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"I had a NDE when I was 25 after my second lung surgery claimed my life , I was dead for only 2 minutes then revived , I left my body and then my world changed, that's when I delved into star seeds and walk ins because after that experience , I was a different person and I had no idea who the family mebers were that came to see me or who the man was that I married!". (LR)
"Hi Dave,
I am with you on this and I have also had more than one NDE but I remember in totality one such event which changed my life. As you know I have been suffering with severe chronic acute pain for many years with no medical insurance to help me with any kind of pain relief. At one point I tried to relieve my pain for good..this is my experience as I was guided to share with any who would need to hear it."
"On May 26th of 1999 I was very lost in direction, I was drinking heavily, was in a LOT of pain being someone who suffered chronic acute pain and was very sad. Sad to the point that I no longer wished to be here so I attempted to take my life. I took 30 Demerol 45 Somas and went to sleep. This started a journey for me, a journey of awakening unlike I could ever imagined. The Journey took me to a far away place, and I was taken through the stars and ended up in a place so full of love and peace that I was overwhelmed with it. When I arrived at this place, there in front of me was The Creator, I can't describe his appearance but I know that he is The Creator. He was strangely familiar to me and I felt his love emanating from out of his very core. His aura was of such brightness that I could not see him clearly and was afraid to look at him yet I knew what he looked like. His aura was of the brightest white with green and blue emanating from it. It was so bright that it completely engulfed my own, yet it seemed to mingle with mine and comfort me. His voice was very deep and of a vibration that I remembered from so long ago. I asked him where I was and he told me that it was unimportant. I then asked him his name and he said "names are only labels that you as humans place on each other in the physical, I do have a name but in this form you would not understand what I am saying." He then told me that I was not from this world and I asked, "Well if I'm not from here, where is my home and when can I go home?" He simply said ... soon. He then went on to show me what effect my leaving would have on my family and friends, and showed me the differences that me not being there would make on their lives. He said, all the lessons that you have been shown in this life has made you strong and are for a purpose. Your path is a hard one but know that it is for this reason. The times to come will be hard and you need fear not for I am with you. I will send guides to help you along the way and guide you. You will be shown much in the times to come and you will be much needed and loved. There will be others who will try to steal your light, You are protected, have no fear. All will be shown to you as you grow and learn, be patient. He told me that I was here for a purpose and that if I so chose I could come home, but if I chose to go back I must stay for the mission that I have chosen to do. He then began to show me what my mission was. He told me that there would be many changes in the earth in this time and I saw great devastation to my mother earth. I was shown great illnesses spreading across the land, these were made from man and man would be stopped short in his efforts to destroy this world but not before we loose many. He told me "The first to come would be the last to leave." I asked him..was I the first? and he said "I brought you with me when I came, you are the fire and from the stars you came and it will be to the stars that you will return." He told me that I was given a great gift and when the time came I would remember my knowledge and put it to use. He also told me of other gifts that I was given and how over time they would increase and grow stronger. The last thing that he said to me was "remember that you are loved, greatly loved and use this love to guide those who seek you out and lead them to their ultimate destination. Show them my love and make it known that I AM alive. Spread your messages so that all can hear. He then touched my forehead and I felt a great energy surround me. I could feel his love and I chose to come back to spread his message and his love.This event has opened me up to this awakening. I will do as I am guided to do and hope that my messages will be received by those intended to hear them. May the Creators light of love shine down on all of his children!!!
So mote it be!!!". (S.O.)
"Some of the particulars of NDE's that occur in patients all over the world who have never had any contact with each other.
1. Describing the positions of objects and conversations in the operating rooms after death occurs.
2. Meeting and describing dead relatives that they never met in life who had died before they were born, but living people verified that the details given by the person who experienced the NDE could not have known except to have met them as described.
3. Giving an exact description of other rooms in the hospital, morgue, operating rooms, outside, when the person's only contact in their lives with that hospital was an unconscious one on a gurney while being transported to the hospital, and the rooms, etc., that were described were not ever a part of their experience. They either were really good guessers and just randomly decided to describe the other rooms, or they were actually there.
Plenty of these cases have been documented by medical professionals and several good books have been written on the subject. One of my favorites was one written by Melvin Morse, M.D., called Closer to the Light. He spent eight years studying NDE's in children and has received the National Service Research Award. Another well known book is called Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie, and another one called Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley, a guy who died twice and had an NDE both times. Of course Raymond Moody, M.D. is probably the best known researcher in NDE"s and wrote Life after Life. If you would like a book written through an LDS (Mormon) perspective, there is a book called Beyond Death's Door. I havent read this one yet, but I bought it at a thrift store and it's on my list for future books to read soon.
Anyway, I have come close to death many times in my life, but never close enough I guess to have an NDE myself, although once I had a rare form of encephalitis that I was told should have killed me, but that is a story all by itself. I was in a coma and the Neurologist told my wife to make funeral arrangements, that I wouldn't survive it. After surviving two days in a coma, he told her that if I did somehow pull through, that I would need continuous care and be virtually a vegetable. Thank heavens (literally) he was wrong, and I made a complete recovery. "
"Hello David,

This happened a long time ago, but this is how I remember it. I've had other experiences that I thought may have been near death, but this is the one that I felt was most validated by others. It's not like what I've read of others near death experiences, and I don't read any significance in it, but it is what happened to me.

My near death experience came during, or after, a surgery.

I had loss an excessive amount of blood prior to entering the emergency department. The doctor told me it was a miracle I was still alive. I was rushed into emergency surgery, where they read me my patient rights as I was being prepped. As they hooked up my IV, they asked me to count backwards from ten. Ten, nine...the next thing I remembered I woke up in a long, narrow, bright white room. I was alone, with the exception of some empty cots.
I woke up again. This time I was in a hospital bed in a regular hospital room. I asked the staff if I had died. I thought that maybe they had wheeled me into a room to wait to be picked up by the coroner, only to return and find that I was breathing. They said that I was never in the room that I described."
"I have not had one myself, but I was with my Mother, my Grandmom and my Great Aunt when they passed.
My Grandmother looked puzzled and asked "Sterling?" (the name of my Granddad who had passed)
She smiled and held up her hands.
My Mom looked like she was seeing something wonderful. And my Great Aunt said, "Jesus is here and he wants me to dance with him"
They all passed about 10-15 minutes later"


If you, or someone you know has had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE,
Please share your story with me.
No names will be used.

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Emily said...

I first encountered you on Twitter, and followed your research to Facebook, and how to your website(s).

I am so fascinated with your work and your efforts in affirming the experiences we have that challenge, or supplement, our everyday existence.

You are appreciated, and respected, by me and many others whose curiosity about the human condition stretches to the great beyond.

Thanks so much! Emily Hill