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From me:
Seems like I've been running into one kind of ghost or another most of my life. Around 16, I saw my friend's Grandfather after he had passed away, a shimmering, but very clear image, outside the house he died in. Like he was taking one last look before moving on.
At the exact moment that my Mother discovered MY grandfather in his bed, I was 30 miles away at work, heard a knock on the glass door, looked up and saw my Mom.
When I opened the door, it was just a co-worker knocking to be let in.
Here in Orange County, up in the hills is a place called Black Star Canyon. There have been spooky stories of strange goings on about that place for a 100 years. So...naturally, it's where EVERY teenager has to go check out!
The stories include strange Satanic rituals held there, Albino creatures, and the two young lovers who committed suicide. I, myself, saw a "floating green mist", and one night a whole group of us got brave enough to drive to the plateau at the top. That's when we saw 2 bright "Orb-like" objects floating down the mountain side by side coming right towards us. (it could NOT have been people with flashlights, because they were moving perfectly smooth) needless to say, we piled into our cars and sped off.
In the mid-seventies, I lived in a haunted house on Catalina Island.
351 Sumner Avenue. Lights would come on at night. Objects would disappear and reappear some place else. We could hear children laughing and running up and down the stairs. My friend's dog would stop at the front door whining and would not come in.
Do I believe in Ghosts or spirits from beyond? You betcha!
As for Bigfoot, haven't seen one yet. And as far as UFO'S & Aliens...
I think I'll save THAT story for another time.
David Garrison
Now, here's what you folks have sent in.......

Me and my husband live in east, central British Columbia, in a small community, which is fairly remote. Our place is on the river, across from the community. To get to our place we take a boat.
A few years back, we came across the river, to get something from our car. We landed on the gravel shore and tied our boat to a tree. The tree was to the right, of the path leading up to where our car was parked.
We had just started up the path when we heard a kinda humming noise. We stopped. Then, we could feel a vibration. Something, ENORMOUS was (flying) right over our heads!
We looked at each other and said "are you hearing/feeling the same thing as me?"
Whatever it was, was passing over us, it was HUGE, it felt like it was as big as a football field. This "object" felt like it was tree-top level and moving, very, very, slowly.
As I said, we could feel this object as it passed over our heads, we could feel the vibration from it and at the same time, hear a slight humming noise.
It seemed like it took a good minute to pass over us, as we stood still, kinda hidden by the trees.
We were looking up, but there was nothing visible to our eyes. This thing was INVISIBLE.
Once the object had passed over us, we scanned the sky, but couldn't see anything.
Whether this object was alien or one of ours, I'll never know, but it was definately "CLOAKED".
Its hard to explain......but we could feel the size of it, by the vibration that was coming from it.
Naomi J.
Hey Dave,
The closest I can say that I have ever come to seeing something unusual was about 4 or 5 years ago. I was in Mastic on the South Shore of Long Island heading east but stopped at a red light. It was a sunny day with the sun to my back so as I looked forward to the east I had no glare at all from the sun. For about 2 seconds in duration I saw what looked white pearls in the sky traveling very fast going in a diagonal heading from a position up in the sky and heading downward toward the horizon in a south easterly direction. I'm not prepared to state that it was an extraterrestrial craft only that what I saw was there for an instant and I can't say what it was. There is a small municipal airport about a half mile north of where I saw this. Additionally there is an air national guard base in West Hampton less then 10 miles east of where this was. As a side note the alleged South Haven UFO crash site was less then a mile from where I was when I saw this. Brookhaven National Lab is just to the north about 5 miles or so and there is an abandoned Grumman facility which had runways for naval aircraft in the same general location. I recall looking at people in the vehicles around me to see if I could gauge weather anyone around me saw something unusual but everyone around me appeared to me to be acting normal as if they didn't see what I saw. I never reported this. Jim G

This story begins on a cool summer night in the city of Issaquah WA in the year of 1989. I was a patrol Sgt. On night shift with a squad of four officers. The night had been uneventful until approximately 3am. Myself and an officer I will identify as John, responded to an alarm at a business located in an exclusive shopping area know as Gilman Village. It is made up of older homes and buildings that were moved into an area near Issaquah Creek connected by a wooden walkway. Gilman Village is a very popular shopping destination for tourist and locals alike. I as a police officer enjoyed walking through the complex while working night shift for the exercise and to window shop at the many interesting stores.
Receiving alarms at the different businesses throughout Gilman was common and most of the time uneventful but on this particular night there was nothing common or uneventful about it.
John and I responded to the alarm at a business which was then called the “Levi Coat Factory.” We performed an outer perimeter check of the building and found it to be secure. Dispatch made phone contact with the owner who declined to respond to allow us to check the interior of the building. John and I returned to the parking lot located on the northwest side of the complex. This is the area where we had parked our patrol units. John and I stood outside and carried on a conversation in the dimly lit parking lot approximately 60 to 70 feet away from the buildings in that portion of the village. The buildings were to my left and to John’s right. Both of us noticed an unusual movement near the eves of one of the buildings. It was a ball of light about the size of a cantaloupe moving slowly from left to right following the area just below the eves. The light was very intense. We starred at the light until it disappeared around the south side of the building. Goosebumps prevailed. Officer John and I looked at each other eyes wide open, each asking at the same time, “Did you see that?” What we had seen was strange enough but nothing compared to what we were about to witness. While we stood and talked about the strange event, our eyes were once again drawn to the Northwest corner of the same building only this time it was the lower corner. A perfect ball of very intense light approximately one foot off the ground floated around the corner. The ball was about four feet in diameter and once again a perfect sphere. The thing that made me speechless was what I had seen inside the sphere. Walking upright was, for the lack of any other word, a creature walking. The arms swung back and fourth and the hands were turned with its fingers pointed to the rear. As the sphere progressed along the side of the building it went behind bushes that grew in between the sphere and the parking lot. The light was visible through the openings of the bush and it was very clear that it was not being projected.
As I recall, at least a full three minutes past before either John or I could speak. To put it lightly we were terrorized by the unknown. This event changed the way I think and look at stories by others claiming encounters with the unknown.
Randy C
I saw a full body apparition a little over ten years ago with my cousin. We were outside playing spies around noon or so. Well there is a cemetery above us and we saw what looked like to be a young female somewhere in her early 20s probably. She was in a white dress. She was dancing up there and the whole way down the hill to the road and down the road. Back then living up this holler, everybody knows everybody and this woman we have never seen before and thinking back on it, I don't remember her even looking our way. A few days later I was talking to my friend and his mom was raised in the area. She said she heard of the same woman being seen in the 70s. I find it odd for me to see her in the late 90s and her being seen in the 70s too, but I was glad my cousin was there to witness it with me and to this day I have not seen her since.
Bruce L.
Werewolves: Beware the Texas Moon (This is less of a personal experience and more like an article.)
The Haunted Humble (This happened to me.)
Bloody Mary: A True Nightmare . . . as told by Joslyn Corvis
Hi, my name is katie, when i was three, my mom thought i had an imaginary friend, his name was derrick, and he lived in a tree on the hill above where we lived and would come down the hill and play with me, she told me i had a very active imagination, even though i was able to go into serious detail about this boy, until one day i came in the house looking sad, my mom asked me what was wrong, i told her that he had told me a very sad story (mind you we were only allowed to watch the mildest disney movies) i told her how his dad had hurt his mom and him very bad and had burned down their house, which had been on the hill where he "lived" thats when my mom realized that it wasn't an imaginary friend, but she continued to tell me i was imagining it because she was afraid my dad would be angry with her if she encouraged it, my entire family has had experiences, i lived in a house haunted by a cruel, abusive man, disturbed, hurt child, and a teenage brat haha he was kinda fun, scared the cat pretty good sometimes... i have also been choked by a spirit, at one of my moms friends houses, the spirit didnt like that i was ignoring her, i had a hand print on my throat afterward that gave me a sore throat for 3 days, it wasn't pretty...
Im 39 years old. I was born an raised in Northern California. I have traveled the world and I have had almost any encounter story (grew up in bigfoot country - had 2 sightings, was in the navy - uso's and ufo's, lived in haunted places etc) anyways, thats my rough background. Ill tell my very first phenomena experience, do with it as you will, I still dont know what to make of it... (Im texting this so you may want to space it yourself) I was between 5 and 6 years old when this happened. We lived in an old Victorian 3 story house in a small coastal town Northern California. I shared a room with my step brother, who was my age and we looked so much alike that people thought we were twins. I'll call him "Chris". Our room was on the top floor and we had bunkbeds, whick was placed at an angle in the corner so that there was a window at my head facing south and a window at my feet facing east. The door was about 6 ft north of the east window. I had the top bunk
I had the top bunk. So thats the setup... One night I awoke (laying on my back, which is rare for me) to what felt like a finger being roughly jammed into my left ear. I woke up angry yelling at Chris! "What the hell man!?" and I look over to my left and what looks to me like Chris is standing there staring at me. Only hes wearing a one-piece set of pj's i hadnt seen before. "Quit messing around and go back to bed!" I yell. He's looking me dead in the eyes and they look solid black. He slowly raises his right hand and index finger into a silent "Shhh.." motion. Thats when Chris suddenly started snoring really loud. I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!! And my entire family (4 boys 4 girls and me the youngest) all woke up and started running in. The being vanished and everyone explained it as a trick of light. But I know it wasnt. I KNOW it wasnt... What it was though, I DON'T know... Thats my first paranormal encounter.
Nobody outside of my circle knows this, but im gonna share it with you... My father was the main civil engineer that designed alot of californias hwys (he was UDT in 'nam, and was a plank owner of the SEALS - A mentor so to speak) anyways... Im a half breed indian (both of my parents are half breeds) my father was born on the Hoopa reservation (where the patterson gimlin was filmed) ~ in the early to mid 70's he was the shotcaller.. But I was just a little kid that he brought along with him in the summers... While he was in his 'outback office' he would let me roam around in the woods (and along the coast ~ this is humboldt county) and as long as I didnt set off any alarms (by yelling or crying or whatnot) he let me roam free... I was 5 when this happened (summer betw kinder and 1st).... I was sitting a good 20 yards from the river (the eel rvr) being quiet and playing in my head (i was a shy kid that didnt make much noise) ~ when I seen one of the most crazy things of my life!!
I was sitting there on the riverbank silently, while my father was doing his civil engineer thing in a trailer within yelling distance... Anyways. So Im sitting there playing silently in my head about 20 yards away from the river - it was a good distance, I was at the treeline above flood stage (as an adult looking back) when the biggest bulkiest thing I have ever seen came down to the river as well... Across the river was a steep rise, and this thing came down like a mt goat! Nimble, surefooted and quick... Came right down to the river, walked out INTO the middle, and stood there staring down into the river... Every now and then it would plunge its entire upper body (using both hands) down into the river... It was catching fish.. I was mesmerized (and scared, i had been warned about pigs and blackbears) I WATCHED IT FOR AT LEAST TEN MINUTES frozen, immobile, not wanting it (a dangerous wild creature) to see me...
So im sitting there watching it hunt fish in the river (frozen in fear!! I did not move a muscle!!) it actually came up with 2 fish (and ate them like bears do, essential nutrients, discard the rest) then (now that im older i think it was more than just picking up my scent, i think it psychicly knew i was there!) ~ it froze in mid motion and slowly turned its head to look DIRECTLY at me... The look on his face was bewilderment (whats a human child doing way out here by itself?) and it stood there frozen and staring at me for EASILY 2 or 3 full minutes (i can STILL empathize with its bewilderment) ~ because it stared at me i got scared and SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!! it took off up the mountain quicker than anything i have ever seen in my life! And it wasnt in a hurry, it seemed to be its natural pace... I told my dad about it (you can look up his story with the survey cabin, its famous) he came and grabbed me and we got out of there. It was then that my Indian father told me about sasquatches...
This is hard for me because it is a personal subject. I am very sensitive to Spirits sounds, Auras, and encounters that seem everyday experiences. Some of these have saved my life, and some have just been random. After pondering this for a week, I have decided to tell you about the Old Man at the Racetrack. This has not been the most amazing or interesting story, but I have always cherished it.

In 2001 I lived with my little family not to far from the Highschool football field. It had a track around it with a 14 foot tall fence all around it. The only way to access it was through a gate by the parking lot. It's always open to let people in town use the track for exercise. The fence around it was very high and sturdy to prevent people from sneaking in to the football games. (the type of fencing has been changed now). One day as I went for my walk with our dog, the only other figure I saw was that of an elderly man, short, less than 5 feet tall. Very wrinkled and wearing an old disheveled coat and hat. I saw him on the other side of the field picking up litter and putting it in a trash bag he was carrying. My dog instantly went over to greet him, and he seemed happy enough to talk to her. It took me about 7 minutes to walk the length of the track to meet up with him. He was talking with my dog as he continued to pick up trash around the field. I stopped briefly and apologised for my dog (because that's what you do in conventional society) he laughed and asked her name. I told him, and we exchanged pleasantries on what a beautiful sunny day it was turning out to be. I then went to continue the course of the track. I called my dog, and she didn't want to come. The old man told my dog to "go with your master." and he waved and smiled at me. I then walked about 20-30 steps which took maybe 10-15 seconds, and turned again to check the dog, and the old man was gone. Now this worried me because he had been collecting trash by the bleachers, and he was so elderly I thought he would fall. So I made my way back to the place I last saw him, he wasn't there or anywhere in the fields around there. I called to him in case he was hurt and I just couldn't see him. I felt foolish doing that because everything within the boundries of that fence is open and you can see very clearly, even under the bleachers. As I stood there alone looking around the field, I heard his voice next to me. "I'm ok, Have a good walk with Mitzi." I couldn't see him but I could hear him. My dog Mitzi was looking right at were the voice came from. I walked 2 more times around the track actually looking for holes in the fence. There were none, and I knew he did not leave the track by means of the gate. But I had to be sure, so that no one could question me on that point. I had had enough encounters with spirits to realize that the old man was not a flesh and blood being. He looked as real to me as if he were alive, There was no fear of him and I saw and spoke with him on a sunny spring morning, with the sun well up.

I chose this experience, because so many people think seeing or experiencing something beyond this human realm will be frightning or a negative terrible experience. It is not always the case. I have encountered the negative things in the spirit world, and I acknowledge they are there. I also know that there are a lot of things we don't yet understand. What I have learned over my life is to be open spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Reach out for things that are good, pure and uplifting. Avoid things that invite darkness to your soul. What you surround yourself with, I have found, is very important. Good music, media, litrature and people. You probably get by now how I feel about the media and its influence on 'Scaring People'. Especially TV soundbites.

‎...I'm in the Eqyptian theater in Hollywood. Since I did all their phone work for over thirty five years, coming and going was no big deal. Sometimes, duriing slow days on phone repair, I would go to the movies. Actually, I'd go on busy days too, why lie. So, here I am a half hour early, sitting in an empty theatre, catching a nap while waiting for the movie to start. It was 103 outside. Not in the show. Nice and cool. The sound of a seat folding down makes me look up from my usual perch, top row, dead center. Another early bird. I found it odd, since they hadn't started selling tickets yet. I figure another guy with pull or a friend who works the theatre. Even in the semi dark, the person was odd. I watched him as he gave me a long glance, then, settled into his seat, about ten rows down from me. Before he sat, I could see he was really tall. Thin too. No hair at all on his noggin. As I usually do when bored, I made up a story about him to kill time. I put him in all sorts of scenarios. I then thought to myself, "Gee, if this guy knew what I was thinking, he would be pissed"! Just as I thought it, he turned around, looked right at me, then nodded his head no, three times, slowely....More patrons came in, then the movie started. Just before the ending, my new pal got up, headed for the lower exit on the left that led to a long narrow alley off Hollywood blvd. Curtains block the light if you crack the door. Just before he went through, I heard in my head, clear as a bell, "Goodbye friend. Your really very funny"!....
If you have an interesting "encounter" you'd like to share, or something you'd like to know more about, drop me a line at:
Until next time.....
-David Garrison-

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