children, be aware of what's hitting the streets--- "BATH SALTS"-THE ZOMBIE CREATING DRUG? (these are NOT the bath salts you use at home, it's a new, and dangerous street drug) THE DANGERS OF "BATH SALTS" ••••• U.S. CAGE FIGHTER JARROD WYATT RIPS OUT TRAINING PARTNER'S HEART HE BELIEVED WAS POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL! •••••

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