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Strange new species of creature on the loose in Colorado?
- Little "Liog" on the prairie -
17 July 2008: "We have people on both sides of the fence," said Lt. Lari Sevene of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. "Some say it's a big dog. And some say it's an African lion." Those are the words quoted in a major Denver Colorado newspaper.
Residents saw the creature earlier this week, and the hunt was on just east of Colorado Springs. But no one was able to find it, just yet. "I think it's a cross between a lion and a dog, myself,", said Mike Coletta, a Colorado Springs blogger. "It's a new species of creature on the plains of Colorado... just waiting to be discovered!", Coletta added. He's named it a Liog.The paw prints left in the area by the creature (Liog) are about 6 inches wide, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. "These tracks were not from a big dog, let's put it that way," CDW's Michael Seraphin said.

Photo of liog and paw print can be seen at:


Flatwoods Monster?

Is an alleged unidentified extraterrestrial or cryptid reported to be sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, USA on September 12, 1952.


Scary Ghost Demon Caught on Camera Real Spirits From Hell


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This has been a busy summer for me and hectic. I had the opportunity to visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and made some ghost box recordings. Alone in the tower, I felt a presence with me as well as heard ghosts asking for help. Be sure and listen to some of the ghostly voices I recorded near the top of the lighthouse tower:
Haunted St Augustine Lighthouse

We continue to publish evidence of ghosts and angels through photos and stories monthly. However, as we categorize the website, content will be added to areas we are looking at in depth. The focus will steer toward understanding the spirit realm further and helping those spirits on the other side who cry out for assistance. As I listened to audio recordings I have made over the last six months, it is evident to me that we need to understand how to help the hurting souls. Experiments are under way in what we call “Spirit Rescue,” and it is my hope to bring this information to all those who feel compelled to aid the earthbound spirits who are in our midst.

Spirit rescue, understanding the spirit realm, and undoing incorrect teachings which is partly responsible for creating much of the emotional trauma that seems to exist within the minds of lost spirits, will be the focus. The first book of many is under way, with more planned in the near future. Articles will be written and posted to Angels & Ghosts over the next few months which will inform and instruct regarding lost souls and the rescue of these hurting spirits.

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Angel Stories: Messenger of Death Angel Story This is a must read true story about how Jeff saw his father cross over to the other side. You will be amazed to find out who the death bed angel was!
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There are three more articles on the ghost box posted also, as we felt more instruction might help those experimenting with the ghost communication devices. Read Ghost Box Tips, How the Ghost Box Works, and How to Make a Ghost Box articles.

We continue to publish evidence of ghosts and angels through photos and stories monthly. However, as we categorize the website, more content will be added to areas we are looking at in depth. Expect our ghost videos page to receive an overhaul by month's end and is our next project underway.

The Angels & Ghosts Forum is a place where people can immediately find others of like-mind to chat with regarding ghosts and spirits. Updates are typically posted on the forum as well as through the Angels & Ghosts RSS Feed. The RSS feed is a great way to receive new articles and stories right on your desktop through your feed reader, such as Feedburner!

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Proof or Hoax? Bigfoot Said Found in Georgia
By Benjamin Radford, LiveScience's Bad Science Columnist
posted: 13 August 2008 03:20 pm ET

Two Georgia men claim to have found in the northern woods of that state something that has been often reported but never proven to exist: a Bigfoot.
They say they have a body, photos of the body, and DNA evidence — some or all of which will be revealed this Friday, Aug. 15, at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif.
If the group does have a Bigfoot carcass (and if they actually show the body, instead merely displaying photographs of a supposed body), then perhaps scientists will take note. Still, it's not clear how, exactly, the group will prove that what they have is a Bigfoot. Because there is no comparison specimen, there is no DNA analysis that can definitively identify Bigfoot tissue.
Readers may recall the much-hyped press conference held on May 30, where a man claimed he would provide "definitive proof" of alien visitation. His "proof" turned out to be a short fuzzy video clip of what he said was an alien head outside his window trying to ogle his teen daughters. Needless to say, top scientists were not awestruck by his evidence.
History repeats?
This is not the first time a Bigfoot body has been claimed to have been found. A man named Tom Biscardi, founder of something called the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization, once claimed he had captured a Bigfoot. On Aug. 19, 2005, Biscardi appeared on the radio show "Coast to Coast with George Noory." Biscardi claimed his group had captured a Bigfoot a week earlier, a male beast that weighed over 400 pounds and stood 8-feet tall. He said he would be presenting photos of it several days later. It turned out to be a hoax.
Interestingly, Biscardi is also involved in the new Bigfoot body discovery.
Speaking on behalf of the Georgia men this week, Biscardi said, "Extensive scientific studies will be done on the body by a team of scientists including a molecular biologist, an anthropologist, a paleontologist and other scientists over the next few months at an undisclosed location" under armed guard.
If it all sounds very cloak-and-dagger, it is. Unnamed experts? Undisclosed location? Sounds more like "The X-Files" than real science.
Marketing scheme?
In 2005, Biscardi promoted a pay-per-view cable TV show in which he offered viewers the chance to see a Bigfoot captured on live television for only $59.95. That never happened, but Biscardi did recently direct and produce a film called "Bigfoot Lives."
Surely the publicity from this press conference might boost his film's sales...
Bigfoot researcher Loren Coleman, while stopping short of authenticating the claims, wrote on the Web site, "I feel, in all honesty, this, indeed, may be the real deal, and I say this carefully after reviewing information that has been shared privately with me."
So has a Bigfoot finally been found, after all these years? Or is this just the latest hoax to embarrass Bigfoot believers and bring further ridicule to a field sorely in need of science?


Multi-dimensional energy biology
By Cameron Day

Quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings agree that our experience of reality is determined by our beliefs and thought patterns. Neuro-plasticity continually reinforces the patterns of thought that we are comfortable with, causing information that runs counter to one’s beliefs to be ignored, while information that supports those beliefs is embraced.
In order to understand more deeply how our belief systems affect our experience of reality, we need to understand the basic mechanics by which we attract “higher dimensional” energy that matches our frequency of thought. Using that understanding while anchoring our awareness in the present moment, we can radically shift our thoughts to a higher frequency level on a moment by moment basis.
The human energy field as a biological cell
The human energy field can be visualized as an egg shaped bubble of high spectrum light that extends a few feet out from our bodies in all directions. Imagine for a moment that your physical body and energy field are two parts of a single cell in the body of the universe. The human energy field is like the membrane of the “cellular sphere of consciousness” that surrounds our physical body. Continuing with the cell metaphor, just as the cells in the human body exist in a saline solution, you as an individualized cell in the body of the universe float in a sea of energy.
Just outside the invisible boundaries of our physical world, everything is energy, and each thought, emotion and experience that we have effects and changes the frequency of our personal energy field. From the perspective of consciousness, a thought is just as real as your desk or your computer. A pattern of thought that is repeated often enough takes on a tremendous amount of “solidity” in one’s energy field, and these “solid” thoughts are called thoughtforms.
Every thought we think vibrates at a certain frequency, and the collection of thoughtforms that we call our beliefs constitutes the shape of the “energy receptor sites” on the outer cell wall membrane of our human energy field. These energy receptors determine which energies we will be compatible with and continue to attract. Our cell membrane will seek out energy that matches the thoughts we habitually think, just like a cell in the human body only accepts peptides that it is accustomed to.
So when a person has thoughts based in stress and anxiety for example, the physical body send chemical peptides to our cells in response to the stress stimuli we have created. At the same time, the energetic receptor sites on the outer cell wall of the human energy field broadcast that frequency energetically, which calls out to the universe to send energies that match those thought frequencies, and those "outside" energies lock into the energy field, similar to a peptide locking into a receptor site in the human body.
Of course, the same thing holds true for our loving, uplifting thought forms. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction, which everyone has heard about by now. Where things get a little complicated is that most people aren’t in a state of constant awareness of their thoughts, so old grievances and limiting attitudes can easily be reignited and fed emotional thought energy, ensuring that they continue to attract matching frequencies to a person’s experience of physical reality.
Every thought that we think takes on a much greater degree of importance in light of this awareness, for our experience of reality is literally the manifestation of every thought and emotion that we give power to in our consciousness. Positive thinking is all well and good, but if we’re putting 10% of our conscious energy into “thinking positive thoughts” and the other 90% of our consciousness is simply habitual reactions to external circumstances, then we are unlikely to see much of a change in our reality. A thorough examination of our habitual thought patterns is required so that we can effectively change our frequency of thought, which will eventually change our experience of physical reality.
Cleaning the energetic receptor sites
Any belief, repeated often enough in the mind becomes a part of our personality, and a part of our experience of life. Decades of unconscious, reactionary thoughts have empowered limiting beliefs that we no longer question or even think about. In order to truly change the contents of our minds, we must take back the power, the thought energy that we have fed into those old beliefs that we have forgotten about, yet still exist within and influence our minds.
In order to clean out the contents of our sphere of consciousness, we must cultivate present moment awareness of our thoughts and the motivations behind them. It is not enough to only “replace” limiting thoughts and beliefs with a mantra if the old belief hasn’t been fully cleared away. The limiting beliefs still present in our thought patterns are like mud on the window that we view physical reality through, coloring our interpretation of the world outside. Even if the world is filled with roses and beautiful wild flowers, we will mostly just see the mud that is still on our mental window until it is removed.
Once we identify a limiting belief, such as “Life is so difficult for me” we can consciously choose to take back the thought energy that we have put into that thought over the course of our lives. Reclaiming that power takes time and patience, and cannot be completely done in a single session, a single week, or a single month, especially if the belief being addressed has been present for most of our lives.
The process of reclaiming energy from limiting beliefs can be done a number of ways, depending on the system of self-change being utilized. The [1] Self-Clearing System empowers the individual to reclaim energy in a multi-faceted, yet relatively simple manner. While it is beyond the scope of a single article to cover all of the aspects of this practice, here are the basics.
First, a connection is made with your inner divine intelligence, referred to as the “Higher Self.” Next a connection is made to the intelligence of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is the greater body within which we are individual cells. From this place of connectedness, we ask our divine aspect to “refund” any limiting energies in our sphere of consciousness and return them to the divine aspect of whoever sent them, while at the same time bringing back our own thought energy that we have sent out in the form of judgments, resentments, etc. When the ego mind starts to chronicle the justifications for the limiting beliefs that are being addressed, we simply ask it to minimize and sit quietly off to the side. These preliminary steps are very important, but can be done rather quickly with enough practice.
From this space of divine connectedness and self-responsibility for our attitudes, we simply ask our Higher Self to help us reclaim all of the thought energy and emotional power we have put into the belief that “Life is so difficult for me” that we can reclaim at this present time. Remember, it cannot be reclaimed all at once, because it takes time to unravel a belief that we have cultivated for an entire lifetime.
Energetic peptides of higher consciousness
By reclaiming some of your thought power from a limiting belief, a space is made in your energy field for a new reality, a higher frequency of thought. This space can and should be filled with an affirmation of your choosing. If you reclaimed energy from the belief that “Life is so difficult for me,” use an affirmation such as “Great things come to me easily.” This new thought frequency will utilize the energy that was reclaimed from the limiting belief that was just addressed, allowing it to flourish in your cellular energy field of consciousness.
Now that you have imprinted the frequency of a new reality into your sphere of consciousness, you have in essence plugged an entirely new energetic peptide into your cell of consciousness. Just like a cell in the body’s receptor sites are filled with certain peptides, when the receptor sites on your cellular sphere of consciousness are filled with limiting thought forms, new and higher frequencies cannot connect to your energy field. By reclaiming your power from a limiting belief, a space is cleared and your energetic receptors can now accommodate a higher frequency “energy peptide.”
The process of clearing out limiting beliefs by reclaiming the thought energy that has been put into them, then installing a new thought frequency will yield tremendous results over time. However at first, it will seem like very little change is occurring. This is because just like a cell in the human body will adapt to receive only a certain type of peptides, a person’s energetic receptor sites attune themselves to the frequencies that they consistently receive. So a reconditioning of energy receptors must be slowly and patiently undertaken.
Present moment awareness and acceptance are two key components of this process. Becoming aware of one’s thought patterns and emotional states as they occur allows one to intercept their limiting thought signals that are being broadcasted so they can be replaced by unlimited thoughts based in self-love, self-acceptance, joy, abundance and creativity.
All conditions are temporary
When one’s external reality continues to provide circumstances which trigger a limited emotional response, one should remind their self to accept the situation as it is. Simply saying with meaning, “I accept that this is how things are at the moment” moves one out of reaction into a place of inner calm and present moment awareness. From this calm, self-aware space, we can then engage the process of reclaiming energy from the emotions that challenging circumstances in life tend to evoke.
A key component to telling one’s self, “I accept that this is how things are at this moment” is a deeper awareness that all conditions are temporary. The acceptance portion of this exercise removes the mental element of struggling against or resisting the way things are. The “in this moment” aspect reminds the individual that whatever is happening in this moment is temporary, and the future can be different.
However, in order to have a different future, one must cultivate a different mental and emotional state of being. The willingness to examine and let go of one’s belief systems is the foundation for changing our mental / emotional states. Patience, acceptance and consistent self-examination then combine with reclaiming energy from obsolete belief systems in order to open the door to a new reality. Once the energies of limitation are released from the cell walls of our sphere of consciousness, we can create a new set of beliefs to lock into our liberated receptor sites, altering our perception of reality, which ultimately changes the events in our reality.
Cameron Day is a long distance spiritual healer and psychic explorer, with a focus on helping others integrate their “material mind” with their own higher levels of Divine Mind. He has created a system of self-transformation tools that anyone can use to clear limiting patterns and access their own higher wisdom. This self-clearing system is available for free at [2]. He also offers one on one remote clearing sessions to help you get as clear as possible as quickly as possible so that your experience of life can be more abundant, loving and joyful.

Japanese team finds 'yeti footprints' in Nepal - Yahoo! News

From "R",
I don't really get into these things with many. For one because I really don't wish people to know. Well lol, that is really the only reason. Anyway when my husband and I were dating and engaged even he started going to a Catholic church here in the small town of Catawissa. Well there is a rather unique Priest out here, named Father Mark Bozada. Father Mark investigates the paranormal for the Catholic church and is very tight with the Popes personal exorcist. He has also had visions of the future... disturbing ones. Its important here for you to know Father Mark and I never met when Dan decided he wanted to get in touch with his Catholic roots. As well there were things Dan did not know about me, simply because I don't talk about it with people, as stated above. So Dan started going to these Tuesday night groups that Father was holding for parishes where he spoke of these visions he had. Dan never mentioned any of this to me about Father Marks visions.

Well one night Dan goes with me to drop my son off, his biological father and I live two hours apart so when his weekends and other times that he wants to see Gabriel comes up we meet half way. So we are heading back from dropping Gabriel off and we wind up in traffic, I mean some serious non moving grid lock kind of traffic. Well Dan starts talking about the upcoming election between Kerry and Bush. He is speaking about the individual he wants to win and why. However you see only a few weeks earlier I had these visions, that showed me much of the future which to some degree was disturbing even shocking to tell you the truth and I was having a real hard time coping with it. The least important thing to me at the time was the up and coming election. It didn't matter who won in my mind neither one was going to be able to stop the future events. Because you see for the most part the future is open and not fixed. Meaning we as humans have self will to decide and learn from our decisions that is what we are here for, in which case that part of the future is not fixed. However there are some fixed future events because it is according to the divine plan. Now I don't expect you to believe this and if I were you I wouldn't. However I am telling you what I know, not what I think. I accept that you don't believe. This is not information I got from chruch or from reading a book, or some guru that's all I can tell you.

Anyway even though the future events that I witnessed were not taking place now or rather at the time that this story I am relating to you took place, still they were a big part of our worlds future and just experiencing these visions not to long before Dan and I were stuck in the truck, the future I saw was kind of consuming me they were paramount and the stupid election seemed like childs play. So with the pressure of them still on my mind and this ding bat sitting next to me in the truck talking about bozo one and two, I kind of blew. Started telling him to shut up because none of the stupid fucking election matters which honestly it really did but it seemed insignificant to me at the time. I told him about the future that I was shown expecting all the while for him to look at me dumbfounded because he was engaged to this insane individual. lol and he did look at me dumbfounded and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop after I was done but instead of him looking dumbfounded because he didn't believe me, he was looking dumbfounded because this Father Mark fella was talking about visions in his Tuesday night group that matched what I was telling him almost word for word. So he brought me straight to Father Mark, where I found a kindred spirit, and where he found someone he could milk for more information lol.

Anywise he and I became very close for a year or so and the pic with Gabriel dressed up like Saint Gabriel was his idea. It was Halloween and the Church has a Chili dinner and bon-fire to celebrate All Saints, AND since it is all Saints he asked all the kids to pick customs where they are dressed up like Saints. Gabriel is Gabriel so guess who he went as ::wink::

Since Father and I have grown apart, there is of course much about the Catholic church I don't agree with, and my interest in Pagan like backgrounds and such to him is EVIL. ... Which doesn't help that he has a friend who dislikes me beyond recognition who has from day one tried to convince him I am EVIL and a practicing witch and that what I know and the things I see are works of WITCH CRAFT lol. I love where I live I really do but sometimes it is like walking a step backwards into the 1600's during the Salem Witch trials. What is worse is this said individual told quite a few others what she thinks and since she is rather a matriarch of the church so many believe as she does. Maybe it is not worse because it has helped me to move on to where ever I am really supposed to be, or where ever I am supposed to be next.

So more then you needed to know, but I get the impression you are okay with it. So cute or scary now you know the story behind it.


I have something strange that happens to me usually after I'm a sleep I will awaken with strange images appearing as if it were on a screen. They are different signs and symbols sorta like hieroglyphics. With spinning circles and some are in color and some just black and white. I only see it when I close my eyes plainly. When this first started happening to me it scared the bageesies out of me. Now I just fall back a sleep peacefully when its over. Maybe there is someone else out here who has similar experiences and could help me understand this.



And from the chatroom
Life - UFO openline friends

LIBERTARIAN818: i think a aunt of mine had nephilim blood
LIBERTARIAN818: she was born with 6 fingers and toes
LIBERTARIAN818: and had 2 sets of adult teeth
LIBERTARIAN818: the 6 fingers and 2 sets of adult teeth is common in may cultures describing nephilim
LIBERTARIAN818: she was also an evil decietful person
LIBERTARIAN818: i share no blood with her
LIBERTARIAN818: she married my uncle billy
LIBERTARIAN818: YouTube - Nibiru Palace Part 1 - SATAN UFO 666 (Keyword to:
LIBERTARIAN818: that's a very good vid
LIBERTARIAN818: it shows ufo symbolism on a building in london
LIBERTARIAN818: on top the building is a statue of an angel doing the nwo hand sign
LIBERTARIAN818: - Passage Lookup: Revelation 21 (Keyword to:;)
LIBERTARIAN818: whats to take place in rev 21:19 is to be after the 1000 years of peace
LIBERTARIAN818: i think rev 21;19 is about man colonizing mars
LIBERTARIAN818: and the new jarusalem being a colony ship
LIBERTARIAN818: i think the referances to the foundations being decorated in jewles
\LIBERTARIAN818: wouild be a way to make a clear but very strong radiation proof dome
LIBERTARIAN818: or pyramid
LIBERTARIAN818: and the gates made of pearls with 1 pearl per gate
LIBERTARIAN818: means ball valve airlocks
LIBERTARIAN818: a pearl is a ball with a hole in it
LIBERTARIAN818: and a ball valve is a ball with a hole in it
LIBERTARIAN818: ball valves can hold back an excess of 10.000 psi


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